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Must We Always Identify Ourselves?

By ATWadmin On October 25th, 2007 at 9:25 pm

TO THE POST OFFICE this morning get some ready cash ahead a little trip this weekend: £150-worth of Euros and the same for Polish Sputniks. I was handing over cash in exchange for the funny money, so the girl behind the counter wanted to see some form of ID. I’ll save you the 5 minutes of fun we had discussing why I must do so, suffice to say it ended with:

Me: So you absolutely cannot and will not exchange the money without any ID from me?

Her: That’s right

Me: … erm … alright, here you go.

Since then I have been pondering the simple question: since when does my desire to have a couple of hundred quid in foreign currency become state business?


By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 5:47 am

So what do you make of the news that the Prison Service has converted two jails so that they hold only foreign national prisoners? It appears that Bullwood Hall, Essex, and Canterbury Prison, Kent, have been taking foreign offenders since the 2006 crisis over prisoners who had not been deported. The bit that stunned me was when Chief Inspector of Prisons, Anne Owers said that  the two prisons had been given specific services for foreign inmates, including language support and advice on immigration issues.

Wow – advice on immigration issues? What does THAT mean? I wonder if any other countries are creating prisons exclusively for the detention of foreign prisoners or might it be that Britain is just a complete soft touch with a Government and senior Prison bureaucracy that puts the needs of convicts first? 


By ATWadmin On October 21st, 2007 at 10:17 am

TubularBells.jpgI sympathise with "Tubular Bells" composer Mike Oldfield who has quit Britain because the smoking ban and health-and-safety culture have made life "intolerable". The multi-millionaire is selling his £3.5million Gloucestershire mansion and has moved to Spain, where he says people have more freedom. He said Britain had become too strict, with its "ludicrous" emphasis on health-and-safety rules and the increased use of CCTV and speed cameras.

The musician, whose haunting 1973 album made him a star and helped establish Richard Branson’s Virgin Records, has smoked Old Holborn roll-ups for decades.

"It is too intrusive," he said. "Imagine if Winston Churchill was given a £50 fine for smoking his cigar. He would never have stood for it. I don’t want to live in a country where a little old lady has to wear a hard hat and a luminous vest just to look after the village green. It’s ludicrous. I had some window cleaners come to my house and they showed me a contract ten pages long full of health-and-safety stuff. It seems we have lost our freedom. It’s just the thought that someone lighting up a harmless roll-up could be fined. I haven’t seen any cameras in Spain and you can smoke where you like."


By ATWadmin On October 14th, 2007 at 10:22 am

I see that the Religion of Peace AND love has managed to  get a senior airport supervisor suspended from his job after he hung a picture of Jesus on a staffroom wall. Gareth Langmead was escorted from Manchester Airport and suspended from his job after a Muslim colleague complained about the image. He had found the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – the subject of devotion by many Catholics – in a desk draw while cleaning out an office. He didn’t want to throw it out so he put it up on the staffroom wall.

The Muslim felt that the display of the image of Christ was "provocative" and worst of all, airport authorities backed him up and escorted Mr Langmead from his place of work, absolutely craven dhimmitude. I am not a Roman Catholic but I understand that the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus means a lot to them and since the UK is a Christian nation, I see no reason why Mr Langmead should not have been permitted to display this image. We have to stand up for our values or else they will be torn down – just like this image was. The next question is, if we allow an image of Christ to be displayed, should we allow an image of Mohammad to be displayed, and I say the answer is yes. Any of the Danish cartoons will suffice.


By ATWadmin On October 13th, 2007 at 9:45 am

Here is an interesting statistic; Since 1997, 48.5 pence of every extra pound added to national income has been grabbed by the State. Under Margaret Thatcher it was only 22.8p. This doubling in the take grabbed by the State is what we should have expected under the socialist Labour Party. Despite the faux rhetoric, it’s prime focus is taking more and more of our money and spending more and more of it growing the State. Those who then owe their employment to the State can be relied upon not to vote out such a generous benefactor. Since the Conservative Party boasts that is has no intention of cutting the size of the State, or of reducing pilferage of national income, isn’t it true to say that the future holds the prospect of an ever-growing State. And that equates to ever-diminishing liberty.


By ATWadmin On October 9th, 2007 at 8:04 am

royalmailpa203jpg.jpgHaving gone through several days without post, both privately and commercially, I see that the Trade Union concerned, the CWU, has announced further rolling strikes. I’ve listened to both sides of this debate and am fully on the side of management at it tries to bring work-force practises into the 21st century. The killer fact is that the postal workers on strike get paid 25% to work more than their competitors and are 40% less productive. No business can survive against that background. The Post Office is right to drag these neanderthals in the Trade Union kicking and screaming into the current century and I detect little if any public support for these Postal workers who already enjoy a cushy 37 hour week. Management should not give in and if these strikes continue, then the workforce should be pruned to reflect the damage it has created and the inconvenience it has caused the ordinary person awaiting the post that never comes!


By ATWadmin On October 9th, 2007 at 7:38 am

kidneyinbox203.jpgSo, do YOU think that organ-donation is a "Christian duty"?

The Church of England has declared this to be the case, in keeping with giving oneself and one’s possessions freely. Body parts should not be mistaken for the person themselves, and the best way to treat them reverently is to use them to heal others, the Church said. It was taking part in a House of Lords consultation on whether there should be an EU-wide position on organ donation. The Church said it would welcome the creation of a European donor pool.

Sorry, I couldn’t disagree more and I regret that once again the Church of England is plunging into the world of politics. Whether one chooses to donate an organ or not is surely a matter of personal choice which carries no religious compulsion? I can’t find any Biblical command which suggests what the Church of England claims. I have no desire to donate any organs and even if I did, the fact that the morally decayed Church of England now endorses it – (and just stops short of making it a compulsory act for its followers) – would turn me off the idea. If people want to donate organs – that’s fine, good for them. But I don’t – and I know that there are many out there who think like me. The health fascists want to make organ donation an opt-out matter – which is profoundly wrong in my view. Why should the STATE be given the right to harvest a persons organs as it sees fit unless there is completed administration to the contrary? The State should keep away from this, and so should the Church. We must have the freedom to make our own individual determination on this without being bullied by politicians or clerics. 


By ATWadmin On October 8th, 2007 at 8:02 am

Well, I don’t know what you think, but when I read that one in seven adults are telling their partners: "Not tonight dear, I’m terrified of terrorism" I view this as Darwinism in action! As many as 15 per cent of all adults are reluctant to have children and 27 per cent less inclined to plan for the future because of world troubles, according to a survey published today. Sorry, but if that is how they really do feel, if they are so easily cowed by just the threat of terror, it’s better they don’t have kids as the stupidity might then spread. And if you think the poll is wacko, just consider that YouGov pollsters were amongst those whose polling conclusions PM Gordon Brown took so seriously that he bottled the Election.

winners…and a wedding

By ATWadmin On October 6th, 2007 at 6:57 pm


What a day. Very very unfavourite England beat Australia ( to quote a player "Id like to thank the press from the heart of my bottom"). 

After a ludicrous witch hunt of a week for Lewis Hamilton (who probably would like to thank the press in a similar manner) he gets pole position for the China Grand Prix……..

……and my sister and her fella are getting married in Santa Barbara California. ..around ..about ..now.

Even though she insisted in keeping this very low key with no fuss, no pressies, no flowers ( to not detract from a proper family ceremony in Europe next year) I found out on the sly last night that she did go out and buy a pretty dress etc. So I figured we’d ignore her request and send her a bouquet she could either use for the ceremony or have back home.  I looked around on google map for a florist near the courthouse in Santa Barbara that could deliver by 11am prompt.  After asking one if she could deliver by 11 for definite and her asking me 3 or 4 times if the delivery was for today i hung up in frustration, assuming she couldnt understand me (she spoke Spanish i think). Eventually got through to one and ordered some. 

I figured I should let the court house know the flowers were coming so I called a number given as a contact and asked for the relevant office of the person overseeing her wedding. Some guy answered the call.  "What a charming accent!" he gushed, followed by "Listen to this!", sticking me on speakerphone for everyone to listen in, whilst explaining that the woman presiding over the wedding is ‘just getting out of the shower’. After explaining about the flowers they then thanked me for being so polite.  The fixation with British accents floors me every time but I was too thrown by the shower thing and the embarrassment at having unwittingly called her at home to know how to respond.

Anyway, they all sounded so nice and looking at the photos of the venue Im sure my sister and S will have a wonderful ‘just fixing the US paperwork’ wedding day!

Advice to Police: Eat Less, Move More

By ATWadmin On October 6th, 2007 at 8:46 am

THE POLICE FEDERATION is concerned that officers are becoming fat and unfit. One of their complaints is that officers are putting on weight because police station gyms are being closed by chief constables who fear being sued over injuries on exercise machines. Well here’s a revolutionary idea. Why don’t they try walking for a change? It’ll only cost a bit of shoe leather and if officers take their notebooks and pencils, they could combine a healthy stroll with the job! When they really want to up the cardio-vascular element, they could even have a go at chasing criminals occasionally – but only if ‘Elf-n-Safety’ rules still allow that of course.