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By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2009 at 8:02 am

Did you read that as many as nine out of ten failed asylum seekers are being allowed to stay in Britain despite having no right to remain? Yes, we’re really getting tough on these illegal immigrants.

The backlog of illegal immigrants awaiting deportation is growing fast as the UK Border Agency fails to keep pace with the number of rejected applicants. The number of unprocessed cases is also growing. And Government rules stating that all successful asylum seekers must have their cases reviewed after five years – to see if their country is now safe enough to return to – have descended into farce, because the Border Agency has no way of tracking those living in Britain and no plans for a review.

It gets worse.

Seventy per cent of planned deportations – where security staff accompany deportees on flights home – are cancelled, often due to lack of proper coordination, leading to ‘additional work and costs’.

The Agency often has to buy emergency travel documents from foreign governments to deport failed asylum seekers, but 13,000 of these have been wasted because individuals absconded, or because the papers expired.

Since 2005, Britain has granted asylum for five years only – after which cases should be reviewed in the hope that some immigrants will be able to return home. But astonishingly the Border Agency ‘has no process’ to track refugees living in Britain and ‘no plans in place to review these cases’.

It is beyond incompetent, it is criminal.


By ATWadmin On January 18th, 2009 at 3:37 pm

I see that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been pretending that she is taking a patriotic stance by tightening the immigration rules to try to ensure that firms take on jobless British people rather than skilled foreign workers during the recession. This is the PR line being retailed in the press today. But it’s not as iyt appears. What she means is that EU NATIONALS can have first pick off the job. I’m afraid Jacqui’s patriotism is to the EU, not the UK. Thing is – why should government  be TELLING business who it should employ? If people are lawfully here, how dare Kommisar Smith dictate who will be employed? 

they haven’t gone away either; y’know!

By ATWadmin On January 14th, 2009 at 11:21 am

The world’s lenses and laptop aims have long ago veered away from the open sore of Sangatte, where the so-called Asylum-seekers knew that they were just short of the promised land. London; where they would be given housing, money, washing machines and State largesse, all by stating, once they crawled out of the truck or container, that they were scared of persecution where they had come from. No matter that they had usually paid large sums of cash to be brought to the very tip of Europe, all certain that once they reached Xanadu, all would be well, because the softest touch in the world was governing some twenty miles away from Sangatte!

Remember when Sarko’ said that Sangatte One would be closed? Remember how the poison souring Brit-French would be cleared?

Well now that a charity has succefully gained authorisation for the building of Sangatte Three, and thousands of scum have once more commenced congregating near to the entry to ‘Paradise’, or Brixton, whichever is nearer, what should be done about this cancer caused by this silly, stupid, inefectual, Labour Government who has presided over the farce which is the Immigration Reality of Britain?




By ATWadmin On January 14th, 2009 at 7:57 am

Three cheers for Dr John Sentamu, The Archbishop of York, who declares that migrants to Britain in the past five decades have been treated like hotel guests who ‘do not belong’, the Archbishop of York said yesterday.

Dr John Sentamu said the failure of migrants to integrate had contributed to the collapse of a common British culture and the lack of a national sense of direction. He called for recognition of the Christian heritage which used to bind the nation together and for a revival of the civic values once represented by myriad local clubs, churches and trade unions. The Archbishop’s powerful attack on uncontrolled immigration and on the Left-wing interpretation of multiculturalism that encourages migrants to ignore traditional British values, was made in a speech to Gordon Brown’s think tank, the Smith Institute.

He makes several key points. It has been the refusal of certain types of immigrant to INTEGRATE into British culture that has been a running sore. It has been the refusal of this Labour government to tackle the issue that has contributed to this, combined with the destruction of the work ethic and its replacement with the Welfare fix. (Hello Somalis!) Dr Sentamu raises some fundamental truths, the question now is, what do we do about this massive imported problem?

No easy answer. The uninvited guests are here and not planning to leave. Some refuse to have anything to do with our British values and in this regard they are assisted by Dr Sentamu’s boss, Druid Williams, who thinks Sharia Law is “inevitable”. We need to cut off Welfare dependency, we need to enforce our national borders, we need to decide who WE want in OUR land. That is both reasonable and rational. But we also need political leaders who have the same courage and conviction as Dr Sentamu. Where are they to be found?


By ATWadmin On January 11th, 2009 at 11:04 am

7FT 2 Inches to be precise!

One of the world’s tallest women, who claimed asylum in the UK on the grounds that her height made her a target of abuse in her home country, has had her application rejected. She previously told officials she would be persecuted for being a lesbian if she returned to Pakistan. But 7ft 2in tall Pakistani Zainab Bibi, 35, who lived in a council house in Stockport, Cheshire, until recently and claims £40 a week in benefits, will still be allowed to stay in the country because the Home Office is considering further claims from her lawyers. It will be the third application to stay here since she first arrived in 2006.

In the meantime, we pay for her lawyers, we pay for her benefits and we see the absolute stupidity of the Home Office! Like so many others, she is laughing at the impotency of our immigration law.

Alien About the House

By ATWadmin On January 10th, 2009 at 9:16 am

In the good old days it was simple: the longer your name was on a particular housing list, the closer you got to being awarded a flat or house in your given area. It worked like a conveyor belt. Applicant(s) further up the list were awarded properties first simply by measure of their time on the list. Today in Labour’s ‘multicultural’ a.k.a foreign faces on every corner Britain, housing allocation is primarily about need. In the early part of this decade housing associations began introucing systems, like this one in Bradford, to ensure houses were given as a priority to the homeless and/or those with children.  And you don’t need a PhD in sociology to guess which demographic fits that profile.  Yes, you’ve got it!  The interlopers; the foreigners; the aliens; the ‘we who have paid sweet f*** all into the system and still get treated more favourably than those born in, and who have paid taxes all their working lives to, the United Kingdom’ brigade.

This morning’s Daily Mail has a most fascinating article on the backlash in the Salford constituency of the Rt DisHon Hazel Blears.  It portrays the disgusting in-built advantage immigrants have above those who have been born and bred in this country.  Before the liberals start chomping at the bit, this has nothing to do with colour.  I am equally disgusted at the sight of a Hungarian occupying social housing in Britain as I am someone from Senegal.  Yes, housing needs to be awarded on the basis of the old housing list specification.  But it ALSO needs to be prioritised according to country of birth.  No foreigner should be occupying any social housing in this country when there are our own people who have nowhere to live.  It’s called ‘putting your own countrymen first’ – a principle which has been so long abandoned by the ruling classes here (especially those on the Left), that it is now begrudgingly acknowledged as a fact of life by people who see their applications leafrogged by immigrant communities so adept at lying on their backs and popping out kids, one scarcely wonders how they have the time to phone Pickfords to arrange the furniture removal.

I don’t want to see the BNP gain further footholds in our local town halls.  The responsibility to ensure they don’t lies squarely with this government.  It has encouraged multiculturalism and immigration to the extent that many Britons feel unwanted and uncared for in a country they once respected.  Ultimately, British people will not stand by and see the UK become a benefit-munificent recycling bin for the world’s migrant trash.  What nation would be a spectator in its own demographic destruction?  None!


By ATWadmin On January 9th, 2009 at 8:06 am

It’s interesting to consider that hundreds of thousands of Eastern European migrants who will lose their jobs here plan to ride out the recession on British benefits – costing taxpayers around £200million a year.

Up to 200,000 migrant workers are set to lose their jobs this year as firms lay off staff in the construction, manufacturing and retail industries. But while some young single workers are expected to return home, many others are likely to stay in the UK and ask their relatives to join them. They are keen to take advantage of Government handouts which are four times higher than in other EU states. The average family with children can claim around £715 a week in benefits in Britain, compared with just £178 in countries such as Poland. Hungarian coffee shop owner Tamas Fekte, 29, who lives in Cambridge, said: “I would never move home. The benefits here are so much better.”

I don’t blame him, wouldn’t you?

But I sure as hell do blame our government for allowing such a situation to prevail.  Our welfare system is a honeypot for every immigrant, they know that our system is a soft touch and so they keep coming, and once they arrive, they stay since the difference between £715 a week and £178 a week is so massive that it guarantees no one leaves. The British taxpayer is having to fund all of this at a time when our savings are  being neutralised and we face massive tax increases in little over a year. It’s a scandal and one that can be laid directly at the door of Gordon Brown and his troupe.


By ATWadmin On January 3rd, 2009 at 10:22 am

This government has been lying to us on the scale of immigration it has presided over ever since it came to power. In the latest revelations, we discover that Government has dramatically under-counted foreign workers in Britain.

“Whitehall officials have not bothered to include in official totals temporary workers who flock to this country for jobs such as fruit picking or labouring. The independent House of Commons Library, which carries out research for MPs, said including these workers would add 170,000 to Government estimates. The true figure could be even higher, as migrants living in ‘ communal establishments’, such as boarding houses and hostels, are also excluded, despite this being the favoured accommodation among some short-term workers. Statisticians said they were unable to estimate how many foreign workers could fall into this category. As a minimum, the number of overseas-born workers in the UK is 3,852,000 – or 13 per cent of the total workforce.”

Importing these MILLIONS of foreign workers whilst the UK has over a MILLION (and growing) unemployed is surreal. Yet it has been at the heart of Labour policy as we threw our borders open to one and all, then lied to the people of the UK as to the unparalleled scale of what is going on.


By ATWadmin On December 21st, 2008 at 2:48 pm

The inability of the European elite to bring about any necessary change in their atrophied societies is manifest in the news that French Presidet Nicolas Sarkozy is so afraid of an explosion of violence on New Year’s Eve that he has abandoned an education reform that was considered one of the cornerstones of his government’s programme after it prompted angry protests from students.

Sarkozy has often mocked his predecessors for backtracking on reforms after street protests. His volte-face last week after noisy demonstrations by schoolchildren exposed him to ridicule as well as baffling his supporters. It emerged that Sarkozy feared the protests would spill over into Christmas and the new year, spiralling into a dangerous Europe-wide student uprising inspired by the scenes of mayhem in Greece, where protests continued last week. “We don’t want a European May ’68 in the middle of Christmas,” Sarkozy told his ministers in a reference to protests four decades ago that led to the collapse of General Charles de Gaulle’s government in 1969. Sarkozy also worries that celebrations on New Year’s Eve could erupt into rioting similar to the disturbances that set immigrant suburbs ablaze in France three years ago.

“Things are heating up everywhere in Europe, in Greece, but also in Spain, Italy and even in France. The slogan of the Greek students about ‘the €600 generation’ could easily catch on here,” he said, referring to complaints by Greek students about being unable to find jobs paying more than €600 (£557) a month.

So, without reform, Europe drifts listlessly along, sunk in an economic mire, scared of offending the sort of – shall we call them “youths” – who set Parisian suburbs ablaze not so long ago.  As Europe haemorrhages employment and more and more indigenous youths find that any jobs that are around have been taken by immigrants, the tinder is there to be set ablaze. Will 2009 see this ignite?


By ATWadmin On November 20th, 2008 at 7:55 am

So, for all the government’s boasting about how “tough” it was getting on immigration it now is revealed that actual immigration is running unchecked at near record levels. The flow of arrivals last year pushed the population up by 237,000, the second highest figure on record. The level is surprising given it came at the onset of the credit crunch and just when job prospects began to be squeezed. Overall, 577,000 people came from abroad in 2007 – many from Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. This was also the second biggest total, after 591,000 arrived in 2006. It means the number of foreign citizens here swelled by more than 2.5million in the decade after Labour came to power in 1997.

From my perspective this all seems very logical. It is government policy to bring about fundamental societal change through unfettered immigration and that is what we see happening. All official talk of a “crackdown” on immigration is empty words for public consumption. Labour has brought about the biggest change in the British demographic for centuries and this did not happen by accident. It is an ideological imperative they follow and whilst they remain in power there will be no change. Even when out of power the rest of us will live with the consequences of the social engineering project that Labour has implemented.