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abide with me, mate!

By ATWadmin On November 11th, 2007 at 2:09 pm

In Flanders’ fields
As a rule, I neither participate in, nor subscribe to, ‘public’ acts of remembrance; either of the military dead of two world wars, or of the millions who died before, during and after those cataclysmic events. I do not judge those who do take part, only that I reserve to myself when I mourn, and for whom I mourn.

So this morning I was pushing the wheelchair in which my wife was seated through the lower levels of a local shopping mall, which of course was buzzing with people ready to buy their choice, but were unable to pay because of our silly and totally bureaucratic Sunday trading laws. As 11.00 a.m. approached an unctuous broadcast voice asked all shoppers to join with the staff in observation of the two-minutes silence. As I had no intention of joining in, I continued wheeling my wife along, until peremptorily stopped by a ‘Security guard’ who whispered in outraged tones that I should "Stop and join the silence!"

My reply was that my own father had served in the British Army from the day after war was declared until late 1945, and my own uncle had died in a field outside Caen the morning after D-Day, and that they had fought and died so that I had the freedom to turn around and say "Bollocks" to any jumped-up whipper-snapper who thought he could tell me, a free-born Englishman, what he should and shouldn’t do! My language was perhaps couched slightly differently when I spoke, but I do not, in general, encourage the repetition of obscenities in the written word!

I would only add that as I walked on, a man with hair the same silver as my own was nodding vigorously in approval at my own tribute to my own ‘Fallen’!

Every November which comes around, our own Elizabeth 2nd stands before the Cenotaph, bows her head and stands in silence, and I applaud her one hundred percent. But the sight of all the pusillanimous politicians who follow her lead in laying poppy wreaths just brings bile to my throat, as the very sight of all these chancers who wear their poppies whilst downgrading and stripping our Armed forces of the very cash which allows them to plan and equip the frontline correctly makes me want to puke!

Many might term me a misanthrope, but my own view of such public activity, carefully co-ordinated to give as much publicity to the catamites and fools who, with very few honourable exceptions,  fill the front row of the ‘political great and good’ is that I’d rather watch some paint dry!

Bah! Humbug! 


By ATWadmin On November 9th, 2007 at 6:54 pm

I found this an inspirational story. It concerns a Wiltshire woman who has celebrated her 100th birthday with a telegram from the queen and by going in to work at her family-run garden centre.

Phyllis Self from Lacock still works six days a week as Company Secretary and Personnel Director of Whitehall Garden Centre in Lacock. The horticultural business was opened when she was already 64. Her prescription for longevity is simple: "Take an interest in people and just love everybody," she said. Interestingly, the Managing Director of the company is Phyllis’s 70-year-old son Christopher and his own sons, Peter, 43, and Mark, 39, also work at the garden centre.

THIS is a wonderful example of the work ethic that once made Britain great and which welfare culture has seriously undermined. What a great lady, 100 years and still off to work.  I’m surprised the government doesn’t have her banned from work!


By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2007 at 8:49 am

Poppy_Appeal_Logo_Web.jpgAs we approach Remembrance Sunday, it is disturbing to read that the London Fire Brigade has been forced to apologise after issuing invitations to its Remembrance Day service featuring the anti-war white poppy.

The brigade had been accused of "political correctness" for using the white emblem instead of the traditional red poppy of the Royal British Legion. But the organisation said a blunder by its design team was to blame and denied staff with Left-wing sympathies had attempted to hijack the event. Fire commissioner Ron Dobson is known to be furious at the mistake. About 100 invitations were sent to VIPs.

Quite so. It was no "accident" that the anti-war poppies were used. The concept of the "anti-war" Poppy is a figment of the leftist mindset. Those of us who wear red poppies do so because we respect the sacrifice made over the generations by those who fought and died to preserve our freedom and liberty. It should not be a right/left issue but I fear there is a section on the hard left who rather wish that we had lost some of the wars in which we triumphed. The Red Poppy is a wonderful visible sign of respect – and I wear mine with pride. 


By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2007 at 12:58 pm

Here is a list of those towns in the UK making the most incapacity benefit payouts.

TOP 10 INCAPACITY BENEFIT BLACKSPOTS (percentage of working age people claiming)

1. Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan 11.32%

2. Easington, County Durham 11.22%

3. Blaneau Gwent, Monmouthshire 10.63%

4. Rhonnda Cynon Taff, Glamorgan 9.26%

5. Neath, Port Talbot 9.24%

6. Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan 9.05%

7. Carmarthernshire, South Wales 7.63%

8. Bridgend, Glamorgan 7.62%

9. Sedgefield, County Durham 7.43%

10. Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria 7.31%

Wales clearly leads the way when it comes to paying out for those "on-the-sick" A host of medical reasons are cited by the 2.4 million claimants, including "invisible" illnesses such as depression, alcoholism, stress and eating disorders. More than HALF have been off work more than five years—a 20 per cent rise since 2002. Claimants are also getting younger, with a 75 PER CENT rise in the under-25s.

Our society is, literally sick as the cancer of State driven Welfarism eats away at our once proud to work ethic, now it’s proud to scrounge.


By ATWadmin On November 4th, 2007 at 12:18 pm

I see that Naomi Campbell, the supermodel turned Latin American economic specialist, has declared her “amazement” at the “love and encouragement” that Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez has poured into welfare programmes. Campbell’s tour was reminiscent of a visit with Kate Moss several years ago to President Fidel Castro of Cuba, when she angered his opponents by declaring him “a source of inspiration to the world”. Castro said the meeting had been “very spiritual”. Some of these supermodels are super stupid,

However there are sensible voices as well!

"Just being there with Chavez says that [Campbell] agrees with what is going on,” declared Maria Conchita Alonso, a former Miss Venezuela and antiChavez activist. “Do they know that last week they had a huge march of hundreds of thousands of people against the changes Chavez wants to make to the constitution?”

The answer is no, I bet Naomi hasn’t heard of any such demonstrations. She is just one more empty head on the cat-walk. How long before she jets into Iran?


By ATWadmin On October 30th, 2007 at 10:16 am

union%20flag.jpgAren’t the Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish football associations pathetic?

The British Olympic Association (BOA) is pressing ahead with plans to enter British men’s and women’s football teams at the 2012 Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has written to the BOA confirming that the host qualifying rule will apply to all team sports in London. "We will field a team," BOA chief Simon Clegg told BBC One’s Inside Sport. "And the comfort and commitment that we’ve now got from the IOC just reinforces that aspiration."

HOWEVER, The BOA’s confident stance comes despite opposition from the Scottish (SFA), Welsh (FAW) and Northern Ireland Football Associations. These footballing minnows reckon that involvement with a British Olympic team could threaten their separate status with the European and world football governing bodies, despite Fifa’s assurances to the contrary. Gordon Smith, chief executive of the SFA, reiterated his organisation’s opposition to a British team. Aren’t they just a little bit sad, just a tad pathetic?


By ATWadmin On October 29th, 2007 at 1:21 pm

Wonder what you make of the news in the Daily Express that eight deaths have been linked to the cervical cancer jab which will be given to every 12-year-old girl in Britain under Government plans announced last week? Doctors suspect the jab, which protects against a sexually transmitted human papilloma virus that causes the cancer, may be implicated in 3,461 adverse reactions, including paralysis and seizures. Last week Health Secretary Alan Johnson revealed plans to vaccinate all girls aged between 12 and 13 to cut Britain’s death rate from the disease. He said: “Prevention is better than cure and this vaccine will prevent many women from catching the virus in the first place. This is a tough issue. Any parents would wish to endure that their daughter does not get cervical cancer. I’m unsure as to the motivations of Government here however. 


By ATWadmin On October 28th, 2007 at 6:32 pm

I was reading about the case of a man wrongly accused of being an illegal immigrant who claims he may have been singled out just for being black, an Equality Commission spokeswoman has said.

Frank Kakopa has been paid £7,500 after the Immigration Service wrongly held him in prison for two days.  Mr Kakopa, originally from Zimbabwe, was on a short break with his wife and young children in 2005, when he was stopped at Belfast City Airport.  He had proof he lived in England but was still strip-searched and jailed. His work manager had also confirmed both his legal residency and employment position. Eileen Lavery from the Equality Commission said she had concerns over why Mr Kakopa was singled out and held in Maghaberry Prison near Lisburn, as he had "an enormous amount of documentation". "Why pick on him? Other than I think because he is black," she said.

Well, I am sure Immigration Services can think of many reasons why it is important to thoroughly investigate former Zimbabweans and whilst I accept that they clearly messed up on this one the gentleman HAS been generously compensated. I would also point out to Ms Laverty from the perverse "Equality Commission" that Mr Kakopa is lucky it was not Zimbabwean security that he was dealing with or the outcome may have been ather less munificent.

Furthermore, I am sick to the back teeth of the race-hustlers in the "Equality industry" here who pounce the very second that they can see a case to advance their own self-hating agenda. I dare say Immigration Services make errors from time to time but when did you ever see a headline "Jailed for being White?" It strikes me that these race-hustlers want to create the idea that we are all institutionally racist and hence justify there own wretched positions. Personally, I would scrap the Equality Commission overnight, it is a parasitic infection.


By ATWadmin On October 28th, 2007 at 10:48 am

Well, I suppose it is logical and inevitable. I see in The Observer that Conservative Leader David Cameron is to throw his weight behind the most radical shake-up of Parliament in more than a century by endorsing a plan to strip Scottish MPs of the right to vote on English matters at Westminster.

In a dramatic response to the growing English backlash against what the Tories perceive as unbalanced funding for Scotland, the Conservative leader will endorse a new report that would lead to Gordon Brown being banned from voting on legislation relating to English schools and hospitals.

Labour last night condemned the plan. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? Let’s remember that  Labour seeks to sustain its own support in Scotland and Wales at the expense of the English taxpayer. Meanwhile there is the glaring disparity where Scottish MPS vote on matters purely affecting England whereas English MP’s cannot vote on matters reserved for Scotland and it needs resolved.

I would also point out that if you follow this matter through, establishing Grand Committee’s for each home nation at Westminster, each of which would have power to deal with matters affecting their own jurisdiction, would do away with the need for devolution. Heaven forbid?


By ATWadmin On October 26th, 2007 at 12:40 pm

So, who would have guessed it? Yes, I am married to a neanderthal. Now, before my wife reaches for the bread-knife, I have to qualify this. According to this article over on National Geographic, some Neandertals may have had red hair and pale skin, just as some modern humans do, according to a new genetic study.  The traits were likely more common in European Neanderthals just as they are often seen in modern humans of European descent.

Well now, as I have said previously, I have a penchant for female red-heads! My wife is a red-head, my favourite singer was a red-head (Kirsty MacColl) and I also like Belinda Carisle (Red-head). Must be the inner cave-man in me?