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The BBC…..again!

By Mike Cunningham On August 6th, 2013 at 12:32 pm


Listened to the Today Programme slot this morning where the presenter interviewed Peter Hain on the spat between Spain and Gibraltar.

Now before I continue, did you spot my deliberate mistake? I used the term ‘interview’.

What we heard this morning was a blatant piece of Labour Party propaganda about an attempt to sign away the rights and privileges of the Gibraltarian people with the full agreement of not only Hain, but also Jack Straw, along with the smiling liar, Tony Blair himself.

Hain announced that he had an ‘agreement’ with the Spanish Government of a movement towards ‘Shared Sovereignty’, where the wishes of the Gibraltarian people would be ‘considered’ , but in reality would be brushed aside because Hain’s “African roots” made it easy for him to understand the strong feelings aroused by “a little bit of England trying eccentrically to cling on to Spain”. Hain also said the then-Prime Minister was “contemptuous” toward the desire of Gibraltar residents to remain under the British flag.

The BBC bloke did not even query whether Hain had any democratic authority to even attempt to usurp the declared motivation and wishes of 30,000 people who wished simply to retain their 300-year-old links with Great Britain, but meekly remained silent whilst the ‘Word’ came from the orange prophet.

My disgust for the Labour Party is well-known, but it is not as great as that aimed straight at the BBC.


By David Vance On October 11th, 2012 at 10:04 am

Gibraltar IS British!

“A fortnight ago in New York, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy used his first speech to the UN General Assembly to call for “direct and sincere” bilateral dialogue with Britain over Gibraltar’ sovereignty. Sr Rajoy made no mention in his address of the crippling economic uncertainty currently facing Spain. His reference to Gibraltar astonished even Spanish political observers on the right.

Yesterday in New York, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo picked up on Sr Rajoy’s speech and had a clear message for the UN Fourth Committee on decolonisation. “Spain must drop her claim if she is to be taken seriously in the modern world,” he said. This was Mr Picardo’s first speech to the Fourth Committee as Chief Minister. He delivered it during an afternoon session in the shabby, well-worn surroundings of Conference Room 1 in the UN complex on the shores of the East River in Manhattan. Mr Picardo’s address was built around a forceful rebuttal of Spain’s claim to the Rock, but was laced too with the message that Gibraltar remained open to dialogue and cooperation.

Spain is a economic basket case and YET Rajoy can’t resist the opportunity to try his arm at laying claim to the Rock! I suppose it diverts attention from the sustained failure of his own country,


By David Vance On July 22nd, 2012 at 4:41 pm

I read that  Gibraltar Government has reacted angrily to the arrest on Friday in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters of two local men by the Guardia Civil.   It’s described the incident, during which the men and their vessel were transported to Algeciras, as a “belligerent act of provocation”, and called on the UK to take action to protect the British sovereignty of the waters. Quite right too. Spain, like Argentina, seeks to distract its angry masses by these stunts. The BEST thing for the UK Government to do would be to ensure NONE of our cash goes to the ailing Spanish Government and a few well armed war ships should be sent to teach the Spanish a little respect.


By David Vance On July 30th, 2011 at 9:29 am

I am sure that All Seeing Eye will have a view on this!

It was a sporting occasion for children that organisers boasted would ‘unite nations’. More than 170 teams of 11-year-olds from 21 countries travelled to Spain for the football tournament. But it seems the Spanish hosts couldn’t stop politics getting in the way of children’s sport – specifically their long-standing grievance with Britain over Gibraltar. A diplomatic row has now erupted after the Foreign Office complained to Spanish authorities that an attempt was made to stop the Gibraltar team from displaying their flag on a pre-tournament parade. The youngsters were also stopped from taking part in the opening ceremony and were booed.

What a bunch of boors. To boo young kids wanting to play in a sporting competition is just pathetic. Time to invade Spain?