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By David Vance On April 20th, 2012 at 9:23 am

Incredibly, the political party that presided over THIS are back in the lead in the opinion polls;

The immigration boom under Labour led to the face of Britain changing faster than any major nation except Italy, a study by an Oxford University think tank revealed. During the five-year peak of the influx, the UK’s migrant population soared by 22 per cent – double the average of G8 countries, figures from the Migration Observatory show. Over the past two decades, Britain’s foreign-born population has increased from 3.8million – or 7 per cent of the total population – in 1993 to almost 7million, or 12 per cent per cent in 2010.

Labour set out to change Britain forever, and it has partly succeeded. The demographic changes underway will have even more profound effects in twenty years time. Should Labour return to power, put there by those prepared to keep swallowing Labour lies, it may well finish this country.


By David Vance On April 11th, 2012 at 8:47 am

This is hardly the most reassuring news.

The UK Border Agency is still failing in its “basic functions” in spite of efforts to overhaul it, MPs have said. The home affairs committee said UKBA had provided “inconsistent” information about immigration and asylum cases dating back to 2006 and this backlog would take four more years to clear. It also said it was “deeply concerned” about the number of foreign prisoners living in the UK awaiting deportation.

Government has a central and important function to keep us safe by protecting our borders. That is KEEPS failing in the essential area is a disgrace.


By David Vance On March 31st, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Foreign passport stamped with permission to stay in Britain

Here’s an interesting admission by someone who was at the heart of the last Labour Government which CONFIRMS what some of us have been saying for years…

Labour ministers deliberately encouraged mass immigration to diversify Britain over the past decade, a former Downing Street adviser has claimed. Andrew Neather said the mass influx of migrant workers seen in recent years was not the result of a mistake or miscalculation but rather a policy the party preferred not to reveal to its core voters. He said the strategy was intended to fill gaps in the labour market and make the UK more multicultural, at the same time as scoring political points against the Opposition.

Say it ain’t so???


By David Vance On February 22nd, 2012 at 8:55 am

Labour’s plan to allow unfettered immigration into the UK seems to working out pretty well as one might have forecast;

“The full impact of uncontrolled migration into the UK was laid bare yesterday by shock figures showing that four in every five babies born in some parts of London have foreign parents.

Across the capital two-thirds of the babies born in 2010 had a migrant mother or father. But in Newham the number of births to at least one non-British parent soared to an astonishing 84 per cent.

In only six of 32 London boroughs was the figure below 50 per cent. The report comes on top of official figures showing the number of babies born to foreign mothers in 2010 hit a record high. The Office of National Statistics said migrant mothers accounted for more than one in four births.”

The real demographic IMPACT of these stats will be felt in decades to come, and in particular if these kids do not assimilate into British society. With many on the Left running around denying that there is even such as thing as “British values” this lays down the ground for London to become even more UnBritish than it currently is. To have Borough with 80% non UK domiciled birth rates is stunning. Yet in truth a non-British London – and indeed other major cities – may well be the final consequence of the Labour years.


By Pete Moore On February 14th, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Did you know this was going on?

Forty seven (alleged) muslim paedophiles are currently standing trial for grooming, drugging and raping young British girls. Some who have attended the trial report the alleged victims are aged no older than 16 and some are as young as 10. It’s an unusual link but the corporate media has put a silence on it.

Someone doesn’t want you to know of the alleged horrors which have been happening across the north of England.


By David Vance On January 27th, 2012 at 9:31 am

Glad to see some justice being done.

A corrupt vicar who conducted 28 sham weddings was jailed yesterday. The Rev Canon Dr John Magumba, 58, pocketed at least £8,300 after he  agreed to marry Nigerians to Eastern Europeans living in Britain. The unions enabled the Africans to stay in the UK and claim hundreds of thousands of pounds in benefits.

A court heard that the cost to the  taxpayer of one immigrant wrongly  entitled to services amounted to  £100,000 over a decade, or £230,000 if they had a child. Yesterday the Church of England vicar – who came to Britain from Uganda with his wife and six children – was told that he had brought scandal to his church as he was sentenced to two-and-a-half  years in jail. Investigators suspect no ceremony actually took place with the ‘couples’ simply given their marriage certificates – dubbed ‘golden tickets’ – after handing him hundreds of pounds. On one occasion he married the same woman to different men twice in the space of a week, later changing her age in the register to try to avoid suspicion.

One has to ask HOW did Magumba get into the Church in the first place? How did h get away with all these sham weddings? Shouldn’t this criminal be deported?


By David Vance On January 26th, 2012 at 8:55 am

The Anglican Church continues to show unfit for purpose it has become after decades of liberal leadership.I read that two Church of England vicars conducted hundreds of sham ­marriages to help illegal immigrants stay in Britain, a court heard yesterday.

The Reverends Elwon John and Brian Shipsides allegedly presided over fake wedding ceremonies between Africans and EU citizens. Once the marriages had taken place a “strikingly high proportion” of immigrants made applications to the Home Office for the right to remain in the UK, Inner London Crown Court was told. In some cases, EU nationals were said to have jetted into ­Britain just so the marriages could take place, before being flown straight out again. The “massive fraud” allegedly took place over more than two years at All Saints Church in ­Forest Gate, east London. Nigerian Amdudalat Ladipo – herself an illegal immigrant – is accused of being the “fixer” behind the racket.

What a racket. These guys should, if convicted, be de-frocked and imprisoned.


By David Vance On January 20th, 2012 at 9:04 am

No one can be surprised to read that a huge number of immigrants to the UK are claiming welfare.

More than 370,000 migrants who were admitted to Britain to work, study or go on holiday are now claiming out-of-work benefits, according to official figures compiled for the first time. The immigrants, who can claim unemployment, housing and incapacity benefit, are costing taxpayers billions of pounds a year. In other countries, many would have had to return home after their visas expired or their employment ended. The figures are likely to reopen the debate over the generosity of the welfare system amid growing concerns that the country has become a destination for “benefit tourists”.

There has been a bogus debate on this topic on the media this morning. The apologists for immigration point out that “only” 2% of the 370,000 are fiddling the system and that the vast majority are simply claiming what they are entitled to. But that misses the point – it is the scale of generosity of benefit and the accessibility of it that is the root of the problem! There is a REASON that the UK is seen as a preferred destination for these hundreds of thousands of Immigrants and it is our soft welfare underbelly.

I value immigration. I believe immigrants contribute to our economic and cultural well being. But not ALL immigrants. Unless they are working here, contributing here, then they should be removed from this country to the country from whence they came. I believe that this is illegal under EU law and so once again we see that if we are to gain a firm control over Immigration we must leave the EU.


By David Vance On December 16th, 2011 at 5:53 pm

Here’s an interesting legal decision;

“The High Court has dismissed a challenge to laws that require immigrant spouses to be able to speak English in order to live in the UK.

Three couples had challenged the rules which were introduced in November 2010. But Mr Justice Beatson ruled the new language test was not a disproportionate interference with the couples’ right to family life. The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants said the ruling would affect many UK citizens.

But Immigration Minister Damian Green said: “We believe it is entirely reasonable that someone intending to live in the UK should understand English, so that they can integrate and participate fully in our society.”We are very pleased that the courts agree with us.”

Now, this seems a reasonable judgement but one wonder what is meant by a “basic” level of English, exactly? Here is the sort of nonsense that has been going along, unchallenged under Labour;

“One of those who had challenged the decision was Rashida Chapti, a British citizen, who has been married for almost 40 years to her husband, Vali. Theresa May has said the policy was designed to improve integration. The couple have six children and have divided their time for 15 years between Leicester and India. His wife wants him to move permanently to the UK but Mr Chapti does not speak, read or write English.”

Listen, if he can’t be bothered to learn to speak, read or write English, he should not be allowed in to this country.


By Pete Moore On December 6th, 2011 at 7:39 pm

Excuse the intemperate headline, I’m English, not used to these alien ways. The judge would understand.

Dunno about you, but I’ve just about had enough cultural enrichment. The ruling class, safe in their nice homes, some guarded by men with guns, have turned large swathes of what was a civilised land into an increasingly Third World craphole. You’re not supposed to say so, but screw that. Some will notice that this racist crime, committed against a white woman in England, was not regarded as such by the court. It’s not the first time this week the ruling class has chosen not to apply their own laws.

Others will notice that Emma West, she of that video, has had her child abducted and been remanded in custody for words she said. She did not physically attack anyone, or pull out clumps of hair, or kick anyone in the head, but she’s been locked away – not convicted of any crime – because she used heretical words against official orthodoxy, one of the high crimes in unfree Britain today.

Well, screw that. Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, reminds us today in a piece about Emma West that one way in which the ruling class wins arguments is by “its insistence on rules of debate that place opposition at a regular disadvantage”. This is done, he says, “not only because England is an increasingly totalitarian place, but also because the main legitimation ideologies are all obviously false and cannot be exposed to open criticism”.

In other words, you are required to hold your tongue, say only what is allowed and wave goodbye to your country and heritage. Well, screw that.

UPDATE: DV has posted on this upstairs. Comments there please.