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Open your wallets

By Patrick Van Roy On September 23rd, 2020 at 3:54 pm


“At this late stage I can see no other way forward but to call for a Marshall-like plan for nature, people and the planet,” he added, in reference to the massive US-backed programme to rebuild a shattered Europe after the second world war. We must now put ourselves on a warlike footing, approaching our action from the perspective of a military-style campaign,” said Charles, warning that the world had been “pushed beyond its planetary boundaries”, only for the crisis to long be “decried, denigrated and denied” by those in power.

Dear People worldwide…..

By Mike Cunningham On June 16th, 2015 at 10:56 am

You trusted us on the Nazis.

You trusted us when we told you those small children would be entirely safe with our priests, despite overwhelming proof to the contrary.

You really trusted us when scandal erupted over the totally-crooked and criminal activity of the Vatican Bank.

You also trusted us before the Adoption Scandals broke in Spain and Australia.

So please, even pretty please; Trust us when we speak out on Climate Change, because we know of what we speak, and its all for the poor people, anyway! Ignore the fact that we are ordinary fallible people leading a Religion; ignore the equal fact that we quote no realistic science at all; ignore the truth that the vast majority of the science studies, statistics and volumes of so-called ‘proof’ come from sources tainted by government grants, from endorsement by crooked and venal politicians, ignore the fact that those who speak out against the Gospels of Climate Change are unbelievers, indeed even Deniers; and when you think of that awful charge against anyone that he is a ‘Denier’: just return to the One True Fold, and accept that We know what is good for both you, and the World.

Your Brother on High



Global Warming strikes again

By Mike Cunningham On October 15th, 2014 at 11:58 am



Further proof, if it were ever needed of course, that the true terror of Climate Change along with Global Warming is fast advancing upon us all; but very evidently faster in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

‘We are unlikely to see another one anytime soon but it is more likely as the world warms up, climate change means we will get greater variations in our weather,’ Mr White added.

We’re all doomed; doomed, I tell you!


and its here; proof, in black and white: from my model!

By Mike Cunningham On September 23rd, 2014 at 10:47 am

Just what is it about the Illiberal-left that imbues them with the knowledge that they, and they alone, are the ones which are correct in their thinking? What is the chemical they have been absorbing which wrenches their minds away from being the average easy-going but engaged guy to a narrow-minded bigot whose one response to an opponent is simply “There must be a Law to prosecute these guys with, so that we can then lock ‘em all up”? There must be an algorythm to detect the actual moment when a left-winger is turned from a guy who is prepared to defend a viewpoint, to a zealot whose only solution is to deprive their opponents of their liberty, so as to stop them speaking or practising their views in the public’s space? What is so unnerving to the ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ crew that makes them want to stamp out all discussion of a ‘Science’ which is presumably fixed?

A name, and of course the echoes of a political ‘dynasty’ has come forward to attract our attention; this of course being the latest ‘noise’ from the throat of ‘Environmental Activist’ Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He, knowing all and being supremely confident of his position, calls for his opponents to be brought before the Hague on ‘War Crimes’ charges, as the Laws of the United States seemingly are insufficient to arrest and charge the Koch brothers, so he intends to get them another way. How intolerant of a ‘family member’ whose forebears were seemingly so inclusive; hell, the Kennedy brothers were so inclusive, there wasn’t anyone they wouldn’t screw, just to get ahead!

Closer to home, might I resurrect a name from the past? Remember David Bellamy? Remember the gravelly-voiced tones of that respected botanist and environmentalist? Of course you do. Its just a great pity that you have not seen his face on your tv screen for some ten years now. It is as though he was literally blanked off the public’s consciousness! Why? He committed the high and serious crime of stating that he did not believe in man-made Global Warming. He was instantly dropped from the programmes he had made famous, and, as long as he holds his ‘absurd beliefs’ he will never again feature on any BBC or commercial tv broadcast.

So why do these people act in such a dogmatic fashion? Can they not even contemplate any opposition to their stated cause? Are they worried that someone may just examine their computer calculations, their models, their suppositions of the thickness and spread of Arctic ice? Have they never ever heard of the premise that computer models are not ‘proof’: Facts are ‘proof’!


The Germans would have a word for it.

By Mike Cunningham On September 17th, 2014 at 11:14 am

When the Great Fire of 1666 razed much of inner London to the ground, Sir Christopher Wren piloted a Bill through Parliament which banned wooden-framed buildings from being built in London, and this Act remained in force for over three hundred years, A plan to by-pass this Act, partly because, if the buildings used wood, they would help combat ‘CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING‘, backed heavily by the UK Timber Frame association, sellers of, so help me, Wooden Framed Buildings got through, partly because there was a test burn, in a large hangar, of a test-built six-storey buiding, which was easily extinguished by firemen. What was not mentioned, in the building report, was the fact that the fire arose again in the smouldering timbers, and the whole building was consumed by fire!

Councils throughout England have no idea of the numbers of wooden-framed buildings erected since the Act was by-passed!



Fast forward to September 15th, when the nearly-complete Nottingham University Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry burned to the ground in a huge fire, which unfortunately proved, once more, that Sir Christopher Wren was right all along. The entire building, funded by a donation from GlaxoSmithKline, costing some £15 million  had been erected according to the most rigorous environmental principles, made with a wooden frame and other “sustainable” materials, and powered with “renewable” energy, so that the structure could remain “carbon neutral” throughout its lifetime. Unfortunately, the fire-prevention and alarm systems were either still being installed, or not; instead of being the first systems to be enforced on site, especially as it was a WOODEN BUILDING;  and as WOOD CATCHES FIRE RATHER EASILY, any Engineer would have told them that their first priority would be to protect a building, finished or not, which, being entirely of wood, would always BE A RISK!




University of Nottingham chemistry building fire


The German word?




But the Wind is free; you see!

By Mike Cunningham On September 3rd, 2014 at 3:34 pm

I think the term to be used is ‘Revelation’. As most ATW readers know, I have been, and remain, firmly against the building and use of wind turbines on either British ground or on the sea-bed ever since their proposal and unfortunate adoption as part of the war against the alleged ‘Man-Made Global Warming and/or Climate Change. Their use as a prime electricity generator, on the grounds that their ‘fuel’ e.g. the wind is free, was taken up by the Greeny-Eco-Climate bunch as the answer to their prayers; their use is ‘Carbon-free’, they represent a change in the very thinking behind power generation, and they are ‘Environmentally-friendly’.

Unfortunately for this hard-pressed United Kingdom, already labouring under the self-imposed lash (through our deluded Parliament) of the 2008 Climate Change Act, a bill which was written and presented in THREE MONTHS and was in the words of its primary author, a committed and active member of every ‘green; and environmental’ lobby in the business:-

So we ended up arguing with the Treasury more on the principle than on the detail. Because we were moving so fast, that they had may be one or two policy people covering our brief. Whereas, we had a team of lawyers, and us and all our special advisors. And we were – basically, we were able to outwit them a little bit by moving quickly so that was another element that led to it being successful.”

So that was how the most expensive, (for taxpayers and business) Parliamentary Act got on to the Statute books, because, besides the sleight-of-hand of the Labour supporters, the rest of the Parliamentary MPs hadn’t even read the bloody Bill, but voted for it anyway, and the one of the three blokes who had read it, voted against it but were ignored by all the clowns and buffoons who thought that the Bill was ‘rather good’.

Anyway, why don’t you read all about it here, discover all over again how the Nation was fooled, and how we have literally to dismantle Industry to comply with this foolish and atrocious piece of Legislation.


But back to my ‘Revelation’. It seems that engineers have discovered a use for redundant wind-turbine blades, as they have found that, once chopped up and shredded, the composite fibreglass is more than three times the value, in heating terms, of a similar quantity of coal in the furnaces of a steam-generating boiler which turns the turbines of a generating station. My solution is of course even simpler: cut out the truly wasteful installation of the turbine in the first place, and chop the bloody blades up, and then burn the rubbish, thus generating clean energy once more!


And into your future………I see only warm air

By Mike Cunningham On March 6th, 2014 at 1:15 pm


So, that problem with getting everyone to accept man-made Global Warmimg and man-made Climate Change, with everything heating up, sea-levels rising, and the rest………….

Ice Breaker


How’s that progressing then?


OMG we’re all going to die!

By Patrick Van Roy On December 8th, 2013 at 6:09 am

Mind you we just had the lightest Hurricane Season in 10 Years with only 2 Hurricanes, when these same people said Katrina was just the beginning, and category 5 hurricanes would be the norm.

Climate change warning: Killer winter storms for next THIRTY years

KILLER freezes, floods and heatwaves will devastate Britain during the next 30 years, climate ­experts have warned.

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So, am I offered Thirty-One?

By Mike Cunningham On November 30th, 2012 at 10:13 am

One of the best definitions of Government is a body or group which dedicates itself to the defence of the Nation-State. In these troubled times, we hold a small standing Army, a very-much reduced Navy and a Royal Air Force which must be checked under a microscope to find its component parts. These three arms of the Services have been treated savagely by Labour, and much the same by the Conservatives; both in terms of funding of manpower and equipment, as well as in direction. We are an Island Nation. We depend upon free passage for our imports, as well as the ever-diminishing flow of exports from our harbours and ports. We have surrendered much of our Sovereignty to foreigners, and we, or rather the various bunches of lying thieves and vagabonds masquerading as politicians have not only decimated our capability to defend ourselves, they have arranged things so that those decimations are permanent.

One of the driving forces behind a good defence structure is the ability to provide fuel for your aircraft, for your ships; and of course for the various methods of transporting large numbers of soldiers into harms way, if that is what is deemed necessary. To depend upon others, to allow your very power and motive infrastructure to be controlled by someone other than a sworn officer, is to accept that your very core is capable of being compromised. If you cannot refuel your aircraft, if you cannot run your trucks, tanks or mobile artillery, if you cannot be certain that your warships can be refuelled ahead of all others in a queue; you have arranged for surrender without the purchase of a white flag.

So one can understand why the bunch of lying thieves who masquerade under the title of the Coalition Government have slipped out, well-hidden in the fairly small print of the Energy Bill, itself further evidence of that  sheer lunacy known as the Climate Change Act, the most expensive piece of legislation probably introduced in this country since the Welfare State; the proposed sale of the only hardware specifically designed to keep safe the means of refuelling all our Armed Forces , safe as in protected by both guns as well as Statute. The ConDoms are proposing to sell off the Ministry of Defence (MOD) held asset that supplies aviation fuel to military airbases in the UK, as well as a number of civilian airports.

This asset, known as the the Government Pipeline and Storage System (GPSS) was established to provide a secure oil distribution network for the United Kingdom at the beginning of World War Two in 1939. Over many years the pipeline route has been extended and amended until it now covers approximately 2,500 km of pipe and associated storage depots, pumping stations and other sites. The GPSS distributes about 40 per cent of the aviation fuel within the UK and is used to supply important commercial airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick, along with Royal Air Force (RAF) and United States Air Force bases in England and Scotland.

One presumes the price will be slightly in excess of the statutory Thirty Pieces of Silver, but not by much!

A ‘Green Deal’; or just the ‘Old Deal’

By Mike Cunningham On April 15th, 2012 at 8:23 am

I have written before about the total lack of mechanical knowledge and aptitude of my eldest brother, and of the fact that he is a legend amongst his family and friends for being so totally lacking in knowledge of even minor repairs around the home. As I wrote at the time “His finest utterance was on the subject of wine; he had been persuaded to buy a different brand of booze at the supermarket, and he had tried to get the cork out of the bottle for twenty-seven minutes before learning that the bottle had a screw-top!

He called me up some years ago to ask my advice on a gas boiler and hot water shower problem he thought he was having, and he was astounded to learn that I could solve his problem over the phone whilst being some 300 miles apart. He called me again to again ask if he was doing the right thing in taking up an offer and estimate from British Gas for the complete replacement of his gas boiler for the princely sum of over £2,000.00, as the fitter had recommended a salesman to call because the boiler was ‘old and in need of replacement’.

I asked my brother if the boiler had passed the ‘safety inspection’ which the British Gas CORGI fitter had carried out, and he replied that it had passed, and he had the certification on his hands. I then told him to find a local Gas Repair Company from the Yellow Pages, and get a second independent opinion.

He called me back a week later and thanked me for the advice, as the independent Company’s salesman had stated that his boiler was perfectly sound; but when it eventually went wrong, and was ready to be replaced, his Company would be pleased to do the work, fit and commission a brand new boiler, for the princely sum of £650.00!

I write of this because I trust neither the Government, B&Q, British Gas, or indeed any independent ‘Assessor’ to speak the truth when dealing with things which the average householder just does not either understand or appreciate!