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which bitch is out of control?

By Mike Cunningham On October 15th, 2014 at 11:33 pm

Ms Riley also told how she also spent £140 on a dog whisperer to see if he could stop Pups wrecking her home. But he told her the dog was beyond help.

She added: ‘Nothing works. He could not recommend any techniques. Hopefully age will slow her down.

‘I just have to keep shouting at her and hope one day she will listen. It is hard work. I am housebound with her.

‘I have come this far with her. I hand reared her with a bottle. I don’t want to give up on her now.

‘I’m still hoping things will change. Until then I just have to hide my laptop and phone and hope she grows out of it.’


Idiots homing to roost 

By Mike Cunningham On October 10th, 2014 at 7:48 pm


I have often considered the hordes of ‘volunteers’ and ‘helpers’ who plague this planet to be worse than the scourges from which the ‘do-gooders’ are allegedly helping people to overcome . I see the pests masquerading as collectors, shaking their tins or buckets, and attempting to shame those who do not ‘give generously’ into changing their minds. I resent being described as ‘miserly’, or even as a modern Scrooge; just because I would not sign to sponsor some athletically-minded scrounger as he was planning to cycle, or run, or swim so many miles.

I used to hold in high esteem the R.N.L.I. charity, and indeed used to donate to its war-chest, because the rescue craft are expensive to build and maintain, but mainly because the roll-call of those who manned those life-saving craft were heroes, and were the true volunteers. I no longer donate to that worthy cause, because I discovered that the higher management echelons of the Lifeboat Charity were in fact making a very, very good living off of our donations, and as more and more cash was being sucked off to feed the high salaries, and of course pension fund pots of this echelon, less was being devoted to the provision of rescue craft around our coastlines.

Update RNLI:-

£60,000–£69,999                       16
£70,000–£79,999                       9
£80,000–£89,999                        4
£90,000–£99,999 –                     1
£100,000–£109,999                    1
£110,000–£119,999                     1

£130,000–£139,999                     1
Total 32

The Chief Executive received emoluments of £133,593 (2012: £134,249)
in 2013. In addition, he participated in the standard RNLI defined
contribution pension scheme, which is available to all RNLI employees.

So, when we read of the Spanish priest who were volunteering at a hospital in Liberia, was infected and was TRANSPORTED back to Madrid, and before dying passed on this deadly disease to at least one nurse, who has most likely infected many more before she also kicks the bucket; when we read of the lax attitude of Public Health England, which states that profiling and inspecting all who travel from West Africa is not necessary: which attitude has only now been changed because even politicians accept that some effort must be made to stop this disease before it commences wiping out their own families: what should our attitude be to any who willingly go into such danger because ‘THEY CAN HELP’?

The starkest, but also the most lunatic story is not of the late isolation of the lying and now of course dead Liberian who flew to America despite knowing he had been in direct contact with the dying and the disease-ridden inhabitants of the cess-pits around the slums of Monrovia, but of the true idiots who marched, and waved their fists in anger, and threatened the very people who were trying to eradicate this dread and deadly disease; all because the Spanish police were sent to kill the bloody dog which was stroked, and patted, and petted, by the same nurse who now lies gravely ill with Ebola. The mob was angry, not because some woman was dying, but because her bloody DOG was, in the terms so beloved of these creeping morons, put to sleep!




By Pete Moore On September 13th, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Curiouser and curiouser. A film trailer called “Innocence of Muslims”, a horrendously bad, ultra low-budget flick was somehow put out in a way that inflamed crowds across the Middle East, leading to multiple protests at American embassies and the killing of the Ambassador to Libya. But what’s it all about? A Sam Bacile was said to be behind the film, but no-one knows who he is and there are suggestions that he’s a convicted fraudster and Coptic Christian called Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Strange too is the account of an actor, Cindy Lee Garcia, who claims that during filming she was told that it was called “Desert Warriors” and that it had nothing to do with religion.

How so? Well it turns out that the religious references in the film have been dubbed in. Sarah Abdurrahman, at On The Media, gives the details:

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By Pete Moore On June 18th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

The Guardian newspaper is on its uppers:

On Thursday, Guardian News and Media (GNM) announced that The Guardian and its sister paper, The Observer, had lost £33m in cash terms last year after failing to staunch losses that ran to £34.4m the year before. Unaudited results for the year ending 31 March showed that GNM’s revenues, fell to £198m last year compared with £221m the year before […]

Andrew Miller, the chief executive of GNM’s parent company, Guardian Media Group (GMG), warned staff in a series of meetings this week that the group could run out of cash in three to five years if he does not make radical changes, which could include up to 175 redundancies.

This is such terrible, terrible news. Well, it’s terrible for someone but I’ve just popped another umbrella in my beer. To think that a prime HQ of the Leftist power elite, commies, Fabians, terror supporters and other riff-raff might be going down the gurgler is cheering me no end. Hey, maybe we’re not killing gaia fast for The Guardian to survive. If we bought more polluting cars the paper might be in a healthier state.

“What are you talking about Pete?” I hear you ask.

What I mean is that The Guardian, home of Goerge Monbiot and a chief promoter of all things enviroloony is subsidised with the profits from … Auto Trader. Oh the irony, oh the towering hypocrisy of routinely demonising the selfish destructiveness of driving a car while taking white can man’s shilling. Another great subsidy comes from the working man because The Guardian is the state’s choice of advertiser for thousands of economy-killing government jobs each week. Even so, it’s looking grim. It’s interesting to see that whilst more debt and spending is the Left wing solution when it’s someone else’s money, at The Guardian 300 jobs have gone already in what would be the act of an ideological maniac if he was spending the taxpayer’s money.

Er, well, h.m.mm.m.m, yes, but……

By Mike Cunningham On May 23rd, 2011 at 10:35 am

It is almost impossible to establish exactly how much damage the Blair-Brown Labour Cabal has inflicted upon this once-lightly regulated and controlled Society of ours.  From the avalanche in Immigration to the explosion in Regulatory activities, much imported, it is true, from Brussels but just as eagerly embraced by ‘New Labour’, the rise in ‘red tape’, in form-filling, box-ticking and insistence on the ‘fairness’ of things, we see every day the result. We see the Judges doing their own thing, because, as they quite rightly point out, ‘the politicians brought these Laws into existence, and we are only doing our job by interpreting them as we see fit’.

I am reminded of only one basic law when I see the changes wrought by the dead hand of ‘New Labour’; and that is the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Take, if you will, the subject of Waste, and how it is controlled, marshalled, treated, dispersed and managed. Now when I talk of Waste matter, I am writing about household rubbish, human waste in Sewers, industrial and commercial refuse, Waste dumps, waste treatment works, incinerators. I am talking about large amounts of money paid to contractors to handle ‘recyclable material’ to aid our ‘Carbon Footprint’ (whatever illusory idea that might be), I am talking about huge investments, ammounting to millions of pounds, in Sewage Treatment processes which can handle the waste products of a modern industrial city and rural areas, along with all its varied inhabitants. I am also talking about processes so dangerous that access to certain areas of work that multiple permits are needed to control access, because of the sheer dangers within those areas. I am talking of people working in areas where full rubber-suit plus breathing apparatus is essential, because the effluent resultant upon the mixing of certain materials is so toxic that to even breathe the vapours produced would be to ensure Death within five seconds; and I do not exaggerate!

So when I talk of the Law of Unintended Consequences, can somebody explain how the collection, treatment and disposal of the tons and huge containers full of various types of Waste material would be better arranged by the conclusions of an Equality Impact Assessment, as listed at 1.11, which of course possibly determines that all people are treated Equally when it comes to shoving their rubbish in a wheelie-bin?



By David Vance On May 13th, 2011 at 8:41 am

So says our First Minister Peter Robinson, perhaps the key word being “lie”? And, on the same day, back on Planet Earth;

Lough Erne resort in administration

Marine Hotel in administration

Remember, tourism will be a key driver of new jobs.

I stayed at Lough Erne some months ago, though it a lovely spot. Just one problem – no-0ne there.