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By ATWadmin On January 8th, 2009 at 9:30 am

It’s all just a big Middle Eastern chess game. Iranian-backed Hamas fire rockets into Israel at every opportunity. Israel responds by trying to defang Hamas and the much vaunted “International Community” acts ever so outraged. Now, Iranian-backed Hezbollah fires rockets into Israel and the world looks confused.Maybe it wasn’t Hezbollah, maybe just a group of roving Palestian refugees who have access to rockets, argue some. (What,and all under the noses of the UN in that region, surely not?) 

Iran is playing games, attacking Israel via its various regional pawns, whilst all the time, back home, it works feverishly to ensure it has nukes. It has plainly stated WHY it needs nukes and the world looks away from that. Too horrific to contemplate so best ignore it.

Let’e face it. Israel is going to have to deal with Iran, sooner rather than later. It is Iran that is the source of so much instability in this region, it is Iran that funds the other terrorist channels, and it is Iran that the “International Community” seems unwilling or unable of dealing with. I believe it will allow Iran to get nukes, and it will then turn around and demand that Israel “compromises”.  As Troll said the other day, we must accept that Israel has to act now before it is too late. Bomb Iran.

Reflections At Sunset

By ATWadmin On December 29th, 2008 at 5:10 am

The sun is setting rapidly on  Anno Domini Nostri Iesu Jesu Christi  2008 and upon reflection, 2008 has been a most unusual year.  I stood on the cliffs tonight looking at a spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and I reflected on some of the past year’s political events:

1) In 2008, the US and Allies won the Iraq War.  The  Surge was originally opposed by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress when first announced by President Bush in January 2007.  In  March 2008, General Petraeus announced that the situation on the ground was still “tenuous” and “reversible” although The Surge had created a “degree of hope.”  It’s now December 2008 and  the civil war in Iraq has  ended, and the Iraqi Army, and the Iraqi National Police grow stronger and more effective every day.  Victory in Iraq!  Underreported, perhaps, but still wonderful.

2)  Winter 2007’s cooling trend continues unabated. Even Los Angeles has reported unusual amounts of snow in local mountains, and chilly temperatures on the coast. Much of Canada and the United States is now engulfed in snow. Last week, thanks to an unexpectedly virulent ice storm more than 1 million homes and businesses in NY and New England were without power.The French ski resort of Val d’Isere is reporting “the best snow conditions in a generation”  and the Alpine snowfall this winter  “looks set to beat all records by New Year’s Day.”  The net rise in global temperatures over the last few decades has been erased with the sharp global drop in temperature and no amount of obfuscation, excuse making or outright lying can hide the fact that Mother Earth is not warming. Ice caps are not melting; polar bears are not drowning.Winter 2008 is shaping up to be the final nail in the coffin for the global hoax known as Anthropomorphic Global Warming. For the moment, at least, Chicken Littles among us can rest assured that the sky is not going to fall…at least not from Anthropomorphic Global Warming. 

3) The Mainstream Media continues to selectively choose facts and frame stories around Leftwing political agendas, while continuing its downward trend in both  subscribers and advertisers. In April 2008, The New York Times dropped 3.85% to 1,077,256 daily subscibers and Sunday circulation plummeted 9.2% over six months.  Meanwhile, on Christmas Day, Britain’s Channel 4 provided Iran’s Ahmadinejad a valuable opportunity to spread  anti-Western propoganda while the story of the Iranian group-hanging of 9 over Christmas goes largely underreported.  The MSM continues to cling to a failing business model, unwilling, or unable, to break through the anti-West /PC bubble within which they operate.  


By ATWadmin On November 28th, 2008 at 8:06 am

It always amuses me when I hear liberals talk about Iran representing a force for stability in the Middle-East. Get this.

“Iran has angrily dissociated itself from Arab and Islamic attempts to publicise a ground-breaking initiative offering to make peace with and recognise Israel.

Officials in Tehran are furious that the Iranian flag appeared on a full-page advert, published in The Guardian (Naturally, DV) and other newspapers in the Arab world and beyond, promoting the Saudi-brokered initiative, unveiled in 2002 and re-launched at the Riyadh Arab summit last year.

The plan calls for members of the Arab League to recognise Israel if Israel withdraws to its 1967 borders and agrees a just solution of the Palestinian issue and a comprehensive peace. It has also been endorsed by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, of which Iran, along with other Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, is a member.

But the Iranian Embassy in London protests in a letter to be published in tomorrow’s Guardian that the Islamic Republic objects “to any move taken by some Arab countries to push the recognition of the occupying Zionist regime in any manner, including in Islamic conferences”. It describes Israel as “the illegitimate and fabricated regime” and condemns the “abuse” of the Iranian flag. Remarks by Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, about Israel and the Holocaust and the suspicion that Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons — which it strongly denies — have attracted widespread international controversy.

Promotion of the Arab peace initiative has also hit a snag with the refusal of some Arab newspapers to publish the advertisement because it includes an image of Israel’s Star of David flag, underlining just how difficult it will be to promote normalisation with Israel while the Palestinian issue is not resolved.

The fact of the matter is that Arab nations are not looking for peace with Israel but they are quite prepared to take pieces of Israel, deal by deal. And this so-called Saudi initiative (Remember, the Saudis are our dear friends!) – which I believe Obama backs –  is just one more monumental fraud.


By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2008 at 9:46 pm

Item One on the agenda of the incoming US President.

Iran prepares to bomb Israel.

What are you going to do, President Obama?

What are you going to do, President McCain?

Obama has said he would talk to the Mullahs, unconditionally. Is it possible that they scent an appeaser and that they are testing the water? Why should Israel await the inevitable Iranian attack?

We live in dangerous times….


By ATWadmin On October 17th, 2008 at 8:12 pm

Is this supposed to make the Mad Mullahs seem wacky?

“Maybe it looked too delicious to resist or perhaps the hours of waiting had simply provoked the appetites of spectators beyond control. Whatever the reason, Iran’s eccentric bid to set a world record for making the biggest-ever ostrich sandwich appeared to end in failure today after the evidence was eaten by the hungry watching crowds. Organisers were trying to enter the Guinness Book of World Records by producing a 1,500 metre-long sandwich containing 1,000kg of ostrich meat. More than 1,000 cooks laboured from early morning in Tehran’s Mellat park to assemble the monster sandwich. But as soon as their task was completed, popular enthusiasm overwhelmed the need for attention to detail as crowds began devouring the snack before its measurements could be verified.”


Where are the animal rights brigade??? Did those Ostriches have to die for a failed World Record? I suppose making ostrich sandwiches is a distraction from hanging homosexuals…


By ATWadmin On September 18th, 2008 at 6:47 am

Pleased to see that Sarah Palin will join a rally outside the UN in New York to protest against Iran.“Governor Palin believes that the danger of a nuclear Iran is greater than party or politics,” said the spokeswoman, Tracey Schmitt. “She hopes that all parties can rally together in opposition to this grave threat.” Quite right too. I see that Hillary Clinton has pulled out of a planned attendance of the same event. Why? Should we ALL be worried about Iran and shouldn’t ALL our political leaders show solidarity in the face of the atomic ambitions of the  mad mullahs? 


By ATWadmin On September 15th, 2008 at 6:13 pm

Did you read that the International Atomic Energy Agency has declared ( presumably with a  straight face?) that it has
not resolved questions about a possible military dimension to Iran’s
nuclear programme. In its latest report, the UN nuclear watchdog said it had failed to
make meaningful progress
in assessing Iran’s past nuclear activities. Iran was also continuing to enrich uranium in defiance of a UN Security Council resolution, it said.

This all begs the question – so whatcha gonna do about it then? We know the UN  IAEA response – more meaningless dialogue. Sooner, rather than later, Israel WILL act to resolve this one. At that point, having done nothing to resolve the threat, the IAEA and the UN will spring into action and attack Israel. The UN is institutionally dysfunctional and the IAEA is just one small area of this monolith of inactivity. The Mullahs must be laughing all the way to doomsday…

Iran Takes Its Jew-Hatred Into A New Arena

By ATWadmin On September 13th, 2008 at 8:09 pm

A Paralympics wheelchair basketball arena, actually. Yes, those wacky fundies decided not to turn up for their match against the US this morning when they realised that if they lost, as they were almost certainly going to do, they would next have been up against…you guessed it, the Evil Zionist Entity. So 12,000 people (wheelchair basketball it seems being hugely popular at the Paralympics) sat around for nothing until the Iranians belatedly sent in an excuse which wittered vaguely about ‘scheduling’ problems without even offering what might have been a plausible if thin reason to do with, for example, prayer.

Ade Adepitan, former GB medal winner in the event ,was interviewed shortly afterwards and called the text ridiculous, quipping that it was ‘right up there with my rabbit Thumper ate my homework’. His touching naivete on what the real reason might be was possibly more amusing even than that rather choice line…though credit to them, for once the Beeb were up front enough to at least mention in voiceover with classic understatement that ‘it might be because Iran doesn’t recognise the state of Israel’.

The Iranian government cannot, it seems, contain its racism even in the sporting arena.


By ATWadmin On September 5th, 2008 at 1:16 pm

It would be wrong to suggest that Obama is not without support. In Iran, for example.

” Sen. John McCain is “absent-minded” and “terrible” and his running mate, Gov.
Sarah Palin, doesn’t have any appropriate experience. Sen. Obama
by contrast, is “highly educated” and “eloquent”  (Erm, well, you know, erm. I’m not so sure about that but anyway…) and would serve the world much
better and improve America’s overall situation. And Sen. Joe Biden is a “very respectable” man with a “good reputation.” All this according to an interview broadcast this week on Iranian state-run
media. “[McCain] doesn’t know anything, poor thing. He is terrible. Let me tell you,
he’s awful,” stated Mohammad-Ali Fardanesh, a political science professor at
Shahid Behshti University, which is an Iranian state-funded school.

I’m guessing that Iranian TV does not broadcast what the Mullans disaprove of so I figure that the Mullahs do not want to see McCain and Palin in power but for some odd reason they look forward to Obama and Biden getting into the White House. Wonder what it could be? Maybe they too intend to bring about some change…..???

Is Iran Worried?

By ATWadmin On August 11th, 2008 at 10:48 pm

We aren’t the only ones speculating on possible repercussions the Russian/Georgian war may have on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Meir Javedanfar has written an article today highlighting the Iranian’s concerns on how this war might affect their close relationship with Russia and their nuclear program.

Tehran sees Georgia as an important part of U.S. plans to increase its influence in the region — and fears that such a plan may affect them directly.

These concerns were reflected in an article published in Tabnak, owned by former Revolutionary Guards commander Mohsen Rezai. In an interview with Dr. Mehdi Senai, a politics lecturer at Tehran University, Senai said that Tehran’s nuclear program, and the international approach to resolve the dispute surrounding it, may become part of a wider agreement between the U.S. and Russia after the end of the conflict. What worries him is that “Russia’s capacity to confront the U.S. is limited.”

Iran is concerned that if Russia comes out looking bad in this conflict, it could have two negative repercussions for Tehran.

One is that Iran will lose the influence and support of one of its important allies in the 5+1 group of nations. This influence is very important for Tehran, as Russia recently broke ranks with other members of the group by stating that Iran should be given more time to respond to the recent incentives proposal.

The other worst-case scenario for Tehran is that a weakened Russia, seeking a deal over Georgia, could give the U.S. the green light to launch a military operation against Iran’s nuclear facilities. “In the dealings between international powers [i.e., Russia and the U.S.], Iran has to be very careful,” warns Dr. Senai.