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By David Vance On December 14th, 2011 at 9:07 am

The disconnect between the liberal MSM and the UK population is manifest in this latest opinion poll. Bear in mind that the BBC has been in overdrive since last Friday suggesting that Britain is “isolated” since David Cameron said “Non” to our dear colleagues in Brussels. Day after day we are being told with apocalyptic glee how dreadfully poorly Cameron has handled things and how it would have been so much more prudent to go with the Euro-flow. Get this;

“The Conservatives have overtaken Labour in an opinion poll for the first time this year, enjoying a bounce on the back of Prime Minister David Cameron’s veto of a new European Union treaty, the latest Reuters/Ipsos MORI poll showed on Wednesday.

The rise in support for Cameron’s Conservatives is all the more remarkable given Britons’ increasing pessimism on the economy, with only 12 percent expecting it to improve in the next year, the lowest figure since the credit crunch began to bite in September 2008.

Support for the Conservatives rose by seven percentage points to 41 percent, while backing for Labour slipped two points to 39 percent.”

From where I stand, all this proves is the healthy Euro-scepticism that characterises the British people – and the English people in particular. The truth is that we want LESS EU, we want more UK. We want to trade with the EU, we do not want to ruled by it. We want to manage our own finances, not bail out some one else. The pro-EU BBC must feel gutted that despite its media dominance, the British people have rallied around the position adopted by Cameron. It  makes you think just how much support a REAL Conservative government could tap into if it threw off the liberal chains imposed by this lousy Coalition.


By Pete Moore On November 13th, 2011 at 6:39 pm

Peter Hitchens on mass immigration and the UK No Border Agency:

Some people were stupid enough to think that this was just a Labour problem. They were not paying attention.

The Tory Party has been keenly pro-immigration for decades. It made this view clear as long ago as 1958 when party stewards violently silenced anti-immigration protesters at a Blackpool rally addressed by Harold Macmillan.

Many independent witnesses were shocked at the blood-spattered savagery of the beatings handed out to the hecklers.  They should not have been. The more liberal the Tory Party gets, the more ruthless it has to be to its own natural supporters. As usual, the amazing thing is that so many of those supporters carry on voting for it.

As some have been saying, the unConservative Party has not been conservative for a very long time and is as culturally Marxist as the LibLabs, in some cases even more so. Will the drones continue to vote for it? Of course they will. Patriots and conservatives can only hope that the party dies before long, which might just happen given catastrophic membership numbers, although the thieves are trying to get around that one with more theft.

A man who doesn’t understand the question.

By Mike Cunningham On October 30th, 2011 at 9:01 am


‘Mr Benyon paid for their lunch out of his own pocket.’

From his stock of ‘Meals Rejected by Ethiopians’, no doubt!


By David Vance On October 19th, 2011 at 8:48 am

Mutiny: David Cameron is facing a revolt among his MPs after indicating that he could order them to block a referendum on Britain's relationship with Europe

When he stood for election to the leadership of the Conservative Party, I insisted that his record showed he was not in any discernible way an authentic Conservative. However David Cameron won the support of his Party, went on to win the leadership, and has subsequently risen to become Prime Minister in a strange Coalition with the Liberal-Democrats. But my contention remains – he is NOT a Conservative and more and more people seem to be wakening up to this rude reality;

“David Cameron is facing mutiny among his MPs after indicating that he could order them to block a referendum on Britain’s relationship with Europe.

A cross-party coalition celebrated briefly yesterday after securing a landmark debate and vote next week on staging a referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU. But, to the fury of many Tory MPs, Government sources last night indicated that Mr Cameron may order his troops to vote against the proposal, virtually guaranteeing its defeat. Eurosceptic Tory MP Bill Cash described the prospect of an intervention by No 10 as ‘beyond belief’.

He said: ‘It would be quite extraordinary for the Prime Minister to prevent the British people from having their say on a European project that is quite clearly failing. ‘We have protests and riots all over Europe, we have billions of pounds being poured into bailouts and we have a trade balance with the EU which has deteriorated by £40billion. ‘For the Prime Minister to ask the Conservative Party to vote against asking people their views would be beyond belief. “

No, it wouldn’t. It would entirely be in line with my expectations of Cameron.

He is pro-EU and that means he will posture and preen as if he were a Euro-sceptic but in reality he is part of the problem – detached from the wishes of the British people, cocooned in his power bubble, intent on denying the people their will.


Its only words……

By Mike Cunningham On October 6th, 2011 at 11:12 am

The Prime Minister’s speech at the North Korean Tory Party conference

What he said……. In Afghanistan today, there are men and women fighting for Britain as bravely as any in our history. They come from across our country: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. They now have the equipment they need. And we’re on target to bring them home by the end of 2014. Theirs has been a campaign of incredible courage and sacrifice, and I know everyone in this hall will want to send a message to everyone who serves and who have served. We’re proud of you. We salute you. Thank you.

What he meant……Your P45 and Redundancy notices are in the post room. We won’t mention that useless Labour bunch when it comes to equipment, because our Defence bunch is just as useless!

What he said….. A few months ago I was in Nigeria, on a trade mission. While I was there, I visited a vaccination clinic. It was very hot, pretty basic and the lights kept going off. But to the rows of women, cuddling their babies, this place was a godsend. One of the nurses told me that if it wasn’t for British aid, many of those beautiful babies would be dead.

What he meant…...Because the Nigerian government, despite being oil-rich and hugely wealthy, is so corrupt and useless; we are giving lots of your cash to do the vaccination programme, so shut up about the Overseas Aid, Already!

What he said………..  But when it came to that decision to help the Libyan people, there was something dispiriting about the debate here at home. It wasn’t that some people thought we shouldn’t do what we did – of course it’s everyone’s right to disagree.

What he meant…...The slow but certain drift into yet another Islamic-, Muslim Brotherhood-, and Sharia-Law-dominated Arabic hellhole is just to be expected, but, what the hell, I ain’t living there!

What he said…….  The only way out of a debt crisis is to deal with your debts. That’s why households are paying down their credit card and store card bills. It means banks getting their books in order.

What he meant….  Our own example of being  a young couple, having not a penny more than £30 million to our name, managing to pay off a large chunk of mortgage shows how true grit and determination can get us through a recession. We only received, between 2002 and 2007, from the taxpayer to defray our housing expenses, a modest £102,874. Someone, anyone, should tell me what a credit card actually is, as being a millionaire, I have never actually held one. As well as my own wealth, I am blessed by being married to an extremely wealthy woman in her own right, with a family fortune enlarged by the fortunate fact that her father is involved in the extremely lucrative but totally futile wind-farms lunacies which are a direct result of the stupid, crazy and utterly indefensible policies of Global Warming and Climate Change adopted by the last Labour government, and enthusiastically endorsed by the sandal-wearers of our Lib-Dem colleagues!

What he said on Europe……..Nothing at all!


By David Vance On October 2nd, 2011 at 8:26 am

Cynicism is the product of political experience. Just reflect on this;

Home Secretary Theresa May uses an interview with The Sunday Telegraph to warn that the European Human Rights Act is hampering the Home Office’s struggle to deport dangerous foreign criminals and terrorist suspects. “I’d personally like to see the Human Rights Act go because I think we have had some problems with it,” she says.

The Home Secretary’s words will be cheered by many Conservative MPs as well as Tory ministers across Whitehall.

However, they are likely to be greeted with dismay by leading Liberal Democrats, some of whom have signalled the future of the Coalition would be under threat if any serious action was taken against the Act, which incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law.

May inserts the word “personally” into her comment for one specific reason. The Conservative Party has NO intention of removing the toxic Human Rights Act. It knows that to do so would means to risk the fall of the Coalition – with Nick Clegg and co prepared to fall on their sword in order to ensure the perverse criminal charters of a HMR continues. So May is simple providing a little red meat for the natives, who will lap it up, and after the Conservative  Conference has faded, the wicked Human Rights Act will remain.


By David Vance On September 29th, 2011 at 9:57 am

At a time of the impending collapse of the Eurozone, when our Armed Forces are being decimated in the name of austerity cuts whilst the rest of the public sector evades taking any pain, with the threat of Islamic terror attacks on the UK never higher, it’s reassuring to see that we have a Prime Minister who has his finger on the pulse..

“Britain’s biggest supermarkets are today given an ultimatum by the Prime Minister: Radically reduce  the number of plastic bags you hand out by choice, or I will force you to by law. David Cameron warns that unless stores deliver ‘significant falls’ over the next 12 months, they could either be banned outright from giving out single-use bags or be legally required to charge customers for them. The Prime Minister says it is ‘unacceptable’ that the number of single-use carrier bags rose last year by 333million – a 5 per cent increase from the previous year. Environmental campaigners say the bags, used for only 20 minutes on average, take up to 1,000 years to degrade.”

Phew – am I relieved to hear Cameron deal with this issue. It’s been giving me wakeless nights..


By David Vance On September 4th, 2011 at 9:20 am

This is an interesting development in UK politics. David Cameron is facing the prospect of the end of the Scottish Conservative Party.

Dramatic plans to disband the Tories north of the border were unveiled by the front-runner for its leadership in a move one senior party figure warned could encourage the break-up of the United Kingdom.

Mr Cameron – who is spending the weekend in Scotland – faces the prospect of being the first British Prime Minister whose party has no Scottish MPs. Murdo Fraser, who is favourite to become leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, will announce that he plans to wind up the party if he wins a ballot of members next month. He would follow disbanding the party by launching a new Right-of-centre party that would contest all Scottish elections — council, Scottish Parliament and Westminster.

Is this the best way forward SOUTH of the border, as well? The Cameron Conservative Party has little vestigial conservatism left in it so maybe Murdo Fraser is doing the right thing? Then again, NORTH of the border, have the Scottish people become so spoiled by the folly of Scottish Nationalism and seduced by socialism that any kind of right of soft left centre will struggle? Either way, David Cameron stands to be known as the Conservative leader who presided over the destruction of British conservatism.


By David Vance On July 27th, 2011 at 8:17 am

I see Boris Johnson continues with his not so subtle campaign to be next leader of the Conservative Party! That said, on this issue, I happen to agree with him when he urges the Chancellor to cut the wicked 50p tax rate and also reduce National Insurance Contributions;

Mr Johnson is an increasingly outspoken critic of the Coalition and is seen as the main rival to challenge Mr Osborne for the Conservative leadership when Mr Cameron eventually steps down. “You’ve got to look at ways of stimulating growth now, and certainly I think you should look at National Insurance,” he said. “You should look at ways of stimulating consumption confidence in the market.”

Agreed. You CUT taxes, you CUT the State, and you BUILD UP the individual. Let us keep more of what we earn, let us decide how we will allocate this and you have the basis for growth. Johnson is right on this issue. There is a lot I disagree with him on but he seems to have solid tax cutting instincts so we should really welcome this challenge to Osborne’s timidity.


By David Vance On July 25th, 2011 at 8:00 am

Yes, we all know that the Eurozone is in meltdown with vast debts everywhere and Germany keeping it afloat on the basis it becomes Europe’s banker. So, should we consider joining this sinking ship? Well, Conservative Justice Minister Ken Clarke, a foaming at the mouth Europhile thinks we shouldn’t rule it out!

Ken Clarke was at loggerheads with David Cameron yesterday after taking a “never say never” stance over Britain joining the troubled euro. Mr Cameron has vowed there is no prospect of Britain even considering joining the single currency. But former Chancellor Mr Clarke left the door open, saying only that Britain would not be in the eurozone “for the foreseeable future’’. Pressed in a TV interview yesterday to agree that growing integration between eurozone members meant Britain would never join, Justice Secretary Mr Clarke said: “Certainly nothing is going to happen in the next decade but I find ‘never say never’ in politics is a very good rule.’’

Ken was one of those who long argued the UK should join the Eurozone. Thankfully his view did not prevail. But the very fact that he will not state that the UK will not join the Eurozone even at this moment tells you all you need to know about Mr Clarke. Naturally he is also remembered as the Justice Minister who sought to ensure convicts got out even earlier than they already do. A sopping liberal, a Conservative in name only – WHY is he in the government???