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Answer the question. Why no ‘quarantine’?

By Mike Cunningham On January 3rd, 2015 at 5:29 pm

I have often considered the medical staff, the doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff of Medecin Sans Frontieres to be the bravest of the brave; going as they do, to the places where medical help is both urgently needed, and in very short supply.  They go to the typhoon-shattered beaches and towns, they arrive at the epicentres of earthquakes, always there to minister to the wounded, the crushed and the mute survivors, dazed and catatonic.

However, when MSF staff decide on a certain protocol, or a manner of behaviour which is entirely contrary to received wisdom, when engaged in the treatment of a viral disease such as Ebola, I am forced to revise my earlier opinion of MSF, and instead categorise them as a bunch of deadly fools.

They state, on their updated website regarding the Ebola outbreak that “Any regulation not based on scientific medical grounds, which would isolate healthy aid workers, will very likely serve as a disincentive to others to combat the epidemic at its source, in West Africa.”

What, I wonder, would their considered response be to the poor bloody people who sat either beside or near to this woman who had told the Health Department people at Heathrow that, although she had no temperature, she felt unwell; but was told, BY THOSE SAME EXPERTS, that she was okay to fly to Glasgow. That same woman, who is now in the grip of Ebola, in an isolation ward in London.



He loves me, ***@@!!*, he loves me not!

By Mike Cunningham On December 1st, 2014 at 6:27 pm

I write about things which intrigue me; I write, sometimes, of the joy of a Family, of the simple wonder of a small grandson’s hand clutching my finger, and of the implicit trust of moments such as those. I also write of the disgust in which I hold politicians who have diluted and trashed the very idea of that same Family life, and of Marriage. I write in vehement complaint of things political, where our great nation has been betrayed by lesser men who pursue a political viewpoint, and of the truly lethal outcomings of that betrayal. I sometimes mischievously write to stimulate argument; and relish the bellicose outbursts from those minds who would speak against me, without ever either knowing me, or coming close enough to form another opinion.

I hardly ever write about sport, and sporting matters; mainly because I just do not understand the tribal urge which ‘follows’ a team, or a single exponent of any particular sporting endeavour, I just cannot fathom the thought process which brings people to their feet, shouting and shrieking for either joy, or vengeance, because of a particular shot, or move, or kick. But I do write about human nature, and the crass stupidities of people in the ‘sporting world’ who also inhabit the headlines because of their fame.

So the NFL player Ray Rice, who is, apparently, a gifted athlete and a star in his chosen sport, looses his temper with his wife, and beats her senseless in a hotel elevator. He is then promptly suspended from his team, and eventually fired.

The wife insisted that there had been no further instances of abuse since the footage surfaced in September, and that her husband’s judgement the night of the assault had been skewed by alcohol. “He said he was terrified. He was in such shock that this had just happened and he didn’t know how to function at that point.”

Nonetheless, she reaffirmed her support for her husband, claiming that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t tell the truth when he said Ray Rice was “ambiguous” about hitting her in an elevator.

“We know it’s going to take some work,” Janay told NBC’s Matt Lauer. “So I think once he shows them who he is and they reach out to people here, and they find out the things that he’s done, then I think it’s definitely good … At the end of the day, he’s a football player and that’s what they should be really be focused on, because he’s proven himself as a football player for seven years. There’s never been a question on what he can do on the field.”

So he beats her up, and knocks her unconscious, and the next thing; she announces that she is ‘standing by her man’, and all will be snowdrops in the spring!

Do these people inhabit the same Galaxy as us?

There truly is one shoved out every minute!

By Mike Cunningham On November 9th, 2014 at 3:48 pm


A woman dressed in a costume is pictured during the biannual ‘Whitby Goth Weekend’ (WGW) festival in Whitby. The WGW festival brings thousands of goths and alternative lifestyle fans from the UK and around the world over a weekend of music, dancing and shopping

a weekend of music, dancing and shopping”…………”and alternative lifestyle fans”……………and if you believe that, you will truly believe anything!

Its just like the song….

By Mike Cunningham On October 29th, 2014 at 1:28 pm

Whatever Kaci wants…………….Kaci gets?


It does seem a little strange; after all she really doesn’t look as stupid and as dangerous as she so obviously is!



Idiots homing to roost 

By Mike Cunningham On October 10th, 2014 at 7:48 pm


I have often considered the hordes of ‘volunteers’ and ‘helpers’ who plague this planet to be worse than the scourges from which the ‘do-gooders’ are allegedly helping people to overcome . I see the pests masquerading as collectors, shaking their tins or buckets, and attempting to shame those who do not ‘give generously’ into changing their minds. I resent being described as ‘miserly’, or even as a modern Scrooge; just because I would not sign to sponsor some athletically-minded scrounger as he was planning to cycle, or run, or swim so many miles.

I used to hold in high esteem the R.N.L.I. charity, and indeed used to donate to its war-chest, because the rescue craft are expensive to build and maintain, but mainly because the roll-call of those who manned those life-saving craft were heroes, and were the true volunteers. I no longer donate to that worthy cause, because I discovered that the higher management echelons of the Lifeboat Charity were in fact making a very, very good living off of our donations, and as more and more cash was being sucked off to feed the high salaries, and of course pension fund pots of this echelon, less was being devoted to the provision of rescue craft around our coastlines.

Update RNLI:-

£60,000–£69,999                       16
£70,000–£79,999                       9
£80,000–£89,999                        4
£90,000–£99,999 –                     1
£100,000–£109,999                    1
£110,000–£119,999                     1

£130,000–£139,999                     1
Total 32

The Chief Executive received emoluments of £133,593 (2012: £134,249)
in 2013. In addition, he participated in the standard RNLI defined
contribution pension scheme, which is available to all RNLI employees.

So, when we read of the Spanish priest who were volunteering at a hospital in Liberia, was infected and was TRANSPORTED back to Madrid, and before dying passed on this deadly disease to at least one nurse, who has most likely infected many more before she also kicks the bucket; when we read of the lax attitude of Public Health England, which states that profiling and inspecting all who travel from West Africa is not necessary: which attitude has only now been changed because even politicians accept that some effort must be made to stop this disease before it commences wiping out their own families: what should our attitude be to any who willingly go into such danger because ‘THEY CAN HELP’?

The starkest, but also the most lunatic story is not of the late isolation of the lying and now of course dead Liberian who flew to America despite knowing he had been in direct contact with the dying and the disease-ridden inhabitants of the cess-pits around the slums of Monrovia, but of the true idiots who marched, and waved their fists in anger, and threatened the very people who were trying to eradicate this dread and deadly disease; all because the Spanish police were sent to kill the bloody dog which was stroked, and patted, and petted, by the same nurse who now lies gravely ill with Ebola. The mob was angry, not because some woman was dying, but because her bloody DOG was, in the terms so beloved of these creeping morons, put to sleep!



So why didn’t the dog bark in the night?

By Mike Cunningham On September 13th, 2014 at 12:25 pm

I write about a strange and almost inexplicable trait present in many British people , a trait which I certainly do not share, nor do I even attempt to either comprehend or  even understand. It is the singular foolishness of risking one’s own life to ‘rescue’ an animal which is perceived to be in danger of dying; either through accident or human action; it is the whole idea that an animal is worthy of the possibility of losing or hazarding the rescuer’s own life to aid that same animal.

Time and again, we watch or read, or hear of some futile rescue attempt of a animal, usually a dog, possibly because they are more singularly stupid than the merest of cats and moggies in general, who seem to have a much higher degree of self-preservation built into their natural DNA; when the dog has either fallen through an iced-up pond or lake, or fallen off a cliff, or else some equally hazardous or extremely silly happening. The rescuer, if still alive, but more often than not is now dead, is referred to as a hero, or a brave and fast-thinking man or woman of moral steadfastness; worthy of the tributes of lesser mortals.

Just think about the strange, and in fact remarkably effective, campaign by some pressure group or other which strove against the killing of baby seals in the Canadian Arctic. It wasn’t the artful campaign photos of a female model dragging a sealskin coat across the floor, the passage of the coat was of course traced with the alleged blood of the dead seals which was the prime mover of the campaign winning: it was the photos of the head of a baby seal with its two large, seemingly soulful eyes staring reproachfully back out off the pages of the adverts and articles which was the crunch kit of the campaign against the use of furs from those dead baby seals. Most viewers simply looked at those two reproachful pools, staring out of an animal’s head; and immediately transposed the eyes into human eyes, and the fur coat trade died away.

And it is exactly the same transference which rules when some ordinary man is hailed as a HERO, by his actions in saving, or attempting to save, some animal; even at the cost of his own life: a  cost which is felt most severely by his dependants, who now have to struggle along without a breadwinner: but he is, or rather was, a hero!

Which brings me to the main point of my writing today. ATW readers will no doubt have read and heard of the saving of some 150 dogs from a blazing inferno at a Manchester dogs’ home, while some fifty other animals died. Two of the men who rescued some of the dogs were being interviewed by the BBC pillock on the Today Programme, and they had been retelling how they had seen the flames from their own homes, and had rushed over to try and save the dogs, despite the fierce temperature of the fire and the flames. They were suitably modest about their ‘heroics’, and said that anyone else would have done the same. But the BBC clown then said, “You must have heard that the fund to rebuild the dog’s shelter has already reached over a million pounds. Are you surprised that people have donated so much money to a dog’s home, when OTHER CHARITIES ARE FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO HELP STARVING PEOPLE OVERSEAS?

Now, if some wet, liberal, lefty BBC clone had asked me, or someone like me, why I had donated cash to some bloody burnt-out dogs’ shelter instead of the starving f***king Ethiopians, or the Sudanese, or the Ebola victims, or any other of the myriad causes placed forward so piously by the multitude of bloody charities which have sprung up like weeds, my answer would have been a tad more robust, and to the effect that “IT IS MY BLOODY MONEY, AND I WILL SPEND IT, OR GIVE IT AWAY, TO WHOM I BLOODY WELL PLEASE!”


“Smile, and say ‘Cheesy'”

By Mike Cunningham On September 2nd, 2014 at 3:19 pm

We read again of yet another computer ‘hack’, but this time it is not of diplomatic messages via WikiLeaks, or even NSA files care of some bloke named Snowden, which prove that this American Spy Agency plainly has far too much time on its hands as well as probably too much cash to spend; no ways, this time it is more, way more important than anything revealed previously. This particular crime refers to some very, very intimate photographs and videos of ‘Celebrities’ who have, rather incautiously,  stored them on a ‘cloud server’ belonging to Apple, the computer company.

Now, as to the rights and wrongs of some bloke worming his way through computerised cyber thickets in order to reveal ‘personal’ pix of some ‘celebrities’, I have personally, no opinion either way. The very idea of pervily peeking into someone’s private life, leaves me stone cold, mainly because I just do not see the point. I mean, if your ‘thing’ is to gaze upon forests of penises, or peruse small mountains of photographs of vaginas, either static or in full-colour motion, t’Internet has vast arrays of pornographic websites especially set up for your enjoyment, or so I am reliably informed it does. So why, oh why, delve into the personal files of a few people so that you might mentally masturbate even more often than you normally do?

As with probably millions more, my digital photographic catalogue is carefully and safely stored, complete with hard-drive back-up, on my computer at home, but also is up on the Google Picasa website, shared with family and friends; and, I am more than pleased to state, not a bare breast visible; mine or anyone else’s!

But my main reason for writing these few words is to enquire, and I mean really enquire, as to the motivation which calls for men and women to take nude and revealing photographs of themselves and their ‘partners’ of the moment, and then to store them upon a computer system which is open to anyone at all? What possesses these people, nubile beautiful women and husky men, to photograph themselves, to memorise in digital form some moments which, to people such as myself, are amongst the most private and intimate moments of their lives? They cannot even claim that they couldn’t have known it was possible, because if an autistic genius named Gary McKinnon, operating with two computers bought over the counter at PC World, could have bull-dozed his way into NASA, the Pentagon, the U.S. Navy, and Defence Department computers despite all the fire-walls and protective systems in place whilst searching for ‘U.F.Os’; a dedicated ‘hacker’, with all the time in the world, can infiltrate Apple cloud server systems.

But that still doesn’t answer the basic question, which is why take those pictures in the first place? I can remember the evening when I first met the young woman who is now my wife; my first kiss with her in the days after we met, many months before we married, as I have no doubt multitudes of other men and women can also recall. I remember with clarity the moment we two met, and I can recall with even greater clarity the moment when I held my first-born son in my arms, the product of the passion I felt for my beloved wife.  I need no paper or digital imagery to enhance my memory, so why on this good earth do they?


…and some would say the Spring has sprung…

By Mike Cunningham On May 19th, 2014 at 4:18 pm

From being a functioning State which was governed with an iron fist by its dictator Gaddafi, to a disparate and desperate bunch of lawless, heavily armed militias running wild through the sands; in only three years, must be some sort of record.

Libya, a country blessed with a surfeit of oil, as well as pure clean water, was always a place where, if you went there to work, you did so on their terms. Gaddafi was the boss, his close-knit family ran just about everything, and the Revolution was always with you.

Then the Spring burst upon an unsuspecting Arab world, and, when the Libyan rebels cut loose in Benghazi, seeking a new order, Gadaffi sent in his armoured columns to cut down the uprising. France sent in the Mirages and Rafales  of the French Armee de L’Air, and those same armoured columns suddenly became so much scrap metal. Cameron ordered the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force  to co-operate in a no-fly zone to aid the rebels, along of course with the vast logistical aid of the Americans; and once the rebels broke out and commenced slaughtering the Gaddafi loyalists, it was just a matter of time before it was all over. The lunacies of the Gaddafi era were shown to the wider world, and all was thought to be gravy.

In a measure of how quickly order has been restored in Tripoli, David Cameron, the prime minister and the French president touched down in the capital less than a month after Muammar Gaddafi was toppled amid heavy fighting. At a hospital the pair were given an enthusiastic welcome – the kind of reception the two could only dream about in their own countries – and a calmer, but no less warm, greeting by Libya‘s interim rulers.

Although anxious to avoid perceptions of a victory lap, given the ongoing fighting and the failure to capture Gaddafi, Cameron and Sarkozy citedthe Libyan experience as a beacon for the region. “This does go beyond Libya,” Cameron told a press conference at the Corinthia hotel. “This is a moment when the Arab spring could become an Arab summer and we see democracy advance in other countries too. “I believe you have the opportunity to give an example to others about what taking back your country can mean.”

The fools of the Foreign Office, together with their compatriots in Paris, loudly proclaimed that ‘democracy’ was just around the corner, and commenced block-ordering sample ballot papers printed in Arabic.

Anyone smell burning paper?


Once bitten………ah well!

By Mike Cunningham On February 17th, 2014 at 3:19 pm

A snake-handling Kentucky pastor who appeared on the National Geographic television reality show “Snake Salvation” has died after being bitten by a snake.

According to a news release from the Middlesboro Police Department, someone called for rescue workers about 8:30 p.m. Saturday regarding a snake-bite victim at a church.

When the ambulance arrived, they were told that Jamie Coots had gone home. Contacted at his house, Coots declined treatment. Emergency workers left around 9 p.m. When they returned about an hour later, Coots was dead.

Coots was caught in January 2013 transporting three rattlesnakes and two copperheads through Knoxville, Tenn., for his church. Wildlife officials confiscated the snakes, and Coots pleaded guilty to illegal wildlife possession. He was given one year of unsupervised probation.

There probably is a Law which stops these idiots from getting within five miles of deadly animals and even deadlier venomous snakes, but there’s probably something in the Constitution which states that they’re gonna’ die anyway, so why not just let the ‘stupid’ come right out, and get it over and done with. The only caveat I would make is to ensure that the deadly animal, snake, whatever; isn’t harmed in any way whatsoever: after all, they are just behaving perfectly naturally!


Cause…& Effect

By Mike Cunningham On February 5th, 2014 at 3:57 pm

This Police Officer does this:-




and then sues for constructive dismissal because he is ridiculed by his unfeeling colleagues, and gets