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100 not out

By David Vance On September 29th, 2012 at 6:16 pm

Orangemen  march to Stormont estate  during  Saturday's Ulster Covenant centenary parade

My congratulations to all those TENS OF THOUSANDS of proud Ulster people who commemorated the signing of the Covenant 100 years ago. As one would expect, the event was peaceful and a demonstration that we remain BRITISH, to the chagrin of the usual whingeing suspects. I didn’t go myself as I have no interest in parades. I also see little reason to remember the past if one does not learn from it. I see plenty to celebrate in 100 years of British Northern Ireland but given that it now contains the IRA’s delegates in its government and continually appeases rabid Irish Nationalism, I figure I will skip celebrating that bit. I suppoons there are many lessons one can learn but from my perspective those parading have failed to understand that the one thing the British Government respects most is violence and civil unrest. Republicans get this and have excelled at rebelling, as is their wont. The steadfast loyalty of Ulster’s British people has been treated too often with cynical contempt by the goons at Westminster

Still, 100 and not out is worth a celebration….CHEERS. Our day has come…


By David Vance On September 23rd, 2012 at 10:56 am

Now WHO would have thought this?

A convicted IRA bomber claimed that Gerry Adams had sanctioned a series of attacks on London in 1972, including the bombing of the Old Bailey, which killed one man and injured 200 more. The claims were made by a woman at the centre of a legal battle in America over testimony she gave to an academic research project into the Troubles.

Gerry Adams? In the IRA and authorising murder and mayhem? Surely not? And even IF this outrageous allegations were entirely true – cough – the peace processors out there will shrug and say time to move on…ignore the bloody fingerprints of the IRA monsters that killed SO many people and are now hailed as “heroes.” Meanwhile the victims lie in their graves, remembered only by their families.


By David Vance On September 20th, 2012 at 9:41 am

Being born here in Northern Ireland, being Catholic, and declaring  you are British is becoming a cardinal sin!

Golfing superstar Rory McIlroy has said he will rethink comments he made about choosing whether to compete for Britain or Ireland in the 2016 Olympic Games. Last week the Holywood young gun, who is Catholic, said he had felt “more British than Irish” – the remarks seemingly the strongest indication of the sportsman’s intentions to represent Team GB in Rio. But the 23-year-old two-time major winner and world number one at the time said he had “absolutely not made a decision” about who he would represent or whether he would compete.Speaking in Atlanta yesterday he said he may reconsider his position on the matter.

It is obvious Rory has been “pressurised” to change his mind. Shame on those who have influenced him. Being BRITISH, being CATHOLIC and coming from Norther Ireland …. forbidden!


By David Vance On September 19th, 2012 at 10:41 am

Sinn Fein/IRA? Guilty of discrimination? NO WAY…

A report has found that Education Minister John O’Dowd breached the code for ministerial appointments. It relates to appointments to the board of the General Teaching Council. The commissioner for public appointments, who examined the process, said the code was not complied with “to a substantial degree.” He found a total of seven breaches. These included no record of the reasons for Mr O’Dowd’s selection of three applicants from a shortlist of five.

One can but wonder what the three selected applicants had in common?

Of course the DUP are just as wretched in how they operate. Let’s face it – peace processors – you institutionalised sectarianiasm and now you just get more of it.  So, anyone SURPRISED????


By David Vance On September 10th, 2012 at 1:21 pm

What a nauseating development!

Politicians who helped boost the peace process in Ireland have been honoured by a university engaged in learning the lessons of the decades of violence. The University of Ulster announced funding of a further £876,000 for the John Hume and Thomas P O’Neill Chair in Peace which will be established at its Magee campus in Londonderry.

Blessed are the appeasers….


By David Vance On September 6th, 2012 at 6:32 am

The BBC has been to the fore in REPORTING the violence in north Belfast, but is it possible that it may have contributed to the creation of the problem? An ATW reader writes;

“The BBC NI website was instrumental in making the band at St Patrick’s the biggest news issue around the 12th. It was their main headline for about ten days  As a consequence, it became the defining issue of the summer – not the Ardoyne riots. The y used Sinn Fein-supplied video footage (just about acknowledged) of the circling band and did not put up any explanation or counter-view for days and then mostly on radio.

Ormeau Avenue was presumably in Donegal en masse and some junior was running the website. Normal news and views programmes were also off air.  (The website is and has been much more biased/unbalanced than BBC NI broadcast news over recent months in choice of stories, emphasis and headlines.)

BBC NI has a record of not sending journalists out to cover events at weekends, at night or during holidays presumably because of the ‘cuts’, we will be told, which, by the way, are not ‘cuts’ but consequent on the diversion of £1 billion of licence fee money from programming and news to the BBC Pension Scheme. The result is their website goes without updates for hours or days. Sinn Fein spotted that gap and supplied dream footage of the band.

The impression, uncorrected, was given that the band were playing at the church by choice and circling as an extra sectarian point. Both untrue. Circling happens when the parade stops for a time or rests, as happened in Donegall Street that day. There was one dubious tune played and a bit of shouting at the Sinn Fein camera team – duly recorded and displayed.

The result is that the focus of Belfast parading disputes has moved from the Ardoyne roundabout to that at Carlisle Circus, largely as a loyalist paramilitary response to the Sinn Fein challenge, so enhanced by the BBC spotlight. And we have serious rioting not dissimilar to that in East Belfast a couple of years ago.

The Parades Commission has not helped with its Alliance Party chairman coming on the radio in July making assertions in advance of receiving his team’s reports while developing new Commission policy as he went along.

There needs to be an independent (Leveson-style) enquiry into how the issue was handled by BBC NI and a policy enunciated on when and how they use film footage supplied by non-BBC sources, in particular by political parties.

Obviously the real issue is territory but the BBC prefers to concentrate on sectarianism which is usually seen as a Protestant preserve. Republican misbehaviour like the mistaken attack on a car belonging to nuns living in a Protestant area in West Belfast is addressed briefly, if at all.

Would that the BBC broadcast a livecam of life for Protestants in the Fountain area of Londonderry which has to be protected by two massively high steel fences. The police now longer count sectarian incidents there as it would distort their crime figures so massively”.


By David Vance On September 5th, 2012 at 6:24 am

fireworks thrown at police lines in north belfast

Thanks to Mahons for covering the rioting in Belfast that has disfigured the place for THREE nights in a row, with dozens and dozens of police officers injured.  He is right that the UVF are behind the violence – well, some of the violence. But even the unionist loathing BBC report that “hardline” Republicans are also playing a role in the street violence.

The IRA were taken into Government because many nationalists CHOSE to vote for their political alter egos, Sinn Fein. This has allowed them to wield power, direct cash into certain “community organiations” and look after their former front line “volunteers” (aka terrorists) The UVF and UDA did NOT win the votes of unionists, thank god. Instead they have been marginalised through the ballot box and their ability to share the financial largesse that Sinn Fein can is much reduced.

BUT they have learned a key lesson of the “peace process”….VIOLENCE PAYS.  Sinn Fein sit in Government on the bodies of 1700 killed by the IRA. UVF “commanders” and those ever so well placed (AND well paid) ….ahem…community workers in “interface” areas may reckon that all they need to do is keep on rioting in the well placed anticipation that they WILL be bought off. This is all about gangster rule and in Northern Ireland the biggest gangsters of all sit in Stormont. When the PSNI cry out for politicians “to do something” do they not realise the sheer naivity of such requests?


By David Vance On August 23rd, 2012 at 9:33 am

Northern Ireland lost out on the London 2012 Olympics but the good news is that we have UK Paralympians staying amonst us. Then again…

“The King of Jordan has taken a personal interest in the case of three members of the Jordanian Paralympian squad facing sex charges, a court has heard. A Jordanian embassy official offered bail sureties at the hearing in a court in Coleraine, County Londonderry.

Faisal Hammash, Omar Sami Qaradhi and Motaz Al-Junadi are charged with sex offences in Antrim. Bail of £500 was granted with a surety of £5,000 from the Jordanian government for each defendant. The case had been adjourned while the judge considered the bail applications. The squad is one of several international teams using the Antrim Forum sports complex as a training base in advance of the Games which begin in London next week. The three men, two of whom compete in wheelchairs, are all members of the Jordanian Paralympics power-lifting team.

Faisal Hammash, 35, faces two counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity. Omar Sami Qaradhi, 31, is charged with three counts of sexual assault and one of voyeurism. At least two of the assaults were against children. Motaz Al-Junadi, 45, faces one charge of sexual assault. All the offences took place between 16 and 20 August.

Ah, the gift of these Paralympics. Such joy – if you exclude the kids allegedly molested by these perverts. Strikes me that the three concerned have more than just physical disability.


By David Vance On August 17th, 2012 at 8:35 am

The Ulster Unionist Party is the gift that keeps on giving! Get this nonsense;

ULSTER Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt is to meet one of his councillors who compared homosexuality to “a disease”. Magherafelt UUP councillor Jackie Crawford made the comment after a council meeting on Tuesday night where two DUP councillors strongly condemned homosexuality, describing it as “an abomination”. The meeting was discussing a Sinn Fein motion calling for gay marriage, which was passed by 10 votes to five. It was supported by nationalists but opposed by unionists. Cllr Crawford told the Irish News after the event: “I’m not against gays, it’s a pity for them. “It’s a pity they have that disease and they can’t help it. It’s the same as you being born with a disability. They can’t help what they are. “I know gay people and they are nice people and not bad people but they should not be getting married.”

Right, let’s sort it out, shall we?

First off, is gay marriage the pressing issue for this Council? Really? I would have though lack of jobs, a run down town centre and high rates would have registered before “gay marriage”. The utter banality of local Government.

Second, homosexuality is patently NOT a disease. The Councillor concerned chose his words badly but then again he is a Councillor so perhaps that explains it!

Third, what about the DUP Councillors who reckon gayness “an abomination”? No media focus on them.  Oh my, our Pravda media playing up to Peter and Marty, again?

Lastly, I notice this was a Sinn Fein motion. Once again we witness THEIR total detachment from reality and their self serving selection of topics to pursue even as the country goes down the drain!


By David Vance On August 16th, 2012 at 8:26 am

Here is a story that sums up why I am so contemptuous of most local Councillors;

A fiery debate over one of Northern Ireland’s newest tourist attractions became so heated it resulted in unionist and nationalist politicians ‘stepping outside’ during a council meeting. Other councillors in Moyle looked on open-mouthed as Independent republican Padraig McShane and the DUP’s David McAllister exited a debate on the Giant’s Causeway together before jostling in the corridor outside council chambers. Pushing and shoving ensued between the pair before they returned to the meeting.

Two words; Grow up.  Is it any wonder people shy away from politics with this kind of nonsense taking place? Civilised people do not behave like this.