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Ahhh Some Good News ?

By Patrick Van Roy On April 9th, 2015 at 11:37 am

So tell me, is this article accurate? If it is, or if it isn’t lessons can be learned.  The question is will they be?

What Paul Krugman Got Wrong About Ireland’s Economy

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman once commented derisively on Ireland’s ongoing economic recovery: “It seems obvious to me that Ireland keeps being proclaimed a success because it’s supposed to be a success: they did the austerity thing forcefully, with a minimum of complaints, so there must be a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, right?”

The answer, according to recent data, is “Yes, there was a pot of gold—or at least broad prosperity—at the end of that rainbow.” Undoubtedly, the Celtic Tiger is making a roaring return.

Credit for the recovery goes to the very policy choices derided by Krugman—downsizing of a bloated public sector and efforts to reduce the fiscal deficit and public debt. As a result, Ireland has regained its fiscal health and become the first country to exit a European Union bailout. According to the latest economic data, Ireland has become Europe’s fastest-growing economy, attracting jobseekers from all around Europe.

In fact, as documented in The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, over the past two years the Celtic Tiger has reversed six years of decline in its economic freedom and reclaimed a place as one of the world’s 10 freest economies. With the economy buttressed by institutional strengths such as strong protection of property rights, efficient business regulations and competitive tax rates, the government’s fiscal restraint has been just what was needed to unleash faster growth.

Even the International Monetary Fund has joined in the praise, saying in a recent report that the Irish recovery remains strong and the economy is “starting to fire on all cylinders.” In an International Monetary Fund economic conference entitled “Ireland—Lessons from Its Recovery from the Bank-Sovereign Loop,” a member of the executive board of the European Central Bank remarked that “the Irish economy has been an outstanding success over the last years and months.” The official warned against complacency but lauded the flexibility that has become the key component in Ireland’s success and helped it cope with shocks.

Perhaps it is time for Krugman to reconsider his claim that “the repeated invocation of Ireland as a role model has gotten to be a sick joke.” It looks like the joke is on him.

they were ‘fallen’, but who defines that fall?

By Mike Cunningham On September 15th, 2014 at 1:49 pm

We read of Hurricane Odile, bearing down on the coast of Mexico’s Baja California, no doubt bringing huge seas, super-strong winds, and all the mayhem which accompanies these, the worst that Nature can throw at the puny efforts of Man; in the space of a few hours bringing the possibility of death and destruction into places where there is usually peaceful sunshine. I write of huge storms, because there is also a programme, to be aired on Wednesday evening on BBC2 which will have, or at least should have, the same effect, that of a tearing and turbulent storm of criticism and debate; on the complacent Catholic Church in the Irish Republic in the decades when they were the Invisible Irish Government, along with the inheritors of an real Irish Government which had, for decades, abdicated its moral responsibility over some of its citizens, and handed them over to a dominant, and domineering, Catholic hierarchy. I refer to the forthcoming TV documentary named Ireland’s Lost Babies, by Martin Sixsmith.

I base my post upon the article in the Sunday Times, (paywalled, so I cannot directly link to it), but the writing, based upon the story behind the successful ‘Philomena’ film, tells us just enough to whet the appetites which, for a long time now, have said that the Paedophile scandals of the Irish Catholic Church, hushed up and ignored for years, was just the beginning of a long expose of the criminal behaviour of many within the very body and soul of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Sixsmith writes of the thousands of babies, torn from the very arms of their mothers, themselves working in virtual slavery conditions to repay their ‘debts’ to the Church and to a negligent ‘Society’: and literally sold, for a ‘donation to the work of the Church’ in America, to ‘good Catholic families’ as adopted children. Because of the Catholic Church’s policy towards the babies’ mothers, which was consistently that they were all ‘fallen women’ because they had committed the mortal sin of having sex outside of marriage, and therefore having no moral character at all, their children were simply the ‘Spawn of Satan’, and should therefore be regarded as just a commodity to be traded. As in the previous exposures of over two hundred thousand British children, literally stolen from their families because the mothers had placed them temporarily in a Care Home run by a reputable Charity, or even a Council home, and exported to Australia, Canada and Rhodesia, where many were treated as little more than the cheapest of cheap labour, and others were treated much worse, not much thought was given to the people who were supposed to be caring for these children.

I have, in the past, written of other abominations committed under the veil of this ‘most Christian Church’, and I also wonder, in having the upbringing I did, with a strong Catholic tradition evident in my own life until I saw the tawdry truth and left the whole belief system behind; whether I was just lucky enough to be living in England, where the power of the Catholic Church had waned some hundreds of years in the past, and we only had the home-grown paedophiles and other criminals to worry about!

and not a single name on the gravesite!

By Mike Cunningham On June 5th, 2014 at 11:29 am


Article 42,   Para. 5

5. In exceptional cases, where the parents for physical or moral reasons fail in their duty towards their children, the State as guardian of the common good, by appropriate means shall endeavour to supply the place of the parents, but always with due regard for the natural and imprescriptible rights of the child.


Certainly looks as though they did a slap-up job of caring for these 796 small children, the remains of whom were uncovered after being dumped in a sewage tank,  by ever-so-caring Catholic nuns, and forgotten for decades!



By David Vance On April 2nd, 2013 at 9:36 am

If you think that Ireland is making progress as the poster child of EU imposed austerity, have a look at this!



By David Vance On February 28th, 2013 at 8:40 am

My goodness, the Irish have finally found a bigger oppressor than the British!

“Ireland’s trade union chief has accused the EU-IMF troika in charge of Irish austerity policies of tipping the economy into downward spiral and acting as an imperial oppressor. “The Troika has done more damage to Ireland than Britain ever did in 800 years,” said David Begg, head of the Irish Confederation of Trade Unions.

Mr Begg said the image of Ireland as the poster-child of EU recovery was a myth cultivated by EU creditors whose only interest is to recoup their money. “At least the IMF officials are willing to admit they have been wrong but the EU officials are total ideologues.” “It is like being in an awful World War One conflict where the generals have expended a million lives to gain one yard of ground, yet nothing will change their mind in face of all the evidence.” 

The trade unions say internal consumption has collapsed by 26pc, and investment has fallen to the lowest level in recorded Irish history. Under-employment has reached 23pc despite emigration to Canada, Australia, the US and Britain. “The austerity has to stop. People feel they are drowning,” he said.

There is some truth in what he says. Ireland is drowning in debt and the idea that it can somehow trade itself out of the chasm it fell into as a result of EU imposed austerity is indeed madness. But Ireland cannot have it every way either. If it wants to stay in the EU (And that is  universal truth in the Republic) then it shouldn’t complain when the price levied is so very high. The best thing the Republic could do is LEAVE the EU but it won’t and so whilst Mr Beggs makes some valid points in the final analysis you cannot have your EU cake and eat it.

All Hail the 25th Amendment!

By Mike Cunningham On November 14th, 2012 at 1:06 pm


I wonder how much guilt the various Irish politicians feel when they read of the death of a woman whom they condemned to death by a combination of inertia, superstition and ignorance?

I doubt very much if Enda Kenny feels anything more than a momentary annoyance at the stupidity of a woman who held the belief that she was in a country which would protect her against that same ignorance, superstition and inertia, but there again, she must have forgotten she was in a country which just doesn’t care!



By David Vance On October 19th, 2012 at 10:21 am

Excellent article here by Eddie Hobbs on the economic peril that Ireland has been placed by a political elite toadying up to the Eurocrats;

“Pay for hospital consultants, teachers and nurses is singled out as especially high by the IMF. Local Irish county managers are paid more than most European prime ministers. Brendan Howlin, the minister in charge of reforming the public sector, is himself a former teacher and trade union activist. The inner cabinet of the Irish government—which comprises the prime minister, the deputy PM, the minister for finance and the minister for public reform—brings the intellectual firepower of three secondary-school teachers and a trade unionist to bear on Ireland’s crisis. All support the public-sector cartel.

The Irish government points to a reduction in public-sector numbers due to a recruitment freeze—as if those who take early retirement are abducted by aliens to a planet beyond the galaxy, and not into Ireland’s Ponzi pension scheme, which quadrupled its liabilities to €120 billion over the past decade while losing most of its assets to the bank bailout.

So while Time magazine and others eulogize the plucky leader of the Irish people, the truth is that Enda Kenny leads a Vichy government—captive externally to creditors that still insist on loading bank debt onto the sovereign, and internally to a tribe of insiders led by union godfathers in a deal that protects the government’s own excessive pay and pensions while bankers lean over its shoulders to rewrite insolvency laws. This isn’t just crony capitalism. It’s crony democracy.

Hobbs is right. Ireland is a fiscal basket case and the fault lies not with the Irish people per se but rather the political elite who bend over to the Eure elite externally and their crony pals internally.


By David Vance On July 18th, 2012 at 7:35 am

Ah but sure doesn’t the world just love the Irish and the “craic” they bring with them everywhere. Take this story;

The mayor of Poznan is due to visit Ireland this week to express his gratitude to Ireland’s Euro 2012 fans who visited the city. Ryszard Grobelny will personally thank the fans who brought such great “craic” to the city.

Here’s an example of that “craic” that so impresses; It’s Poland.


By David Vance On June 11th, 2012 at 1:01 pm

Funny how the media don’t like to run with some stories, isn’t it? Thankfully The Newsletter spills the beans…

SENIOR unionists have slammed the sectarian behaviour of some Republic of Ireland football fans attending Euro 2012 in Poland. Danny Kennedy and Gregory Campbell were speaking after video footage appeared on the YouTube website showing supporters in the Republic’s colours singing “IRA” and “**** the Queen” on the streets of Krakow. Newry and Armagh UUP MLA Mr Kennedy said there is no place in sport for sectarianism but feels the latest incident has received little or no media attention — unlike the press onslaught faced by Northern Ireland fans following an incident in Dublin last year.

Just looking at BBC NI web site and yes...not a mention.  One rule for them I guess…oh, and here’s the video…

Their inner IRA supporting bigot? Lots of decent Irish people will be ashamed by the antics of these “ambassadors” for Ireland.


By David Vance On June 2nd, 2012 at 4:25 pm

Well, we know that Irish nationality now means saying yes to German domination and I found this a very perceptive article by an Irishman;

But now, scared into submission by a supine government, the Irish electorate has given up the fight.  Worn out by years of austerity and fear that we will end up like Greece, my countrymen have simply thrown in the towel.  The grave consequence of this is that we have squandered even more of our economic sovereignty to people who, after five tortuous years, have still not figured out a way of solving a catastrophe of their own making. Our best hope now, it seems to me, is for this appalling experiment to collapse beneath the weight of its own hubris. Only then will Irish politicians be forced to start thinking of truly innovative ways to rebuild our devastated economy. Only then will they finally realise that, however difficult that process of rebuilding may be, it is far better than condemning their people to endless economic servitude.

This is correct, Ireland will only move to do the right thing when it has no more wrong options. Even as the Eurozone teeters on the cliff edge, the Irish say YES because they have been scared into not saying NO. So..

 “Why are the Irish politicians, sunk in austerity and sinking further, and with even fewer signs of growth than Britain, still endorsing this fantasy?’  The simple answer is that they lack courage.

They know, for example, that our debts are unsustainable. They know that instead of rewarding German banks and bond holders, they should be punished for their bad investments. They know that instead of bailing out toxic banks, they should have been let fail. They know that no one in this country – and I mean absolutely no one – can afford more ‘austerity’, and yet they persist in saying that our future recovery depends on it. Why?  Because they don’t want to offend those who, in their wisdom, have driven Europe to the brink of ruin.”

Pity Ireland – Germany’s little poster boy for submission.