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By ATWadmin On December 5th, 2007 at 6:42 am

Wonder what you make of the news that trials are under way to test whether early abortions could be carried out safely in doctor’s surgeries in England. The Department of Health (DoH) said the trials at two undisclosed locations were evaluating the "safety and effectiveness" of such services. The pilot is for drug-induced abortions up to the ninth week of pregnancy. Currently, abortions can be carried out only at NHS hospitals or certain clinics with two doctors’ approval. Seems like the government is seeking to widen the point of access for abortions but is this a good or a bad thing? From my perspective, this is a moral wrong and evidence that Labour is anti-Labour.

Making It Up As They Go Along

By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2007 at 8:56 am

Does anyone still doubt that the British state is at war with men and fatherhood?

23 November 2007

A woman who became pregnant after a one-night stand yesterday won the right to keep the existence of her baby a secret from its father. In a landmark decision, three Appeal Court judges agreed that the 20-year-old single mother has "the ultimate veto" over whom should be told about the child, who is being put up for adoption ….. And Lady Justice Arden said this was not a violation of the father’s rights to family life under the Human Rights Act because he had no rights to be violated.

3 December 2007

A sperm donor who helped a lesbian couple have two children is now being forced to pay thousands of pounds for their upbringing, he said. Andy Bathie, 37, agreed to assist Sharon and Terri Arnold – who were united in a religious blessing ceremony – after they assured him he would have no involvement in raising the boy and girl. But after the couple split up he was tracked down by the Child Support Agency and forced to make regular maintenance payments. Mr Bathie, a fireman from Enfield, north London, said the financial burden was preventing him from starting his own family. These women wanted to be parents and take on all the responsibilities that brings. I would never have agreed to this unless they had been living as a committed family. And now I can’t afford to have children with my own wife – it’s crippling me financially, he said.

Big Mouth Strikes Again!

By ATWadmin On November 29th, 2007 at 3:35 pm

"The gates are flooded and anybody can have access to England and join in"

When Northern, vegetarian , ‘socially aware’ Left Wingers have had enough, you know things are bad.

The outspoken former Smiths singer Morrissey has found himself at the centre of a row after alleged comments about immigration and its impact on British identity in a magazine interview. The star, who has enjoyed a highly successful solo career since the band’s split, reportedly told the music magazine NME that Britain had suffered an "immigration explosion", adding: "England is a memory now".

I won’t pretend to be an expert on The Smiths or Morrissey himself – my preference is for something less dreary and appealing to students. However he has always struck me as very English and, as I’ve said in ATW in the past, even socialists can be patriots. Old Labour, long supplanted by the Stalinists of the modern Labour Party, was as patriotic as political movement and very socially conservative.

But Morrissey is also a man who has written damningly about the Royal Family, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and George Bush. He was questioned  by the police for his song Margaret on the Guillotine and, in 2004, openly supported John Kerry in the Presidential election. He has a long-standing involvment with the fifth columnists at Amnesty and signed the Unite Against Fascism declaration.

This is not the voice of the Daily Mail calling.

His Left Wing credentials stand up to scrutiny then and give his remarks a particular sharpness. So when even the likes of Morrissey have had enough it means we’ve all had enough of immigration, the game’s up and casual slurs on the character of decent, patriotic protestors are meaningless. The question is, is Morrissey right and ‘England a memory now’, or is there still time to save something of the old girl?

race through london

By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2007 at 9:13 pm

The team at Top Gear tries to determine which is the best form of transport during rush hour in London. They race each other through the capital using public transport (a mix of bus, tube and DLR), a car (with satnav, the police and the CC to contend with), a bike (rather him than me) and a boat. Brilliantly edited, a nice snapshot of life in the capital, topical and full of humour. Really good fun. In 3 short parts. I won’t tell you the result

part 2
part 3


By ATWadmin On November 23rd, 2007 at 10:07 pm

Has the father of a child got the right to know that he has a child?

It seems not.

A  woman who became pregnant after a one-night stand has been given the right to keep the birth a secret from the father. The Court of Appeal ruling came after a county court ordered the 20-year-old to tell both her parents and the father. The three appeal judges agreed "the ultimate veto" over who is told about the birth lay with the mother. Fathers’ groups said the ruling treated the child as the property of the mother "to be disposed of as she sees fit".

Fathers 4 Justice barrister Michael Cox said: "This father is the victim of a wicked deceit in which the State has been complicit. "It is now clear that the Government believes children have no entitlement to a relationship with their fathers and that children are the property of their mothers and of the State."


By ATWadmin On November 23rd, 2007 at 9:37 pm

What do you make then of this then?

Had Toni Vernelli gone ahead with her pregnancy ten years ago, she would know at first hand what it is like to cradle her own baby, to have a pair of innocent eyes gazing up at her with unconditional love, to feel a little hand slipping into hers – and a voice calling her Mummy. But the very thought makes her shudder with horror. Because when Toni terminated her pregnancy, she did so in the firm belief she was helping to save the planet.

I know what you’re thinking – she’s a moonbat. Of course she is – but she’s not alone… 

When Sarah Irving, 31, was a teenager she sat down and wrote a wish-list for the future.

Most young girls dream of marriage and babies. But Sarah dreamed of helping the environment – and as she agonised over the perils of climate change, the loss of animal species and destruction of wilderness, she came to the extraordinary decision never to have a child. "I realised then that a baby would pollute the planet – and that never having a child was the most environmentally friendly thing I could do."

I think this is Darwinism in action. People THIS stupid should not have children – under any circumstances.


By ATWadmin On November 19th, 2007 at 8:49 am

Once again, it takes the Roman Catholic Church to show moral leadership in the UK and this time round it is in response to plans to make it easier for lesbian couples to use IVF to become parents.

In a Times letter, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor said the plans were "profoundly wrong" and undermined "the place of the father in a child’s life".

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor wrote:

"The bill proposes to remove the need for IVF providers to take into account the child’s need for a father when considering an IVF application, and to confer legal parenthood on people who have no biological relationship to a child born as a result of IVF. "This radically undermines the place of the father in a child’s life, and makes the natural rights of the child subordinate to the desires of the couple. It is profoundly wrong"

Quite right. Where is the pusillanimous Church of England n this topic? Why is it so mute? 

The Cardinal has called on the government to allow Labour members to have a free vote on this when it comes to be legislated for. I fear he will not see this happen. The government is determined to advance the militant gay agenda at all costs.


By ATWadmin On November 19th, 2007 at 8:41 am

QUEEN60.jpgI note that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are set to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with a service at London’s Westminster Abbey. Whatever you think about our Royal Family I think one has to congratulate Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh for basically clocking up 60 years together. I think that is a great achievement, and I speak as a mere novice about to register my 20th anniversary! It is always good when a married couple can stay together and in that respect the Queen and Duke set a good example. It is a shame that their offspring have proven less stable in their married lives but I suppose it only goes to show that Royalty are just as flawed as we commoners. So, a very happy anniversary to the Royal couple on their 60th and here’s to many years to come.


By ATWadmin On November 14th, 2007 at 8:06 am

What do you think of this story? Councillors in London are embroiled in a growing row over whether to ban the distribution of free food on public land, which could signal the end of soup runs for the capital’s homeless. The idea – contained in the London Local Authorities Bill to be presented to Parliament in a fortnight – has been put forward by Westminster City Council, which claims the much-needed charitable services cause "public order issues".

London Mayor the vile Ken Livingstone has spoken out against this idea. He believes that free soup is a vital aspect of caring for the homeless. I can understand that point of view of course but I have no time for the idea expressed by one of the homeless that..

"It will make the crime rate worse to take this away.People will have nothing, so what will they to do? They’ll nick stuff from Sainsbury’s instead"

So, unless they get free food, they will steal? Not a great incentive to keep giving, more of a threat I would say. 

In my heart I think that Christian charity in the form of giving free food to those who hunger is a good thing  but on the other hand, is it just encouraging some people to stay in degradation?


By ATWadmin On November 13th, 2007 at 8:30 am

Looking at a couple of searches for the below post this morning, I spotted this little gem from last June, from the BBC’s Newsround site. For the uninitiated foreign reader, this is the BBC’s flagship ‘Children’s News’ program.

Q and A: Trouble In Gaza

At this point Hamas were throwing captured Fatah members off rooftops and shooting entire families of Fatah officials in the fine tradition started during the Spanish Civil War. I know its For The Kids, but ‘trouble’? Yikes.

The Gaza Strip is seeing some of the worst fighting between two groups. Here’s a guide to what’s going on.

Intellectual Capacity set to Minimal, Captain!

Who is fighting?

Fatah is a group which has been in power of Gaza since the 1960s.

Hamas is a newer group who entered the political scene in January 2005.

In Power of Gaza’?!? Oh, sorry, my bad. I thought this was written FOR twelve year olds, not by them. Though thinking about it, my daughter would have spotted that one at about six. Ah well. 

Further note to Al-Beeb. Hamas didn’t ‘enter the political scene in 2005’. It was founded in 1987 and has been a terrorist organisation since the moment of its creation, with a Charter which explicitly calls for the utter destruction of Israel. For The Kids or not, ‘newer group’ really just doesnt come close to covering it. 

Why are they fighting?

Both groups have different opinions about getting on with Israel which is next to the Gaza Strip.

Erm, really? Let’s just examine that idea for a moment, shall we? Technically this is correct of course – Hamas wants Israel totally destroyed as soon as possible, whereas Fatah will settle for it giving away most of Jerusalem (including the Holy sites, those of which already under Palestinian control are being destroyed as I type) despite the fact that it isnt mentioned anywhere in the Koran as a holy city, pulling out of the West Bank and back to its previously near-suicidal 1967 borders, accepting millions of hostile Arabs via the Right of Return…oh, and unless they have 100% of all their demands met they will pull out just like Arafat did in Oslo.

People in charge of safety in Gaza, the Palestinian Authority, support Fatah.

‘In charge of safety’?!? On what planet are PA paramilitaries, who parade through the city streets with ‘Death to Israel’ banners, discharging AK47s into the air and handing them off to preteen children to have a go, anything to do with ‘safety’?

They are arguing over power with armed Hamas supporters.

Yeah, its just an ‘argument’. Dozens of deaths every day, families being executed, people thrown off rooftops…just a playground scuffle really.

I could go on, but I’ve got to go and mark an essay the daughter is upstairs writing in a few minutes. Fortunately for her she has only rarely been subjected to Newsround and thus is able to distinguish between the sugar-coated sweetie version of current events and actual reality. She wrote a couple of excellent pieces on Wingate and the Chindits in honour of Rememberance Sunday – the ‘Forgotten Army’ seemed a good subject for weekend homework to me. Personally I suspect that if you said the word ‘Chindit’ to whichever moronic BBC Staffer wrote the above he would think you were making a racist remark of some kind.

Even down at the level of Children’s output, the BBC has sunk so low that IMHO it is beyond any form of redemption. It’s well past time to scrap the Licence Fee and sack the lot I’d say. What do you think?