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By Pete Moore On May 29th, 2012 at 6:38 pm

As expected, Jacqueline Woodhouse has been imprisoned for being white, for effectively committing sedition against Marxist throught laws in once-free Britain.

Yes, she was rude to other commuters on a tube train, but we used to be free to be rude. This on the day that Michael Gove told Leveson that free speech is the freedom to be rude to and about others. Don’t make me laugh!

While I wouldn’t have put it in the way that Woodhouse did, I absolutely agree with her and wish my compatriot all the very best. But she stood no chance from the off, because she’s white and wants her country back. People like us are supposed to be intimidated into silence by illegitimate “laws”.

Instead, if she had been a coloniser she could batter two white women to a pulp and then escape jail. And if she had been a coloniser she could have kicked a white woman almost to death while screaming “Kill the white slag”, and still escape jail. But she’s a white Briton, and we’re denied justice in our own land.


By David Vance On April 22nd, 2012 at 12:51 pm

If one swallows the lie that all cultures are equal then surely there can be no protest from leftists about this?

As many as 100,000 women in Britain have undergone female genital mutilations with medics in the UK offering to carry out the illegal procedure on girls as young as 10, it has been reported. The practice, which involves the surgical removal of external genitalia and in some cases the stitching of the vaginal opening, is illegal in Britain and carries up to a 14 year prison sentence. It is also against the law to arrange FGM. Known as “cutting”, the procedure is traditionally carried out for cultural reasons and is widespread across Africa.

The primitivism is only exceeded by the savagery. There is another aspect of this which the Sunday Telegraph ignores. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s right – Islam.


By David Vance On November 26th, 2011 at 10:06 am

Wonder what you think of this story? Not so long ago we were being told that Norway is the very model of multicultural acceptance. Except, of course, that is anything  but!!

“A political row has broken out in Norway after a secondary school segregated students with ethnic backgrounds in classes away from white Norwegians.

Bjerke Upper Secondary School in Oslo filled one of the three general studies sets solely with pupils with immigrant parents, after many white Norwegians from last year’s intake changed schools. The controversy over the decision has highlighted the unease in Norway over how to integrate the 420,000 “non-Nordic” citizens who immigrated between 1990 and 2009, and who make up 28 per cent of Oslo’s population.

“This is the first time I’ve heard about this, and it is totally unacceptable,” Torge Ødegaard, Oslo education commissioner, said on Friday, before pressuring the school to inform parents that the three classes would now be reorganised. The letter to parents read: “Such a division of the students is not in accordance with the requirements of the Education Act. The school regrets this error.”

But Robert Wright, a Christian Democrat politician and former head of the city’s schools board, struck back, arguing that the authorities had been wrong to block the move. He also said that other Oslo schools should start to segregate classes to prevent a situation of “white flight” developing.”

Norway’s problem is Europe’s problem. The massive influx of Muslims presided over by a political liberal elite has caused a fundamental societal problem and I’m not sure HOW it can be fixed. With Europe seeking to open up its borders to 60m Turkish Muslims, things are going to get much worse. We need to stop this madness, carefully protect our borders, demand assimilation and integration. Anything else will lead to more division and who wants that?

Who you calling a ho?

By Mike Cunningham On September 16th, 2011 at 8:30 am

There are two questions with this alleged racial abuse story which should be asked, and answered.

Firstly, did the ‘singer’ actually attempt to jump the queue at the Security station? If she did, the stupid bitch deserves all she got! If not, then the ‘singer’ deserves an apology from the UKBA man, and that is about all.

Secondly, what purpose is served by ‘Big Bruvva’ Boris’s intervention? If there was indeed the slightest suggestion of a ‘racist’ slur against this ‘singer’, surely there would have been further interjections by both UKBA staff and onlookers; because as we all know black people can do no wrong at all, especially in our wonderful world of ‘multiculturalism’. Or is it simply a case of some unknown ‘wannabe’ so-called celebrity getting too big for her tight britches?


By David Vance On August 5th, 2011 at 8:46 am

Another instance of the triumph of multiculturalism that SO enriches are lives;

“A School with more than 400 pupils has only four for whom English is their mother tongue. In one of Britain’s most extreme cases, it has emerged that less than 1 per cent of pupils at Bradford Moor Community  Primary School speak English as their first language. The school is in one of the city’s most deprived areas, and 90 per cent of the 417 pupils are from Pakistan. Many arrive at the school unable to speak a word  of English.”

Funny how Pakistanis seem to have such an open door into Britain. Why?


By David Vance On June 27th, 2011 at 8:05 am

Pity the Swedes! Here’s one of those small stories which are indicative of the twisted mindset of the left.

A pre-school in Sweden has decided to stop calling children ‘him’ or ‘her’ in a bid to stop them falling into gender stereotypes.

The Egalia preschool, in the Sodermalm district of Stockholm, has made the decision as part of the country efforts to engineer equality between the sexes from childhood.

As well as the decision to stop using the words, the taxpayer-funded school also carefully plans the colour and placement of toys and the choice of books to assure they do not fall into stereotypes.

Talk about teachers having too much time on their hands, eh? Iwonder will this uberliberal attitude be applied to the 500,000 Muslims residing in Abbaland? How about in Malmo – destined to be a Muslim majority city in the foreseeable future? Stripping kids of their gender definition and references may get liberal hearts a beating BUT it will ensure that the Swedes meet their Waterloo. My  My..


By Pete Moore On June 23rd, 2011 at 1:59 pm

Many congratulations to the patriot Geert Wilders for winning out against those who subjected him to a political persecution and trial. His victory is not just for himself but also for those who believe in liberty everywhere. His real “crime”, I suspect, in the eyes of his accusers is to stand in defence of the Dutch people and their traditions. Those accusers range far beyond the Dutch judiciary of course. The spiteful BBC report to which Mike links below is proof of this.

As he says, he was not on trial in Holland, but freedom and truth. That he was on trial at all is disturbing and would have been unthinkable until very recently. Below is his speech to the court at the close of the trial. Like Ed West, I wish that European “liberals” would hear it.



By David Vance On May 30th, 2011 at 9:07 am

Rodney Atkinson sent me this interesting article on life in Detroit.

“For 15 years, from the mid 1970’s to 1990, I worked in Detroit , Michigan .  I watched it descend into the abyss of crime, debauchery, gun play, drugs, school truancy, car-jacking, gangs, and human depravity.  I watched entire city blocks burned out.  I watched graffiti explode on buildings, cars, trucks, buses, and school yards.  Trash everywhere!

Detroiters walked through it, tossed more into it, and ignored it.  Tens of thousands, and then hundreds of thousands today exist on federal welfare, free housing, and food stamps! With Aid to Dependent Children, minority women birthed eight to 10, and in one case, one woman birthed 24 children as reported by the Detroit Free Press, all on American taxpayer dollars.

A new child meant a new car payment, new TV, and whatever mom wanted.  I saw Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ flourish in Detroit . If you give money for doing nothing, you will get more hands out taking money for doing nothing.

Mayor Coleman Young, perhaps the most corrupt mayor in America , outside of Richard Daley in Chicago , rode Detroit down to its knees…  He set the benchmark for cronyism, incompetence, and arrogance.  As a black man, he said, “I am the MFIC.” The IC meant “in charge”. You can figure out the rest. Detroit became a majority black city with 67 percent African-Americans.

As a United Van Lines truck driver for my summer job from teaching math and science, I loaded hundreds of American families into my van for a new life in another city or state. Detroit plummeted from 1.8 million citizens to 912,000 today.  At the same time, legal and illegal immigrants converged on the city, so much so, that Muslims number over 300,000.  Mexicans number 400,000 throughout Michigan , but most work in Detroit .  As the whites moved out, the Muslims moved in.

As the crimes became more violent, the whites fled. Finally, unlawful Mexicans moved in at a torrid pace.    Detroit suffers so much shoplifting that grocery stores no longer operate in many inner city locations.  You could cut the racial tension in the air with a knife!

Detroit may be one of our best examples of multiculturalism: pure dislike, and total separation from America .

Today, you hear Muslim calls to worship over the city like a new American Baghdad with hundreds of Islamic mosques in Michigan , paid for by Saudi Arabia oil money.  High school flunk out rates reached 76 percent last June, according to NBC’s Brian Williams.  Classrooms resemble more foreign countries than America .  English?  Few speak it!  The city features a 50 percent illiteracy rate and growing.

Unemployment hit 28.9 percent in 2009 as the auto industry vacated the city.  In Time Magazine’s October 4, 2009, “The Tragedy of Detroit: How a great city fell, and how it can rise again,” I choked on the writer’s description of what happened. “If Detroit had been ravaged by a hurricane, and submerged by a ravenous flood, we’d know a lot more about it,” said Daniel Okrent.  “If drought, and carelessness had spread brush fires across the city, we’d see it on the evening news every night.”

Earthquake, tornadoes, you name it, if natural disaster had devastated the city that was once the living proof of American prosperity, the rest of the country might take notice.

But Detroit , once our fourth largest city, now 11th, and slipping rapidly, has had no such luck.  Its disaster has long been a slow unwinding that seemed to remove it from the rest of the country.

Even the death rattle that in the past year emanated from its signature industry brought m ore attention to the auto executives than to the people of the city, who had for so long been victimized by their dreadful decision making.”

As Coleman Young’s corruption brought the city to its knees, no amount of federal dollars could save the incredible payoffs, kick backs, and illegality permeating his administration.  I witnessed the city’s death from the seat of my 18-wheeler tractor trailer because I moved people out of every sector of decaying Detroit .

“By any quantifiable standard, the city is on life support. Detroit ‘s treasury is $300 million short of the funds needed to provide the barest municipal services,” Okrent said.  “The school system, which six years ago was compelled by the teachers’ union to reject a philanthropist’s offer of $200 million to build 15 small, independent charter high schools, is in receivership.  The murder rate is soaring, and 7 out of 10 remain unsolved.  Three years after Katrina devastated New Orleans , unemployment in that city hit a peak of 11%. In Detroit , the unemployment rate is 28.9%.

That’s worth spelling out: twenty-eight point nine percent.”  At the end of Okrent’s  report, and he will write a dozen more about Detroit, he said, “That’s because the story of Detroit is not simply one of a great city’s collapse, it’s also about the erosion of the industries that helped build the country we know today.  The ultimate fate of Detroit will reveal much about the character of America in the 21st century.  If what was once the most prosperous manufacturing city in the nation has been brought to its knees, what does that say about our recent past?  And if it can’t find a way to get up, what does that say about our future?”

As you read in my book review of Chris Steiner’s book, “$20 Per Gallon”, the auto industry won’t come back.  Immigration will keep pouring more, and more uneducated third world immigrants from the Middle East into Detroit , thus creating a beachhead for Islamic hegemony in America ..  If 50 percent illiteracy continues, we will see more homegrown terrorists spawned out of the Muslim ghettos of Detroit . Illiteracy plus Islam equals walking human bombs.

You have already seen it in Madrid , Spain ; London , England and Paris , France with train bombings, subway bombings and riots.  As their numbers grow, so will their power to enact their barbaric Sharia Law that negates republican forms of government, first amendment rights, and subjugates women to the lowest rungs on the human ladder.  We will see more honor killings by upset husbands, fathers, and brothers that demand subjugation by their daughters, sisters and wives.  Muslims prefer beheadings of women to scare the hell out of any other members of their sect from straying.  Multiculturalism: what a perfect method to kill our language, culture, country, and way of life.”

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.   Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” — Benjamin Franklin

Thoughts? I think Benjamin calls it right.


By David Vance On April 24th, 2011 at 8:59 am

Once again, David Cameron disappoints!

David Cameron is considering plans to create a “multi-faith” House of Lords where Muslim imams could sit alongside Anglican and Catholic bishops.

The controversial suggestion is revealed in a paper drawn up by Tory officials which calls for a wide range of different churches to be represented once reforms to the Upper House are carried out. Currently 26 Anglican bishops have seats in the Lords.

But Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, is drawing up a draft bill setting out wholesale changes to the Lords that are expected to include provisions for hundreds of existing peers, including the bishops, to be evicted while at least 80 per cent of new members are elected.

This Coalition is anything but Conservative and seems intent to further mangle and twist our legislature


By David Vance On March 4th, 2011 at 7:58 am

Seems to be Lib-Dem day on ATW but I couldn’t help but notice that Nick Clegg has suggested that we embrace multiculturalism by talking to extremist groups.

Nick Clegg broke with David Cameron over multiculturalism last night as he insisted the Government had to talk to extremist groups. The Deputy Prime Minister also risked controversy by claiming that households that are worried about immigration could be tipped into extremism by the economic downturn. Opening up a split at the top of government, Mr Clegg insisted multiculturalism should be the hallmark of an ‘open, confident society’.

It is surprising that  Mr Clegg still salivates over the failed multiculti experiment and even worse thinks that extremism is best dealt with by talking to it. It is more surprising that such views sit at the heart of a Conservative led government.