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By ATWadmin On September 4th, 2007 at 5:12 pm

LOL – have you read the Conservatives plans to sort out the dysfunctional NHS?

Well, call me Dave wants patients who refuse to change their unhealthy lifestyles to be denied treatment by the NHS.  In a bid to ease spiralling levels of obesity and other health concerns, a Tory panel said certain treatments should be denied to patients who refuse to co-operate with health professionals and live healthier lifestyles. And those who do manage to improve their general health by losing weight and quitting smoking, for example, would receive "Health Miles" cards. Points earned could then be used to pay for health-related products such as gym membership and fresh vegetables. Oh yea, I can really see that one working, can’t you???? 

Here’s my alternative deal to Dave. How about that those of us who want to live our lives in the way WE see fit be given the tax-breaks to opt-OUT of the NHS and make our own health-care provisions? How about the UK population are treated as adults and given the chance to make adult choices about health-care. All I really need from the NHS is the Accident and Emergency provision, normally ghastly anyway, and I will pay the appropriate taxes for that, but NOTHING else? Is that a deal, Dave. Not one penny more in tax for your all powerful NHS. You see, I do not want political creeps like Cameron telling US what we should eat, what we should drink, how and when we should exercise. I hate the Nanny State and Cameron is a bigger Nanny than even Labour!


By ATWadmin On September 4th, 2007 at 7:41 am

Wonder what you make of former Conservative Deputy Leader Michael Ancram’s comment that the party should stop "trashing" its Thatcherite past and focus on issues such as lower taxes and other "core values"?  The oleaginous Mr Ancram also said the UK could not stay in a European Union with an "agenda of ever-closer union". He says he supports Mr Cameron’s proposal to offer tax incentives to marriage, but claims the policy of treating same-sex civil partnerships in the same way as marriages "insults the intelligence of the British people". "Of course as Conservatives we must show we have changed, but we must beware doing so by trashing our past or appearing ashamed of our history," he says. And he adds: "Change for change’s sake is a vacuous process, swiftly seen through by the electorate."

I rather agree with this, though I dislike Ancram. I love the way the media immediately seize upon these rather mild comments and suggest that they are "the swing to the right" that must not happen. Says more about the left wing prism that the BBC views the world through than anything else! 


By ATWadmin On September 3rd, 2007 at 7:26 am

osbornepa203.jpgI was listening to wee Georgie Osbourne, the shadow Chancellor and David Cameron’s number two inform the electorate that IF the Conservatives are somehow voted into power then they will spend the same money on the State sector as Labour and that there will be no tax cuts. Considering the swathes of "green taxation" planned by the Conservatives, the reluctance they have to address in any meaningful way the immigration issue, it strikes me that there is absolutely no point in any authenthic conservative minded person voting for the British Conservative Party these days. It delights in mimicking Labour and in building up the State sector as the expense of the private sector. It has become a sad burlesque, led by clowns.


By ATWadmin On September 1st, 2007 at 11:00 am


Did you read that when Arnold Schwarzenegger,the Republican Governor of California, has pulled out of appearing in person at the Tory party conference in Blackpool this month? He blamed ..ahem….“diary issues” and will instead speak to delegates via a video link. Maybe he could just send one of his old movies? Arnie is no fool and clearly does not want to be seen on a sinking ship.

It seems that Gordon Broooon, our dour inept Prime Minister, has so rattled Cameron that CMD has authorised a poster campaign next week amid Tory fears that Gordon Brown is preparing to announce an election this autumn. The new advertising will seek to neutralise Labour claims that Mr Cameron has no substance and does not believe in anything, according to allies of the Tory leader. The Tory leader’s publicity blitz, which has included hints of tax cuts and demands for a referendum on the European Union reform treaty, has led to claims of…zzzzzzzzzz…  a “lurch to the Right”. The focus on immigration has caused disquiet among some of his most senior allies. Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron’s chief strategist, is said to be among those unhappy at the decision to draw attention to the subject.

So, immigration, an issue of profound importance to the United Kingdom, is not to be spoken about if Steve Hilton has his way? Let me tell you the truth – Cameron is a busted flush. He is not a principled Conservative but is a PR obsessed opportunist who does not deserve to be in power. The only thing worse than Brown being in power, is Cameron since the enemy within is more dangerous. The Conservative Party needs reduced to rubble and all liberals chased out of it. They do our country no service whatsover and allow Labour to run riot, destroying everything of value.


By ATWadmin On August 31st, 2007 at 8:24 am

Did you read that David Cameron is facing a landslide defeat with Labour winning a majority of around 100 seats in the House of Commons if Gordon Brown calls a snap general election? So says the Daily Cameron, with the latest poll showing that Gordon Brown has opened a 24-point advantage over the Tory leader when voters are asked who would make the best Prime Minister! Doesn’t surprise me – the media only ever wanted Cameron to move left-of-centre before turning on him and showing its true loyalty to Labour values. The truth is that the UK MSM will never support any Conservative leader who is right of liberal. Cameron accepted that and cravenly and opportunistically turned left, but he now faces electoral obliteration and all those little sycophants that surround him and lack even a scintilla of conservative principle will vanish like snow of the ditch when the blood-letting after the next election starts. The Conservative Party has become dysfunctional and is incapable of doing what is right for this country. We need a political revolution to win our country back and the death of the Conservatives might just start that.


By ATWadmin On August 30th, 2007 at 8:45 am

cameron.jpgDavid Cameron – the mouse that squeaked.

I note that the Daily Cameron claims that their hero has set out a tough new stance on immigration, promising curbs to limit the number of people coming in as a way of easing pressure on schools, hospitals and housing. Really? Let’s see.

"Mr Cameron made clear that he was not talking about sending immigrants home or unpicking existing accession agreements with European countries, such as Poland, that recently entered the EU."

So, no change there then, So what IS he getting "tough on"?


" a future Conservative government would push for "transitional periods" before people from future EU entrant nations could come and live and work in Britain. (Note – push for, not achieve.) As for those from outside the EU, a calculation should be made each year of what skills the country needed, the benefits migrants bring to Britain, and "the costs of pressures on public services". After these calculations had been done, a Tory government would place a limit on the overall number of migrants from non-EU countries."

Pathetic. Cameron is the right man to ensure that a stake gets driven through the heart of British Conservatism. He is offering nothing of value on the tough issue of immigration.


By ATWadmin On August 28th, 2007 at 1:48 pm

cameronST070606_228x429.jpgI see that David Cameron, the simpering liberal PR crazy half-wit who leads the dysfunctional Conservative Party, has been outlining policy on crime. He believes that "long-term generational change" is needed to fight crime – not a "knee-jerk" response. Policies to curb violent video games, encourage responsible parenting, and improve schooling could be considered by the Tories, Cameron said.

Wow – tough words, eh? I love the "could" in his awesome strategy. Any weaker and it would be invisible.

Look, OF COURSE encouraging responsible parenting is a good idea. But how is "Call me Dave" going to achieve this unless he is prepared to eviscerate the rotten Welfare system and that means penalising the dysfunctional parasites thet feed off it. Think he would do that – in a million years? And as for violent video games – I agree they are a problem but will he ban them? What about violent movies and crime eulogising pop video’s? Ban them too?

The way to deal with crime is not "long-term" but RIGHT NOW. Today, not tomorrow.

The Police FORCES across the UK should start acting as if they were serious about enforcing the rule of law and arresting the hoods that blight our streets. Croxteth is but one instance of what happens when the police back off from law enforcement and instead try to act as glorified social workers. The political and policing will that is missing needs firmly re-inserted and that means getting rid of the liberals that infest the senior strata of policing in the UK. The guilty need severely punished and the judiciary need to act more responsibly. In short we need to tackle crime head-on, and all this clap-trap about generational change is a distraction from that TOUGH reality of today, of this generation. If Cameron had any sense, which he doesn’t, he would recognise that being tough on crime comes before being tough on the causes of crime. That time is now.


By ATWadmin On August 22nd, 2007 at 8:37 am

sayeedalong.jpgI have to say that I am very suspicious of the self-serving account given by David Cameron’s Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion that she was advised against standing in the next election because of fears that voters were not ready for two ethnic-minority candidates to stand against each other. Sayeeda Warsi, who was made a peer during Mr Cameron’s reshuffle after Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, had been considering whether to stand again in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, where she was defeated by 4,615 votes by another Muslim candidate, Shahid Malik, at the 2005 election. In an interview with the Yorkshire Post, Baroness Warsi has revealed how a discussion with local Conservative officials made her think twice about standing again.  She said that in a discussion with the local Conservative party chairman, he had said: “You’re the best candidate we have ever had. You would have made a fantastic MP for this town but at the moment, maybe because of the way that this community is, it still needs a bit of time on both sides. He then added: “Maybe the white community is not ready for two ethnic [minority] candidates again and also the Muslim community needs to take a long, hard look at itself.”

Warsi is an opportunist par excellence and she will say whatever is required to cast herself in the best possible light. Given her track record I think we should be very careful before swallowing all this guff she has put out today. Cameron is a fool to have elevated such a person but then again he too will do and say anything if he thinks it makes him look good.


By ATWadmin On August 17th, 2007 at 7:25 am

The very concept of "inheritance tax" is wicked. WHY should the State presume to take an extra slice of the estate that passes from one generation to the next? Glad to see that John Redwood has come out and called for the abolition of inheritance tax, and I presume that shadow of a Shadow Chancellor, George Osbourne might even decide to make this an electoral pledge. It’s not enough reason to vote Conservative, not by a lon chalk, but it is nice to see a little bit of authentic conservative values being asserted, even if it is probably just for show. Mind you, it’s not just Inheritance Tax that should be removed. Under Labour the burden on tax has grown massively – especially on those who are not part of the Welfare State – and we need tax cuts all round if we are to see better domestic economic growth. 


By ATWadmin On August 9th, 2007 at 7:37 am

con%20logo.jpgIf UK Conservative Leader David Cameron thinks that occasional changing of the colour of the party’s oak tree logo from green to blue is going to save his neck – forgeddit! At a time when the UK faces attack from Jihadists at home and abroad, suffers the effects of unrestricted immigration, endures socialism in power, here’s the words of a Conservative spokesman on the BIG issue of our times..that changing oak tree colour….

"(IT) is supposed to be a dynamic, flexible brand that is versatile and changes.In this case it was not really blue but a sky background."

What can be said other than under Cameron the Conservatives are heading for electoral defeat once more? If ONLY they had the sense to embrace solid policies that resonate with ordinary British people rather than the metropolitan elite. But they won’t. This is a Party without principles and it ill serves the British people. Chop down the Oak Tree.