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Where’s the fire?

By Mike Cunningham On July 7th, 2015 at 7:57 pm

If a foursome of murderous Muslim terrorists had self-detonated their suicide vests  in central London in the late ‘Sixties or ‘Seventies, amidst the murderous onslaught of the IRA, there would have been anger,  and a desire for revenge: to equal the damage done to 52 fatalities and 700-odd more injured. I believe that, if the carnage which was spattered across the Tube trains and Tavistock Square some ten years ago today; had in fact occurred some thirty years prior; there would have been a much more vigorous response, a demand for a more pure reaction than that smoothed out by the politicians who have ordered our lives by means of platitudes, lies and absolute deniability.  Immediately the cause, and the shared religion of those killers was revealed, there came a frantic, massive effort to state, categorically, that all Muslims were not to blame, that Islam could not be held responsible for the murders, and the blood. The slogan ‘Islam is the Religion of Peace’ was parrotted throughout BBC and Media-land, and it worked! They knew that the British public, slow and sheeplike though they may be, could react with extreme violence given the correct stimulus, and they feared above everything else that their Multi-Cultured Paradise had suffered a grievous puncture; and they hastened to patch things up, and smooth the funerals and the news so that the truth could be managed.

Naturalisation Graphs and Statistics can be seen, by adjusting the icons at the base of the graphs, to give the true picture of what has been done to this once great nation, by the weasels who have taken their orders from the politicians who have served this Nation so badly!

The truth that our Country, over the past twenty-five years, has seen the greatest adulteration of any Nation’s identity within the Western World, has been carefully managed and virtually hidden from sight. The possession of that magic document, a British passport, even though it has been scarred by the EU stars, is the one thing which has been the means of that adulteration, bringing, as it did between 1990 and 2012 some 1-odd million Muslim Asian and Middle Eastern migrants, all of whom gained a British Passport, out of a total of some four-odd million applications. Factor in the percentage of Hindus from India at around ten percent. Ignore, if you can, the fact that there are some 750,000-odd bogus asylum seekers wandering around the UK, and a high percentage of that bunch are Muslim. The one statistic which I have deliberately not inserted is not the number of passport applications and naturalisations, it is the total number of migrants arriving into this crowded island within the past 25 years; and that number is 7,800,000, or, in simple English, Seven Million Eight Hundred Thousand!

The question which should be asked is simple: How did they get away with this simple deceit and destruction of a Nation which used to be 97.35% white, with a majority of broad but vaguely Right-wing backgound, into the polyglot cess-pit of ‘Diversity’ which is Great Britain today?


There was a young lady called Starkey

By Mike Cunningham On October 22nd, 2014 at 9:38 am

It is a strange but telling tale, and although many of my readers may subscribe deeper motives for my highlighting it, it is pefectly relevant to Britain today.

You live in Rotherham, you want to call a reliable taxi company to order a taxi to take you, well, anywhere; and if you are especially nervous, or wish to avoid any possibility of associating with characters of, shall we say a less than preposessing character; you always demand a ‘local’ driver.

When asked for comment, a council official stated, probably through clenched teeth from sheer frustration, ” However, this appears to be a decision made by the company and there is currently nothing in the conditions of their license which state that they cannot operate such a policy, just as some firms choose to offer customers only female drivers.”

The reason for my posting is, quite simply this: this is where we are today; mainly because of the Social Engineering policies of the bloody Labour Government through the Blair years; and why a national newspaper runs a story where people ask to be provided with White drivers because they are deemed more trustworthy than their Pakistani Muslim colleagues.

I do so wonder why!


A ‘law’ for him, but not for her

By Mike Cunningham On August 21st, 2014 at 2:14 pm

Maybe many thousands of people have ‘googled’ about the ignoble ‘Lord Rennard’ and his pervy dealings with at least four women (that number is based upon those who actually came forward); the laughable ‘enquiry’ pushed by the LibDems as the only way to shovel this particular pile of manure out of the room; and the truly shoddy manner in which the Party decided that they would be taking no further action.

Now I mentioned the term ‘googled’; but I wonder just how many people noticed that at the base of the first page of search results, if you look diligently, you will read this small line, placed to comply with a European Court of Justice ruling, which states:-


 Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. (my accents)

Now if people are sufficiently intrigued by this notice, as I have maybe stated previously, and institute an identical search on Google.com, you come up with this little gem, which of course gives one of these women’s words in full, as opposed to those blotted out in the original search. Words such as :-

Susan was sitting with seven female colleagues, including Jo Swinson, now the Minister for Women and Equality, enjoying a gin and tonic after dinner when Rennard ‘plonked himself down’ next to her.

‘Physically, I thought he was a fat, bald man who looked a bit sweaty, but he was very charming and seemed to listen,’ she says.

‘He started asking me questions about what my ambitions were and where I saw my future going. I told him I really wanted to be an MP. I thought: “This is a positive conversation to be having. I’m setting out my store as to who I am, what I believe in and where I see myself.”

‘And then his hand touched my knee.

‘I thought, “I’m imagining this” — so moved my leg away and carried on the conversation.

‘He moved closer and it happened again,’ says Susan, her pretty, heart-shaped face expressing genuine revulsion.

‘I shifted a little bit more and that exposed my back, because I was wearing a little pink top. He started stroking this bare bit of skin.

‘It was quite late and we had been drinking. I’d had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and was on my second gin and tonic, but I was hardly throwing my legs in the air.

‘By that stage the person next to me had gone to bed, so I moved myself from one chair to another. It must have been half-elevenish. When I moved chairs, he moved chairs … and it started again.

‘I thought, “I don’t like this, I really don’t like this” so I finished my drink and said: “I’m off to bed.” He said: “I’ll walk up with you.”

‘I thought: “How do I get out of this?” So I said: “No, I’m going to go to the ladies first because I don’t think I’ll make it upstairs.”

‘I hid in there for about ten minutes, pacing up and down. When I thought he must have finished his drink and gone to bed, I started towards the stairs. It was this sort of winding staircase and he was standing at the bottom. He said: “I’ll walk you up.”

‘We got to the top of the staircase and he brushed my back again. I turned round and said: “I’m off to bed. Really nice to have had that conversation.”

‘He said: “No, no, no. Let’s get a couple more drinks and we’ll go to my room and we can discuss your future political career.”

‘My head at this point was just screaming: “No! No! Susan, what have you got yourself into?” I told him I was really tired and had to go to bed.

‘When I got into my room, that was when the tears started. I phoned my dad and said: “Dad, I think I’ve just wrecked my political career because I turned down Chris Rennard.”’

Now I, and maybe many others, will commence wondering who actually contacted that mighty Search Engine, and insisted that that link be scrubbed away from any results for Susan’s name in conjunction with the pervy, wriggling, nasty twit who goes by the name of Reennard?

And of course the second query is the one that counts. How many women will still work and vote for a bunch as lily-livered and compromised as the Lib-Dems surely are; especially after a decision such as this?


Just Another Day at the Office

By ATWadmin On September 1st, 2010 at 3:44 am

Photo pulled off  Hillbuzz

Red Meat

By ATWadmin On July 9th, 2010 at 8:26 pm

Mama Grizzlies rising up….