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Rush Limbaugh: Priceless

By ATWadmin On October 15th, 2007 at 2:37 am

01125108.Par.98359.ImageFile.jpgRush Limbaugh is auctioning off the original "phony soldier" smear Letter on eBay!  At the time of this posting the bid is  $44,100.00! Note: all proceeds go to The Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation.

From the bid page description on EBay:

"When "Dingy Harry" Reid and the U.S. Senate turned away from the business of the nation to instead smear a private citizen, forty-one of them sent a letter demanding the "repudiation" of their inaccurate interpretation of Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Jesse Al-Zaid (a.k.a. Jesse MacBeth) and other "phony soldiers" who falsify their service. This letter was delivered to Mark Mays of Clear Channel Communications, Rush Limbaugh’s syndication partner, and widely quoted in the Drive-By Media.

Up for auction is the original letter signed by 41 Democrat senators. This historic document may well represent the first time in the history of America that this large a group of U.S. senators attempted to demonize a private citizen by lying about his views. As such, it is a priceless memento of the folly of Harry Reid and his 40 senatorial co-signers.

The entire proceeds of this auction.. the entire high bid… will be donated to The Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation, a registered charity which provides financial assistance to the children of fallen Marines and federal law enforcement officers. Rush Limbaugh serves on the Board of this organization and has been active on its behalf. All costs of this auction will be paid by the seller… every dollar of your winning bid will go to this charity, which has to date distributed over $29 million….

…As winning bidder, you get:
– The original and infamous "Harry Reid Smear" letter, signed by 41 Democat senators
– The Halliburton briefcase in which this letter is secured 24 hours a day
– A personal letter of thanks from the Man Who Runs America, Rush Limbaugh
-A photograph of Rush displaying the letter on stage in Philadelphia on October 11th"


Al Gore: Master of the Universe!

By ATWadmin On October 15th, 2007 at 1:22 am


So much for New Age…Al Gore has gone Soviet-style with this new poster created by Nashville artist J. William Myers available exclusively through Draft Gore, a website devoted to the enlistment of Al Gore in America’s 2008 Presidential race.  Al Gore’s poster is in the middle, and I photoshopped it next to some genuine Soviet posters from yesteryear.  The similarities are striking, don’t you think?


By ATWadmin On October 14th, 2007 at 2:58 pm

ti_ap203b.jpgI don’t know about you but I genuinely feel that there is something very dangerous about "Rap" culture. It lies in the glorification of violence, the disrespect towards women, the elevation of criminality ….and I noticed that US rapper TI has been arrested and charged with weapons offences just hours before he was due to win two awards at a ceremony in Atlanta. The 27-year-old was arrested in a city car park on suspicion of collecting machine guns and silencers bought for him by his bodyguard. Taken into custody, TI was unable to collect his awards at the BET Hip-Hop gala or perform at the show.

Wow –  collecting machine guns? When one considers Tupac and Notorious BIG – both icons of Rap music – ended up shot dead by armed associates – it further emphasises that Rap has a harmful side to it, and whilst one can argue over its musical sensitivities (or lack of) there is something coarsening about it.


By ATWadmin On October 11th, 2007 at 8:24 am

795151-1086433-thumbnail.jpgWell, I have to be honest and say that I was sickened to read that the iconic Empire State Building in New York City is to be lit up green from Friday in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid, the biggest festival in the Muslim Calendar marking the end of Ramadan. This does not impress me at all and it reeks of dhimmitude.

NoShariaStatueSmallerest.jpgI am a huge fan of the Empire State Building and love to visit it when in New York. The history of this building is charged with imagination, bravery, determination – all the values that we admire about the USA. Yes, I know that the Empire State is lit up for Christmas and Hannukah – and that is entirely in line with the massive contributions these two faiths have made to the United States. By contrast, Islam’s greatest contribution to the US can be located a few miles south of the Empire State Building in the cavernous hole where the twin towers once stood. It is WRONG to do this thing and it will be seen as a further weakening of the American spirit by our enemies. Of course I understand that Americans are generous people and that some may see this as a way to reach out to Muslims but the Empire State should not be turned into a beacon for Mohammad. Do you agree?


By ATWadmin On October 10th, 2007 at 3:35 pm

Here’s a remarkable story. The Genesee County sheriff is turning to prostitutes and their customers to help him balance the budget.  Sheriff Robert J. Pickell has told county commissioners that more than $41,000 will be raised in prostitution stings throughout the county, which includes Flint. Police will seize the vehicles of men soliciting prostitutes and charge $900 to get the cars or trucks returned. And that’s the bottom-line.

Over Here – National Security – Advantage Republicans

By ATWadmin On October 10th, 2007 at 2:32 pm

If we Yanks take a look at the global situation (not just Iraq), we have to come to a conclusion that the presidential candidates from the Republican party are offering more concrete ideas on the issue of National Security at the moment than the Democrats.  Oddly, the one exception among the Democrats is the Iowa-centered ambulance chasing haircut known as John Edwards.  He at least has offered some ideas other than criticisms.  If the Democrats want to win, they’ll have to step up their game on global security issues.

This is not to say that Iraq hasn’t effected our ability to act elsewhere (it has), but I have yet to see serious positions other than puffery from the Democratic candidates (Yes we can all agree that restoring alliances and prestige is good, but what are you going to do if Taiwan is invaded?).  There is more to the world than Iraq, and we will have a significant role as other conflicts ebb and flow.

The Republican candidates are too busy clinging to General Petraeus, as if he were a casket in the water and they were Ishmael, struggling to survive Ahab’s (George Bush’s) mad quest.  They seem to be missing the point.  Most Americans know the Iraq misadventure is messed up, what they want to hear is not we told you so or things are actually not so bad, but where we go from here.  Not just in Iraq, but in dealing with a resurgent Russia, not quite so friendly China, and a host of other international hotspots. 

Thus far, the Republican candidates on the whole seem to offer more on this issue, but they are losing the initiative in their social obsessions and tax cutting delusions.  If they stop worrying about gay marriage, flag burning and personal ownership of Ak-47s and start hitting hard on the world as it is and what needs to be done, they might gain some ground where they have lost it.        


By ATWadmin On October 9th, 2007 at 8:44 am

I picked up on the latest diatribe from the Iraqi Government against the Blackwater security company, lovingly parroted by the MSM this morning. It seems that Blackwater should cough up a million dollars to each family affected by the incident that took place last Sunday when Blackwater’s PSD Team 4 was protecting a US diplomat at the Izdihar financial compound. 

A bomb planted in a nearby vehicle exploded.  None of the Americans was injured and the diplomat was hustled away with help from Blackwater Tactical Support Team 22 (TST).  A second force of Blackwater operatives (TST 23) raced from the nearby Green Zone to assist and, according to a “sensitive” report filed by the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security that day, when they arrived nearby they came under fire from an “estimated 8-10 persons (who) fired from multiple nearby locations, with some aggressors dressed in civilian apparel and others in Iraqi Police uniforms .”

Just a few points here.

First, read this.

Second, will the Iraqi government be volunteering to pay up to $1million to every family of all US and UK military personnel killed in defence of Iraq?

Third, Blackwater IS the new Halliburton for the hard left and one can predictably expect the media to continue blackening Blackwater’s reputation whilst giving corrupt Iraqi officials an easy pass. It’s so instinctive, so very easy, to attack those who prevent the death of US diplomats. The better question is to wonder what to do when a convoy comes under sustained lethal attack by Iraqi "insurgents"? Call for the UN???? 

First They Came for Talk Radio, and Then They Came for the Internet.

By ATWadmin On October 8th, 2007 at 8:28 pm

Henry Waxman (D, United States House of Representative, 30th District) is now using US government money to investigate Conservative Talk Radio Host, Rush Limbaugh.  

Dan Riehl reports:

"Whether you enjoy, and, or appreciate talk radio shouldn’t matter …That our government is looking to launch investigations into private citizens not suspected or accused of any crime should. In one sense, this is precisely the type of thing the framers were most concerned with when it came to government over-reaching."

And from The American Spectator:

“…Rep. Henry Waxman has asked his investigative staff to begin compiling reports on Limbaugh, and fellow radio hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin based on transcripts from their shows, and to call in Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin to discuss the so-called "Fairness Doctrine."

"Limbaugh isn’t the only one who needs to be made uncomfortable about what he says on the radio," says a House leadership source. "We don’t have as big a megaphone as these guys, but this all political, and we’ll do what we can to gain the advantage. If we can take them off their game for a while, it will help our folks out there on the campaign trail."

Fasten your seat belts; the 2008 US Presidential election is shaping up to be one of the nastiest elections in a long, long time.

I Won’t Be Voting for Hillary Because She’s a Woman…!

By ATWadmin On October 6th, 2007 at 9:44 pm

I Won’t Be Voting for Hillary Because She’s a Woman….

795151-1075317-thumbnail.jpg…NOT!  No, I won’t be voting for Hillary because in addition to espousing dated and disproved socialist dogma, Hillary is in bed with billionaire George Soros and Media Matters… AND they are trying to shut down free speech in America.  Not all speech.   Just conservative speech, and speech that is critical of Hillary.

Here’s Hillary bragging that she helped create Media Matters.  And here is an

expose establishing the connections between Hillary, Media Matters, George Soros and other Democrats.    Here’s  Hillary shutting down free speech in America:

"When Don Imus was fired in the wake of his April 4th “nappy-headed ho’s” remarks about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, a great deal of attention was focused, appropriately, on the influence of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, each of whom expressed outrage over the broadcaster’s racial insensitivity and demanded that he be fired. The real guiding hand over Imus’ downfall, however, belonged neither to Sharpton nor Jackson, but to Hillary Rodham Clinton. This is not widely understood, because Mrs. Clinton’s pristine fingerprints were kept off her victim by the intercession of a velvet glove called Media Matters for America, the organization responsible for setting in motion the chain of events that eventually brought down Imus. The toppling of Imus was only a prelude to bigger things for Media Matters, which, because of its strong ties to Mrs. Clinton, is now aiming—just in time for the 2008 presidential election—to derail the careers of a select group of influential broadcasters who, like Imus, have been publicly critical of New York’s junior Senator.

Media Matters had been building a dossier on Imus for some time, lying in wait for an opportune moment to pounce on him. At 6:14 a.m. on April 4th, Imus gave the organization that opportunity when he made his ill-fated remarks, which were heard by a 26-year-old Washington, DC-based researcher named Ryan Chiachiere, who Media Matters had assigned to monitor Imus’ program on a daily basis. Chiachiere promptly posted a 775-word blog along with a video clip of the offending comments on the Media Matters website; in addition, a news release was sent to hundreds of reporters nationwide. Imus’ subsequent apology was casually dismissed by the self-righteous Sharpton and Jackson, and the broadcaster’s fate was sealed for certain when his program’s major sponsors began to pull their ads from the show, fearful that they would be subjected—by Media Matters and the likes of Sharpton and Jackson—to a withering campaign negative publicity as sponsors of a “racist” program."

Last week, Hillary’s Media Matters began a campaign against Conservative Talk Radio Host, Rush Limbaugh, not just camplaining or disagreeing, but working to have him removed from the airways.

Hillary Clinton, Media Matters and the Democrats should be ashamed that they have to resort to censorship of their critics to win and keep voters.


winners…and a wedding

By ATWadmin On October 6th, 2007 at 6:57 pm


What a day. Very very unfavourite England beat Australia ( to quote a player "Id like to thank the press from the heart of my bottom"). 

After a ludicrous witch hunt of a week for Lewis Hamilton (who probably would like to thank the press in a similar manner) he gets pole position for the China Grand Prix……..

……and my sister and her fella are getting married in Santa Barbara California. ..around ..about ..now.

Even though she insisted in keeping this very low key with no fuss, no pressies, no flowers ( to not detract from a proper family ceremony in Europe next year) I found out on the sly last night that she did go out and buy a pretty dress etc. So I figured we’d ignore her request and send her a bouquet she could either use for the ceremony or have back home.  I looked around on google map for a florist near the courthouse in Santa Barbara that could deliver by 11am prompt.  After asking one if she could deliver by 11 for definite and her asking me 3 or 4 times if the delivery was for today i hung up in frustration, assuming she couldnt understand me (she spoke Spanish i think). Eventually got through to one and ordered some. 

I figured I should let the court house know the flowers were coming so I called a number given as a contact and asked for the relevant office of the person overseeing her wedding. Some guy answered the call.  "What a charming accent!" he gushed, followed by "Listen to this!", sticking me on speakerphone for everyone to listen in, whilst explaining that the woman presiding over the wedding is ‘just getting out of the shower’. After explaining about the flowers they then thanked me for being so polite.  The fixation with British accents floors me every time but I was too thrown by the shower thing and the embarrassment at having unwittingly called her at home to know how to respond.

Anyway, they all sounded so nice and looking at the photos of the venue Im sure my sister and S will have a wonderful ‘just fixing the US paperwork’ wedding day!