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The National Trust; Friends of the Earth:…….’fracking’ Russian agents?

By Mike Cunningham On March 15th, 2018 at 6:21 pm

When we talk about energy resources and fracking, when we look at what has been so successful in America, one often wonders why we have not achieved anything at all apart from two trial wells and a whole industry of anti-fracking campaigners?

According to the maps produced when fracking first set out, there are ten-odd areas within the UK where frack-drilling should produce SUBSTANTIAL gas and distillate flows.

The fracking industry in America has produced, in ten-odd years close to 200 Billion cubic feet of natural gas; almost two thirds of its total needs.

The Fracking companies in the UK have met up with; and still face massive planning, legal and community problems, and they have so far drilled a few test sites, but are, once again; hopeful of drilling and fracking sometime this year.

It has always puzzled me that, when North Sea Gas, which comes from sources similar in nature to fracking, came ashore, there were absolutely no protests whatsoever; in fact, the change from the dirty, noisy, polluting coal gasification plants which I remember produced all our gas in the thirties to the sixties onwards was welcomed with a concerted sigh of relief by all concerned. Was the lack of protest due to the fact that the production sites were all offshore, and so out-of-sight was also out-of-mind: or are the modern protests the result of something much more sinister?

We have all seen the housewives seated outside their tents which line the roadsides which approach the possible frack drilling sites, accompanied by the would-be ‘Swampy’ imitators; and one has to ask; who benefits, or as my Latin teacher used to bark at us ‘Cui Bono’? Are these protesters all completely genuine? Are the likes of Selina Scott, allied with the National Trust, completely sincere in their dislike of drilling and fracturing the underground rock to release the gas which is said to be there in abundance? Are the protesters such as ‘Friends of the Earth’ completely sincere in their opposition to fracking; or do they completely understand where some of their funding comes from?

We in the United Kingdom supply some 43% of our gas needs from the slowly-depleting North Sea and the Irish Sea wells. We import 13% of our gas via LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) from Qatar, the Gulf Sheikdoms, and from the USA; and the other 44%? Half of that gas, around 22% comes from Norway. The other 22%? That would be from our friendly neighbourhood Superpower, Russia!

Russia’s economy is slowly going into reverse, what with the price of oil sliding back and forth around fifty-sixty dollars a barrel, so every drop of gas Putin can sell to the chilled-out idiots who refuse to bring their own gas to the surface, the better!

Theresa May can strut her stuff, and impress everyone with her tough talk. She can kick out as many Russkies as she can find. Never mind the half-dead former spy and his daughter, along with the first copper on the scene: all the former KGB head has to do is say the magic word, “Zakroi’tye klapani“, and the gas valves WILL close, and Centrica and the National Grid will be panicking, trying to locate the nearest LNG tanker which will keep up the supply trail to the gas-fired turbo-generators which keep the UK lights on, as well as the boilers which keep the central heating going in about 80% of UK homes. We closed our own gas storage systems in the Rough Field, after the Government wouldn’t kick in half the needed cash because ‘Oooohh; we can’t give cash away to Companies, it wouldn’t be right’; so we ain’t got any place to store the stuff, so we are totally dependent on foreign-controlled supplies for our Power Network!

The Government would not use its powers of allowing fracking drilling to proceed, as that might upset the protesters. The Greenpeace campaigner stated “It makes no sense for the government to be bending over backwards for the sake of an unproven fossil fuel industry when safe and cheap clean energy is already booming.”. 

She didn’t include the fact that Russia’s Putin could turn off the taps to some 22% of British gas requirements if the UK got ‘uppity’ over two half-dead Russians, and a hospitalised copper!

Shortly to appear in AltNewsMedia.net.




By David Vance On August 16th, 2012 at 9:46 am

Yesterday it was announced that UK unemployment had fallen.  Today it is announced that UK retail sales have grown.

Now, these are small steps, for sure, and they may well be reversed in months ahead. But it seems churlish not to congratulate the Coalition insofar as these tiny steps are concerned. But what of Labour, the Party that got us into the massive financial deficit and whose current strategy is to just oppose everything that the Government does whilst urging more…spending! (The thing that caused the problem in the first place) What of Miliband and his merry gang of knavish opportunists? How do they counter growth? I am sure that the BBC and other leftist media outlets will try and spin as best they can for their Socialist pals but growth and jobs is what is needed and the signs are to be welcomed, I think.


By David Vance On April 17th, 2012 at 11:25 am

Had a laugh at this latest poll. No real surprises, just entertaining to see that those who would vote will choose a political party that has almost destroyed the UK.  Should the electorate put Labour BACK into power, given the massive damage they have caused, it merely confirms my long held view that voters get the politicians they deserve.

A survey of 1,783 people found there had been a significant jump in the number of people who would vote Labour if there was a General Election tomorrow


By David Vance On April 16th, 2012 at 11:47 am

Britain in 2012. No place for the British?

More than half a million wealthy Britons are expected to move abroad in the next two years amid concerns about crumbling road and rail networks, crime and high taxes, a survey reveals today. Some 19 per cent of people with savings and investments worth more than £250,000 are considering a new life overseas, which is up from 17 per cent six months ago and 14 per cent a year ago. The figures suggest that at least 500,000 people with that level of personal wealth may leave the UK in the next two years.

Here’s a question. If you are/were in the bracket, where would you go? I’ll be honest and say that I think about it but the only place I quite favour is the south of France. But with Presidential candidate Monsieur Hollande threatening 75% tax levels, that seems a bit dodgy!

The UK still has plenty going for it, however, but politicians are ruining it and have ruined it. There seems to be a real desire to punish success and reward indolence. There seems to be a desire to be the needs of immigrants ahead of native Brits. If you punish successful people, you will get failure.


By David Vance On February 21st, 2012 at 6:26 pm

Oh those vicious Coalition monsters….


By David Vance On February 21st, 2012 at 6:50 am

A tale for 2012.

Chip shop worker Kimberley Burrell had spent a happy ten years working at her local chippy. The 29-year-old had been a fixture at Joanna’s Fish Bar in Hartlepool, meeting and serving customers for 16 hours every week. But all that changed when new Turkish owners took over the shop – and promptly dismissed her and replaced her with ‘cheap, foreign labour’, which cost the bosses £2 less per hour.

Burrell has now been awarded £6,000 after an employment tribunal agreed she had been unfairly sacked. The tribunal heard that within weeks of owner Zana Ahmed taking over, Kimberley was replaced by Turkish and Polish staff. Speaking to the Sun, Kimberley said: ‘I got sacked for being British. It’s a disgrace.’ However the situation is not necessarily resolved, as owner Ahmed, who told the Sun that Kimberley was ‘a disappointing employee’, said he would refuse to pay up.

Dismissed for being British, in Britain, in 2012.  Remarkable.


By David Vance On January 4th, 2012 at 9:13 am

As Andrew McCann, formerly of this parish notes, the Irish press is stirring it again!

The British and Irish governments and the people of Northern Ireland are facing the prospect – and sooner than most people might think – of how to manage a transformed constitutional situation where the majority in the North are likely to be from a Catholic background. It’s going to raise serious questions for southerners too, who must also address complex constitutional problems that if not managed properly and creatively could land Northern Ireland – and the rest of the island – back in the mire.

They churn out stats from the Sinn Fein controlled Department of Education that show there are  120,415 Protestants and 163,693 Catholics in the North’s schools. Wow, us Prods must be so thick we don’t go to school OR then again the Catholic birth-rate must be so much higher, a statistic no one seems able to produce!

Another stat churned out tell us that in  the two teacher-training colleges – Stranmillis and St Mary’s (which is virtually exclusively Catholic) – there are 1,215 Catholics and 650 Protestants. Wow – there must be some massive discrimination going on that the majority community is a tiny minority in the bastions of teacher training. Shall we close St Mary’s – in the name of equality? What is it, I wonder, that stops the majority community teaching? Too thick, again?

Let’s cut to the chase here. Regardless of imagined demographic changes or otherwise, there is a teensy weensy fact that the article avoids. The Irish Republic is bankrupt and could no more afford the North than I could buy the Burj Khalafi. It would make much more sense for the Irish Republic to grow closer to the UK. I enjoyed the fact that the Irish Times turns to ardent nationalists Fionnula O’Connor and Brian Feeney for balanced comment, lol. For some reason, no unionist was allowed to comment. That’s the brave new world the Irish Times envisages?


By David Vance On December 22nd, 2011 at 8:47 am

Did you read that Britain’s top civil servant has warned the issue of whether to break up the United Kingdom is an “enormous challenge” facing politicians.

Sir Gus O’Donnell, who stands down as cabinet secretary on 1 January, also writes in the Daily Telegraph about the risks of a flagging economy. And he said there were issues about how to make the EU operate “in the best interests of its citizens”. Scotland’s SNP government plans to hold an independence referendum before 2016. Alex Salmond has said he will call the vote in the second half of the SNP’s four-year term in office at Holyrood. David Cameron has said he is committed to keeping the United Kingdom together.

The more I think about it, the more it seems that the monster of Devolution may finish the UK. It’s one reason why I opposed it at the time. The idea seems right but the practicality is different.

Scotland seems to be slowly but surely heading for the exit door. Is this a bad thing? If Scots would prefer to be Euro serfs then off they toodle. The implications of this would be that Labour would NEVER hold a majority at Westminster ever again. We would have a Conservative Government in perpetuity. We would stop transferring massive resources north of the border. Is that a bad thing? I don’t believe that Wales or Northern Ireland could follow Scotland into euro-oblivion but then again, part of me thinks that the implosion of the EU may make most Scots vote to stay within a United Kingdom. Either way, interesting times lie ahead!


By David Vance On October 2nd, 2011 at 8:26 am

Cynicism is the product of political experience. Just reflect on this;

Home Secretary Theresa May uses an interview with The Sunday Telegraph to warn that the European Human Rights Act is hampering the Home Office’s struggle to deport dangerous foreign criminals and terrorist suspects. “I’d personally like to see the Human Rights Act go because I think we have had some problems with it,” she says.

The Home Secretary’s words will be cheered by many Conservative MPs as well as Tory ministers across Whitehall.

However, they are likely to be greeted with dismay by leading Liberal Democrats, some of whom have signalled the future of the Coalition would be under threat if any serious action was taken against the Act, which incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law.

May inserts the word “personally” into her comment for one specific reason. The Conservative Party has NO intention of removing the toxic Human Rights Act. It knows that to do so would means to risk the fall of the Coalition – with Nick Clegg and co prepared to fall on their sword in order to ensure the perverse criminal charters of a HMR continues. So May is simple providing a little red meat for the natives, who will lap it up, and after the Conservative  Conference has faded, the wicked Human Rights Act will remain.


By David Vance On August 22nd, 2011 at 8:29 am

Here’s an interesting one; 

Human rights lawyers are challenging the tuition fees ‘apartheid’ in Scotland claiming it discriminates against the English.

Scottish universities will charge English (and Welsh and Northern Irish) students fees of up to £9,000 from 2012 while the Scottish and students from the rest of the EU will go for free. At present the 22,500 English students currently studying in Scotland pay between £1,820 and £2,895.

When fees hike to up to £9,000 the English will pay £36,000 more than the Scots and students from the EU. The Scottish government claims it is within its rights to deny equal treatment to other UK students. But leading human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, of Public Interest Lawyers, is to mount a legal challenge to stop the action. He believes the anti-English discrimination breaches equality laws. He said: ‘The fees system in the UK is deeply discriminatory.’

The Scottish Nationalist Government LOVE the idea of making the English pay to attend University in Scotland whilst they fund the costs of their OWN students going to Scottish University from grants taken from English taxes. The legislation as I understand it is as follows; current EU law means that a country cannot discriminate between the rate it charges its OWN students and those from other EU countries. However it CAN vary what it charges WITHIN regions of its own country. Scotland uses this to provide free University Education for Scots and EU students, whilst heavily charging English, Welsh AND Northern Ireland students. In the case of Northern Ireland this is profoundly annoying because MANY NI young people choose Scottish Unis rather than our local Unis – with the majority of students at Dundee being from Northern Ireland.

Alex Salmond is playing the little nationalist card in a populist way. He can ONLY do so because of the iniquities of the Barnett formula which gives Scotland a disproportionately LARGE amount of UK tax revenues. This needs to stop.