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Meg Whitman, California’s Deus Ex Machina

By ATWadmin On March 1st, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Arnold Swarzengger  was elected Governor of California after the highly unusual recall election of the sitting Gov. Grey Davis.  Swarzenegger promised to “fix” Sacramento but he has been ineffective, a terrible disappointment.  The Terminator terms out in November and he can’t run again.

Enter Meg Whitman, ex CEO of Ebay. Unlike Arnold Swarzenegger, Whitman has the experience and the ability to save California from  financial ruin.  AND …. Whitman  has the FOCUS to get the job done.  

As Governor, Whitman will focus on 3 things:   cutting government spending, improving the job climate, fixing eduction.    Three days ago,  Whitman was interviewed in San Diego.  Interview begins at :40.  Tell me what you think. 

Fiscal Armageddon

By ATWadmin On May 29th, 2009 at 5:20 am

California — Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently presented voters with a false choice: more taxes, or cuts in essential services.  This is a false choice because an increase in essential services are not the cause of California’s record deficits.

 California’s financial problems are political problems.

Our budget woes are chiefly caused by government employee unions exercising monopoly control over Democrat lawmakers in Sacramento.

Wealthy public employee unions hire hundreds of professional lobbyists and their professional staffs; these lobbyists work 24/7 in Sacramento to represent the public employee union interests and advocate on their behalf. Individual citizens lack this kind of advocacy, and Sacramento lacks a balance of power.

On “The John and Ken Show” talk radio show, yesterday, I heard that California public employee pension plans are mandated by law to increase annually…regardless of any downturn in the  financial markets!  If the market is bad, the taxpayer picks up the slack, and the public employee’s pension increases in value!

Governor Schwarzenegger threatened California with Fiscal Armageddon before the last special election;he threatened  less firemen, fewer police, the early release of dangerous prisoners, overcrowded schools.  I expect we will see more of this political fear mongering in the days to come.

Normally, these scare tactics would pay off, and  voters  would agree to increase taxes. But these are not normal times; voters have had enough. It’s time for change in California, even if it means bankruptcy.

Photo from John and Ken’s recent “Tea Party Tax Revolt” in Corona, California.

How We Roll

By ATWadmin On May 20th, 2009 at 5:23 pm

Governor Schwarzenegger  was in Washington DC yesterday applauding the Obama Administration for unnecessarily shackling what remains of the US auto industry with new Cap and Trade emission requirements.  

A timely move on his part because yesterday was a special election in California, and the writing was on the wall. Today the results are in.  California voters said “NO” to Arnold’s 6 proposals designed to raise taxes. 

Enough is enough.   California State Government can cut costs, lay off government workers.  So say the voters.

Arnold is threatening mayhem in the streets.  Fewer police, fewer teachers, fewer healthcare options.  But the truth is that  State government bloat is massive, and the only people who will notice the cuts are those laid off.

Arnold threatens to sell San Quentin Prison.  I say, sell it! Why should my taxes pay for  excessive prison guard pensions? The waste and bloat is endless.  On and on.

It is not leadership to threaten voters with mayhem and cuts in essential services.

Leadership would be making cuts in duplicate services, unnecessary agencies, and facing down the unions. Government employees should not be considered untouchable. Private industry makes cuts and  layoffs in tough times; government can do the same. 

There’s No Such Thing As The Nanny State

By ATWadmin On December 22nd, 2007 at 9:59 pm

Take a state legislature that’s dominated by neocoMs, add a healthy measure of moonbats, then swirl with a RINO governor and you can reasonably conclude how this will turn out.

State to Look Closer at Caffeine as Health Hazard

A state environmental health committee Monday voted to further study the stimulant caffeine for possible inclusion on California’s list of substances known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

By law, the governor must publish an updated Proposition 65 list of harmful chemicals each year. Inclusion on the list also requires that the chemicals be publicly posted and also appear on product labels.

The earliest the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification panel make a decision on adding caffeine to the list would be next year. The Proposition 65 designation would only apply to products with caffeine added artificially, not naturally-occurring caffeine products like coffee and tea. Five of seven committee members would have to approve the listing.

The committee has already looked at caffeine research for the last 10 years and found studies associated the chemical to reproductive problems.

The American Beverage Association defends caffeine consumption, citing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the March of Dimes as saying up to two cups of coffee daily — including for pregnant women — is a safe amount.

Ahnold’s uncle-in-law, the Fat Drunk from Taxachusetts, was unavailable for comment.

Via News10/Sacramento

In honor of the California Legislature & bureaucrats

Damnable fools.