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By ATWadmin On August 8th, 2007 at 9:11 am

I heartily recommend that anyone considering voting for the Conservative Party at the next election studies this article by John Gummer in the Daily Cameron today. Having read it, you should be clear why you should not vote Conservative again. Gummer’s article, replete with the usual climate change alarmism exemplifies the creeping liberalism that now so disfigures the Conservative Party and which David Cameron personifies. 


By ATWadmin On August 7th, 2007 at 8:12 am

Interesting to read that a Conservative donor has accused David Cameron of having an “arrogant, Old Etonian” style of leadership and said he would give the party no more money. Sir Tom Cowie, who has given £630,000 to the Tories over the past six years, said he had become “disillusioned”. He is now planning to make donations to the Prince’s Trust charity instead. Naturally the Cameronians have dismissed this substantial financial loss, claiming that many new donors are just queueing up to give cash to Dave. Maybe they are but the question is; are they conservatives?


By ATWadmin On August 1st, 2007 at 11:44 am

What a grand life it must be to be David Cameron. One minute he is (private) jetting it off to Norway to watch those glaciers melt! Then he’s jetting off to Rwanda to teach the locals useful skills such as how to play cricket. And now he’s jetting off to Afghanistan to help boost the moral of our troops! What a guy! He doesn’t seem to like staying here in the UK that much, but who can blame him? 


By ATWadmin On July 31st, 2007 at 8:17 am

camewron.jpgDavid Cameron’s attempt to "fight back" against his plummeting poll numbers starts today. Beating his chest in a display of imagined bravado, The Daily Cameron reports that Call Me Dave has declared that in order to help fix the "broken society" (aka his broken poll numbers) he wants to return to teachers the power to manage disruption in their classrooms. Parents would lose the right to appeal to local education authorities when their children are excluded from schools under Tory plans. " I believe schools should be independent but headteachers should be captain of their own ship," he said Good behaviour agreements between parents and schools would also be introduced to set out codes of behaviour that pupils should adhere to. Parents would be obliged to sign the documents before their children gained admission to schools.

What a crock. For starters, there would be dozens of "human rights" lawyers queueing up to take a case against a school that did as Cameron suggests, and the financial risk to any headmaster who excluded some feral youth would be significant. The only way to re-assert REAL discipline in the classroom would be for the UK to withdraw from the Human Rights Act, so providing the freedom for teachers to control their more riotous students. That is not on Cameron’s agenda and so it is that he projects more soundbites as poor substitute for substantive policy. People see through Cameron, he’s been rumbled as "B" Division Blair with slicked back hair and slicked back PR statements masquerading as policies.


By ATWadmin On July 27th, 2007 at 8:19 am

nbrown127.gifDid you see that the latest YouGov poll  has the best opinion ratings for Labour since the outbreak of the Iraq war four years ago?

Labour’s nine-point lead, comparable to its performance in the 2001 general election, would give Mr Brown a Commons majority of 134 over all other parties, double his present 67 working majority. Poor Call Me Dave’s fortunes have plummeted Six months ago, 43 per cent of voters thought he was proving a good leader of the Conservative Party, with only 27 per cent saying he was not. Now the position has been effectively reversed, with only 27 per cent thinking well of Mr Cameron’s performance – and Mr Brown enjoying an 18-point lead over his Tory rival when people are asked who would make the best prime minister.

Yet, and here is the kicker, Cameron INSISTS that he will stick to  his "modernising strategy" and fight on the centre-ground, with the NHS, schools and the environment – rather than traditional issues such as tax and immigration – as his priorities. This is an effective political suicide note.

What this means is he is determined to stick to his politically leftist strategies of wealth redistribution and increased Statism that characterises his period as Leader, trying to portray the Conservatives as more socialist than the socialists in Labour.  He will loose this game and a stake will be driven through the heart of thoroughly modern Call Me Dave Cameron’s Conservatives.

Let’s cut to the chase. A Conservative Party which is scared to speak up forcefully on taxation, on immigration, on the Islamic threat, on the EU, on the liberty of the private citizen, on the reduction of the State, just isn’t worth a damn. Wanting to be the heir to Blair when the country seems sick off Blair was always a strange strategy – but the judgement of those in the Conservative Party who thought having ther own Blair wannabe as leader was best prevailed and so Cameron, rather than the much tougher David Davies, prevailed. A high price will be paid for this poor judgement since it is obvious that the UK needs an unapologetic right of liberal ALTERNATIVE to Labour, not just more of the same. The polls are sending an ominous message to Cameron and his cronies.

I Rwandared Lonely as a Clown

By ATWadmin On July 24th, 2007 at 6:24 am

If you ever needed to prove that the ‘leader’ of the Conservative Party, Dave Cameron, is both removed from reality and a complete pillock, you need only to look at his forays to Rwanda at a time when large areas of his own backyard are under water.  When catastrophes hit a country, the people who are most affected need to know that their politicians are with them.  How would it have looked for President Bush had he decided to go for a fortnight to the Bahamas in the aftermath of 9/11?

People whose homes have been flooded in the Thames and Severn valleys aren’t interested in what goes on in bloody Rwanda.  They might have been moved by the images of the civil war there ten years ago (as was I); they might have even seen good movies about the state of the place, such as Hotel Rwanda or Shooting Dogs.  However, charity should, and must, begin at home.  Staff at the Utexrwa factory are not currently living in a cess pool of stagnant water; staff at the Utexrwa factory do not provided the Conservatives with votes; staff at the Utexrwa factory are not going to dig deep into their pockets to donate money to help families in Gloucestershire.  They, unlike the idiots here who give funds to the pointless and bottomless pit that is Africa, help their own people first.

These areas currently battered by floodwater are nothing like the socialist havens in South Yorkshire.  Here we are talking about constituencies such as Witney (Cameron’s own), Wantage, Banbury, Tewkesbury – all areas with heavy and consistent Conservative majorities.  You’d think in the light of the drubbing ‘David Cameron’s Conservatives’ received in Southall they would want to hold on to every voter they have.  Maybe ‘Call Me Dave’ is a New Labour double-agent.  He certainly seems to be doing his utmost to infuriate every genuine Conservative out there.


By ATWadmin On July 22nd, 2007 at 8:07 am

The British Conservative Party REALLY is in trouble. And this may well precipitate an Autumn general election as Gordon Brown moves to take advantage of the Tories woes. At least two Conservative MPs are calling for a vote of no confidence in the party’s leader, David Cameron. It is reported that as many as six MPs have sent letters to the chairman of the party’s 1922 Committee of backbenchers. There has been growing unease in the party after a row over grammar schools and disappointing by-election results. But letters from 29 MPS are needed for a vote of no confidence to take place.

But let me show you where the problem really lies.

1. The Cameron leadership is supposed to be not taking these rumours of a No Confidence motion seriously. Such arrogance tells you all you need to know about Cameron and the nest of vipers around him. They have no roots in authentic conservative values, they are opportunists who look to the latest opinion poll to inform their value system as to what they should think.

2. Former Conservative minister Ann Widdecombe has urged Mr Cameron to give greater prominence to tough policies on crime, immigration and health so as to secure the traditional Tory vote. She said;

 “We must not lose our nerve and there is an underlying goodwill towards David Cameron. He has been very successful in getting support from people who previously would not have looked at us. But he must now pay a great deal of attention to shoring up our traditional vote. People want us to produce firm and clear policies on issues that worry them most – law and order, immigration and the health service.”

Memo to Ann; The ONLY reason that Cameron has been able to attract the attention of liberals is by talking down Conservative values. if he does what she says, the soft liberal base will vanish instantly. Your advice is entirely incoherent, just like your Party.

As the wheels come of the Cameron project, we will hear increasingly strident calls for a new leader and new policies. The sooner Cameron is ditched, strong popular policies introduced, and a resurgent form of British Conservatism emerges, the better. Meanwhile Cameron and his cabal can continue tilting at their eco-friendly windwills.


By ATWadmin On July 21st, 2007 at 8:27 am

cameronST070606_228x429.jpgI hadn’t realised that such is the fantastical vanity trip of "Call Me Dave" Cameron and the sycophants that surround him ithat his candidate in the Southall by-election even carried the name "David Cameron’s Conervatives" on the ballot paper.  He came in third.

And yet the Party Chairman, the woeful Caroline Spelman, has been talking this defeat up as if it were a victory. Let’s face it – Cameron is destroying the Conservative Party and the scale of the disaster will become more clear in the time ahead. The whole phony "Heir to Blair" line doesn’t work – it never did except in the rarefied air of the MSM studios. Brown now leads Labour and Cameron only offers an effete Blair-lite political substitute. As Simon Heffer points out in the Telegraph this morning… 

Of course, Dave could continue his process of "change", only move it in a different direction. He could abandon an approach than relies entirely on stunts, image-mongering and naked short-termism and actually start to talk to the real people of Britain. He could talk about giving people back some of their hard-earned money. He could talk about stopping the massive waste of public funds in so many of our services. He could talk about putting police back on the streets. He could talk about using schools as ladders out of poverty rather than as laboratories for social engineers. He could talk about shoring up traditional values and institutions with which most people feel comfortable, rather than undermining them. In short, he could talk about being a Conservative.

Yes, he COULD do Simon, but he WON’T do. His entire appeal is built on the ludicrous notion that he can take on the mantle of Blair yet that is just so beside the point. It is a matter of providing real solutions to the problems that beset our country and in that regard alone, Cameron fails. He ignores the Immigration issue, he is mute on the issue of Islam’s threat to our nation, he has nothing to say about the EU’s takeover of our national sovereignty, in short he is worthless. And yet the Conservative are so desperate to get back into power, that they have convinced themselves this man can lead them forward. He can – over the cliff.


By ATWadmin On July 20th, 2007 at 10:40 am

Oh dear, not looking too good for "Call Me Dave" this morning, is it? The Conservatives have managed to come in third position in both of the by-elections. The Lib-Dem’s managed to get second place in both seats, and whilst Labour’s majorities were diminished, they still won. So what has David Cameron actually acheived with his continual liberalisation of conservatism? Nothing. Amazingly, I read some Conservatives trying to spin third place as a good result. Fine – but pollyanna land is where they will remain with that kind of delusional thinking. Cameron is a disaster for British Conservatism because he has no fixed principles, he is a spin merchant who will give his Party nothing but vertigo as it seeks to climb the political heights.  

i say phooey

By ATWadmin On July 16th, 2007 at 9:52 pm

17458-1.jpgRed Ken made it in as Mayor of London in 2004 on the back of the most complicated voting system ever, a crap turnout (35%) and half a million spoiled ballot papers. A slightly less shambolic election campaign than 2000.

Looks like Boris, everyones favourite Tory and loveable toff, is going to take him on. Hurrah! Another eccentric – but one who on the face of it, isnt quite so self important. "Behind the endearingly dishevelled and distracted exterior lurks both a formidable intelligence and a genuine desire to do good" 

Boris’ declaration in today’s Evening Standard, which had a mountain of coverage already…

I have a stock speech in which I berate the British – and especially British politicians – for being altogether too namby-pamby, mollycoddled and risk-averse; and I think of that speech now as I contemplate the challenge of running for Mayor of London.

If I win the Tory nomination, I will be facing one of the wiliest and most enduring politicians of the modern age, a man who – whatever you think of his measures – has certainly been effective in accomplishing at least some of his own objectives.

I will be running against the strong advice of those who say I would be better off writing books, and going on television, and that I risk throwing away what remains of my political career; and though there have been literally hundreds of people who have urged me to run, I have found myself brooding – like all paranoid politicians – on the negative voices, the people who say that the great King Newt is too dug in, that his positions are impregnable, his machine too vast and well-oiled.

And having weighed up their warnings, over the last week, I say phooey…