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Recquiescat in Pace; Olive!

By Mike Cunningham On May 15th, 2015 at 5:40 pm


I don’t care if those little black kids are blind, or uneducated, or are allegedly exhausted from walking miles to get water. It is their Governments’ responsibility to teach, clothe, or cure them, all of them. I don’t want to know if the backward clowns in Bangladesh are starving, or the sons and daughters of the religious fanatics in Pakistan have been washed out of their mud huts by the floods; I really get fed up by the constant calls for £3.00 a month here, or £13.00 monthly (by direct debit, of course) there, or ‘make a covenant in your will for Charity X or ‘DoGooders Anonymous’; or any of the hundreds of so-called charities who leach off the goodwill of the British people.

Does the condition of donkeys in some cess-pit of a country really need a charity based in England to get cash to do, what exactly? Lighten their load? If you believe that; you’ll believe anything! Ever wondered about the cost of half- or full-page adverts in daily newspapers? It is truly expensive. Has the cost of advertising on t.v. or the radio ever crossed your mind? If you have ever given to charity, for whatever reason or cause, the advertising industry rakes it in, and you are paying the bill. You are also paying the wages bill for outfits like the RSPCA, whose chief executive, whose salary ‘is within the parameters of the going rate for major UK charities’, and is set at £160.000.00. Thats more than the bloody Prime Minister gets, and he is supposed to be running the country.

Charity? The whole industry should be renamed as the ‘Cheaters Charter’; or ‘Simpletons; sign here.’ I wouldn’t give them the sweat from my socks; bunch of thieving shysters, just about the whole bunch. A very, very few should survive, but the ones who feed off of taxpayers cash via Government ‘donations’: I’d close ‘em all down, send the entire teams of high-paid ‘executives’ off for an all-expenses-paid holiday on Gruinard Island: that should sort them out!

I write a small eulogy for a true British lady, not that she was treated as such in the final years and months of this doughty lady’s life. Olive Cooke was 92 when she fell, or more likely jumped to her death in the Avon Gorge, near Bristol; where she had lived. She collected every year for the Royal British Legion selling poppies, in memory of her sailor husband, who died in action in 1943. She, unfortunately, also gave from what she had to every sob-story under the sun, every fake charity, every bunch of legal thieves operating under the shelter of the Charities Commission. She gave and she gave, until she decided to give no more, and closed down the direct debits; and then the cabal of bloodsuckers commenced their campaigns of phone calls and begging letters to get ever more cash out of the bank accounts of this weak, elderly lady who had given so much already. She closed the accounts down because she was recovering from cancer, and worried she would be unable to go to her bank to replenish the accounts; and finally, she felt she could take no more, and ‘went forwards toward the wind’.

Farewell Olive, you can rest easy, you have done your best, the ‘charities’ will just have to find another ‘sucker’ to bleed dry, as there was, literally, nothing left at the end for this small, seemingly-indomitable lady.

being of sound mind; I do declare…..

By Mike Cunningham On April 1st, 2015 at 9:33 am

I have accepted, finally, that my time is drawing to a close. I am not ill, though it is true that I have certain health problems, all of which are not life-threatening. But, I have accepted that as I have now exceeded the old accepted term of three score and ten years; sooner or later I will hopefully be left, by a family member: mid-winter, on an exposed stretch of moorland in this my favourite part of England, the very country of my birth; with below-zero temperatures, so that I might leave at my own choosing, at my own discretion and volition, and with the minimum amount of bother.

The most important item has already been completed; that is of course  my Will.  My wife, then my children; and then my three grandsons are all included.

Several individual bequests are made, but no provision, nothing at all, will go from my estate to any so-called charity or religious group; because in my own view just about all of the these so-called charities are simply vehicles for a few to get super-sized salaries, many more to ‘earn’ salaries far in excess of their worth, and the amounts of money which actually finds a passage to the targeted individuals or areas is tiny. The truly politicised ‘big name’ charities, such as the R.S.P.C.A., or Oxfam, or any of a dozen other fake charities which exist largely on either government or e.u. funding, would never ever get a penny from me, because they are all leftist-oriented, liberal-elitist run, shams for lobbying groups intent on forcing us to do this, or refrain from that, or anything that they, as the ‘experts’ know is ‘not good for us’. I used to have time for the R.N.L.I., mainly because they are associated with the dangers of the sea, but the news of all those super-sized salaries for the executives called time on them. I also gave to the Anthony Nolan Trust, one of the very few donor charities of which I had even time for; but, there again, when one reads of two Trust executives earning over £100,000.00, that knowledge alone stops any generous gesture in its tracks.

My view is simple, ignore all the do-gooders, mainly because most of them are either too stupid, too self-centred or too foolish to be even listened to.  My elder brother died without my reconciliation, mainly over an argument about our respective political beliefs, and that I shall regret for ever; but that is, now history. I truly wish that I had made up with him, but he died in a short time, delirious, in a drug-induced semi-coma, so he probably would not have understood any attempt to heal a breach in family. Give to your family, use bequests to mend fences with those you may have argued with, give freely to your kin, and avoid those bottomless money pits, formerly known as ‘Charities’, like the very plague they have become!



Where there is blood; there is money!

By Mike Cunningham On October 30th, 2014 at 10:01 am

If a legally-operated Charity suggests that members of the public donate for a cause, it is widely presumed that the cash generated goes towards the purpose which the Charity is advertising. The fact that executives of that Charity gain ever-higher salaries and/or bonus payments is never stated, nor even acknowledged. But that fact is possibly more widely appreciated than most of the fat-cats in Charity high places care to acknowledge. If someone wishes to donate any cash to a particular charity, in this country, he or she is free to do so, but I do feel that the PROPORTION of that cash which goes to the charitable purpose is more fully and widely stated.


Take, for example, the installation, now nearly complete, of the 888,246 ceramic poppies, set into the moat which encircles the Tower of London. I do not criticise it as the Guardian’s correspondent did; when he used the barbed tones which sneered at this remarkable installation as purely ‘nationalistic’, as ‘prettified and toothless’, not as ‘Art’ as he snobbishly interprets Art to be; but instead as ‘popular art’, which is something to be decried and distorted. No, I criticise it because it only tells a part of the truth. I criticise it because the British public are being lied to, whenever they read and believe the blurb about paying a donation of £25.00 for a ceramic poppy. When I state that £8.75 is earmarked for charity, £4.17 goes to the taxman for VAT, leaving the majority of the money – £12.08 – to cover ‘costs’. If all the poppies are sold, and even allowing for 10 per cent ‘breakages or returns’, this means a company called Paul Cummins Ceramics Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red Community Interest Company, could receive almost £10million.

So, when you check the pages of your newspaper, or watch the well-documented scenes on television, just remember that besides ‘Help for Heroes’, besides ‘SSAFA’, besides ‘Combat Stress’ and the Confederation of Service Charities, well-run and dedicated charities all; you are making Paul Cummins and his millionaire backers a great deal of money!

An economic system where goods and services are exchanged

By Mike Cunningham On September 19th, 2014 at 5:08 pm

When the true Russian revolution occurred, when the Communists, the Soviets, the KGB and all the repressive machinery of the Russian Empire fell apart, for a few months, a very few months, hope sprang to life in a hundred million minds, a hope which declared, ‘the State does not own us, we are individuals, we do not owe anything to the State!’ I do not need to explain the huge repressive machinery, the KGB, the NKVD, the very Russian Armed forces themselves, all part of the Soviet package which kept the Russian people in slavery-conditions for over fifty years; this all fell apart as the Satellite States, themselves governed as tightly as the Russians, began to flex their own muscles, the urge for freedom which was irreversible, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of East Germany and the inevitable collapse of a whole system which was built on a tissue of lies, backed with guns and tanks.

The freedom did not last long, the the KGB got itself a new name, the Russian Federation became repressive, now controlled after a short space of time by unreconstructed old-school Communists, but now with many more super-wealthy people at the very top, all supporting the nearly-dictator Putin who has so far invaded Georgia, Ossettia and now the Crimea, but at least the idea that the State is the ‘provider’, and therefore the ‘owner’ of people has disappeared.

Travel West a few thousand kilometres, and you end up in the Republic of Ireland, which for many, many decades was run under a similar system to Soviet Russia, but this Government was not of material things, but of the mind and indeed the very soul of all things Irish. I do not write of the Governments imposed by Great Britain, which ended when Partition was declared and the island was split in two; nor do I write of the Government of the Republic of Ireland, which has governed since Independence was declared. I write of the ‘Invisible Government’, which, to all intents and purposes, was the real ‘Government’, I write of the Bishops, of the Parish Priest, whose very word was akin to Law; and of the enormous bureaucracy and wealth of the Catholic Church, which told people what they should read, or write, or even to think and to behave, in and out of wedlock; all according to the traditions and rites of the Roman Catholic Church. Of a ‘Government’ which routinely connived at the issue of passports and travel documents so that small children, the illegitimate sons and daughters of usually illiterate and certainly ill-educated young women who had committed the grave ‘sin’ of having sex outside of marriage, and therefore had borne the very ‘Spawn of Satan’ could be routinely packaged, and sent off to America as they had literally been sold by the convents and homes where they had been born, in false and fake adoptions to ‘good Catholic Families’ in the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

So why didn’t the dog bark in the night?

By Mike Cunningham On September 13th, 2014 at 12:25 pm

I write about a strange and almost inexplicable trait present in many British people , a trait which I certainly do not share, nor do I even attempt to either comprehend or  even understand. It is the singular foolishness of risking one’s own life to ‘rescue’ an animal which is perceived to be in danger of dying; either through accident or human action; it is the whole idea that an animal is worthy of the possibility of losing or hazarding the rescuer’s own life to aid that same animal.

Time and again, we watch or read, or hear of some futile rescue attempt of a animal, usually a dog, possibly because they are more singularly stupid than the merest of cats and moggies in general, who seem to have a much higher degree of self-preservation built into their natural DNA; when the dog has either fallen through an iced-up pond or lake, or fallen off a cliff, or else some equally hazardous or extremely silly happening. The rescuer, if still alive, but more often than not is now dead, is referred to as a hero, or a brave and fast-thinking man or woman of moral steadfastness; worthy of the tributes of lesser mortals.

Just think about the strange, and in fact remarkably effective, campaign by some pressure group or other which strove against the killing of baby seals in the Canadian Arctic. It wasn’t the artful campaign photos of a female model dragging a sealskin coat across the floor, the passage of the coat was of course traced with the alleged blood of the dead seals which was the prime mover of the campaign winning: it was the photos of the head of a baby seal with its two large, seemingly soulful eyes staring reproachfully back out off the pages of the adverts and articles which was the crunch kit of the campaign against the use of furs from those dead baby seals. Most viewers simply looked at those two reproachful pools, staring out of an animal’s head; and immediately transposed the eyes into human eyes, and the fur coat trade died away.

And it is exactly the same transference which rules when some ordinary man is hailed as a HERO, by his actions in saving, or attempting to save, some animal; even at the cost of his own life: a  cost which is felt most severely by his dependants, who now have to struggle along without a breadwinner: but he is, or rather was, a hero!

Which brings me to the main point of my writing today. ATW readers will no doubt have read and heard of the saving of some 150 dogs from a blazing inferno at a Manchester dogs’ home, while some fifty other animals died. Two of the men who rescued some of the dogs were being interviewed by the BBC pillock on the Today Programme, and they had been retelling how they had seen the flames from their own homes, and had rushed over to try and save the dogs, despite the fierce temperature of the fire and the flames. They were suitably modest about their ‘heroics’, and said that anyone else would have done the same. But the BBC clown then said, “You must have heard that the fund to rebuild the dog’s shelter has already reached over a million pounds. Are you surprised that people have donated so much money to a dog’s home, when OTHER CHARITIES ARE FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO HELP STARVING PEOPLE OVERSEAS?

Now, if some wet, liberal, lefty BBC clone had asked me, or someone like me, why I had donated cash to some bloody burnt-out dogs’ shelter instead of the starving f***king Ethiopians, or the Sudanese, or the Ebola victims, or any other of the myriad causes placed forward so piously by the multitude of bloody charities which have sprung up like weeds, my answer would have been a tad more robust, and to the effect that “IT IS MY BLOODY MONEY, AND I WILL SPEND IT, OR GIVE IT AWAY, TO WHOM I BLOODY WELL PLEASE!”


Me; Cynical?

By Mike Cunningham On November 12th, 2013 at 9:46 am

The race is on for our cash, our help and our support. The Phillipines disaster is only too real, and they do need our help. But do they need it from a bloke like this?

Saleh Saeed joined the Disasters Emergency Committee as Chief Executive in September 2012 bringing over 20 years of successful experience providing strategic leadership in creative and challenging situations.

Prior to this he led DEC member agency Islamic Relief Worldwide for nearly four years through a major period of growth and organisational change. During this time he was ultimately responsible for 1,500 staff based in 24 countries and oversaw an increase in income of 45% from £48m to £70m. He also played a leading role in Islamic Relief’s responses to disasters, including those in Gaza, Haiti, Pakistan and  East Africa – all part-funded by the DEC.

Before working in the development sector, Saleh led in the management of major digital inclusion projects, working with the Microsoft-backed Black Country Consortium and for Sandwell Council.

He has a variety of expertise including NGO governance, organisational development, project & programmes management, marketing and fundraising at an international level.

I just wonder how much he drags down on a salary level? Bet its well into six figures.

Personally, I’d send a cheque to the Salvation Army. They do exactly what they say, they are amongst the first to arrive, the last to leave, and they don’t f***k around; and best of all, they don’t pay themselves humoungous salaries on the basis of ‘the best in the marketplace’!

and render unto Ceasar…

By Mike Cunningham On November 10th, 2012 at 7:51 pm


Charity. A word with a half-dozen or more connotations & explanations and even more words which describe the many ‘charities’ which of course only exist through  unwilling ‘donations’ from the taxpayers of this country. I used to give, on a regular basis, to a select few; all chosen because of links to my previous life and employment. Long ago, I ceased giving to the Church where I had once worshipped, mainly because I felt a stranger whenever I entered, as it had become a foreign place; at least in my mind and my heart.  The failings of both the Catholic Hierarchy, and the well-publicised failings of its protected predatory priests was but another door closing, as far as I, and many others, were concerned.

I also donated to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, an organisation which was born out of a need to help and succour those whose lives were literally at risk from the perils of the sea, but once I found that they were just another business, with targets, and budgets, and super-sized salaries for the well-connected who would earn over £85,000.00 per year; I decided that they could exist without my small donations.

I give towards the upkeep of two local Hospices, secure in the knowledge that there, at least, people work to help those in the last gasps of life feel some compassion and human warmth; but apart from them, the only two Charities which are of any relevance in my own opinion these days are the Help the Heroes Fund, and the Royal British Legion. I do not often write of my feelings towards those who are, perhaps more unfortunate than myself, partly because I too have personal family problems of a long-standing and very private nature, and I try not to judge others.

So I, in a very rare post, would appeal that ATW readers give £1.00, or £5.00 to the Royal British Legion Poppy Collectors who are ranging far and wide throughout the streets, cities, towns and shopping centres of Great Britain over this Remembrance Weekend, but not a single penny to the Westminster Collection, whose pretty adverts hide the obscene truth, in very small newsprint that out of the £5.00 cost of their Poppy coin, a huge 17 pence will go to the Royal British Legion

Conservative Heresy

By Daphne On October 1st, 2012 at 11:41 pm

I love TED talks, especially those that persuasively challenge my economic and political orthodoxy. Nick Hanauer’s presentation is compelling and it struck me as an excellent point to kick off a lively debate.

Does a vibrant, well-compensated middle-class drive job creation? Or is it the entrepreneur class, armed with innovative ideas and capital investment, who generate vibrant economies in western societies? I think it’s a symbiotic relationship that’s been systemically undermined by corporate globalization intent on maximizing profits while avoiding natal tax burdens.

If America’s great success rests on the back of a solid middle class, how does it serve conservatives to support politicians who undermine that very bedrock premise? I mean, this isn’t 1972. Malaysia is quite capable of providing the necessary infrastructure (thanks IMF) to support large industrial plants that can crank out anything with endless slave labor,  zero environmental repercussions and minor tax issues.



By David Vance On September 10th, 2012 at 12:08 pm

ATW regular Ernest raises this topic for your consideration…it concerns the state of childhood in Britain and the way in which the Save The Children “charity” actually operates to save itself…

“But what of Save the Children? The first thing to say about it is that, like so many charities in Britain today, it is not a charity, at least not in the normal sense of the word. It is part of the charitable-bureaucratic complex that is to modern Britain what the military-industrial complex was to Eisenhower’s America. Like most bureaucracies, it is there to serve itself.

It spent £88 million on humanitarian assistance in 2009 and £58 million on staff wages (it was far from the worst in this respect: the Child Poverty Action Group spent £1,551,000 of its income of £1,990,000 on wages). In 2009, its chief executive was paid £137,608 which, while not vast by the standards of commercial chief executives, was more than six times the median British wage at the time. This is certainly not what individual donors might think or hope their money is spent on; and it is certainly not what I think charity is. Fourteen of its staff earned more than £60,000, and 150 between £30,000 and £40,000. The “charity” operated a fixed-benefit pension scheme. Its charity clearly began at home.”

Some charity!

“Save the Children spends about £500,000 a year on efforts in this country; local government makes donations to it of about £500,000. The largest donor to the charity by far in 2009 was the Government, at £19 million. The European Union chipped in with another £12 million, the US government with £11 million. Private donations have been going down as a proportion of the charity’s total income (and the expenses of fund-raising are equal to 31 per cent of the funds actually raised), while government contributions have been rising. The chief executive is Justin Forsyth, fresh from having been Gordon Brown’s communications and campaigns director.”

Save The Children is a fraud.

Not just your cash, but your reputation.

By Mike Cunningham On June 30th, 2012 at 7:59 am

The Words of ‘Chairman’ Andrew Mitchell Sec. State, and his Dept. for International Development.

‘aid from the British people is achieving extraordinary results, ‘

‘The UK is the highest aid giver of all countries in the G8’

“The Coalition Government is the first government in history to set out, in black and white in the Spending Review, clear plans to honour the UK’s long standing promises on aid.”

“Following relentless pressure from the Coalition Government, the EU is already reforming the way it spends aid, making it more transparent, results-focused and targeted at the poorest people.”

Aid from Britain will be badged with a Union Flag overseas, as a clear symbol that it comes from the United Kingdom.

My own feelings, for what they are worth, is that as long as evidence is published such as this incredibly detailed exposé of incompetence, corruption, malfeasance-in-office and downright theft, are that the whole DfID shebang should be disbanded forthwith, any projects summarily would down, senior DfID staffers fired for sheer incompetence, and Mitchell forced to run for cover behind his buddy Cameron’s coat-tails.