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By Pete Moore On May 5th, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Step forward … two African rioters! Yep, it’s our old friend the “right to a family life” yet again.

The Telegraph can reveal for the first time how the two rioters – who were both made an example of by the criminal courts for their roles in the 2011 disorder – have since overturned the Home Office’s attempts to have them sent home.

One was convicted of violent disorder after rampages involving attacks on shops and cars by a gang in two Home Counties towns, while the other was convicted of burglary for his part in the London riots.

Right, so over a year ago the Home Secretary introduced rules “that made it “absolutely clear” that those who have committed a crime, broken immigration rules or cannot support themselves must not be allowed to stay”, but nothing’s changed in reality.

Ever get the feeling you’re being lied to?


By Pete Moore On April 26th, 2013 at 5:22 pm

Just another day in British courts.

Mohammed Sheikh, Hamza Ali and Suran Uddin are jailed for abducting a 13-year old girl, drugging her and repeatedly raping her for four days. Two of them “could face deportation to Somalia, their home country”. None of them are in their home country.

Eleven-strong terrorist cell jailed for a total of nintey years for planning attacks with rucksack bombs and firearms, poisons and running over pedestrians in cars fitted with blades. Another bunch of Abduls.

Well done, each and every one of you immigrationists who inflicted a total catastrophe on our country. Well done.


By David Vance On March 29th, 2013 at 9:49 am

I thought this was interesting.

Britain should be able to block immigration from other EU countries during the current period of high unemployment, according to a group of influential MP


“The MPs, two of the most influential politicians in the immigration debate, suggest that draconian action should now be considered “during periods of high unemployment” — such as now — to protect low-skilled British workers struggling to compete with foreigners for jobs.

One in five young British workers is currently unemployed, with about one million people aged 18 to 24 out of work. The MPs say that Britain is still facing an influx of people at an “unsustainable level” despite Coalition action to reduce immigration. They add that the expected wave of immigration from Bulgaria and Romania — which could lead to 50,000 people a year moving to this country from next year — means that the need to tackle the issue “could not be more stark.”

Well, fair enough as far as it goes but it just don’t go far enough.

MOST UK immigration does not come from the EU but rather outside the EU. With Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other such 3rd world areas contributing the greatest number of Immigrants we also need to turn the valve off there too! When I said this live on TV during the 201o general election, those on the left called me a waaaay-cist!! In doing so they exposed their innate stupidity. I couldn’t care LESS what race anyone is – but when it comes to Immigration unless they have a skill set that we do not have then they are essentially welfare tourists.  We cannot afford to indulge the multiculti agenda when our economy is sliding down the toilet.


By David Vance On March 27th, 2013 at 10:42 am

As I have frequently stated, the UK really is IMMIGRANT central. That’s just the unvarnished truth and here comes more news on the issue… 

“Figures released by the European Commission showed that 566,000 migrants arrived in Britain in 2011 alone, the latest available statistic. It is the highest number in Europe and represents almost 20 per cent of migration from outside and inside the European Union.

Got that? One in five come here, and it’s not for the climate! Then comes the comedy piece…

Ministers have measures in place to radically cut non-European migration. But  EU rules ban Britain from shutting out those from elsewhere in Europe.

So, we either accept the fact that we are the magnet for EU migration OR we leave the EU. And NO major political party wants to leave the blessed EU.


Nearly 120,000 Romanians and Bulgarians have already moved to Britain despite not yet being allowed to work freely in this country, official figures showed yesterday. The data from the 2011 census showed that migration to Britain – at a rate equivalent to 30,000 a year – began as soon as the two countries joined the EU. The disclosure is fresh evidence that a major movement of Romanian and Bulgarian citizens is likely when restrictions are lifted at the end of the year.

This is the most radical demographic transformation of our country EVER.  It is without precedent. So, enjoy your future as an eastern European magnet with lots of third world Islam thrown in.


By David Vance On March 24th, 2013 at 9:05 am

Well, this is at least one small step in the right direction, don’t you think?

Immigrants will be forced to pay to visit a GP and be banned from getting council houses for up to five years after they settle in Britain. The moves, to be signalled by David Cameron this week, mark a new hardline stance on immigration aimed at reviving Tory fortunes. The Prime Minister intends to introduce legislation on both issues in the next few months, despite the likelihood of strong opposition from Labour MPs.  The measures are to be rushed through to stop Bulgarians and Romanians being allowed access to the UK.

However it strikes me as being too little, too late and it ignores the fact that they can get here in the first case with consummate ease. Only enforced borders and the absolute assertion of our National sovereignty. Naturally this announcement has been met with criticism from the Anglican Church.


By David Vance On March 23rd, 2013 at 10:16 am

Immigration is a faux debate.

The Prime Minister is expected to hit back after his Lib Dem Cabinet colleague Vince Cable said plans to cap immigration at under 100,000 were “dishonest” and could put skilled overseas workers off contributing to the UK

But Tory campaigners want the PM to allay fears that Britain’s generous benefits and healthcare will make it a magnet for tens of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians who will be free to come here after visa restrictions are relaxed on December 31.  MP Stewart Jackson said public unrest over immigration was “almost wholly the reason we came third in the Eastleigh by-election”  He urged the PM to use Monday’s speech to be “honest and upfront”.He added: “He needs to make the point that people will only be welcome if they make a positive financial contribution and, if they’re welfare tourists, they won’t be.”

Nonsense. The UK is WIDE OPEN to inward EU immigration and NOTHING can be done to stop this welfare loving tsunami unless we leave the EU. None of the three major parties have any intention of doing that so this is simply titling at windmills.


By David Vance On February 25th, 2013 at 7:41 am

The “multicultural experiment” of the Left to utterly transform this United Kingdom manifests itself in all sorts of ways that are increasingly obvious. Just consider this if you will;

A Primary school in a cathedral city has been unveiled as the first in the country where not a single pupil speaks English as their first language.  Of 440 pupils at Gladstone primary school in Peterborough, 358 speak Punjabi Urdu at home, 23 speak Dari, an official language from Afghanistan,  while 15 speak Lithuanian and 11 Latvian. Another 16 languages are also spoken, figures from the Department for Education show.  The school has 28 teaching assistants, with 10 speaking Urdu and one speaking Polish and Russian.

Here’s the view of the Headmistress of the school, Christine Parker;

“Britain has always been a country of immigration. You only have to watch Who Do You Think You Are? to see how many famous people have their origins far away from the British Isles.“Our pupils will grow up wanting to play cricket for England…and support England and Pakistan.””

Really? Not all…

THE parents of Peterborough man James Adams who was killed in the 2005 terrorist bombing on London’s underground yesterday (29 November) told an inquest of their sense of loss.

Mr Adams (32), a mortgage broker from Peterborough, was one of 26 people killed in the blast between King’s Cross and Russell Square stations on July 7 five years ago.

His parents Ernest and Elaine Adams sent a touching tribute to the inquest, set up to look at the background of the attack and emergency services’ response to the devastation caused.  T

he couple’s statement read: “James would have loved to be married and had a family.

“But after 7/7 this isn’t to be.”

I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists or supporters of Jihad but I am saying that the idea put forward by the headmistress of this Peterborough school that all this kids will grow up to be England supporting geezers is laughable.

A study of YOUNG Muslims in Britain uncovered this disturbing reality;

“Nearly one-third of Muslim college students in Britain support killing in the name of religion, while 40 percent want to live under Islamic law, according to a secret cable from the U.S. Embassy in London that reviewed public polling data and government population predictions.

A survey of 600 Islamic and 800 non-Islamic students at 30 universities found that 32 percent of the Muslims believed in religious killing, while only 2 percent of non-Muslim students felt religious murder was justified, the cable said, referring to a poll conducted by the Center for Social Cohesion. The embassy cable, released by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, said the same survey revealed that 54 percent of Muslim students want to be represented by an Islamic-based political party.

The poll also showed that 40 percent of Muslim students endorse Islamic, or Shariah, law, which can impose the death penalty for religious heresy and adultery, often by stoning, or the amputation of hands for theft. Since 2008, Britain has allowed Muslims to follow Shariah law in civil cases, but not in criminal trials.”

Not quite the glowing picture of cultural integration painted by Mrs Parker.  Unprecedented immigration from Muslim countries is radically changing the face of the UK. That’s just the facts of the matter.


By David Vance On February 19th, 2013 at 9:49 am

This is obvious and one cannot blame those who are attracted here;

Romanian families migrating to Britain next year could be almost eight times better off here working for the minimum wage, a study revealed yesterday.  Similar families from Bulgaria could increase their living standards nearly ninefold, according to the report. The findings by the MigrationWatch think-tank come amid deepening concern about the numbers of migrants who may arrive after Britain’s borders and labour market are thrown open to citizens of Romania and Bulgaria in January.

The economic benefits for these Romanians and Bulgarians are overwhelming! So they will come, in their tens of thousands. And we cannot stop them because they are our fellow Europeans. The financial magnet will attract them and the political class will shrug and say that it is doing all it can – namely, NOTHING. The radical demographic transformation of the UK continues apace and will not stop until we start to reassert our National Sovereignty by leaving the UK and re-imposing our borders. Frankly, everything else you read and hear is a distraction. Do we needs tens of thousands of unskilled Bulgarians and Romanians (Albeit the latter are skilled at ATM theft)? Of course not but we are going to get them. The madness of EU membership continues…


By David Vance On February 17th, 2013 at 9:43 am

Two sets of facts;

First this;

Britain is powerless to stop tens of thousands of Eastern European immigrants from coming to live in Britain from next year, Theresa May has admitted. Five year old quotas limiting the number of people from Bulgaria and Romania who can move to live in Britain are due to expire in just over 12 months’ time. This will give 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians the right to live and work unrestricted in Britain in 2014 under European “freedom of movement” rules. In an interview on BBC1, the Home Secretary said Britain would not be able to extend the so-called “transitional arrangements” to limit the expected influx.

Then this...

Fraudsters from the former Eastern bloc country of Romania are responsible for 92 per cent of all ATM crime in Britain, according to police figures.

See the problem?


By David Vance On January 18th, 2013 at 9:02 am

The massive influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe into the UK has severe consequences on our public services.

“Most GPs think that NHS treatment for migrants is ‘too generous’ and are refusing to register some patients who are in this country illegally. Some doctors warn that surgeries ‘can’t cope’ with the rising numbers of overseas patients coming in for free care, a poll has found. Last year new NHS guidelines told GPs they had to register all foreigners including tourists on short holidays, students and illegal immigrants.”

The benefits of a free at point of use Health Service must act a magnet from those people from Eastern Europe who are used to the most basic, if any, medical provisions at home. You cannot blame them for coming here. You CAN blame successive Governments for presiding over this. The truth is that our public services are being swamped and are fit to burst. Yet as we enter 2013, and as reported on this blog, we prepare for a FURTHER wave of immigrants.