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Population Replacement Every-bloody-where

By ATWadmin On September 1st, 2007 at 1:09 pm

Our own Fulham Reactionary has highlighted the disgusting possibility that our second largest city may become minority white in 20 years.  It is estimated that by 2011 12% of our population will either be an immigrant or a member of an ethnic minority.  Do you feel like your country is gradually slipping away beneath a tidal wave of the thoroughly unwelcome.  Well, we’re not alone.  Promulgating national suicide by a process a mass immigration is something that is happening across the western world.

Look at the predictions made by this website, for example.  The United States is predicted to grow by another 160 million in a little over 50 years time.  160 million!  The vast bulk of that growth will be made up of immigrants and their copious offspring.  The largest net recipient of immigrants in the developed world today is Canada.  The population swells by 200,000 every year.  200,000 in a population of just above 25 million!!!  It’s all very well to say that Canada has ample room to accommodate the newcomers.  I’m not talking about room.  I’m talking about the demographic destruction of a nation.  Until comparatively recently Canada was a predominantly white Anglo Saxon society with a significant French-speaking minority.  At this rate of change what will it be like in another 20 years?  A hotch-potch of browns, blacks, whites and yellows?

Why do governments insist on national cultural suicide?  They can see the tensions mass immigration has caused in other societies.  We had Muslim riots in France two years ago: a country that could have as much as 20- 25% of its population subscribing to Islam by the end of this century.  I don’t need to go into the multitude of negatives of mass immigration in this country.  To say that immigration is necessary for economic growth is codswallop.  Japan, a country where immigrants comprise around 200,000 in a total of over 130 million (or 0.15%) and the birth rate is in decline, has still managed to maintain its position as second in the global economic league.  Furthermore, it has few of the social tensions one associates with mongrel societies where ethnic groups neither get on with each other, nor have a great deal of time for the indigenous majority.

Future communal strife on a mass scale (certainly across Europe if not the US and Canada, also) will be the legacy of this laissez faire lunacy.  For ultimately no society will acquiesce to its own destruction.

Population Replacement in Birmingham, and Britain

By ATWadmin On September 1st, 2007 at 12:39 am

In the Telegraph, I read that a team of demographers at Manchester University has predicted that whites will be a minority group in Birmingham by the year 2027. According to the university’s Dr Ludi Simpson, the growth of the "minority" population will be driven by the doubling in size of the Pakistani population.

So, not just population replacement, but the first steps towards Islamification as well. Isn’t Mark Steyn supposed to be a paranoid racist for predicting demographic change of this nature?

Interestingly, Dr Simpson is scathingly dismissive of the common liberal notion that, in such Balkanised cities as Birmingham, the numerous different ethnic groups now living within Molotov cocktail-throwing distance of one another will just join hands and sing "Kumbaya". Rather, he acknowledges that the suburbs of such cities are "sites of real tension". And, it should be noted that this tension does not just arise between whites and non-whites; it also arises between different non-white groups, with the most notorious recent example being the clashes between Pakistanis and blacks in the Lozells area of Birmingham, two years ago.

The gradual population replacement taking place in many of our largest cities should be a cause of immense concern. The increased likelihood of inter-racial violence, as our cities become increasingly fragmented, and increasingly segregated along racial lines, with each group mistrusting the next, is a considerable problem in itself. And not one that any mainstream politicians are really making much effort to address. They all subscribe to the Kumbaya fantasy.
However, the second concern is, as I see it, more important. It is that we are witnessing a massive change in the racial make-up of our society. Where Birmingham goes, the rest of Britain is likely to follow. This change truly is without precedent – never before has a majority population voluntarily turned itself into a minority – and its implications are potentially immense. And yet, there has never been a serious public debate about this most important of all issues. Indeed, any debate on this issue is positively shut down, with the label ‘racist’ hastily applied to any who dare raise it. I believe that the British people deserve to know the details of what the political elite has inflicted upon them, and they deserve a debate on whether we want the demographic change that this country has already endured to be exacerbated by continued mass immigration. Sadly, I don’t expect to see any such debate anytime soon.

Shanty Town

By ATWadmin On July 24th, 2007 at 2:57 pm

I can’t say I found last night’s Panorama featuring Slough particularly interesting or informative – but I guess, living in Slough as I do, that shouldn’t be a surprise. I had mentioned previously how I have personally heard Asian shopkeepers complaining about the "bloody immigrants" so it was good to see similar people telling the reporter that we should "chuck them out" or "don’t let them in". At least I don’t have to defend my anecdotal references to that any more as anyone who saw the programme will have seen it for themselves.

The government seem to think the population of Slough is decreasing. I guess this is because more and more of it’s older established residents are getting out. Even so, the programme went to great lengths not to paint immigration in a bad light and seemed more interested in highlighting the discrepancy between what the government thinks the population of Slough is and what the local council say it is – turning the whole thing into nothing more than a squalid argument over money.

In a way, that sums up what is wrong with Britain. It’s all about money. No one seems to care that the heart of one of Britain’s great pre-war working class towns has been ripped out and replaced with a shallow, fragile, fractured, disjointed community living on the edge of breakdown. All they care about is getting their share of the cash rake off from the law-abiding taxpayer. The council’s real concern is not for the town – it’s for funding their gravy train of well paid public sector jobs.

White flight from Slough is quickening and I don’t think it will be that long before I join them. I am reluctant to do it because Slough, for all it’s faults, is the place of my birth – or rather it was. It isn’t the place I was born in anymore. It’s always been rather grey, drab and uninspiring to look at, but it was also a close-knit community of proud working class families who lived, worked and played together.

Now it’s drab, grey, uninspiring and utterly foreign.

The Mongrel Race

By ATWadmin On July 17th, 2007 at 7:45 am

I went shopping in Manchester yesterday (I have to make the most of it because I won’t be going when the congestion charge comes in).  Those familiar with Manchester will know the route I am about to describe.

I entered the city centre from the Cheetham Hill end.  I drove past the CIS tower to the traffic lights where you turn right for the car park next to Shudehill bus station.  Suddenly a load of soapy water was thrown on to my windscreen.  I looked out of the driver’s window to see a Romanian/Bulgarian gypsy with a Lucozade bottle full of soap suds and a pulex (the thing that looks like a hand-held windscreen wiper).  She began to clean my windscreen.  I hadn’t asked her to and, in fact, I told her to stop.  When she ignored me I said I wouldn’t pay her for something I hadn’t asked for.  However, when she had finished she started to get verbal and demand money.  At this point a reply along the lines of ‘go forth and multiply and get back to where you bloody well came from’ was the order of the day.  Is this another example of ‘immigration benefiting Britain’, Messrs Brown and Blair?  Oh these great East European immigrants, don’t ya just love ’em?

Let’s cut to the chase.  The cities of this country are now packed to the rafters with immigrants – many of them undesirable and totally superfluous to the economic and social well-being of this country.  It is all very well to say a person’s colour or ethnic background doesn’t make them less British.  When you have a modest amount of ethnic diversity in a country that point of view is spot on.  However, when you have a situation where the social and demographic atmosphere of a nation is assaulted by mass immigration and multi-ethnicity, everybody becomes ‘less British’ because there is ‘less of a Britain’ to identify with.

Manchester yesterday was full: Chinese, Africans, Polish, Muzzas…you name it. To see a member of the indigenous population was like a breath of fresh air.  As David Conway points out, we have never seen immigration the likes of what this government has unleashed.  I am, frankly, of the view that Blair and Brown should face treason charges for the ethnic bastardisation they have inflicted on this once great nation.  Some respondents are even of the view that mass immigration is more likely to make political change for the Left more achievable through prolonged periods of Labour government.  Who’s to say they are wrong?  I would put no lesson in scumbaggery beyond the talents of this lot!

On a brighter note I do not see the 2073 prediction coming true.  I think there will be a backlash of cataclysmic proportions long before the political descendants of Tone and Gordy can fulfil their Leftist ethno-demographic wet dream.  It still doesn’t detract from the fact we are now in unchartered waters as far as immigration is concerned.  Instead of castigating people for voting for the BNP, I think government ministers should look at the role their own actions have played in this sorry situation.

Amnesty International

By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2007 at 7:00 am

This autumn I’m going back to India for the first time in 22 years.  I wasn’t even a teenager when I last visited the country with my father back in the summer of 1985.  I spent four weeks there and had the time of my life.  Many of the memories I have are fairly vague.  However, one of the things I quickly learnt is that to give any beggar money is a recipe for disaster.  If you gave away so much as a few rupees you’d very quickly have a crowd around you – mostly of young children wanting a slice of your munificence.  If you’re ever in India, always have a plentiful supply of chocolate and ball-point pens with you.  The kids there go absolutely crazy for both!  The moral of this story is that weakness through generosity creates more problems than it solves.  Try telling that to the Institute of Public Policy Research.

Immigrant amnesties have been tried and tested in both Spain and Italy.  Each time it only encouraged more immigrants to try to arrive – legally or otherwise.  I am of the view that we should have a 25-year moratorium on immigration to this country (other than returning ex-pats) coupled with the pro-active determination to rid these islands of as many illegal incomers as possible.  Yet what our immigration teams achieved under the direction of this Labour ‘let’s have loads of foreigners in so we can destroy Britain as we one knew it’ government?  A body racked by turgidity and bureaucracy.

I am certain that one amnesty will create a disaster.  Already the towns of Pas de Calais in France are saturated by people itching to get to the Promised Land because they know what our Establishment hasn’t the guts to say: namely that we’re a soft touch.  Don’t expect any party or body with Left-wing credentials to do anything to satisfy justified public concern on immigration.  It just goes against their ideological grain.



By ATWadmin On June 10th, 2007 at 11:49 am

Have you ever wondered about the culture that has invited possibly the worst multicultural, non-assimilation experiment on the planet, Sweden? Ever marveled at the huge increases in crime, especially in gang rapes and the drastic drop in the country’s GDP since the population was overrun with the highest numbers of Muslims per capita in Europe? Well, it could be because the Left has been allowed to reach such ludicrous heights that a recent experiment in a school has boys being forced to wear girls’ clothes and vice versa. Yes, that’s right!

In a kindergarten in Stockholm, the parents were encouraged by the preschool teachers – apparently ideological pioneers – to equip their sons with dresses and female first names. There are now weeks in some places when boys HAVE TO wear a dress.

I guess the architects of society have a guinea pig beyond their wildest dreams in that country. No wonder there’s no-one to fight off the disaffected Muslim youths who are raping the young women; they’re too busy choosing pink shoes to dress their sons in.

HAT TIP: Oz Conservative

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One immigrant the government won’t let in

By ATWadmin On May 24th, 2007 at 9:20 pm

Yesterday, it was reported that the government has granted citizenship to over a million immigrants since 1997. However, while Labour can’t wait to bend over backwards to grant citizenship or permanent residence to terrorists, criminals, and those who seek to subvert or take over British society, there is one person who is, it seems, very definitely persona non grata in the UK.

His name is Tul Bahadur Pun. He is an 84 year old former Gurkha, who won the Victoria Cross for bravery in the service of this country during World War Two. Now in rapidly failing health, he wishes to move to Britain to gain access to superior medical treatment than that available to him in Nepal. The government however – the same government that has allowed millions upon millions of people into this country since 1997 – refuses to grant him the right to enter.

Now, I am as strongly opposed to mass immigration as anyone. But this loyal old soldier is hardly the kind of immigrant who poses the slightest threat to Britain. And it cannot be denied that we owe him a great debt of gratitude. He should certainly be allowed in, unlike the vast majority of the millions that the government actually has let in.

And, as a final point, what does it say about us as a nation, that while we deny entry into our country to a man who risked his life defending our country, we not only allow such sworn enemies of Britain as Anjem Choudhary and Abu Izzadeen to live here freely, but also hand over thousands of pounds of our money to them each year in state benefits?

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