others try…engineers do!

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As most will have divined from some of my posts over the months, I am from an engineering background. I started as an apprentice, got my hands dirty as well as, at times, extremely calloused and tired. As my CV would show, I progressed through the world of heavy engineering to run projects large and small; from cooling a diamond-cutting workshop to cabling a power-station switchyard. I have watched as buildings rose around me, and I have watched with a certain pride as my work made the buildings work. From a South African Casino to a Thames-side Sewage Pumping Station I have literally pushed things and people to get the job done, commissioned and completed, because I know how things, machines and motors, as well as people, can be made to mesh and work together like a finely-made watch.

So it was with resignation that I heard and saw the debacle unfolding around Terminal Five,

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