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By David Vance On August 26th, 2011 at 7:18 am

Did you read about the failed asylum seeker who committed 26 crimes within six years of arriving in the UK who could now win damages after a judge ruled that he had been unlawfully detained by immigration authorities?

Deputy High Court Judge John Howell QC said Algerian Amin Sino had ‘frustrated’ Home Office deportation attempts and been assessed as a ‘risk to the community’. And he accepted that many people might be ‘outraged’ that ‘such an individual’ may be entitled to damages – which would come from public funds.  But the judge said, in a written ruling published today after a hearing in London, that an immigrant’s failure to co-operate with immigration officials was not a justification for detention

Yes it is. So, a criminal who should not be here gets rewarded by our Judiciary. You should read the details of this case in the link attached to appreciate the utter folly of our approach to these illegals and the lameness of some of those on the Bench.

Advance, and be recognised!

By Mike Cunningham On August 25th, 2011 at 1:21 pm

The very first time I went abroad, and used my brand-new, shiny passport, the one with the black cover, the coat of arms, and the words inside stating that ‘Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State requests and requires, in the name of Her Majesty…’ it was kind of awe-inspiring to learn that a Cabinet Minister was prepared to go to bat, just for me!

Later on, of course, I did learn that a British passport carried no special illumination which divided us from everyone else, and more so in my own country than many another place.

But this morning, when I learnt that a total of 195,000 people were granted British citizenship last year; I kinda get the feeling that the very idea of British citizenship, the very ethos of being British, has been debased, almost as much as our Currency has also been debased, and for approximately the same reasons.

Commenced by the traitorous Labour Party under Blair, and continued without respite by this bunch of cretins in Westminster, the open-door policy is thinning we Brits to the point where we will be strangers in our own land!



By David Vance On August 18th, 2011 at 7:57 am

I wonder why some people get so worked up about the lack of control that characterises the UK. Maybe this will explain why;

“Social housing for Immigrants who come to Britain will hit £1 billion a year for the next 25 years. MigrationWatch UK said 45 extra homes would need to be built every day, the equivalent of 1,400 a month, with each one funded by a public sector grant of around £60,000.

As waiting lists for social housing have increased in England over the last eight years, the campaigners also found that migrants from outside the EU were more likely to live in social housing than those born in the UK.

Just 17% of those born in the UK require social housing, compared with 80% of migrants from Somalia, 49% of those from Turkey and 41% of those from Bangladesh.

Waiting lists for social housing in England have mushroomed by 60 per cent over the past eight years, largely due to immigration.

Those on the political left view this as a good thing. In fact they constantly talk about the burning need to build MORE social housing to accommodate this demand. What could be wrong with that, they bleat? Well, apart from the fact that it is unaffordable, that is is being driven by a gross inability to control who comes here, they may have a point. This billion pound problem is the part of the growing legacy of 13 years of Labour in power. As the hordes from foreign parts came flowing in – part of that wonderful multiculti experiment – problems were being built up, unlike houses. Now we have to cope with the chaos that prevails.


By David Vance On August 17th, 2011 at 7:22 pm

This is surreal.

An immigration officer returned home to find gipsies had moved in, ransacked the place and dressed in her clothes. Julia High was even offered a glass of her own wine by the Romanian squatters. They claimed they had rented the property from her ‘son’ because she had died, and produced a set of fake documents. Miss High, 55, has no son. The family of five adults and three children had ripped up carpets, emptied the fridge and dumped her belongings in bin bags in the garden of her £270,000 home.

Here are the delightful people concerned, brought to you care of the European Union. Enjoy.

Lies: Ms High's neighbours said the family told them she had died and they were renting the property from her son


By David Vance On August 17th, 2011 at 7:12 am

Is this a surprise given our open borders/welfare tourism ideal?

“The number of people living in the UK rose by 409,000 last year – almost a third of the increase across all 27 EU countries, according to figures from Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office.

Projections show that Britain will have the highest population on the continent within 40 years, overtaking both France and Germany. Britain’s population grew at a rate of 6.6 people per thousand – more than double the EU average of 2.8 people per thousand. Only Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg and Malta grew at a faster rate. Experts say it risks making Britain one of the most overcrowded countries in Europe, with the population expected to hit 70 million within 25 years.”

Wherever could all these people be coming from?

“Meanwhile, the populations of Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary all fell by tens of thousands.”

Further, those in government who try to spin this away as some sort of local baby boom need to share with us who exactly is having these larger families, in the interests of public transparency.


By David Vance On August 15th, 2011 at 3:46 pm

My thanks to Kateyo for raising this story from the always excellent Suzanne Breen;

The BNP has sent a chilling message to immigrant families in East Belfast – ‘hands off our nursery school places, you foreign parasites’. And the party’s Northern Ireland branch has launched a stinging attack on local politicians for encouraging multi-culturalism.

The BNP is claiming that dozens of local children are being turned away from the school gates because priority is being given to immigrants. The BNP said it’s despicable that the children of “foreigners on benefit” who barely speak English are being accepted into nursery schools while Belfast-born kids have been refused places for the start of term next month. The nursery school system is in crisis with around 1,500 children across Northern Ireland refused places due to a lack of resources. A BNP spokesman condemned a string of other ‘injustices’. “It’s not just our nursery school places being snapped up by these unwelcome spongers. It’s all our services – from housing to hospital appointments and treatment – the list is endless,” he said. “Our country is being flooded day and daily by the over-spill from the bursting mainland by every undesirable who can make their way here to claim benefits and services which we can’t get for our own people.”

I have been asked for my views on this so  here they are;

1. The BNP is using the very genuine concerns many people have to further its own hateful insulationist agenda. Calling immigrants per se “spongers” is inflammatory. There are people legally entitled to be here and they are getting what government has decreed they are entitled to. So, who to blame?

2. The real issue is that the major political players at Westminster (as opposed to the local minnows at Stormont) refuse to deal with the Immigration issue because our membership of the EU guarantees that as many Eastern Europeans as possible can lawfully come here to take advantage of the Welfare benefits. The EHRC also commits us to allow all kinds of “asylum seekers” as evidenced on these pages time and time again. So the real FRAUD is that of the Lib/Lab/Cons. Blaming those who take advantage of their weakness seems a bit unfair to me. I would tighten up every aspect of Welfare legislation but even then the truth is that as EU members, we are wide open to all who want to come here.

3. Alliance are, of course, utterly useless on the issue of Immigration but since they are equally useless on every other issue, what’s the big surprise. People voted for Alliance in their thousands – enjoy the consequences.

4. The way to solve all this is for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the EU, asserts its national sovereignty, protect all borders, ensure we allow those with real  talent from outside of the UK into it (Yes, Immigration can be very good for you!) and in doing this we remove the threat of the BNP.

5. It’s all very well for some to talk of BNP being extreme. But what is Sinn Fein/IRA? There are some double standards in play here too.

There IS  a real problem here and trying to use the BNP as the bogeyman does not make it go away.

The UK has been destination welfare for so many immigrants (and not just from Eastern Europe) and Labour’s infatuation with multiculturalism has had a big part to play in creating tensions. The BNP seeks to exploit these concerns but perhaps rather than just castigate them we should be asking why the larger established parties have acted so cravenly? There are also people from other parts of Europe here who work very hard and who make a real contribution to our society, unlike some local parasites (Ooops, THAT word again, my my, hope the BBC aren’t taking notes, then again….)

I want to see British jobs for British people – yes. I also want to ensure we bring in sensible numbers of people from outside the UK who have skills and talents that can augment what we have. I seek borders that are not permeable.  I believe these are reasoned views not extreme. In fact the REAL extremism can be found in the bile of the BNP and the arrogance of the multicultists.

East Belfast is where this issue has arisen in Northern Ireland. As you know, I canvassed that area when I stood for Westminster and the BNP is right to say that people in some areas there do have real concerns about how folks coming from outside the UK seem to get priority treatment than them and their families. Why shouldn’t they?

But the solution lies in the hands of those political lotus-eaters who feign concern but smile knowingly and insist that come what may, we MUST remain in the EUSSR. How do you change their minds, that’s the question?

I wish I had the answer but one could start by not voting for them I suppose. Is the BNP worth a vote? Nope. Is UKIP? Maybe.

In the final analysis putting your faith in politicians and their parties is perhaps misplaced idealism.

Ramsbottom, our Enoch, and me.

By Mike Cunningham On August 10th, 2011 at 2:21 pm

So who will state that Enoch was wrong, or that his prophecy has not already  come true?

One of the finest minds, one of the best British gentlemen of the old order, cast out because what he said was  not wrong, but not politic!

I  point you to a very unusual occurrence, which is a BBC documentary which states the facts, and lets you make your mind up.

In the light of this, should we not at least say that, at last, we can now see that Enoch was so very, very, right after all!



Link pasted, cannot embed video.

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By Pete Moore On August 8th, 2011 at 5:45 pm

As Hackney and Lewisham feel the vibrancy, Old Holborn makes a fair point:

WE created this. WE told black kids it was OK to be a gangsta. We protected them from the consequences of their actions under the banner of equality and diversity. We told them it was fine to act and behave as a lawless thugs as if challenging that behaviour would somehow offend them […]

Whilst “da bruvvers” are celebrating an intake of free widescreen TVs, those who defend them by inaction against their lawlessness are preparing to complain to me that no businesses or jobs will come to the areas they trashed. And it will be my fault. Again.

Already the “community leaders” (always evidence that place is beyond hope) are hogging the cameras. That Al Sharpton wannabe Lee Jasper this morning held court on Sky News, bleating on about the “rage and frustration” communities feel. Rage and frustration for what? Ever since Scarman surrendered to thuggery, inner city ethnic crapholes have received hundreds of billions of funding. They have “community leaders” and youth centres and “BME Outreach Programmes” coming out of their ears and they’re still crapholes. They’ll still be crapholes tomorrow  when they’re ashes.

If you’re going to skip school and become a mugger before you hit puberty, don’t be surprised when no-one gives you a job. If you can’t speak English properly, no-one will give you a job. If you dress to intimidate, no-one will give you a job. If all you can do is open your beak for a state feed between rioting every generation, you’ll be stuck always in your inner city craphole.

If you want better in life, if you want to be able to buy those snazzy trainers instead of twocking them, if you want to lose the “rage and frustration” then get off your arse, learn some respect and work for it. No-one else is going to do it for you, if you can’t do it for yourself you deserve all you get.

Kathmandu ( West)

By Mike Cunningham On July 31st, 2011 at 10:44 am


So when I posted about the very slow mini-avalanche of elderly Gurkhas, complete with large and active families, seeping towards our green fields, using the words ‘A Mercenary is still a mercenary’ was I correct?


Some would answer that only ‘time will tell’!

Thiz summat up wee im

By Mike Cunningham On July 28th, 2011 at 8:38 am

Some time back, an acquaintance visited a house in Newcastle to check and repair some wiring which had short-circuited and had blown the fuse. The house was occupied by an Indian family, mother and father, and three kids. All three children spoke perfect English, as they had all been educated in England; incidentally two were aiming at University, and the third was setting himself up as a small businessman, even though he was only seventeen. A typical, thrusting, busy family, and unfortunately typical in yet another way as well; neither mother nor father spoke any English at all! The two adults had established themselves in England over thirteen years ago, and had owned a corner shop until they retired and sold it. Three close relatives had been on hand to serve any customer who did not speak their own language Hindi, and this option had continued until they sold their shop. Many of our immigrant families keep to this tradition, in that they resolutely turn their backs upon the indigenous language of the country which has been so generous of its hospitality.

So is it any wonder that Mrs. Chapti, who doesn’t seem to speak any English, but who has lived here on and off for six years, wishes to bring her husband, who not only doesn’t speak any English either, and by all accounts doesn’t want to learn either; over to England to spend his years with his ‘wife’. This ‘bringing together’ is, according to Mrs. Chapti, and her solicitor of course, in perfect alignment with her ‘Human Rights’, especially those of ‘family’ etc.

So what are the odds of the Chaptis getting together in happy Bangalore (West), otherwise known as Leicester? Pretty good, I reckon. After all, he won’t take up much room when he dies, as he can now choose his own open-air pyre, so why not where he lives before that?