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The People that Know best what are kids should learn

By Patrick Van Roy On April 12th, 2011 at 2:25 am

In a State that claims to be the “model state” for the rest of the U.S. prove why the earthquake and tsunami hit the wrong side of the Pacific.

Teachers support cop-killer

Between negotiating for more benefits and teaching their students, the California Federation of Teachers has adopted a resolution of support for convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

At the CFT’s 2011 Convention in late March, the delegates passed 30 resolutions, from solidifying support for anti-bullying legislation to supporting transitional kindergarten. Among the resolutions largely pertaining to education and collective bargaining rights was Resolution 19 – to “Reaffirm support for death row journalist.”

“Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Federation of Teachers reaffirm its support and demand that the courts consider the evidence of innocence of Mumia Abu-Jamal,” the Committee Report reads.

Mumia Abu-Jamal was a former member of the Black Panthers who was found guilty of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel J. Faulkner during a routine traffic stop in 1981. Abu-Jamal was subsequently sentenced to death.

His supporters, such as the California Federation of Teachers, argue that his trial was unfair and that he is a civil rights hero.

Mumia Abu-Jamal or as he was called at his birth Wesley Cook, is the scum of the Earth that should be 6ft underground rather than in a 6 by 12 cell.

On December 9, 1981, at approximately 3:55 a.m., Officer Danny Faulkner, a five year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, made a traffic stop at Locust Street near Twelfth Street. The car stopped by Officer Faulkner was being driven by William Cook. After making the stop, Danny called for assistance on his police radio and requested a police wagon to transport a prisoner. Unbeknownst to him, William Cook’s brother, Wesley (aka Mumia Abu-Jamal) was across the street. As Danny attempted to handcuff William Cook, Mumia Abu-Jamal ran from across the street and shot the officer in the back. Danny turned and was able to fire one shot that struck Abu-Jamal in the chest; the wounded officer then fell to the pavement. Mumia Abu-Jamal stood over the downed officer and shot him four more times at close range, once directly in the face. Mumia Abu-Jamal was found still at the scene of the shooting by officers who arrived there within seconds. The murderer was slumped against the curb in front of his brother’s car. In his possession was a .38 caliber revolver that records showed Mumia had purchased months earlier. The chamber of the gun had five spent cartridges. A cab driver, as well as other pedestrians, had witnessed the brutal slaying and identified Mumia Abu-Jamal as the killer both at the scene and during his trial. On July 2, 1982, after being tried before a jury of ten whites and two blacks, Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering Officer Danny Faulkner. The next day, the jury sentenced him to death after deliberating for two hours. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania heard the defendant’s appeals and upheld the conviction on March 6, 1989.

Officer Danny Faulkner joined the ranks of those courageous officers who have given their lives to keep our nation’s streets safe and free. Danny and his wife, Maureen, had been married only slightly more than a year. Now, she was left a widow with only her memories of the young officer to comfort her and dreams of the life they could have shared together. Danny and Maureen Faulkner are the real victims of that horrible night in December, 1981. It is for them that we seek justice

Mitt Happens

By 33230715130361 On April 11th, 2011 at 9:57 pm

Mitt Romney has announced his exploratory committee has been set up, a virtual announcement that he will run in the Republican primaries for the upcoming US Presidential election.  Once more unto the chicken dinner circuit.  I don’t know if Romney can really satisfy the reved up base of the Republican Party which has been dumbing itself down for some time now.   They are in full blown mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore mode, and may need more of a red meat leader.  Romney has some business bona fides, but he’s dull.  And he’s from the northeast.  And he’s Mormon and that gives the evangelicals some pause.  

Lucky for him he has a boat load of money so he can pay as he goes for a while.  How far remains to be seen.

Life itself, always provides the best comedy

By Patrick Van Roy On April 11th, 2011 at 11:06 am

I guess we can blame this one on all three nations France, Britain and the U.S.  Since we have imposed a no fly zone over Libya the Arab League is insisting that the UN impose a no fly zone over Gaza. They are demanding that we shoot down Israeli planes that bomb Gaza.

Now I have a few things I would like to point out.

1) The main reason we are doing anything in Libya is to protect the french supply chain of oil. When we should have told them to go scratch, since when Gadaffy was actively supporting terrorism world wide France REFUSED to allow our planes to fly over to go stop him.

2) The Israeli’s are defending themselves from rocket fire from the Iranian supported terrorists in Gaza. For pete’s sake the bombing raid that killed 18 terrorists in Gaza was in response to an anti tank missile hitting a school bus. and finally

3) if the U.S. doesn’t veto this action in the Security Counsel since both France and England don’t have enough planes and pilots to do the current mission in Libya, it would mean that the U.S. will have to be the ones to shoot down Israeli planes.  (gee where have we heard that possibility discussed)


The Second push is on, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has gone to the buffoons in Brussels to Demand they recognize an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank. He says they have all the amenities, justice, education, energy, health, water, security and housing services.

“I believe that our governing institutions have now reached a high state of readiness to assume all the responsibilities that will come with full sovereignty on the entire Palestinian occupied territory,”

In a 63-page document he underlines that unless Israel’s military occupation comes to an end, these accomplishments can only achieve so much. “Without a change to the status quo, the positive impact of internal reforms to build a strong and healthy economy will be limited in both scope and sustainability,” the report says.

Palestinian leaders aim to ask the United Nations General Assembly in September for recognition of statehood on all of the territory Israel occupied in 1967, including Gaza — over which Fayyad and President Mahmoud Abbas have no control.

The document will be presented on April 13 to the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee, a 12-member committee of the European Union and United States which serves as the principal policy-level coordination mechanism for assistance to the Palestinians.

So the Pallies are trying to do an end run around the peace process. They want the EU and the UN to recognize them and then demand that the International community FORCIBLY REMOVE the Israeli’s from their sovereign state.

Director In The Rye: RIP SidneyLumet

By 33230715130361 On April 11th, 2011 at 1:05 am

Sidney Lumet who just passed away at age 86 said he was not a religious man, and suggeted he be cremated and that his burnt remains be spread over Katz’s Deli in New York.  While I loved his movies I don’t think I want his ashes on top of my next pastrami on rye.  

Lumet’s sense of cinema was all New York City.  The Pawnbroker, 12 Angry Men, Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon.  Want to argue Scorcese or Woody Alln as the best New York City themed director an you’ve got some merit, but Lumet to me was the tops.  For God’s sake his first film, 12 Angry Men, was something you could retire on, an instant classic.  His greats  included Network, The Verdict, Fail Safe and Before The Devil Knows you are Dead (his last film at age 83!!). 

He was an actor’s director, obtaining some of the best performances ut of Henry Fonda, Katherine Hpeburn, Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Jack Warden, Peter Finch, Albert Finney, William Holden, Charles Durning, Rod Steiger, Jason Robards, James Mason, Jack Warden, and Faye Dunaway.   In fact, Pacino and the great John Cazale were as good if not better playing bank robbers Sonny and Sal in Dog Day Afternoon than they were as brothers in The Godfather (which is as high a bar as one can set). 

His Murder On The Orient Express was a wonderful camp allstar celebration of a whodunit.  There is a scene in The Verdict when Paul Newman’s fallen lawyer can’t even catch his breath as his case goes south that still haunts me.  Lee J. Cobb’s breakdown in 12 Angry Men may have been that great actor’s greatest moment.  Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s performance in Before the Devil Knows You Are Dead is wonderful, and makes you recall that Lumet also directed Brando, Caine , Fonda and Nolte. 

I’ll forgive Lumet “The Wiz”  (we all lose our direction at times), and the fact that he was actually from Philadelphia.  But his sense of NYC pervades his movies (driving Hollywood establishment types crazy). He filmed real neighorhoods, real stories, real emotions and real characters.  As an artist he was an adult in a child’s world.   He was a classic.

How many times must the Mad Persian repeat himself before you believe

By Patrick Van Roy On April 10th, 2011 at 5:33 pm

The Mad Little Persian is calling for all our deaths again, while blaming us for all the turmoil. Yes I know I am crazy because I believe they are behind 90% of the revolts, and the idea that they are forming the caliphate is just nonsense.

Hegemons want Shia-Sunni war: Ahmadinejad
KERMANSHAH – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said the United States and its Western allies are seeking to provoke Iran-Arab conflict and Shia-Sunni war with the aim of saving the Zionist regime. “They are trying to incite Iran-Arab conflict and Shia-Sunni war in the region only to save the Zionist regime,”

Ahmadinejad said it is “a great treachery and conspiracy” and called on the regional nations and governments to be careful not to be deceived by the arrogant powers’ complicated plot.

“The regional countries should know if anyone helps the enemies to implement their plot in the region, the nations will regard him as an accomplice of the enemies and the person who has betrayed the region,” he explained. “You (the U.S. and other Western countries) are again mistaken because you have underestimated the intelligence of the regional nations. You should know that the Zionist regime has reached the end of the line and no one can save this regime,”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asserted that a new Middle East, without the specter of the Zionist regime, America and its proxies, is taking shape.

The War is spreading, and the current administrations in the west are aiding that spread.

Chump Change, and the Right Caved

By Patrick Van Roy On April 9th, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Last night Congress passed another continuing resolution, this one had cuts to spending equal to 37.7 Billion. That’s chump change. The U.S. government borrows $4 Billion Dollars a day. So they cut just less than 10 days worth of debt.

Not only is it Chump Change, but Weeping Willie Boehner gave in on stopping the EPA, and defunding Planned Parenthood. Both Planned Parenthood was cut in for DC, and the voucher program for school choice was reinstated, a small victory. While and this is the best part The Washington Times is reporting that

“Obama” did a great job but the cuts are smaller than he wanted, “The spending cuts amount to $78.5 billion below what Mr. Obama had requested for 2011. The final number means discretionary spending will total $1.049 trillion this year, with $513 billion for the Defense Department. “

When did Obama call for 1.5 Trillion in cuts, and how could he call for cuts in a budget that both he and the Democrats refused to submit let alone pass last year?

The upcoming budget debate is going to be fun to watch, Ryans budget cuts over $6 Trillion Dollars, these clowns can’t pass $100 Billion. The Republicans are in trouble, the base be very very unhappy with this deal.

A Little on the blue side, but damn good

By Patrick Van Roy On April 8th, 2011 at 4:10 pm



By David Vance On April 8th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

English Universities are ripping off would be students, plain and simple and I think this is profoundly wrong;

Far more English university students than originally expected will be paying the maximum tuition fee of £9,000 a year, BBC research suggests. About half of the 111 universities contacted by the BBC said they would charge £9,000 for all their courses. And about two thirds said they would charge the top rate for at least some courses. Ministers had said they had wanted the top fee to be charged only in “exceptional circumstances”.

The BBC research also suggests there will big differences in the financial support offered to poorer students, with some being offered as much as a £6,000 “discount” or fee waiver. Among the universities that will charge £9,000 for all courses, the fee waiver for the poorest students ranges from £2,000 to £6,000 a year. Changes mean that from autumn 2012, universities in England will be able to raise tuition fees from the present level of £3,290 a year to between £6,000 and £9,000, if they meet certain conditions. Students will pay the fees once they graduate and are earning at least £21,000, and there will be support for those from poorer homes.

So, the majority of students will end up with around £27,000 debt whilst coming out into a job market that is over supplied, with rising interest rates and shrinking opportunity. Good deal?

Is it Plagiarism if I Use Obama’s words without quotes?

By Patrick Van Roy On April 7th, 2011 at 7:05 pm

Well tuff nuggets, President Barry was in Pennsylvania yesterday, trying to bash the Republican Budget Cuts. He visited a Wind Turbine Manufacturer. Extolling the joys and economic soundness of putting taxpayer money into an industry that can’t benefit the country for a minimum of two decades.

Lets see what The President thinks aqbout the price of fuel, “I’m just going to be honest with you. There’s not much we can do next week or two weeks from now,” the president said it won’t happen overnight and if any politician says it’s easy, “they’re not telling the truth.”

Bull Mr. President you can change the price of gas just by talking, when Bush was President when he said he was opening the outer shelf and other areas to drilling, the price of oil droped 11 dollars a barrel within 24hrs. It’s not that you can’t do anything, it’s that you won’t. During your campaign you said gas should be at $5 a gallon, and you have run your administrations energy policy to achieve just that.

He had more to say, “Gas prices? They’re going to still fluctuate until we can start making these broader changes, and that’s going to take a couple of years to have serious effect,” When a worker at the plant had the nerve to complain that  gas now averaged $3.70 a gallon, this is the response that the worker got,

“If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know,” Obama said laughingly. “You might want to think about a trade-in.” “I know Chevy and Ford would be glad to sell you a car that gets better miliage”

Well Mr. President we the people are glad that $4 a gallon gas has no effect on your life. I am sure all the Plumbers, Landscapers, Painters, and Contractors whose lively hood depends on driving a pick up truck or a van, and is shelling out $150 to fill their tank instead of $50. See the joke of having to put money into a gas tank due to artificial inflation caused by you, and your little addvertisement there for Government Motors. Instead of buying food or a pair of shoes for little Johnny.

We are about to be crushed by double diget inflation and Barry couldn’t give a plug nicol

Obama, Libya, and Israel

By Patrick Van Roy On April 7th, 2011 at 12:12 pm

President Barry’s idiotic actions in Lybia are a setup to not only further abandon Israel, but set it up to actually be attacked by the U.S.
The philosophy of purely humanitarion strikes using missiles and planes to attack a superior force because civilians are being killed is a philosophy designed to change the American priority that a National interest must be involved, and a disavowment of all Allies. President Barry is implementing Samantha Powers his long term foriegn policy advisors beliefs.
Lets look a little at Ms. Powers, she has after all been his advisor since he was a Senator.
A loon from Dublin (wonder if she has relatives in SF/IRA), and graduate from Yale, and Harvard,” a member of the president’s National Security Council who shares Noam Chomsky’s foreign-policy goals. An influential presidential adviser whom 1960s revolutionary Tom Hayden treats as a fellow radical.” A White House official who wrote a book aiming to turn an anti-American, anti-Israel, Marxist-inspired, world-government-loving United Nations bureaucrat into a popular hero, Chasing the Flame . Samantha Power, is senior director of multilateral affairs for the National Security Council and is the principal architect of our current intervention in Libya.
A woman determined to subordinate America’s national sovereignty to an international order largely controlled by leftist bureaucrats. According to her own writings. Both Obama and Power are skilled at hiding their ultimate ideological goals out of sight, behind a screen of practical problem-solving. Obama and Power are attempting to accustom us to a whole new way of thinking about war, and about America’s place in the world.
Obama likes following this womans advice as shown by his first two apology tours of Europe, In a 2003 piece for the New York Times, ” Power bemoaned the reluctance of American policymakers to apologize to other countries for our supposed past mistakes.” A 2007 piece by Power in The New York Times Book Review attacked the phrase “War on Terror,” which of course the Obama administration has since dropped. Her writings, Obama’s actions, combined with their long working relationship. Gives weight to how much he uses her advice. The only person advising Obama longer than this loon is Rev Wright, and Bill Ayers.

In Power’s view, to be credible, humanitarian interventions must respond to immediate danger (thus Obama’s waiting until the militarily unpropitious moment when Benghazi itself was under imminent threat), must be supported by multilateral bodies (thus the resort to the U.N., NATO, and the Arab League in preference to the U.S. Congress), “must forswear up front . . . commercial or strategic interests in the region” (thus the disavowal of regime change as a goal of our multilateral action), and must “commit to remaining for a finite period” (as Obama has pledged to do in Libya). Even NATO’s threat to bomb the rebels if they kill civilians (which struck many as unrealistic, and at cross-purposes with our supposed military goals) is foreshadowed in Power’s writings, which highlight the need to police both sides in any humanitarian action.
The novel doctrine of “responsibility to protect,” which Power means the Libyan action to enshrine in international law, could someday be used to justify military intervention to impose a “two-state solution” on Israel this is one of Power’s longstanding goals.

The so-called international community has justified military intervention in Libya on humanitarian grounds: Col. Qaddafi was threatening mass murder in Benghazi. But for years, Iran has been threatening mass murder in every city, town, and village of Israel. So, too, has Hamas, Iran’s client, which rules Gaza and has fired thousands of rockets and mortars into Israel. Fatah, which rules the West Bank, incites terrorism against Israelis while its al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades kill Israelis whenever they get the chance. Where is the international community there?
Libya is actually designed to free the Obamanations hands to use Military force against Israel if it defends itself. After all the Palli terrorists always launch their missiles from schools and hospitals. Their command and control sites are purposly located in buildings with a ton of civilians. Any retaliation by Israel always kills civilians because that is what the terrorists want.
With the establishment of Ms. Powers or if you prefer you can call her Mrs. Sunstein she is married to Cass Sunstein, anyway with the establishment of the precedent of destroying military hardware, of any side that fires into areas where civilians are, under orders from the U.N. sets Israel up for an attack by U.S. forces. It also frees the President to do it on his own without involving Congress. Now with Obama’s demonstrated disdain for Israel, do you think they might need to worry?

The Words in Red are words and thoughts shared not just be me but other commenter’s on this topic, A question has been raised about giving others credit for my post. I read a lot, and I will use others words when they express a point I am trying to make better than I can. I am not a paid journalist, nor do I profit in anyway from this blog, or anyone elses writing. So neither can be held as plagiarism.

However if you find a line or phrase I use written by someone else, give yourself a star for doing your research, also two things might occur to you 1) There are others that believe and think as I do. and 2)Maybe it will inspire you to write a comment that actually finds fault with not only what I am saying, but what others are also saying.

I do forget at times, that so many of those that comment here aren’t interested in what is said but how to poke holes without st