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By David Vance On January 7th, 2013 at 10:22 am

If a Nation refuses to enforce its borders, it is no longer a Nation, just a land mass!

Britain is hosting enough illegal immigrants to fill three cities the size of Newcastle, according to border officials. A Home Office report says an estimated 70 per cent of the 863,000 illegal migrants are living in London.  The study also reveals that 10,000 foreigners who had no legal right to live in Britain have been granted permission to stay under the so-called 14-year rule.

In this way, we see the scale of the demographic transformation Labour presided over as they sought to change the face of Britain forever. And WHERE do most of these immigrants hail from?

The Home Office says the top five countries from which the illegals have arrived are believed to be India, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh.

Wonder WHAT attracts them here? The weather…?


By David Vance On December 14th, 2012 at 7:29 pm

As you know, when last in power, Labour opened up the UK to unprecedented levels of immigration. As informed  ATW readers know, this was deliberate policy as part of a plan to change the face of Britain forever. But hush..here comes new Labour leader Ed Miliband with words of comfort;

“Too little” has been done to integrate people who have settled in British society, Ed Miliband has said. The Labour leader called for more proficiency in the English language as part of his One Nation ideal. He also admitted Labour had made “mistakes” in tackling the “realities of segregation” in struggling communities.

Is there ANYBODY out there who reads this without a chuckle? I would trust Miliband on Immigration as much as I would trust Gary Glitter at a Girl Guide’s jamboree. And yet, the sheeple who vote Labour come hell or high water will continue to lend their vote to the neo=Marxists that control Labour. With parts of the UK now resembling downtown Islamabad, the damage has been DONE.


By David Vance On November 9th, 2012 at 10:25 am

Without borders that we reinforce, we are not a Nation, merely a destination. Increasingly it is obvious that our Nationhood slips away from us…

 “MPs say the UK Border Agency’s attempts to clear a massive backlog of cases could become an amnesty for immigrants with no right to be in the UK. Keith Vaz, who chairs the Home Affairs Committee, said the backlog was almost equivalent to Iceland’s population and spiralling out of control…”

So, we absorb the equivalent of Iceland’s entire population without much of a whimper, just let ’em in and to hell with the consequences. Vaz, of course, has some nerve.  After all it was HIS party, Labour, which when in Government from 97-2010 took the active decision to radically change the UK demographic. His crocodile tears mean nothing. We see the consequences of demographic change in the USA, but the UK is changing just as fast,


By David Vance On November 5th, 2012 at 8:26 am

First, the so called problem;

Hundreds of children living rough in London and other cities may have no nationality, the BBC (Who else?) has found. Inside Out London has uncovered stories of children who according to official records do not exist – some forced into sex work to eat. Further research by the BBC suggests it is a UK-wide problem. Charities warn of stateless children in Birmingham, Leeds, Coventry, Nottingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Oxford and Cardiff. “The problems caused by statelessness are by no means limited to London,” Chris Nash, of charity Asylum Aid, said.

Simple enough solution; an IRON border. The truth is that our incredibly soft immigration procedures allow these kids in. Oh, and yes, I DID read the claim that many of these children came here “legally” and I simply do not believe it. Statelessness is a factor of porous borders. I feel sorry for the kids concerned but the truth is that they have no right to be in our country. That’s why I would deport every one of them.  Harsh? Yes. Necessary? Yes.


By David Vance On October 29th, 2012 at 11:19 am

There is ONLY one way to resolve this;

A NEW wave of Eastern European immigration will put tens of thousands of British workers’ jobs at risk, claim experts. Twenty-nine million Bulgarians and Romanians will have the right to live and work here under European “freedom of movement” rules coming into force at the end of next year. That will pave the way for a new flood of migrants heading across the Continent to escape grinding poverty in their own countries and snatch jobs away from UK workers already suffering because of the global economic crisis.

Oh yes, Bulgaria and Romania, so rich in multiculturalism that they need to export it to the UK. I am sure we will hear plenty of platitudes from Government about how they will stop this but I do not take them seriously. The ONLY way to prevent endless waves of Eastern European immigration is to LEAVE the EU. It’s as simple and stark as that. If we don’t, and I believe no major political party has the guts to say that we will, then brace yourself for sustained demographic death.


By Pete Moore On October 28th, 2012 at 2:13 pm

The Telegraph: Britain facing new eastern Europe immigration surge

Britain is facing a new wave of Eastern European immigration which will put British workers’ jobs at risk, experts have warned.

Twenty nine million Bulgarians and Romanians will gain the right to live and work unrestricted in Britain in 2014 under European “freedom of movement” rules.

Last night forecasters said it could lead to a significant number of new arrivals, in the same way as when Poland and other Eastern European countries gained the same rights in 2004, with the scale likely to be increased by the economic crisis gripping the rest of Europe. And a Government report was disclosed to show concern among official advisers that the British labour market will suffer “adverse effects” as a result.

Can the government prevent it? Of course it can. It simply needs to tell the EU that restrictions will not be lifted and then enforce that policy. Will it do so? I very much doubt it. “Adverse effects” to labour markets not only don’t affect the ruling class but it increases the power of the state because of the demands that something must be done after the act. The incentives for politicians are completely opposed to our own.

At least when the Labour regime allowed us to be flooded most recently it was by Poles who look like us, are Christian and relatively civilised compared to others from Eastern Europe. Romania and Bulgaria have plenty of undesirables who we really don’t want here, and who be coming from economies that are nowhere near as wealthy as Poland’s.


By David Vance On October 12th, 2012 at 7:32 am

The sheer menace of the EU to the well being of the UK knows few limits.  Just consider their latest notion that European immigrants should be able to claim handouts and pensions without first having to pass a test proving that they have settled in Britain. Ian Duncan Smith spelt this out for the slow of thinking ….

“The European Commission wants to end the habitual residence test,” he told the House of Commons. “As a result, we would have to pay benefits to EU migrants as and when they arrive and they would not have to prove that they have been here, are working and have a residence. “I believe that is fundamentally wrong, as do the Government. “The habitual residence test is vital to protect our benefits system and to stop such benefit tourism. “I also do not believe that the EU has any rights in that area, and we are working with other countries that feel much the same..”

The very idea that our Benefits system should be instantly amenable to EU immigrants is an outrage. Not only that but were it to be practise, it would drive us further into economic meltdown.


By David Vance On October 8th, 2012 at 9:21 am

On the run war criminal? Killed numerous innocents and feeling a tad guilty? Looking for somewhere to find a comfortable home? Try BRITAIN…

An African war criminal who joined in the slaughter of civilians has been allowed to stay in Britain under human rights law – because he admitted his crimes in a BBC interview. The man was a fighter in the Janjaweed militia which killed an estimated 300,000 people during the war in Darfur, but he came to Britain after hearing it was ‘a good place to claim asylum’. An immigration tribunal found he was guilty of crimes against humanity after he gave media interviews in which he described joining in the burning and looting of 30 villages and shooting countless victims.

I am sure this African mass murderer will bring further multicultural gaiety to Britain and surely those who think that the “Human Rights” laws that can facilitate this are malignant are just spoil sports and maybe even racists! The more colourful killers living amongst us, spongeing off our benefits, the better…..surely?


By David Vance On September 21st, 2012 at 9:46 am

I get a lot of abuse when I am on the MSM and suggest that our Welfare system contains habitual abusers. I mean, it’s an OUTRAGE, right?

Neighbours reacted with outrage last night after an immigrant mother of ten who receives £34,000 a year in benefits demanded that the council (Boston) gives her a larger home. 

Latvian Linda Kozlovska, 31, arrived in Britain with three of her children in 2008 and moved into a council-maintained three-bedroom house. Four years later, however, the single mother says she is unhappy living there – because she has had three more children and four others have moved over from Latvia.

‘I have ten children living here with me,’ she said. ‘I’m the only adult. I am on the council waiting list, but we’re still here. ‘They don’t have a big enough house.  I want a bigger house. I don’t like it here. When we moved in it had bed bugs.’

Latvian. Ten Children. Single Mother. £34,000 from Welfare and now wanting a larger house from the Council. THAT is the problem we have and it also might help some people understand WHY the UK population is growing. The influx of these welfare parasites is ruining our economy yet to even MENTION the problem is to incur the wrath of the liberal elite who preside over our national ruin whilst simultaneously denying there is even a problem.  What EXACTLY does Ms Kozlovska bring to Britain? What EXACTLY does she add to our National riches?



By David Vance On September 20th, 2012 at 9:11 am

It is this sort of news that illustrates why the UK is seen as a magnet for every on the make illegal immigrant;

Border chiefs are preparing to ‘write off’ around 80,000 lost immigration and asylum cases. The files were among nearly half a million found abandoned in boxes at the Home Office in 2006 in a major immigration scandal. Since then officials have been working through the backlog to track them down, but are set to admit defeat and abandon around one in six cases.

I would like to know how many of these “Border Chiefs” face the sack for their gross  incompetency? How many politicians that presided over this disaster face prosecution for allowing our Nation to become a blot hole for illegal immigrants? It is the casual dismissal of such a massive failure to protect US from these welfare parasites that so offends me. And the lazy disregard for failure. If Government cannot defend its borders, it has failed. We have been let down as a Nation by the clowns at Westminster.