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By David Vance On December 7th, 2011 at 8:43 am

One of the biggest con-jobs of the moment is the suggestion by UK Prime Minister David Cameron that he will “veto” any new European Treaty if it threatens UK financial interests. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that this is typical Cameronian bluster  but even then, some within his own ranks are SO dripping wet, so liberal, that they rebuke him for even showing the pretence of standing up to the Euro bullies;

Ken Clarke has told Tory eurosceptics not to expect powers to be grabbed back from the EU at this week’s summit. The justice secretary said the prime minister should concentrate on resolving the eurozone crisis. David Cameron has said he will not sign any reworked EU treaty designed to solve the crisis if it does not contain safeguards for UK interests. There have been calls for a new treaty to achieve greater integration of the 17 eurozone states. But that would require the agreement of all 27 members, including the UK. The pro-EU Mr Clarke in an interview with the Financial Times said it would be a distraction to open up discussions about the “wider structures of the union”. “We’re not going to renegotiate any transfers of powers, in my opinion,” he said. Britain should be prepared to accept “proper” financial regulation from Brussels, he went on.

Clarke, you may remember, is the guy who insisted the UK join the Eurozone. He is a foaming at the mouth Europhile, dedicated to seeing “the project” continue to erode our National sovereignty, and yet Cameron has him in high office. That tells you all that you need to know about Cameron’s “Euro sceptic” credentials. Had Cameron any REAL cajones on this issue, he would be turning around to Frau Merkel and gently pointing out that the UK will withhold ALL  contributions to the EU unless a/It is facilitated in repatriating powers from the EU 2/ It opts out of the wicked Human Rights Act  3/It will hold a referendum of ANY Treaty change. Simple as that. We saw how the Eurocrats panicked when Papandreous suggested a Greek referendum – can you imagine how they would react to a UK referendum? Tragically, we will not be given the chance to speak by the gutless Cameron and those like Clarke will smile as we slide deeper into the euro morass.


By David Vance On October 25th, 2011 at 10:12 am

We live in a modern representative democracy where we elect politicians to represent our views in Parliament. Then again, we don’t. According to the BBC’s print arm “The Guardian”…

Conservative rebels pushing for an in-or-out referendum on Europe are riding the tide of public opinion, according to a Guardian/ICM poll. Some 70% of voters want a vote on Britain’s EU membership, and by a substantial nine-point margin respondents say they would vote for UK withdrawal. Forty-nine per cent would vote to get Britain out of Europe, against just 40% who prefer to stay in. There is a clear majority for staging a referendum in all social classes and regions of the UK. Men and women are similarly keen, although rather more Conservative (71%) than Labour voters (65%) are calling for a poll.

Got that? So even the EU-loving left wing Guardian suggests that the OVERWHELMING number of British people want a referendum on the EU and most would vote for withdrawal.

Contrast that with what happened in The Commons last evening when the overwhelming majority of MP’s voted AGAINST the consideration of such a referendum. 111 out of 600+ showed the patriotic zeal voters expect and supported the idea of holding a referendum but 483 said NO to the idea of letting the people speak. They much prefer to have us mute.

Let’s face it – we live in a benign tyranny and when it comes to our never ending subjugation in the rancid EU, we will not be allowed to speak via our elected politicians. What options does that leave? Cameron has shown himself to be toothless on this, just one more Europhile dressed in Eurosceptics clothing.


By David Vance On October 24th, 2011 at 9:45 am

Why would anyone who favours conservative values remain in the Conservative Party? Former Conservative Leader and current Foreign Secretary William Hague sums up all that is nauseating about Cameron’s mob;

William Hague has compared calls by Conservative MPs for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union to “a piece of graffiti”.

An in-out referendum was not government policy, the foreign secretary said, and “the wrong question at the wrong time”.

Really? Let’s have a think about this. The Eurozone is melting down, the UK has already spent ££billions propping parts of it up, and Hague thinks that it is the “wrong time” to contemplate our relationship with Brussels? Not a day goes by without EU law over-riding UK law, without criminals using the EU HRA to the dismay of most people, and Hague thinks this is the WRONG time to determine our status with regard to the EU? It is precisely the RIGHT time but it is also inconvenient for weasels like Hague. He wants to pretend that if only we remain mute and leave it to wise old coves like himself then we can magically conjure up a looser arrangement with the EU. The trouble here is that even the most cursory examination of the past shows that we are becoming further and further embedded in the EU and despite many pledges to the contrary, the UK continues to lose sovereignty.

The UK has a clear choice. It stays in or it gets out.

The politicians know that the majority of people in the UK are more likely than not to vote “OUT” and that is why a referendum is denied them. We live in a representative democracy where the politicians refuse to represent the will of the people. Another name for that is a benign tyranny and Hague is a typical representative of it.  The superficial facade is of a democracy but it is only too obvious that all the major political parties show a loyalty to the EU that contrasts with their betrayal of this United Kingdom. As the EU goes down the toilet, Hague insists we plunge in. He must be round the bend….


By David Vance On October 23rd, 2011 at 5:01 pm

Europe's leaders threaten Greek default if banks won't take haircut

I never cease to be amazed at the hubris that is so characteristic of the Euro elite. Just think about this;

Europe’s leaders are threatening to trigger a formal default on Greek debt and risk a “credit event” if banks refuse to accept losses of up to €140bn (£120bn) on their holdings. Hardline eurozone members, backed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), delivered the ultimatum this weekend after an official report found that in a worst-case scenario Greece could need a second bail-out of €450bn – twice the current package and more than the entire €440bn in the eurozone’s rescue fund.

Vittorio Grilli, a senior EU official, travelled to Rome yesterday to present the “take it or leave it” deal to the Institute of International Finance, which is leading the negotiations for the banks. “The only voluntary element for the banks now is to take a 50pc haircut or face a credit event, a default,” said an EU diplomat. The threat marks a dramatic change of stance in Brussels, and follows early warnings that a Greek default would set off a chain reaction that would result in a worse financial crisis than in 2008. Although wary about the markets, they are now thought to believe that a “big bazooka” solution could contain the crisis in Greece.

Let’s sort out this nonsense.

For starters,  the notion that those banks with exposure to Greek debt should brace for a 50% haircut is wrong. It should be 100%.

Next, the idea that Greece can in any way be saved and remain in the EU is purely delusional. However this is incompatible with the burning  political ambition that drives the EU on so there remains this constant conflict.

Finally, forget the “big bazooka”. There is going to be a Big Bang and it will be the sound of the EU imploding. Once Greece goes, others will follow.


By David Vance On October 15th, 2011 at 9:11 am

The truth is that our politicians do not want to experience the will of the people which is why Ministers have ruled out a referendum on European Union action to bail out the crisis-hit eurozone.

“A Government statement to MPs yesterday made clear that no national poll will be held in Britain over plans for a £380billion emergency fund designed to support Greece and other debt-laden eurozone nations. Some MPs believe the establishment of the European Financial Stability Mechanism, which requires changes to the EU constitution, should trigger a vote in the UK under the Coalition’s so-called “referendum lock” law.

But Tory Europe Minister David Lidington said the proposals did not need to be ratified by a referendum in Britain because only nations in the euro currency system were affected. The decision enraged critics, who warned that the treaty changes threatened to create a powerful bloc of 17 euro nations that will be able to crush any British opposition to Brussels rule…”

They lavish our cash on propping up the useless dysfunctional doomed EU whilst feigning euro-scepticism.  They are a disgrace.

What goes around, comes around.

By ATWadmin On May 18th, 2010 at 9:29 pm


Way way back in the dim mists of time, back when David Cameron was still a chirpy Leader of the Opposition, he promised British voters something very special! He promised us, on 2nd June 2009, a Referendum on the European Constitution. He promised us a say in how we are Governed, how we throw and fill up our rubbish bins, he promised us a say in how we are represented across the world, he promised us a say in how our money is spent by a spendthrift European Parliament, Commission & Council. We all know that politicians promises are as ephemeral as the volcanic ash which is drifting out from Eyjafjallajökull, and are rarely as solid as that ash. 

But there is a strange glow on the horizon. It is the sight of a large band of Eurosceptics lighting a fire at their campsites, readying yet another attempt to make at least one politician keep one promise made earlier. There has to be a formal change to the Treaty of Lisbon. This was the European Constitution whose name was altered so as to invalidate the democratic calls from France, Ireland and others; this was the Treaty which Gordon Brown signed on behalf of us all. This is the next step on the way to a European State. We have the EU Foreign Service, the permanent President of the Union’s Commission, the whole panoply of a Nation State is due to fall into line, all brought into being by the Treaty. That is the present state of Treaty progress which is due to be altered, in Brussels, in order to formalise the imbalance of Parliamentary seats made by that same Treaty.

Now THIS is where it gets really interesting, because the ‘Boy David’ might be reminded of his rash but generous pledge not to allow any more Treaty Revisions, nor to allow any more attempts without a clear and unambiguous result of a Referendum which would involve the British public. The British, possibly the most Eurosceptic of all the 27 member nation States which form the Union, for the first time in a very long time, we, the People, might, just might, get a say in how we are to be governed for the next hundred years!


Timeline…….Irish Abortion Law Doomed

By ATWadmin On December 9th, 2009 at 9:40 am

Whenever anyone, from whichever side of the European Argument, whether sceptic or ‘gullible’, hears the magic words “Europe cannot alter a Member nation’s laws”, the battle lines are drawn in the sands of time. Trouble is, whether sceptical or not, no-one watches the tide is on the turn, and those lines will be wiped away by the irresistible force inbuilt to a European decision by the architects of that same Europe. The attacks on the Nation State may be stealthy, may take a long time to come to fruition, but the ONLY way to forestall a European take-over, whether you are Maltese, Latvian, French or British is to simply leave. 

Since just about all the members of the political class benefit hugely from European largesse, which is of course code-word for our tax money, you won’t hear any politico, from the rightest wing of the Tory party through to the Leftiest members of the old-time Labour party speaking out in favour of leaving. The British National Party espouses leaving, but they have placed themselves beyond the pale by bring race into their Constitution and proceedings, so they are virtually irrelevant. U.K.I.P. are a one-policy Party, and apart from distracting some from voting Tory, are another irrelevance. So until we see a sea-change in British politics, we are doomed to an ever-encroaching European State as it remorselessly chews away at our ancient liberties.


In the Irish Republic, abortion has always been an abomination. Why? Simples! The Roman Catholic Church has pronounced that women do not have control over their normal bodily functions by making abortion a grave sin. As the Church had historically held such huge sway over most political decisions in the Republic, their dictat was taken as law, and so abortion was either of the back-street variety, or the decision was taken by the pregnant woman to travel to where her needs were considered above those of a priest-ridden bureaucracy!

If you don’t believe me when I write about the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church vis-a-vis abortion, you only have to read this, for a definitive proof of their attitude!

When the Irish Republic wanted to join the European Union, the decision was taken on economic and political grounds; the question of religious or moral principles was never even mentioned. Through the Union, Ireland thrived, with G.D.P. statistics which proved that the Union worked, and everyone won! The Celtic Tiger roared, and many looked on a little enviously! The fact that the Celtic Tiger has these days caught a really bad dose of financial pneumonia is perhaps not so easily swallowed, but the Brussels bureaucrats just shrug, and murmur that the same rules apply to all.

However, the European Constitution (sorry the Lisbon Treaty) was promised as a tidying up of all the other Treaties, and no-one should worry (space should be taken here while the Irish head was figuratively patted in re-assurance). Second time around, the Question was asked, and in the end, the Irish fell for the European Blarney, and voted YES!

Unfortunately, alongside the Treaty comes The Fundamental Charter on Human Rights, and when the European Court of Human Rights get their teeth into this case from three Irish women, who would bet against the Republic being told, politely but firmly, that their laws, their wishes, their beliefs are subservient to the Law of Europe, which is above the laws of the Republic?

As for myself, I have never understood the call for freely-available abortion, as it is a fact that once the child is born, the mother can simply sign it away into adoption, so why the furore in the first place? But there again, that is but one person’s opinion, and a lowly man into the bargain!




By ATWadmin On February 8th, 2009 at 7:36 pm

Is Tony Blair to become the First President of the European Union?

“Tony Blair is poised to become the first President of Europe after it was confirmed that French leader Nicolas Sarkozy is determined to help him win the post. A senior aide to President Sarkozy told a private gathering of senior British and French politicians that he is to tell fellow EU leaders that Mr Blair is the only man who can help Europe stand up to the rest of the world.”

For starters Blair cannot become President of the EU unless and until the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by the Irish. They rejected it last time but now like naughty little children have been told to vote again. If they pass it, the tyranny of the EU is clear for all to see so Blair will have an inherited a poisoned chalice and a tarnished crown.

Then there is the interesting question as to who, exactly the EU wants to stand up to? I imagine Israel is probably high up the list!

Finally, I wonder how the other EU nations view Blair? Would they share the French enthusiasm?


By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2009 at 10:27 pm

I read that Peter Sutherland, the Irish chairman of energy giant BP, the world’s fourth-largest company, says that Ireland’s economy has remained afloat solely because of the country’s membership of the euro.

Speaking to The Irish Times at the Davos economic forum in Switzerland, Mr Sutherland said that if Ireland was not in the single European currency, the Irish economy would be “in a state of destruction”. He described as “absolutely appropriate” the comparison between Ireland and Iceland, a non-euro state whose economy has collapsed, made by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso during a discussion on the European economy in Davos. “He was quite right to make it,” Mr Sutherland said. “There is no point trying to pretend now what our condition is. That condition is deeply, deeply worrying, so it behoves everybody to recognise this and to react accordingly.”

So, Mr Sutherland, pray tell us what Ireland should do?

“It behoves everybody to recognise this and to react accordingly. Mr Sutherland said the Irish banks needed to be dealt with “urgently” and that it was “absolutely necessary” for the country’s credibility that the Lisbon Treaty be voted through.

Ah – I see. The Europhiles never miss a chance to try and advance their agenda and so even though the Irish people said NO to the EU constitution, the new tactic is to tell them that unless they say YES later this year, then Ireland will become the new Iceland. The threat is clear. Ireland will be frozen out if the people seek to stand in the way of the EU constitution.


By ATWadmin On January 9th, 2009 at 8:14 am

The EU seeks to grab control of Britain’sS vital North Sea oil and gas supplies under emergency plans revealed for the first time in Brussels yesterday.

EU leaders are demanding control of British energy reserves to prevent power blackouts that have left millions of eastern Europeans without heat in Arctic weather due to the Russian gas blockade.  Euro-MPs are calling for the creation of a European gas reserve, made up of British and Dutch supplies, which member states can tap into in the event of any future shortage.  The transfer of ownership would be enacted under secret powers written into the controversial Lisbon Treaty. It gives Europe the legal power to take over individual states’ supplies to “ensure security of energy supply in the Union”.  Ultimate control over Britain’s vast natural gas and oil fields – by far the biggest resource within the EU – will fall to Brussels if the new treaty, which has already been ratified by Britain, is adopted throughout Europe.

Under Labour, and under the auspices of the Lisbon Treaty, this will assuredly happen.  We hand over our energy to keep Europe warm, even as we freeze. The sooner we get OUT of the EU tyranny the better.