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By ATWadmin On September 20th, 2007 at 7:10 pm

I remember an old Monty Python sketch in which people entered a competition to think up the best name to insult a Belgian. The winner may well have been "bloody Belgians" but that is not to say there weren’t other quality insults. The thing is, apart from the Flying Nun, can you name me ONE famous Belgian? Go on, just one without googling it? I doubt it. But here’s the thing – Does Belgium matter? Writing in the Daily Telegraph, would be London Mayor Boris Johnson thinks is does. Why?

Well, even as Belgium teeters on the brink off possible constitutional break-up, the fissure will not only make a mockery of Belgium’s central role in the cause of European integration. It will be a huge boost to Europe’s remaining separatist movements, the Basques, the Corsicans, the Welsh – and, above all, the Scots. If the Belgian creation of 1830 is capable of falling apart, why should we expect the union of 1707 to be imperishable? It is one of the wonders of the Brown "bounce" that no one any longer sees fit to point out the infamy of the West Lothian problem. We have a Scottish MP Prime Minister, promulgating measures on health and education and other matters that have no effect on his own constituents, and while Scottish MPs are able to vote on English schools and hospitals, English MPs have no corresponding say in Scotland. The English seem utterly passive in the face of this injustice; and in spite of this passivity – or perhaps partly because of it – the Scots advance ever further on the path towards independence. Alex Salmond now calls his executive a government, and Gordon can do nothing to correct him. Look at Belgium, Gordon, and tremble.

Every Child Left Behind?

By ATWadmin On September 12th, 2007 at 11:29 am

well im luke aka bigsta or teck-9 lol dnt ask how i got the nicknames im 16 i go to belmont skool tis shyte i live in sale, manchester i did live in moss side bt ma mum wanted to move soo we did

Laban Tall reaches page 2, I fell at the first (to injury – sunken heart brought on by despair). How far will you get?

No Discrimination with Over-representation

By ATWadmin On September 10th, 2007 at 8:03 pm

Today I accompanied my father to the local benefits office to complete the forms needed to terminate my grandmother’s pension payments.  Whilst he was being interviewed by a very pleasant and sympathetic advisor at the desk, I took the opportunity to scan the display cabinet of leaflets for customers.  It’s so long since I’ve been inside one of these buildings I didn’t realise there were so many different booklets giving assistance on so many issues.

At first I didn’t really comprehend the impact of the photographs on the front of each leaflet (there were about 40 different leaflets in total).  Then it suddenly hit home.  As I glanced across each one I could hear my mind labelling each one: ‘Black, black, chink, Paki, chink, black’….and so forth.  It then occurred to me that over 50% of the people depicted in the entire pseudo-montage were those of an ethnic minority background.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Labour government currently responsible for the overall running of the department would wet its collective Lefty knickers at the prospect of Britain having the same demographic percentages as the photographs indicated.  Furthermore, I’m sure a disproportionately large number of people claiming every fiscal goody this stupid society throws at them will be ethnics.  Why do you think half the bleedin’ world wants to come here?  Not for any patriotic sentiment (of which there is precious little); and certainly not for our weather.

However disappointing the following statistic may be to the average British Lefty, I am delighted to have to tell them that, notwithstanding their espousal of an immigration policy that could make every large UK city a breeding ground for entrants to a Robert Mugabe lookalike competition, ethnic minorities still only comprise between 8 – 10% of the population.  So why seek to project their images into every sphere of our lives?  Could you imagine the pro-golly brigades if every leaflet in a benefits office showed nothing but white Brits?  David has already highlighted the claims by writer Jimmy McGovern about the BBC’s ‘racist’ characteristics.  Racist?  Yes, if you’re a white British budding news reporter.

Britain is no different to any other European country in having more than its fair share of ethnic minorities.  The difference here lies in our culture.  We must be seen to include and incorporate ethnic minorities into every depiction of daily life – just to show how ‘wonderfully tolerant and fair minded’ we are.  That’s why you get prats like McGovern and stupid exercises in political correctness are always being proposed.  Keith Vaz, the Pakis’ champion, wants all-black shortlists for prospective MPs to reflect the country the party serves.  I think he means the country his party’s multicultural ideology has helped to destroy these past ten years.  More reflective, eh?  Does that mean he wants a country where non-white people are automatically given a shunt up the ladder of opportunity?

Next week I attend my grandmother’s funeral.  This is a woman who lived through a world war, never claimed off the State in her life until such time as she was eligible for her pension, and who never received one gratuity from the British Establishment – that same Establishment that cannot wait to give a helping hand to every bloody ethnic minority that comes along.  This country is truly sick and I’m glad for my grandmother that she is now out of it.

then………………….and now!

By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007 at 8:02 am

Remember this, or indeed this in 2001? If you live in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, this outbreak cost you, as a collective tax-payer, some £8 billion pounds in compensation, lost earnings, damage to the national herds and loss of export markets. The farmer who was responsible for the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Britain last year has been banned from keeping farm animals for 15 years. The court ordered that 56-year-old Robert Waugh be electronically tagged and that an overnight curfew be kept on his home for three months. He was also ordered to pay £10,000 of prosecution costs.

Fast forward to 2007, and those headlines splash all over once again. But fortunately, the whole area is shut down, the farm animals culled, disinfectant thrown over half a county and the disease is stopped in it’s tracks. But wait! What is that notice we see at the entrance to this quiet set of buildings? Yep, it’s the combined site of two bio-chemical laboratories, one private- but one government-run. So not unnaturally, the investigators from the much-maligned Health & Safety Executive go in, and lo-and-behold, they discover that this place is the epicentre of the whole outbreak! The one site whose employees and owners know, or are supposed to know more about bio-hazards and disease than anyone else, is the source of the disease which last rampaged through Britain only six years ago! The prime item is that an iron drainage pipe which carries material to a clarification and cleansing site was damaged, and the resultant bacteria got on to wheeled vehicles, down the road and on to the farms and into the animals!

So everyone associated with the causes of this outbreak will be prosecuted or fired? Not if our good friend and general Parliamentary clown Hilary Benn, who drooled on about how much money had been invested, and how wonderful were our scientists were, and “we must ensure that this never happens again!”

Not, you will note, being furious at the fact that the pipe damage was known about for years, and the two organisations couldn’t agree as to who paid for the repair! No one will get fired! No-one will be crapped all over, some clown MAY be re-trained! Like it?


That’s TODAY’S Britain, where absolutely nobody accepts responsibility for anything!



By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 7:34 am

This week has seen ATW’s most popular POLL to date on the subject of whether the UK should leave the European Union. As you can see, the majority of those who have voted favour this option. I can see that the overwhelming of US and Canadian readers favour us doing this, whilst Irish opinion wants us to stay in. UK opinion is running about 60;40. If you haven’t voted, dear reader, please register your view NOW! You will find the poll in the top left hand corner of the blog.  

The Luddites weren’t all wrong!

By ATWadmin On September 5th, 2007 at 7:23 am

loose%20lips.jpgIn the days when the adjoining poster was in view and well-known, the idea was that a slip of the tongue might give information to the enemy, and this would result in the loss of a ship, vital cargo and lives.

However, in the days of instant information and of politicians leaping on to instant band-wagons, and pressure groups pushing thier own points and gaining access to broadcast and print media, there is another danger. We see policy being delivered almost by demand, and never a sign of looking back to review that same legislation. We see the Dangerous dogs Act passed without even determining which dogs should be on any list, and the usual crawling legal manoeuvres to allow some obviously dangerous animal loose because, in the weasel words of the owner, "He wouldn’t hurt a fly!"

So what do readers think of Lord Justice Sedley’s remarks about a nation-wide DNA database, with everyone on and no-one left out, including visitors to this once happy country! On the same point, the "distinguished" judge also queried why there were a very high proportion of ‘ethnic minority’ DNA on the existing database! Did he totally exclude the possibility that there are more black and coloured people’s information on the database because they are more likely to commit crime?



By ATWadmin On September 2nd, 2007 at 9:06 am

hoodies.jpgInteresting to read that almost 3,000 crimes were committed last year where the suspect was too young to be prosecuted. Figures show there were about 1,300 incidents of criminal damage and arson, and more than 60 sex offences committed by under-10s in England and Wales. Talka bout feral youth. However if a child is nine or under, he or she can not be charged with an offence in England and Wales, although the crime will be recorded by the police. Some people want to see the age of criminal responsibility lowered, other bleeding heart liberal want to see it increased. But the way I see it, these feral kids will have parent(s) and it is they who must be also made to feel the full legal consequences for their lawless offspring. The depravity of a section of British society cannot be emphasised enough and I suspect that this is also the section where Welfare dependency is also the greatest. Abosolving parents from responsibilty for what their kids do assuages the liberal heart but it is sheer folly. I can remember as a yougster how we were all scared senseless that we might ever do something that would make the police call at our parents door. We knew what the consequences would be and the shame this would bring upon our family so we behaved ourselves. Nowadays we live in a shameless society where the Police are frequently viewed with contempt and the law is seen as a bad joke. Little wonder that these young kids think they can do whatever they want, secure that there will be no consequences for them. We ought to ensure that there are!


By ATWadmin On August 30th, 2007 at 8:52 pm

I wonder if ATW’s discerning and all-knowing readership (ahem) can help answer this question by Lindsay Beyerstein, freelance journalist. Basically she witnessed police arresting some women who were fighting at Liverpool Street Rail Station in London. She tried to take a photograph of this and was told that if she did she would be arrested. Her question is.."What are the laws in England regarding journalists photographing police operations in public places? Are there specific rules about taking photographs in the transit system?"


By ATWadmin On August 30th, 2007 at 4:16 pm

Did you read that although the divorce rate in England and Wales has fallen to its lowest level for 22 years, the number of marriages in England and Wales is at a record low? Disturbingly, the number of second marriages ending in divorce is also increasing. Back in 1960, there were 330,000 first marriages in England and Wwales. By 2000, that had fallen to 130,000 first marriages. Marriage is hitting the rocks in the UK, and I wonder is it coincidental that as this institution has fallen from favour, society becomes more dysfunctional?


By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 9:33 am

When Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car crash back in 1997, Britain seemed to undergo some sort of collective emotional breakdown, with people who had never know her weeping and wailing in the streets. The scenes that accompanied her funeral were without parallel as she was treated as if she had been a goddess. “Dianafication” is one word that describes this somewhat mawkish and disproportionate response to the death of another person. Since then, it has become a feature of life in modern Britain.

Last night saw another instance of dianafication at the football match played between Liverpool and Toulouse at Anfield. The family of murdered schoolboy Rhys Jones were present, as they had been present at the Everton football match a few days earlier. There was the unparalleled playing of the Everton anthem at the Liverpool ground and the crowd all stood and applauded in memory of Rhys. This was reported as a show of “solidarity” with the family by Liverpudlians. But hang on – it was also  Liverpudlian who killed the boy and its Liverpudlians who have been reluctant to share any information they may have with the Police. I also wonder why the family attends football matches days after their son, a fervent soccer fan, is murdered? I do not wish to seem harsh, or uncaring, and lord knows the agonies this family must be going through but I just wonder about these mass shows of emotion, good for viewing figures and much lived by the msm, but are they of any value to the bereaved? I suppose if it brings comfort to the family than it is fair enough but I feel that this trend to present mass shows of grief is a substitute for a nation which has turned its back on religion and worships instead at the shrine of popular culture. Football stadiums have become the new Cathedrals in this land, packed on a Sunday whilst the Churches stand empty. But when death calls, is a football stadium a place of comfort?