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The Grumblings of Gerry’s Bitch

By ATWadmin On November 3rd, 2006 at 6:47 pm

No party throughout the democratic world can achieve political power without first affirming support for the various institutions of the country/territory they have been mandated to govern.  In particular, the law-enforcing agents of the State must have that support whilst retaining their operational and structural independence.  Otherwise you would see a situation in the democratic West similar to the various coups that have taken place across Africa.  Zambia saw an attempted coup in 1997; Congo experienced the same in May of this year. Each time the parties attempting the coup tried to enlist the support of the police and/or the army to achieve their goals.  In Africa, where human rights abuses are commonplace, coups are understandable if not justifiable.  In the democratic West there is no system of government, nor has there been a history of government, where human rights ‘violations’ other than those minor indiscretions targeted by the likes of the loony Left or Irish separatism, have occurred.  I know there are those who foamed at the mouth because some beturbaned hate-preaching Islamist or some Provisional IRA bacterium had been accorded nothing more from the police and justice system than they so richly deserved, but that is far removed from the experiences in other parts of the globe.  In short, if you want to govern in the West, you support the legally-empowered forces of the State – end of discussion.

It is bad enough that the DUP are supping with the republican devil (and my purpose here is not to concentrate too much on their decision), without them having to face the clarion calls of a resuscitated pan-nationalist front demanding that all the pressure be put on them to force their hand.  That very call is now coming from Sinn Fein’s political bitch, the Social Democratic and Separatist Party whose leader, Mark Durkan, has insisted the British and Alien governments show Paisley’s crowd just who is in charge.  Nothing about the fundamental pre-condition of support for law and order (though I suspect it would amount to seldom more than cheap words).  Durkan would rather see his ideological masters presiding over Northern Ireland without having to support the police, than face the prospect of Direct Rule and a morally-intact Unionist bloc.  I always think the SDLP criticising Sinn Fein has all the comic irony of a pimp’s underling questioning the indecency of prostitution.

Sinn Fein and the SDLP are SEPARATISTS!  They will always work hand-in-glove for anything designed (short or long-term) for the instability and eventual destruction of Northern Ireland.  Durkan’s role as Sinn Fein’s Ulster play-thing only reinforces that fact.  When are the DUP going to wake up!!!?


By ATWadmin On November 3rd, 2006 at 1:33 pm

pigs.jpgI have to express my disgust at the news that almost £5m of public money has been pumped into the pension fund for Northern Ireland Assembly members in six years.

And the contribution from taxpayers is more than three times the input from the politicians themselves! Newly-released figures show £4,868,910 was injected into the MLAs’ pension scheme from the public purse between May 2000 and March 2006. In the same period, contributions from members came to £1,530,010. That £4.87m is on top of salaries and expenses paid to MLAs, which last year added up to almost £9m. Now bear in mind that the Assembly has not functioned during the majority of this time. It’s a complete WASTE of tax-payers money. 

Hot Water

By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006 at 5:59 pm

Notwithstanding DUP attempts to pull off a con-trick of Del Boy proportions, it seems a sizeable chunk of the party faithful (and not only those who are part of the Free Presbyterian movement) are distinctly upset at the idea of Paisley entertaining the idea of joint governance with a Provo heavy.  The website, Burning Bush has been awash with cries of ‘sell out!’ since the DUP disappointed all those who believed it would hold the line in the environment of prostituted principles.  I even have it on good authority that DUP members opposed to the St Andrews Agreement were denied the chance to ask questions to the panel at the recent gathering in East Belfast.

Some argue that the appeasement process has a script.  I say it has a palimpsest.  The original script used by Trimble back in 1998 may have been erased, but what you have in its place is an identical format describing identical machinations, albeit with different Unionist players.  I couldn’t care less about the religion of the power sharing participants (give me a loyal Catholic over a separatist Protestant every time).  What incenses me is that Paisley is about to submit his entire past life into a folder marked ‘Fraud’!  He resisted power sharing before; why is he sullying his principles now?  Sharing power with people dedicated to the constitutional abolition of Northern Ireland is as wrong with Martin McGuinness as it was with others back in the 1960s and the 1970s.

Whatever difficulties republicans have in selling the idea of PSNI loyalty to their grassroots is of no interest.  It does not detract from the terrorist past and present of the IRA, nor does it change what Sinn Fein voters are!  What we are concerned with here are not the problems associated with a terrorist party and a base of terrorist-approving low-lifes.  We (and the DUP in particular) should be more preoccupied with the concerns of decent people who suffered (and still suffer) as a consequence of what the Provisionals did.  Allowing them into government destroys the integrity of all who would contemplate such a scenario.


By ATWadmin On November 1st, 2006 at 9:20 am

homebase203.jpg I wonder are there any readers out there who would feel that those Republicans who have firebombed several stores in Belfast today should be elevated to the highest offices of Government? As the major blaze at Boucher Road Retail Park dies down, and people face the prospect of having lost their employment because of these arsonist thugs, is it time to consider inviting the firebombers into the Assembly – with perhaps the Commerce portfolio as a "sweetener" to them?

No – that’s rubbish isn’t it? I mean, who in their right mind, would REWARD the terrorist scum who carried out these bombings, putting life of workers at risk? Well, how about the British and Irish Governments, the Church Leaders, Trade Unions, Big Business, the MSM….and most political parties. After all, these are the same groups who enthuse about permitting those who belong to IRA/Sinn Fein into a devolved Government – and as I recall that organisation carried out THOUSANDS of bombings, and THOUSANDS of murders.

So, the firebombers of Boucher Road and the mass murderers of the IRA have much heritage in common. And yet, we are reliably informed that unless we dialogue and reward terrorists, we will only get more terrorism. Do you agree?


By ATWadmin On November 1st, 2006 at 7:37 am

I disagree with the idea that  Northern Ireland will not reach its full potential unless integrated housing projects become the norm, put forward by One Step Campaign chairman, former Irish Rugby International Trevor Ringland. He was referring to the Carran Crescent development in Enniskillen, which will see Protestant and Catholic families live side-by-side, could be a catalyst for very significant change.

"We cannot have a truly modern, dynamic and successful society and economy if our community continues to be divided along sectarian lines," he said.

Yes, that is true Trevor, but neither should we desire to create a control freak socially engineered society where the great and the good decide the exact ratio of Protestants/Catholics/Jews/Muslims/Atheists that should live cheek by jowl. You can’t FORCE people where to live, and you shouldn’t try. In trying to address the evil of sectarian separation, Trevor and his chums will create a much worse one.  And yet, to be fair to Trevor, I must admit that when I see now private housing estates bedecked with symbols indicating that one is entering loyalist/nationalist zones – it saddens me.