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By ATWadmin On November 22nd, 2006 at 8:54 am

The shocking failure of our State Education system is once more manifest in the news today that "about one in ten schools" has been judged as "inadequate" in the past year.

Chief inspector of schools Christine Gilbert was publishing her first annual report on the state of education in England since taking over as head of Ofsted.

Now, a few questions for you;

Given that "about one in ten" equates to hundreds of schools, and that "inadequate" would appear to be indicative of a failure to meet standards, how many Head Teachers do you think will be disciplined, if not sacked for this abysmal performance?

Given that "about one in ten" schools equates to tens of thousands of children, how many young lives are being ruined by the failure of the State system?

Given that "about one in ten" schools are failing our children in 2005/2006, almost ten years into the NuLabour regime, doesn’t Government bear the ultimate responsibility for this failure?


By ATWadmin On November 13th, 2006 at 7:45 am

I was reading over on Frank Chalk’s blog that more than 400 English schools now have their own Police Officer either based at the school or on call. Isn’t it shocking that our school discipline system has fallen into such a state of chaos that this solution is now required? This decision to bring the Police into the classroom is a response to soaring levels of youth crime. Schools are keen to enlist the officers to help curb truancy and hooliganism in the playground. I bet!

When I was at Primary and Grammar School, discipline was maintained by ourteachers and 99.9% of all pupils respected that. Back then bad behaviour did lead to detentions and to expulsions if necessary.  We all knew that of we stepped over the mark, we would be punished. It’s simple human behaviour, after all, to try and find out where the boundaries lie.

But over the decades, the progressive agenda pursued by liberal educationalists has all but incapacitated  most School’s from having ANY effective say whatsoever in enforcing discipline. Even when a School does try to deal with a badly behaved student, they face potentially crippping legal costs as the parasite lawyers stand behind the "Human Rights"of the thugs they happily represent.

Nowadays it is the kids who are calling the shots and the result is frightened teachers who know there is a huge problem but who see it as best to farm this out thoird party to the Courts via the police force.

Discipline is essential to maintaining good order in schools and in creating a pleasant environment in which students can pursue obtaining a first rate education. It affords protection to the more shy and vulnerable children and ensures that young people understand that they must conform to an expected level of behaviour. 

In reality, in far too many UK schools, Police Officers now patrol the corridors, teachers huddle in the staff room and we are producing generations of children barely able to read or write and who have NO respect for any form of authority.  The toxicfruits of progressiveness.

“Relationship Problems”

By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006 at 11:55 am

Natashia Jackman was stabbed in the eye at her school, Collingwood Colllege in Camberley, Surrey. During a catalogue of abuse including being knocked unconscious in class and cumulating in the stabbing incident, the school did next to nothing, in fact they made her feel that she was to blame. According to her father “it was as if the school was saying, ‘We don’t want to admit there’s a problem with bullying in our school.” Headmaster, Jerry Oddie, described the incident as "isolated". He told reporters: "Natashia has had relationship problems in the time that she’s been with us.”

In the school’s newsletter of December 2005 is an article on “National Anti-Bullying Week

“There have been several initiatives and activities around College, in order to raise awareness of this very important topic. These include: Special talks in assemblies about what can constitute bullying, and what students can do about it … a poster competition … a wristband campaign to raise awareness of the subject … the launch of the new Peer Counsellor system … Remember, if you know or suspect that someone may be being bullied, doing the right thing involves telling someone about it.

Empty, hollow words for Natashia. Much as children do not appreciate being disciplined, it is the children who suffer when that discipline is neglected and, as nature abhors a vacuum, the place of the stern teacher is taken by the school bully. Civilised behaviour is not the default setting, it must be learned, inculcated and enforced, otherwise you fall back to the law of the jungle.