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By ATWadmin On October 28th, 2009 at 7:55 pm

SOMEONE in the Anglosphere still has a pair:

Australia and Indonesia are locked in a stand-off over 78 Sri Lankan asylum seekers who are refusing to leave an Australian customs vessel that rescued them last week.

The ethnic Tamil migrants were drifting on a wooden boat off the coast of Sumatra when they were picked up and taken to the Indonesian island of Bintan, where it has remained.

However, the refugees have insisted on being taken to Australia to have their claims for asylum heard, and are not co-operating with Indonesian immigration and health officers. There are also reports that they are on hunger strike […..]

Australia says that the 78 Sri Lankans, who include five women and five children, are Indonesia’s responsibility. Kevin Rudd, the prime minister has not ruled out using force to remove them.

Well done (again) Australia. It isn’t the first time Canberra has demonstrated their land is theirs, not open to anyone who just fancies coming in  Contrast with the Trotskyite filth over here who can’t open the floodgates wide enough.

Students of Terror?

By ATWadmin On May 26th, 2009 at 8:02 am

Listened with an air of ‘I already know this’ to the BBC Today interview with Pakistani officials who were discussing the penchant for ‘mass murder’ by suicide bombers encouraged by the Taliban terrorists who have now invaded the Swat valley to the north of Islamabad. But I switched into ‘alert’ mode when the police chief who was being interviewed stated that many of the ‘suicide killers’ were actually children and young men, groomed for death and ‘paradise’ by cynical mullahs and Taliban terrorist leaders; given a target, given a large injection of adrenaline to help overcome any last-minute nerves, and given an explosive-laden truck to aim at an enemy.

Now you might think that I am just either making this up, or exaggerating to the point of lunacy, but I am also afraid that it is entirely true!

So what must we think of the fact that we have allowed, through a combination of stupidity, an unreal lack of any form of effective border control at any of the many ports of entry to Great Britain, a criminally lax immigration policy first effected by the Tories and manfully grasped and enlarged by Labour, some Twenty-Seven Thousand young men who come from the same tradition, ethos and background as the joyfull juvenile mass killers of the Suicide Clans of Pakistan and the Taliban?

Oh, and just by-the by, if the police locate and detain ANY of this scum, this Nation will not be able to deport any of them; because we might be acting against their Human Rights, and we can’t have that, can we?


A Disturbing Report

By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2009 at 5:39 pm

I was putting together a post on the Mexican/California border (which is a sieve) and the Mexican drug cartels setting up shop in Los Angeles (thanks to our lack of border controls) when I came across this UK statistic:

Between 2002 and 2007, Pakistani nationals entering the UK grew from 8,000 to 27,000.

Wow. Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention. Readers in the UK: did you know the number was this high?

“(United Kingdom) A disturbing report is surfacing in the UK from the TimesOnLine.

Thousands of young Pakistanis exploited a hole in Britain’s immigration defences to enroll as students at a network of sham colleges, The Times can reveal.

The gateway, opened by fraudsters who have earned millions from the scam, has allowed in hundreds of men from a region of Pakistan that is the militant heartland of al-Qaeda and the Pakistani Taleban.

Eight of the terror suspects arrested last month in Manchester and Liverpool were on the books of one college. It had three small classrooms and three teachers for the 1,797 students on its books. Another college claimed to have 150 students but secretly enrolled 1,178 and offered places to a further 1,575 overseas applicants, 906 of them in Pakistan.

Eleven colleges in London, Manchester and Bradford have been tied to three Pakistani businessman running the fraudulent scheme which reportedly has fueled a surge in student arrivals from Pakistan. Between 2002 and 2007, Pakistani nationals entering the UK grew from 8,000 to 27,000.”

Poor little self-deluding Paki?

By ATWadmin On April 26th, 2009 at 2:35 pm

She says she was appalled to learn the extent to which they (Pakistanis in general) think it’s OK to bend or break immigration laws.

She says she never realised that she was being naive not to have realised that to her cousin Kamran and his immediate family, a British visa is like winning the lottery. It is a golden ticket to the West.

She and her husband were so taken with him that we promised to pay for him to visit England. He was delighted. Our initial application in March last year was declined because the authorities, rightly as it turned out, suspected that Kamran would not go back. Now what was the clue which told the authorities that he was just another scumbag on the make?

She states thet she became suspicious because of the constancy of her cousin’s father’s entreaties; but still went ahead with the sponsorship because “As the daughter of devout Muslim immigrants, I had been brought up to believe in the importance of the extended family – that it was my duty to help those less fortunate.”


Methinks the lady doth protest too much!!!


true gains in assimilation

By ATWadmin On February 11th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

It has long been a complaint of many members of the indigenous population of Great Britain that ‘Immigrants’ do not assimilate, but in fact this observation is usually levelled at those who have streamed, sidled and slunk out of Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan into our easy-going country. Once here, they tend to huddle together in ghettoes of their own making, exhibiting the reverse-xenophobia which stems from both their common muslim religion, and their common dislike of most of the inhabitants of the country which has (reluctantly) given them shelter, benefits, transport and a loud platform from which to denigrate their hosts.


But it can now be seen that at least in one instance, a couple of incoming clowns have equalled in ferocity, if not actually drawn ahead, of the native-born savages who perpetrated this particular abomination.


Can this be said to be proof of migrant assimilation, or just a tragic, savage, random anomaly?



By ATWadmin On January 30th, 2009 at 9:25 pm

Have we the stirrings of a revolution?

“Strikes have been breaking out across the UK in support of a mass walkout by energy workers in Lincolnshire angry at the use of foreign workers. Hundreds gathered for the third day of the original strike at Lindsey Oil Refinery after owner Total gave a £200m contract to an Italian firm. They have been supported by hundreds of other “sympathy” strikers in Scotland, Wales and other parts of England.”

“Bobby Buirds, a regional officer for the union Unite in Scotland, today said the workers at Grangemouth were striking to protect British jobs.

‘The argument is not against foreign workers, it’s against foreign companies discriminating against British labour.

‘If the job of these mechanical contractors at INEOS finishes and they try and get jobs down south, the jobs are already occupied by foreign labour and their opportunities are decreasing.

‘This is a fight for work. It is a fight for the right to work in our own country. It is not a racist argument at all.’

Unions will hold another meeting of Scottish shop stewards in Glasgow this afternoon, and a further meeting on Monday, he said.”

Mmm, where will this one go? Many many UK companies are foreign owned and have legal access to an EU wide workforce so the Gordon Brown line about “British jobs for British people” was a lie, as I recall pointing out at the time. However as more and more Brits lose their jobs, and foreign nationals replace them, who is t say what will happen?


By ATWadmin On January 30th, 2009 at 9:02 am

I was reading about the case of a Nigerian immigrant who raped and murdered a Belfast mother-of-one and who was told yesterday he must serve at least 22 years of a life sentence before being considered for release. Jailing 25-year-old Kristoff Emmanuel Alauya at Belfast Crown Court, Mr Justice Weir told the massively built African he could find no evidence of remorse or contrition on his part for the gruesome killing.

After leaving Ms Moore for dead, Alauya ransacked her home, stealing perfume, jewellery, personal documents, a DVD player, cheque books and a switch card. The jury also heard that crime- scene investigators uncovered Alauya’s bloody fingerprint on a wall and a post-mortem examination revealed semen inside and underneath Ms Moore’s body. That examination also revealed that one of two stab wounds had partially severed the cartoid artery as it traversed the whole width of her neck and had caused massive bleeding which led to rapid death. Along with the wounds there were bruises to Ms Moore’s neck, indicating she had been strangled. Walking away from the bloody scene, the killer flagged down a taxi, asking the driver to stop at Creighton’s Garage where he bought microwave burgers because he was hungry.

I do NOT believe this sentence is in any way adequate. This savage will be free again when he is his late ’40’s and judging by his callous inhumanity, he will still present a real danger to women. I think it is a shame we do not have capital punishment for cases like this, so our next best option is to put him away for life – in a Nigerian jail. 


By ATWadmin On January 30th, 2009 at 7:50 am

It’s inevitable that as unemployment soars, there is going to be massive strain on community cohesion and those people born and bred in the UK are going to be very unhappy when they see local jobs going to foreigners. Whether this is right or wrong is beside the point, it IS happening…

Hundreds of oil refinery workers demonstrated yesterday to demand ‘British jobs for British workers’ in a row over the influx of foreign labour. Unions say up to 1,000 took part in the unofficial protest, accusing Italian and Portuguese workers of stealing their jobs. They are furious that 400 are being brought in to work on a £300million construction project, claiming qualified locals are available to do the job at a time of soaring unemployment.

The thing is that we live in a globalised employment market which has been further exacerbated by the UK’s submergence into the EU and the accompanying easing of trans EU job mobility. So, Italians to Grimsby? – no problem. The social cohesion that holds our nation together is now under pressure and as we march through 2009 I can only see this get worse. If we are not a Nation, how can we protect local jobs for local people? Being in the EU has reduced our ability to act locally, and the fruits of this are now there for all to see. Today Grimsby, tomorrow….?


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2009 at 8:08 am

Here is the state of State education in Britain after years of multiculturalism and unlimited immigration…

“There are now ten state schools in England without a single pupil who speaks English as his or her first language. Research reveals that there are almost 600 primary schools where 70 per cent or more of youngsters normally speak a foreign language. Across the country, one in seven pupils aged 4-11 does not have English as the first language, which is the equivalent of 466,620 children. But, following years of unprecedented levels of migration, ten schools have now reached a point where every youngster falls into this category.”

Shocking but sadly all too predictable. Close them down.


By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2009 at 11:39 am

Interesting to read that Britain is a destination hotspot for…. foreign murderers!

Eighty foreign killers are exploiting the chaotic asylum system to set up home in Britain, it was revealed yesterday. The convicted murderers from Albania have been given British passports despite being officially listed as ‘wanted’ by Interpol. Most slipped across the Channel from Calais to Dover hidden in the back of lorries on ferries. They used bogus names and false papers to claim asylum, often pretending to be from the war-torn Balkan republic of Kosovo.

In my view, those officials who have granted wanted killers the right to stay in our country should themselves be brought to court and prosecuted for their wilful negligence.