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By Pete Moore On January 31st, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Today the TaxPayers’ Alliance has released new research which shows that the average family pays £656,000 in taxes over their lifetime.

Yes, poor pensioners are poor in great part because most of the wealth they ever earned was looted by the state. Some things, a few things, must be done collectively, but there’s an awful lot which the states does because we are impoverished, and it’s the state which does the impoverishing in the first place. We can be so wealthy that the state really doesn’t need to do much at all.

Second Front Now!

By Mike Cunningham On October 26th, 2011 at 8:57 am


As many of us do, besides contributing here at ATW as well as on my own little effort, I read many blogs, many opinions, some news pages. One of the Blogs which I read is the respected EU Referendum, authored by Dr. Richard North. One of the more revealing, (as in just see what the criminals are up to now) posts he has authored asks us to present a Freedom of Information request to our own Councils enquiring as to the costs charged against the people who do not pay their Council Tax demands in good time. Dr. North has form in this area as he consistently refused to pay until a summons was issued, and thus paid under duress, but as the local Council saw fit to dispense with their in-house Bailiff service and contract out this activity to a private organisation, the Bailiff costs proved an unmissable target for the good Doctor.

His own FOI produced such startling information that he asked those of us who are interested in such things to push out our own FOIs, and see what hatches. My own Request is delayed, but I am confident of a result!

The wording for the FOI, which is perfectly targeted, and should involve no charges or costs if the result is transmitted by e-mail, goes as follows:-

Please supply information on the number of Summonses and Liability Orders issued by the Council in respect of Council Tax, for each of the financial years since April 1992 to the present, itemised separately by year and document type, and the total fees charged for each year (specifically for the two documents), again itemised separately by year and document type.

Again, the good Doctor uses terms such as ‘blatant theft’, and ‘criminal’, and I for one, do not believe the Doctor exaggerates!

So, I can only hope that you, dear ATW readers (British Regiments only) follow our example and ask your local Councils to state exactly how much they are charging Council Tax defaulters for the privilege of being sent computer-printed and -collated demand letters by post, as well as seeing what charges are levied to pay the grossly-inflated Bailiff charges being seen across the Nation!


By Pete Moore On May 11th, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Having so mismanaged its finances, Dublin now chooses loot private pensions.

There are a few problems with this, and not just the towering monstrosity of taxing already taxed income.

Apparently the move is to fuel government job creation schemes. Pension funds are invested to give a projected rate of return. A by-product of such investment is that jobs are created for others. In reducing the capital available for investment, job creation in response to natural and entrepreneurial demand will be stifled. In its place will be even more central planning and government distortion of economic calculation. As always with government job-creation schemes, much more will be destroyed than is created.

The temporary tax, it’s reported, will last for four years and be levied at 0.6%. No-one should believe this. It will not be temporary and the levy will increase over time. In the end the economic damage will enormous.

The very root of economic growth is saved capital. In denying ourselves consumption today for a return tomorrow we supply the kindling by which it can spark. Government attacks this very mechanism always, taxing from our tomorrow what is can consume today. Some of Ireland’s future unemployed will never know that measures such as these are those which kill employment prospects. To socialise the private debts of banks today and keep the government spending machine working, many will pay tomorrow.

The beast is always hungry. Where the rest of us must drastically reduce our consumption when in deep debt, governments will tax and spend. This is the case over much of the Western world. To change from such a disastrous course this fundamental fact of modern government must be realised by most people. Unless and until this happens governments will loot without end and real recovery will not happen.

Flee, for All is revealed!

By ATWadmin On June 19th, 2009 at 12:41 pm

I consider myself a moderate in Right-Wing terms. I do not hate anyone, but am repelled by many who hold opinions and activities which may very well harm both my family, my friends and my country. I am not readily drawn into anger, nor do I hold with those that do allow their anger to be reflected in unlawful or deadly acts. My elder brother, whom I have written about before in terms of his aptitude with things mechanical and electrical, considers me in political terms a ‘fascist’ whose political bedfellows include Nick Griffin and the shades of that well-loved human rights activist Adolf Hitler, but I just smile and worry about his blood pressure. So you can maybe understand and accept that I am a typical Englishman, with all my faults and virtues on show, for I do not dissemble well, and tend to speak as I find.

So you can maybe understand why a fellow customer of the supermarket cafeteria, where I was having coffee with my wife, felt compelled to approach me and state that I was not alone in my utter anger and disgust at the further revelations of the activities of the thieves and vagabonds who masquerade as Members of Parliament at Westminster. I was reading the pages of the Telegraph which showed both the pages of various politician’s expenses and allowances with what was considered to be ‘sensitive’ or ‘personal’ material redacted or blanked out, and the newspapers’ version which had only such details as addresses and phone numbers blanked, and the difference was sufficient to make me furious, with both the clutch of thieves in Westminster and with myself and my Country! My reactions must have been strong, because many others looked around, and being English of course, sideways and silently, at this bearded elderly man thumping the table in visible anger and rage whilst reading the columns of a newspaper! We have been fools for too long, and we should be collectively ashamed of ourselves for even believing or listening to this pack of liars and knaves!

We must rid ourselves of this den of thieves, not in anger but in cold deliberation, because by the very fact that these pages were published by the Westminster gang after the knowledge that the cat was indeed out of the bag, and, in the words of many Victorian melodramas, ‘All is Known’! They didn’t even have the brains to overcome their huge arrogance and acknowledge that they had gone beyond the limits of British Tolerance.

As others before me have quoted from a historic figure in British history, I can but utilise his immortal phrases again, because there is no other way to tell these clowns that the jig is up, and they are for the collective high jump:

“You have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you.

In the name of God, go!.”