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By ATWadmin On January 4th, 2009 at 10:40 am

Well, we all know what happened to those pesky Jews that were unfortunate enough to find themselves living in Europe back in the middle of the last century – not treated that well, as history recalls. So, with such a disgraceful track record, is it really a surprise to read that the European Union has pledged 3 Million Euros to bring aid to those poor hungry starving Hamas supporting Jew hating people in Gaza. Naturally Israel doesn’t get a cent. The EU also has called on Israel to respect its “international obligations” and let the Aid through. Notice the EU has nothing to say about Hamas respecting the lives of innocent Israeli people, oh no, that’s not important. The truth is that the same dark anti-Semitism that scarred the face of  Europe during the 20th century and which culminated in the Holocaust (Denied by those nice Palestinians, of course) is alive and well and directing EU policy.


By ATWadmin On December 31st, 2008 at 8:06 am

I see that the oxymoronic European Court of Human Rights has BLOCKED the handover to the Iraqi authorities of the last two remaining prisoners held by British forces in Basra yesterday– just hours after the Court of Appeal in London ruled that they could be transferred.

The two Iraqi nationals, Faisal al-Saadoon, 56, and Khalaf Mufdhi, 58, are accused of the murder in Iraq of two British soldiers. The UK authorities want to transfer them from British custody there to Iraqi custody, for trial by the Iraqi High Tribunal. But the men claim that would violate their human rights because of the risk they could face torture, an unfair trial and the death penalty in Iraqi custody.

So, two Iraqi Jihadists kill two British soldiers. The UK seeks to have these alleged killers handed over to the lawful Iraqi authorities for due process but the EU Court says no. One more reason to loath the EU.


By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2008 at 2:48 pm

The inability of the European elite to bring about any necessary change in their atrophied societies is manifest in the news that French Presidet Nicolas Sarkozy is so afraid of an explosion of violence on New Year’s Eve that he has abandoned an education reform that was considered one of the cornerstones of his government’s programme after it prompted angry protests from students.

Sarkozy has often mocked his predecessors for backtracking on reforms after street protests. His volte-face last week after noisy demonstrations by schoolchildren exposed him to ridicule as well as baffling his supporters. It emerged that Sarkozy feared the protests would spill over into Christmas and the new year, spiralling into a dangerous Europe-wide student uprising inspired by the scenes of mayhem in Greece, where protests continued last week. “We don’t want a European May ’68 in the middle of Christmas,” Sarkozy told his ministers in a reference to protests four decades ago that led to the collapse of General Charles de Gaulle’s government in 1969. Sarkozy also worries that celebrations on New Year’s Eve could erupt into rioting similar to the disturbances that set immigrant suburbs ablaze in France three years ago.

“Things are heating up everywhere in Europe, in Greece, but also in Spain, Italy and even in France. The slogan of the Greek students about ‘the €600 generation’ could easily catch on here,” he said, referring to complaints by Greek students about being unable to find jobs paying more than €600 (£557) a month.

So, without reform, Europe drifts listlessly along, sunk in an economic mire, scared of offending the sort of – shall we call them “youths” – who set Parisian suburbs ablaze not so long ago.  As Europe haemorrhages employment and more and more indigenous youths find that any jobs that are around have been taken by immigrants, the tinder is there to be set ablaze. Will 2009 see this ignite?

Overtime Workers of the World Unite!

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2008 at 1:51 pm

When I started my new position last year, I had two ambitions for my house. The first was to buy a new boiler and the second was to have an entirely new bathroom fitted. As I live in a house which is fully paid for, I have spent the last number of years gradually improving the property. A new boiler and bathroom would see the house completed to my satisfaction. But how was I going to pay for it? On credit, like most of the idiots in this country? Not on your life, Pedro!! I was brought up to believe that making purchases on credit was a fundamental human weakness.  My old grandmother (God rest her) used to say to me in her broadest Yorkshire accent: ‘If tha’ can’t afford it at the time, lad, tha’ can’t afford it – full stop!’

One of the beauties of working in the care industry is the fantastic amount of overtime one can accrue. If you need the money and enjoy the job, you can spend more time at work than you can at home. As there have been plenty of opportunities for overtime over the past year, I decided to take full advantage of them and save up for my accoutrements. My basic net salary is just under £1,300 per month.  Working overtime can add £700 to that total if I work enough hours.  I enjoy my job immensely so I often take advantage of building up my finances. I work 37.5 hours a week and, on at least four separate occasions over the past twelve months, have added nearly 100 hours overtime. Nobody has forced me to do it. I’ve done it because I wanted to do it.  Thanks to the overtime, I have been able to have both my wishes fulfilled.  Without my overtime, I would still be in the process of saving up for each task. Instead my house is finally complete.  With me so far, Mr Barber?

How many other people in this country have circumstances similar to my own?  Thousands I would imagine. Contrary to what the politicians of Socialist Park: The Lost World might think, many people who work long hours do so because that is their wish.  What business is it of the State, much less the European Union, to tell me how many hours I should work? We’re not all subjected to the whip-cracking of uncaring ultra-capitalistic Mr Fredericks, you know!

Barber and the unions want this country to turn into a little socialist oasis. I suggest they look at the above picture of Cuba and see how years of unfettered socialism can really affect the human domain. They might then allow the workers who compliment the market, as opposed to those who constantly fight it, to get on with their own lives and their own business.


By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2008 at 9:56 pm

It’s reported that Germany, Italy and Poland are pulling in different directions at crunch summit on climate change.

The EU is split between the poorer east and the wealthy west. Germany says that most of their industries need not pay to pollute, Italy says it cannot afford the ambitious scheme, and Britain, surreally,  says that the package on the table could result in huge windfall profits for companies!!

I expect some tatty compromise will be found, at the 11th hour, in true EU style. But the reality is that the economic consequences of the Climate Change Bill will be devastating for any nation that seeks to grow. Then again, growth is not on the EU agenda – but control is.


By ATWadmin On December 4th, 2008 at 12:10 pm

Wonder how you feel about the news that the UK Government’s high-profile national DNA database is now in tatters after a landmark ruling by the European Court.

In an unprecedented move, judges decided that keeping samples of people with no  criminal convictions on file is a breach of their human rights. The verdict could force the Government to remove the DNA details of hundreds of thousands of Britons from the current total of about 4.5 million held on the England, Wales and Northern Ireland database. In a way, I actually welcome the idea that innocent people’s DNA is not to be retained in the sweaty paws of government, but on the other hand I resent the European Court having any say in what we do!


By ATWadmin On December 2nd, 2008 at 8:53 am

We all know how arrogant the European Union is and how little regard it has for the views of the ordinary citizens that make up the Nation States it seeks to control. So it was no BIG surprise to read that the European Commission president said the UK was ‘closer than ever before’ to signing up to the single currency.  Jose Manuel Barroso said he had held private conversations with ‘the people who count in Britain’ and knew that they were ready to move into the euro-zone.

And who are “the people who count in Britain”? Step forward Lord Peter Mandelson – the man who has been forced to resign TWICE from government and who has been brought back from the EU to the UK government by Prudence Brown in a last-gasp attempt to save his ailing regime. Mandelson believes that the UK should  abandon its ancient currency and join the Euro-zone and now he is back at the black heart of government there will be more spinning on this subject.This man is pure political poison.

Of course the government knows that the people of Britain would reject the Euro if we were ever given the vote, but as we saw in Ireland, even when the people speak and say No, the EU elite, inlcuding Mandelson, reject such a response. So, is it possible that Brown could try and rail-road us into the Euro without a referendum, using the financial crisis as a useful flag of convenience? Nothing would surprise me since we have a government that delights in evasion, guile, deceit and arrogance.


By ATWadmin On November 14th, 2008 at 5:36 pm

Well then – I see that the mighty economic goliath, the Eurozone, has gone into official recession!

“EU figures showed that the economy shrank by 0.2% in the third quarter. This follows a 0.2% contraction in the 15-nation area in the previous quarter from April to June. Two quarters of negative growth define a technical recession. The news was widely anticipated and follows data showing that Germany and Italy, two of the biggest eurozone economies, are already in recession.”

I suggest that this merely shows we DO live in a globalised economy and nowhere can be insulated from the sort of energy and banking seismic shocks that we have all witnessed in recent times. More interesting will be to see how the Euro-elite respond to the challenge of recession. We will see surging unemployment in the next year, slumping economic growth. I also wonder if the strong Euro vs Dollar/Pound will add further woes to European exporters chances of pulling through. No sane person would take delight from the Eurozones woes, and I certainly hope it will not be as bad as I fear. However despite all the political verbiage, I’m not sure the political class can do that much to help. But there is ONE issue that this now highlights. Europe has seen massive inward immigration – what now for those, mainly Muslim, people who see Europe as their base? Who will fund their unemployment benefit? What will be the societal consequences?How can such diverse economies have effective responses when the ECB has a one size fits all strategy? Time will tell…


By ATWadmin On October 27th, 2008 at 9:22 am

Telling statistics.

British businesses are being tied up with record levels of Brussels red tape, a report warned yesterday. The TaxPayers’ Alliance says that UK firms are struggling under the ‘severe burden’ of EU regulation, which is estimated to cost £150billion a year. The study found that there are currently 16,980 EU laws in force in this country and they are increasing at a rate of 2,000 a year. It said that Whitehall had added to the regulatory burden by using EU directives as ‘vehicles for their own policy agendas’ and attaching numerous additional clauses and extending their scope – a practice known as ‘gold-plating’. Ben Farrugia from the alliance said: ‘Regulations are an enormous burden to business, particularly in a time of financial hardship. The EU’s addiction to regulating and Whitehall’s compulsive gold-plating have added billions to business costs in recent years. ‘Both the legislative process which has created this regulatory tangle and Britain’s relationship with the EU needs a serious rethink.’

Not really much to think about. We need OUT.


By ATWadmin On October 26th, 2008 at 9:24 am

Did you see that John Hutton has become the first defence secretary to back a French plan for a European army, branding those who dismiss it as “pathetic”.

“In a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times, he said: “I think we’ve got to be pragmatic about those things. Where it can help, we should be part of it.” His support goes beyond the public position of Gordon Brown, the prime minister, and will antagonise those who believe that further European cooperation will undermine Nato by excluding the United States. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has sought to develop Europe’s military structures with new headquarters and rapid reaction forces, each consisting of 1,500 troops from member countries.

So, who will fight and die for the EU? Would you? The prospect of the British Army included amongst the massed ranks of the French and Belgiums may cause Hutton’s heart to flutter – but in truth it is a pathetic idea and the mark of a rabid europhile.

Of course the question of a Euro-army raises a number of interesting questions that Hutton does not answer.

1. Will the citizens of Europe be prepared to PAY the necessary costs for such a major undertaking given existing reluctance to even commit resource to NATO? Higher taxes for a Euro-army strikes me as a unlikely political proposition. The truth is that the US has been underwriting European expenditure on its military for decades and as the US starts to pull back from this, the costs for the Euros will escalate. Given the condition of the European economy, where will the cash come from exactly?

2. Who will the Euro-army fight, exactly? And who will decide? Might it’s remit be more of a  function of  keeping the citizens of Europe under control – in their own interests, naturally?

3. If there is a Euro-army, why retain a National army? Without a national army, without a national currency, without a national defence of foreign policy, what is a nation?

The truth is that Hutton is whistling in the Euro-breeze but at least it lets us see where the Euro-tyrants would like us to go.