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The truth of the real ‘Health & Safety’ Regulations.

By Mike Cunningham On October 5th, 2014 at 5:19 pm


When I was first exposed to real danger, when working in an environment where your life was seriously at risk if you did not obey the rules; most of which were not written down, but learnt, off by heart, from real people who knew of those dangers by learning them from their predecessors: you learned the rules fast. At the age of 21, I was placed in charge of equipment worth millions, and more importantly, of people’s lives who used that equipment, when on board British Merchant Ships. If the Safety devices protecting an alternator, an engine, or a winch, were not tested and found satisfactory, someone could die, or be badly injured, and that death or injury would be placed at your feet, and you would be asked the reasons. When my friend the radio operator wished to have me check out the rotating radar aerial, I made damn certain that the control and power fuses for the rotating aerial were locked away until I came down from the forty-foot-high mast, so that no clown was able to switch the damn thing on, and send the aerial slicing into my back.

Similarly, when I was running the installation and engineering of a huge and complex electrical system for a South African hospital, it was my ‘Safety Document’ which was the rule for all switching and cabling connections and changes. Everything was written down, and everyone signed, so that, again, everyone was aware that eleven thousand volts; a truly lethal voltage; would not be even close to a human being, when work was underway.  We were professionals, doing a dangerous job, and ‘Health & Safety’ was paramount.

Health & Safety was always high in our minds when working in the English water industry, because each rule, each prohibition or passage, had been generated and established by professionals, for professionals. Two men died, over a weekend, in the tunnel feeding the huge, deep pumping station I was in charge of, when they failed to obey the rules. The 3 metre-dia. tunnel planned and built to carry water for London, ended in a large metal chamber, where the pump inlets would push the water up into the domestic zones of Northern London; and this chamber had been sealed for three months. The rules stated that, if a sealed chamber was breached or opened, the first item was to drop a gas detector, on the end of a rope, into the newly-opened space, to check if the atmosphere was stable, or if any noxious gases or major changes, hazardous to humans had occurred. Plain, straight forward; common-sense! But our two heroes knew so much better than scores of highly-experienced and qualified engineers; so they simply climbed down into the chamber and tunnel: and there they died, as there was less than two-percent oxygen in the tunnel and chamber, as the atmosphere had simply been denatured, nitrogen had displaced all the breathable air, and they died from a bad attack of ‘stupidity’!

Terry Waite, the enormously self-important Anglican envoy who flew to Beirut because he just ‘knew’ that his contacts in Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the ordinary Beirut Arabic slime underground could be implicitly trusted. He has been assured that all was ‘safe’! So he climbed on to a pick-up truck crammed with armed terrorists, again trusting them all because they were all muslim, and therefore completely ‘trustworthy’: and promptly disappeared for five years. Tied to radiators, hidden in underground cells, his only contact was another hostage; until he was released after a huge ransom was paid. ‘Trustworthy’ is as trustworthy does.

FCO 312 - Nigeria Travel Advice Ed2 [WEB]Similarly, ‘humanitarian volunteer’ Alan Hemming was travelling in an ‘Aid convoy’ into the darkest place on this Earth, war-torn Syria, because he ‘wanted to help’; ‘wanted to make a difference’, and all the other bullshit phrases used to attempt to excuse the actions of a man who just ‘knew’ that he would be safe, ‘knew’ that he would compete his mission; ‘knew’ that everyone else was wrong, and he alone was ‘right’: going into a muslim maelstrom where no-one is or can be trusted, because, in the end, they all hate us, they call us ‘infidel’, they call us ‘kuffar’.

And now his bereaved family has the audacity to state that the British government should and could have done more to rescue this idiot, should have risked the lives of soldiers, because the family felt that, as a ‘volunteer’, he should have been given special treatment; despite his ignoring every knowledgeable Government Department stating the bleedingly obvious, that Syria was a no-go place, that Europeans, no matter how well-meaning, no matter how well-intentioned; simply should not be there, because their lives would be at risk the second they drove across the border.

I say, save the ink, don’t sign the books of condolence, don’t buy the silly bunches of flowers, don’t condemn the Government for its immobility; instead accept that Alan Hemming was a well-meaning but foolish man, who ignored the warnings of the real Health & Safety Brigade; who gambled with his life and placed his belief on black, but watched the wheel of life’s spin land on blood red instead!

and here is the news, from the BBC; as we see it.

By Mike Cunningham On April 28th, 2014 at 11:19 am

We were once more regaled this morning on the BBC Today programme with the dark and dangerous stories emanating from the Syrian War, with reports from the ‘rebel’ side of the battleground which the city of Aleppo has become. The BBC reporter described the horrendous effects of the Assad forces weaponry which has been cosily christened the ‘barrel bomb’ which is either an oil drum dropped from a helicopter, which is stocked with home-made explosives and the regulation shrapnel, designed specifically to rend and tear human flesh, or a reinforced gas container, stuffed with the same explosive mix, plus detonator of course; the explosive force generated when detonated would of course shatter the steel containment shell, producing even better shards of shrapnel to injure or kill, well, anybody in its explosive path. The reporter described the areas he was standing in as a war-zone beyond imagination, blaming all this destruction on the Syrian dictator, as well as his Russian-supported military, alongside the really efficient murderers of Hezbollah, whose intervention helped save Assad’s forces from defeat in the Lebanese border towns. Everything which had happened to this once-bustling city was ascribed to the Government’s forces, but there was the routine disclaimer that ’rebel’ forces had also conducted killings of civilians.

All the froth, all the verbal fury, was there for one purpose and one only; to remind us all of our disgraceful (in the BBC’s eyes of course) decision not to join in Obama’s proposed war against the ‘red lines’ of Syrian use of chemical weaponry. To remind us that all these people were dying, or suffering, because we, as a Nation, had not stepped forward when the clarion call came to once more send our Armed forces into harm’s way, to remove this upstart dictator who was punishing the people who had rebelled against his rule! To remind us that it still was not too late to send our soldiers, along with what missiles we still have access to, into yet another sandy deathtrap where we would never, ever, be even able to make one iota of difference.

I think the sad situation in that nation, where the only problems used to arise when Assad wished to reinforce his friends in Hezbollah’s Lebanese camps with Iranian rocketry to be used against Israel; can best be described as one where we in the West have no dog in that fight; where it would be best left if the combatants, with Assad’s Russian-supplied forces did battle against the Jihadi-bent terror gangs who are all fighting with treasure sent from the Saudis and Qataris, and they can fight on, and kill each other, until they grow tired of the bloodshed, and just stop.

As a footnote to my words, and as a further judgement on the stealthy philosophies of the Beeb, I would ask just a few pointed questions for you to ponder:-

  • When was the last time the BBC told of the terrible starvation and suffering of the North Korean people, and asked what Britain should do about it?
  • When was the last time that the savage torment placed upon the Zimbabwean people by the geriatric dictator Mugabe, along of course with his Zanu-PF thugs, was even discussed on the BBC airwaves?
  • When was the decision by the Botswana Government not to stop the forced removal of the Kalahari Bushmen to the resettlement camps, so that diamond mining can carry on without these pesky Bushmen wanting a major share of the profits; ever criticised on the BBC?
  • When was the fate of the people who once lived quite happily upon the island of Diego Garcia in the Chagos Archipelago, but forcibly removed by British government agents so that the whole island chain could be leased very profitably to America as a base for carriers, submarines and equipment ships, ever taken up, or even championed by a supine BBC?


I was just a tourist; honest!

By Mike Cunningham On February 26th, 2014 at 12:31 pm


With regard to the detention of the terrorist collaborator and ex-inmate of Guantanamo Bay, will the Government be stating that  Moazzam Begg used some of the millions he was paid as compensation for his “unjust detention” to travel to Syria in order to play ‘Jihadi’ with the big boys?


there’s nothing ever really new

By Mike Cunningham On January 30th, 2014 at 2:33 pm


Remember the old Pathfinder plan, supported and authored by the adulterous, lying rat-bag John Prescott, the former ‘Deputy Prime Minister’; where perfectly good, but old, homes would be knocked down and ‘renewed’ in places like Liverpool and Rochdale? The plan where Englishmen were forced out of the homes which they had been born  in, at the fad and whim of a lying fraud whose one real claim to fame was the fact that he had ‘WorkedforCunard’? That plan!

Well, it seems as though the Pathfinder Plan was noticed by other interested parties, and since then has been extensively modified and put into practice overseas, but with the small addition of mortars, helicopter gunships, artillery barrages and high explosive demolition. Check out the ‘slider’ photos. Gives a whole new slant on the idea of ‘a wider perspective’!

Who says that Prescott was just a fat waste of oxygen?


Sign Here!

By Mike Cunningham On December 2nd, 2013 at 11:55 am

As I wrote before:-

Sign on the line, and keep Syria’s crap out of the UK, we have enough of our own!

Tell all your friends, colleagues, mates; whoever. Let’s speak as one, for a change, and tell Cameron that not only do we not want to bomb Syria, we don’t want  to import any deadly rubbish either!



A Petition with a difference

By Mike Cunningham On November 30th, 2013 at 12:55 pm

I have just logged on to the Government’s e-Petition site, and generated my petition which is shown below, and which should appear in around seven days.

I do hope that this gets some circulation; legs, whatever the term might be, because I feel rather strongly about this particular issue. After all, if even Albania doesn’t want the filthy stuff, why on earth should we give it more that a second’s thought before giving a flat and resounding rejection to this proposal?

We don’t want it, we don’t need it, and we surely have enough problems on this small and crowded country without importing someone else’s problems!

We wish to petition the Government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in protest against the importation of any part whatsoever of the residue, material or structure associated with the disposal of the Chemical Weaponry which is to be made safe from the Syrian State.

If anyone, anywhere else in the world wants to make itself the repository for this deadly material, good luck to them; but it should not be Great Britain, as we already have enough waste products of our own production to be going along with.

If you bomb us, shall we not bleed?

By Mike Cunningham On October 6th, 2013 at 3:42 pm

I am no fan of Nick Griffin, but I reckon he has as much right as anyone else to say and speak his mind.

So, did this letter, authored by this M.E.P. but sent by the Syrian Speaker and linked here, diminish or stop the threatened Allied bombing of Syria?

Ignore, as I do, the slightly strange references to the Zionists, but perhaps concentrate on his claims that his efforts helped stop a regional war.

My conclusion; Interesting; but also the silence which surrounds this speech says a great deal more than anything within the speech itself. No denunciation, no harsh words of condemnation from ITV, which strangely enough did not broadcast the speech which they recorded; nothing much from the BBC, which always says something, usually nasty, about that same BNP and its slightly wayward followers; the Guardian writes a more-than-slightly snide piece, but doesn’t comment on the speech at all: very interesting.

To quote that fine man ‘Yogi Berra’

By Mike Cunningham On September 23rd, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Its like ‘Deja Vu’ all over again.

When the ‘Farce of Qana’ was being dissected by bloggers and citizen journalists, when the true levels of deceit were unravelled surrounding the ‘Israeli Savagery’ before an uncaring world, no-one took much notice, especially all the newspapers whose printed shock and horror was reflected in the words of Western politicians the world over.

The Mother Superior of St James’ Monastery in Qara has remained silent for quite a while, But she now speaks, and speaks with authority. Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, who is a Melkite Catholic nun who has lived and worked in Syria for 20 years, has helped compile and reveal yet another Propaganda Coup, authored by the Jihadi Militias fighting the Assad Regime, and believed in its entirety by Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the usual suspects.

On the one side you have a ragged selection of bearded Jihadis, all of whom cry for vengeance by ‘The West’; and then you see the sober words of Mother Agnes Mariam.

Check out the videos, check out the way in which this ‘Atrocity’ really happened; and then maybe say a silent prayer for the dead and missing of some eleven villages in the mountains of Lattakiah!


By David Vance On September 6th, 2013 at 9:30 am


I was intrigued to read the thoughts of Tony Blair on the Syrian situation;

Protracted difficulties following the invasion of Iraq made the UK “hesitant” to intervene in Syria, former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said. In a BBC interview, Mr Blair played down the influence of the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq on the UK Parliament’s decision to block military action in Syria. Iraq had shown that interventions can be “very difficult”, he conceded. But Syria, left unchecked, could become a potent source of extremists, he said.

I think there is little doubt that post-Iraq, the UK public has lost the collective will to engage in foreign wars. Blair carries some considerable degree of culpability for this breakdown in the public psyche since it was his spinning back in the lead up to Iraq that did no favours at all to what was – (in my view then and now) – a righteous cause (Saddam needed toppled). However it is the final statement from Blair that leaves me stunned.

” Syria, left unchecked, could become a potent source of extremists..”

COULD? The “rebels” that Blair, Obama, Kerry, Cameron, Hague and Hollande seek to help ARE extremists! There is a strong Al Queda element to those seeking to overthrow Assad. It doesn’t come anymore extreme than that. I just do not understand what Blair is saying.  Here are the “moderates” at play in Syria…



I have said it before and I will say it again, we have no dog in this fight, let Allah decide!


By David Vance On September 4th, 2013 at 7:31 am

I thought this was a rather excellent editorial in the Wall Street Journal.

“.. now that Mr. Obama has tossed the issue to Congress, the stakes are far higher than this single use of arms in Syria or this President’s credibility. Mr. Obama has put America’s role as a global power on the line.

A defeat in Congress would signal to Bashar Assad and the world’s other thugs that the U.S. has retired as the enforcer of any kind of world order. This would be dangerous at any time, but especially with more than three long years left in this Presidency. Unlike the British in 1956, the U.S. can’t retreat from east of Suez without grave consequences. The U.S. replaced the British, but there is no one to replace America.

The world’s rogues would be further emboldened and look for more weaknesses to exploit. Iran would conclude it can march to a nuclear weapon with impunity. Israel, Japan, the Gulf states and other American friends would have to recalculate their reliance on U.S. power and will.

These are the stakes that Mr. Obama has so recklessly put before Congress. His mishandling of Syria has been so extreme that we can’t help but wonder if he really wants to lose this vote. Then he would have an excuse for further cutting defense and withdrawing America even more from world leadership. We will give him the benefit of the doubt, but only because incompetence and narrow political self-interest are more obvious explanations for his behavior.”