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By David Vance On March 13th, 2011 at 10:00 am

What a relief?

Iran has indicated it will attend the 2012 Olympics in London, despite complaining that the Games logo resembles the word “Zion”. Last month the Iranians complained to the International Olympic Comittee and called for the graphic to be replaced. They objected on the grounds that its resemblance to the word Zion – a Biblical term for Israel – was racist. But now the Iranian-backed Press TV has quoted an official as saying Iranians will “participate gloriously”.

Had the Olympic movement ANY backbone, it would not allow Iran to participate. No offence to the Iranian athletes but that wicked regime should be banned from participation in every form of sport.

Speaking Truth to Power

By ATWadmin On June 26th, 2009 at 6:24 pm

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs who credits Banafsheh for the photo.

 Update from Iowahawk:Update: am now told this is a Photoshop image; still, inspirational.”

 I agree.  

*****WARNING****  This photo is probably fake. 

Iranian Epiphany

By ATWadmin On June 23rd, 2009 at 3:28 pm

In English, Neda means “song” or”voice.”

photo from The Los Angeles Times

One More for Neda

By ATWadmin On June 23rd, 2009 at 1:11 am


To those who knew and loved Neda, she was far more than an icon. She was a daughter, sister and friend, a music and travel lover, a beautiful young woman in the prime of her life.

“She was a person full of joy,” said her music teacher and close friend Hamid Panahi, who was among the mourners at her family home on Sunday, awaiting word of her burial. “She was a beam of light. I’m so sorry. I was so hopeful for this woman.”

Neda, giving a voice to others in Iran, may she rest in peace.

All change? No change!

By ATWadmin On June 17th, 2009 at 12:01 pm

The wider world is getting its’ collective knickers in a big twist as the unrest in Iran continues to get big headlines on both the ‘Net, t.v. and newspapers. ‘what will the outcome be?’ is a commonly asked query, whilst attempting ‘not to be seen to be interfering’ with the ‘Internal Government’ of Iran.

Frankly, I reckon it’s all a huge waste of collective mental excess even to contemplate a change from the ‘status quo’ of internal Iranian politics. What most commentators seem to have forgotten is the very name of the nation, which of course is the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the first word ‘Islamic’ is the key to this whole unlovely organisation. Let’s have a look at the edifice constructed by the inheritors of the man described by Jimmy Carter’s U.N. Ambassador as ‘a saint’; namely Ayatollah Khomeini. The present holder of the title ‘Supreme Leader’ is an austere mullah named Ali Khamenei, a close friend and compatriot of Khomenei, the first Supreme leader. He appoints the heads of the Armed forces, the controlling headfs of the Militias so beloved of the ruling religious men that they are treated as being virtually above the law, the head of radio and TV and Friday prayer leaders; and of the Council of Guardians. Possibly the most impoortant of those appointments is the ‘Friday Prayer’ leaders, who preach in all the main mosques of this deeply religious nation.


The Council of Guardians supervises the elections, and also can decree who can and cannot stand in those elections, which would seem to contradict our old friend Prez. Ahmedinajad who claimed that Iranians were as free as possible to vote for whomsoever they wished. This same Council is composed solely of really hard-line conservative mullahs whose idea of a good time is spending an extra day on their knees at the mosque.


The Assembly of Experts is another branch of the same type of totally unelected mullahs whose sole job is to check on the suitability and viability of the Supreme Leader. Seeing as that same Supreme Leader has already been appointed for life, it sure looks like an easy life for the Experts.


When you contemplate the calibre of those standing against the incumbent President, I don’t really see what the difference is, except for the fact that some of the others wouldn’t be pushing the Nuclear Option so loudly in public, but do it quietly from an office! What the vast majority of the population seems to be calling for is relief from the hard-line religious element which has ruled Iran for thirty years, and whoever gets the vote, even after a re-count ain’t gonna change much more that the table cloths on the dining rooms! The young want music, jobs and internet access, the mullahs will give them austerity, the words of allah until it oozes out of their earholes, and defiance to the West, America, Israel and their enemies within Iran!

bombs? nah, just dummies for demonstrations!

By ATWadmin On February 10th, 2009 at 9:50 am

Lying half-snoozing in my bed this morning, listening idly to the usual biased outpourings from the BBC when incredibly I heard John Simpson, reporting from Teheran, state that not only was Iran a happy country, it was self-evident that the Iranian population had little or no interest in enmity with Israel. That is obviously his own belief, but I seem to recall times without number watching the Iranian mobs chanting ‘death to Israel’ and wonder if we; that is Mr. Simpson and myself are actually on the same universe, never mind planet!

He said that Iran was a great power in historical times, and wanted to be great again; but that the Iranians believed that the greatness stemmed from the posession of missiles, satellites and nuclear technology. No mention of the threats to actually use such weaponry against Israel, or indeed against the ‘Great Satan’ of America, whose new President has so winsomely offered an open hand if the opposing fist was unclenched! No mention of the sullen population forever restive under a repressive theocratic regime headed by a bunch of mysoginistic mullahs who preached hatred on so many levels that one loses count. No mention of the millions poured by the Iranian Revolutionary Council into the munitions, rockets and weaponry held by Hezbollah, or the Grad missiles held and fired by Hamas.

Equally silent was our Mr. Simpson on the dire straights of the Iranian economy, stagnating because of the lack of investment; or the lack of decent hospitals, schooling without the black hand of the Ayatollahs laid heavily across the curriculum, or equally the lack of skilled young people to take up employment opportunities when they do appear. Islamic studies and the Koran carry little weight when the need appears for engineers, or scientists, and an ability to memorise whole passages of some holy book don’t equip a youngster for life in a technological world. Ask any immigrant from Iran why they left, and almost without exception the reply is that there is opportunity and knowledge in the outside world which just cannot exist inside their own country.

I have watched John Simpson as he pontificated across large portions of this world, and I am convinced that he is equipped with rose-tinted contact lenses, so he can forever see things in his own happy-tinted world, whilst ignoring the realities just outside the blinds which actually reside within his mind. It must truly be wonderful to always know that you are right, and that unlike the rest of we mere mortals, you can never be wrong!



By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2009 at 8:01 pm

Obama has shown his sophistication by insisting that his shiny new administration will engage in dialogue with Iran without any pre-conditions. So, how has Iran reacted?

“This request means Western ideology has become passive, that capitalist thought and the system of domination have failed,” Gholam Hossein Elham was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency.”Negotiation is secondary, the main issue is that there is no way but for (the United States) to change,” he added.After nearly three decades of severed ties, Obama said shortly after taking office this month that he is willing to extend a diplomatic hand to Tehran if the Islamic republic is ready to “unclench its fist”.US President Barack Obama’s offer to talk to Iran shows that America’s policy of “domination” has failed, the government spokesman said on Saturday.”  

And that’s how it is with the Mullahs. Either YOU dominate them, or they will dominate you. They sense weakness in Obama and they will be encouraged by his remarks to continue down the path to nukes. Israel cannot accept this for obvious reasons and so sooner or later there is going to be a moment of truth for Obama – does he stand by Iran OR does he stand by Israel. Liberals believe there is choice – I believe there is no such choice. 


By ATWadmin On January 29th, 2009 at 8:08 pm

Some good straight-talking from Bibi.

“Binyamin Netanyahu, the front-runner to become the next Israeli Prime Minister, today warned that Iran’s “100-yard dash” to securing nuclear weapons is a graver danger to the world than the global economic crisis.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, before Israel’s election in 12 days, Mr Netanyahu claimed that Tehran was now close to securing an atomic bomb, and was in a “100-yard dash” to the finish line in the race to obtain the weapon.

Mr Netanyahu said that despite all its intractable problems, the financial and economic crisis would ultimately prove reversible and be beaten by governments and central banks.

But in an ominous alert to world leaders, he said: “What is not reversible is the acquisition of nuclear weapons by a fanatic radical regime committed to a pre-medieval view of the world.”

He’s right and all those writing lettets to the mad mullahs may think denial is a sustainable strategy but not one Israel under Bibi can accept.


By ATWadmin On January 29th, 2009 at 9:51 am

I see that Obama has composed a little love letter to Ahmadinejad

“Officials of Barack Obama‘s administration have drafted a letter to Iran from the president aimed at unfreezing US-Iranian relations and opening the way for face-to-face talks, the Guardian has learned.

The US state department has been working on drafts of the letter since Obama was elected on 4 November last year. It is in reply to a lengthy letter of congratulations sent by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on 6 November.

Diplomats said Obama’s letter would be a symbolic gesture to mark a change in tone from the hostile one adopted by the Bush administration, which portrayed Iran as part of an “axis of evil”. (Boo Hiss – we all know that Iran is a good and kind nation) It would be intended to allay the ­suspicions of Iran’s leaders and pave the way for Obama to engage them directly, a break with past policy.”

Yes- the letter should really do the trick. Why didn’t anyone in the Bush regime think of this cunning ploy I wonder? Oh well, now we have the Demo sophisticates in power we can be sure that more letters will be written and surely more problems solved.

Mind you, Ahmie has responded to an overture by The One by.. demanding an apology for past US “crimes” committed against Iran.

I wonder if a written apology will suffice?

God, grovelling to Iran and he’s only just been sworn in. Israel – look out.


By ATWadmin On January 14th, 2009 at 8:32 am

Obama has indicated that he saw diplomacy as one method to improve relations with Iran. I agree. The difference is my idea of diplomacy, like fellow ATW commentator Troll, involves reducing Iranian nuclear capabilities to glowing ash. Simple as that.

However, to those who think Iran is a rational target for normal diplomatic entreaties, I wonder what you make of cheerful government approved Iranians burning images of The One in a display of that reflective reason we naturally associate with the Mullahocracy.

Iranian demonstrators burned photographs of Barack Obama today as they protested against America’s inaction over Gaza. Dozens of people gathered in Tehran waving Palestinian flags and defacing and setting fire to images of the President-elect. Iranian demonstrators have often burned effigies or pictures of US presidents in the past but this appeared to be the first time Mr Obama’s picture had been defaced, a week before his inauguration as president.

My God – they DARED deface an image of The One!! Isn’t that a  hate crime? I think they should be punished. Send in the planes!