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By David Vance On May 28th, 2012 at 8:23 am

And another Nick Clegg story…

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg has attacked David Cameron’s plans to give MPs a free vote on gay marriage, saying that supporting it was not a matter of conscience.  The Lib Dem leader signalled he will defy the Prime Minister by forcing his MPs to vote in line with his party which supports the issue.

How very liberal of Clegg to demand that all his MP’s vote for the oxymoron that is gay marriage. One would have thought thay if ever there was an issue that could be seen as a matter of conscience, this was it. But no. The iron jack boot comes down on ANY that dare suggest that gay marriage might not be a good idea!


By Pete Moore On June 18th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

The Guardian newspaper is on its uppers:

On Thursday, Guardian News and Media (GNM) announced that The Guardian and its sister paper, The Observer, had lost £33m in cash terms last year after failing to staunch losses that ran to £34.4m the year before. Unaudited results for the year ending 31 March showed that GNM’s revenues, fell to £198m last year compared with £221m the year before […]

Andrew Miller, the chief executive of GNM’s parent company, Guardian Media Group (GMG), warned staff in a series of meetings this week that the group could run out of cash in three to five years if he does not make radical changes, which could include up to 175 redundancies.

This is such terrible, terrible news. Well, it’s terrible for someone but I’ve just popped another umbrella in my beer. To think that a prime HQ of the Leftist power elite, commies, Fabians, terror supporters and other riff-raff might be going down the gurgler is cheering me no end. Hey, maybe we’re not killing gaia fast for The Guardian to survive. If we bought more polluting cars the paper might be in a healthier state.

“What are you talking about Pete?” I hear you ask.

What I mean is that The Guardian, home of Goerge Monbiot and a chief promoter of all things enviroloony is subsidised with the profits from … Auto Trader. Oh the irony, oh the towering hypocrisy of routinely demonising the selfish destructiveness of driving a car while taking white can man’s shilling. Another great subsidy comes from the working man because The Guardian is the state’s choice of advertiser for thousands of economy-killing government jobs each week. Even so, it’s looking grim. It’s interesting to see that whilst more debt and spending is the Left wing solution when it’s someone else’s money, at The Guardian 300 jobs have gone already in what would be the act of an ideological maniac if he was spending the taxpayer’s money.


By Pete Moore On April 27th, 2011 at 7:41 pm

Not that we didn’t know it already but Kim Howells, one of their own, has admitted that Leftist terror is complicit in once-great Britain becoming a major exporter of islamic terror.

A fear of offending Muslims allowed extremists into Britain before the 2005 London Tube and bus bombings, a former Labour minister with close links to the intelligence services has admitted.

Mr Howells, a former foreign office minister and chairman of the influential Commons intelligence and security committee, blamed “political correctness” which meant that the extremists and their views were not challenged […]

“I think that people were terrified of stirring up allegations of racism, of wanting to vilify a particular part of the community.

“There was a great reluctance to speak about them as a separate part of the community or a community that was undermining our way of life and threatening it. It was political correctness and it lasted really until the bombings of July in 2005 when everyone realised that these people simply didn’t subscribe to political correctness.”

Britain ignored repeated warnings to stop granting asylum to Islamic extremists wanted in other countries for terrorism offences before the 7/7 bombings.

It was long in coming and no surprise when it happened. Although Howells cites “a fear of offending muslims”, which is true insofar as a number of Labour MPs rely on imported votes, for many it was a fear of  being branded as racist or bigoted which forced them into silence.

Leftist ideology demanded the mass importation of hostile aliens, demanded they remain different and seperate, fed imagined grievances and damned anyone who demurred as a racist or a bigot. Yes, if you ever once succumed to the deliberate intimidation of social Marxism and casually flung out a lazy insult to someone whose opinion is different from your’s then you too, even if in a tiny way, perpetuated the ideological terror which has caused millions to shut their mouths for fear of the consequences.

Even today there is a huge reluctance to talk openly of the wickedness which Leftist ideology has fostered. It’s no surprise; one casual accusation of racism is enought to destroy a life. This is how a land of Christian civilisation has become a land which incubates and exports islamic terror.

Science Settled at Gun Point

By ATWadmin On December 11th, 2009 at 10:30 pm

From Big Government:

 “McAleer, a veteran journalist and film maker, has recently made a documentary “Not Evil Just Wrong’ which takes a sceptical look at the science and politics behind Global Warming concerns.

He asked Professor Schneider about his opinions on Climategate……During some testy exchanges with McAleer, UN officials and Professor Schneider’s assistants twice tried to cut short McAleer’s question.

However as the press conference drew to a close Professor Schneider’s assistant called armed UN security guards to the room. They held McAleer and aggressively ordered cameraman Ian Foster to stop filming. The guard threatened to take away the camera and expel the film crew from the conference if they did not obey his instructions to stop filming Professor Schneider.

The guard demanded to look at the film crews press credentials and refused to allow them to film until Professor Schneider left the room.
McAleer said he was disappointed by Professor Schneider’s behaviour.

 “It was a press conference. Climategate is a major story – it goes to the heart of the Global Warming debate by calling into question the scientific data and the integrity of many scientists involved.”


By ATWadmin On November 14th, 2009 at 9:47 pm

Straight couple demand civil partnership

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. As His Grace says:

And so another ‘hierarchy of rights’ battle begins.

But Cranmer prophesies that the heterosexuals will lose. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 is clear on eligibility:

3.1 Two people are not eligible to register as civil partners of each other if—
(a) they are not of the same sex,
(b) either of them is already a civil partner or lawfully married,
(c) either of them is under 16, or
(d) they are within prohibited degrees of relationship.

The Act is inherently discriminatory, or ‘heterophobic’ and ‘offensive’, as Peter Tatchell says (and whatever one may think about him, he is at least consistent).

They really ought to have left things alone, oughtn’t they?


By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2009 at 7:37 pm

IN a place where six year old girls aren’t ‘logged’ as ‘racist’ as required ‘by law’.

There’s one way to find the truth – give her a bowl of Bombay Mix and see if she pulls a face.


By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2009 at 6:23 pm

THE rabble’s out (sorry, the anti-fascist rabble’s out), storming BBC HQ and causing a rumpus ahead of Nasty Nick’s (boo hiss) appearance on Question Time tonight.

Say’s the BBC:

Anti-fascist protesters broke into BBC Television centre ahead of British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time.

Reports the Telegraph:

Anti-fascist protesters demonstrating against BNP leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time have broken through a police cordon outside BBC Television Centre. 

Well, since the rabble may not agree with what you say and will resort to threats, intimidation, violence and storming the national broadcaster to prevent you saying it, one thing they most aren’t is anti-fascist

Karl Marx: The Ancestor Of Modern Political Genocide

By ATWadmin On August 20th, 2009 at 5:20 pm

LIFTED from a thread below. Don’t blame me, blame the New York Times, whose book reviewer declares that Karl Marx is “back in vogue”.


The book in question, written by a Guardian columnist (well you could knock me down) intends “first to show us the human Engel, portraying him as gregarious and bighearted.” No better time to discover, therefore, the evil reality of those who are back in vogue and their gregarious, bighearted friends.

Below is an extract from a film with which you may not be familiar. It is “The Soviet Story”, a magnificent and compelling documentary which details the common Marxist roots of the NAZI and Soviet regimes and their close alliance prior to 1941 –


Neo-NAZI and fascist sympathisers tend (righty) to be treated with contempt and abuse. The meta-context in which this happens is one which Marxists, both cultural and actual, have done much to foment. History and justice demands this contempt and abuse to be turned also on those who put themselves shamelessly in the Marxist tradition.

Republicans in Hollywood

By ATWadmin On October 5th, 2008 at 11:06 pm

The other day I wrote a post  complaining about the informal shunning of Republicans in Hollywood.  

Several ATW readers thought my analysis was incorrect.  Vehemently.  I can’t be right!   There is no shunning because liberals are open-minded and tolerant.  Right??  Hollywood blacklisting ended when the McCarthy Era was put to bed. Right?

Unfortunately, no.  

There is an informal shunning of conservative points-of-view, and an informal shunning of those individuals who express them.  Of course, not all Conservatives are shunned.  And not all Republican opinions are ignored or ridiculed.  But, there is a trend.

Express ideas outside of the Democrat, liberal box and you might be facing some pretty scary censorship.   From UPI.com

Film director David Zucker says conservatives are so uncomfortable in Hollywood that being a Republican is “the new gay. (my emphasis)

“You sort of feel like you have to hide it,” Zucker — director of “Airplane!,” “Top Secret” and “The Naked Gun” — told EW.com. “When you meet, you give each other a secret look, ‘Are you a Republican, too?’ It’s the new gay.” 

Zucker and some of his fellow Hollywood Republicans — including Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Hopper — collaborated on the upcoming movie, “An American Carol” EW.com characterized the movie as “Hollywood’s first unabashedly right-wing comedy.” “