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As I have maybe indicated before, my religious preferences are mine alone, and whilst I do not wish to force any of my beliefs on anyone else, I expect the same courtesies from others. 

If you want to believe in such anomalies as the Trinity, or life after death, miracles, or even the power of prayer; fair enough, as long as you don’t push it onto others who don’t share your beliefs. 

But even I have to admit that we should be stating at least the bounds of tolerance are being stretched by the inclusion of such practices as ‘Wicca’ or Paganism into our everyday lives. As we now have to accept that PC Andy Pandy  Pardy is the spokesman for the Pagan Police Association, which I believe promotes the activities of Druidism, Witchcraft and other forms of communing with Nature, or whatever they claim to be talking to!

So we must look forward to Muslim policemen breaking off a pursuit against a burglar to kneel down towards Macca (although why anyone wants to deify Sir Paul McCartney is beyond me!), pagan policemen unwilling to wander through the woods while searching for a missing person because they might step upon their spirits, or deities, or whatever; or Sikh policemen killing themselves by falling from high-speed motor-cycles without the benefit of helmets!

I just don’t know, so I’ll have to invoke the Force, and let the Jedi sort it all out!

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14 thoughts on “No, but seriously…

  1. Pagan police leave?

    And there are some dim bulbs that don’t buy the " slippery slope " argument. Which is valid in so very many cases.

    I think that there should be a paid leave holiday for atheist religious observances. Makes as much sense as this.

  2. The French have it right, ban religious symbols in public. They’re all as daft as each other. The ‘Druids’ are no less credible than the Catholics, frankly.

  3. Trouble is, some people expect the benefits of all religions and of none. When I was working in a 24/7 organisation, in spite of having a number of Moslems, Hindus and also professed atheists on my staff, it was always a hard battle to find anyone willing to work on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday even with the chance of a day off later of their choice. "Oh no, we must be home at Christmas". Why?
    Personally, I don’t believe that we should have Pagan Police Associations, Black Police Associations, Moslem Police Association (and the same with Lawyers or other organisations which have various race based groups), just one association for a particular profession.

  4. Mike Cunningham –

    Too late. I heard on the wireless this morning that ten rozzers with the Nottinghamshire Constabulary have registered themselves as Jedi-ists (whatever Jedi is).

    Now I don’t have a problem with pagans being in the Old Bill. If people want to worship cow dung and stroke twigs in their spare time, that’s their bag. At least we can recognise its traditions in our islands, which go back thousands of years. Yes, it’s all quite indigenous.

    The problem is when – as with this bunch – it’s all ‘officially recognised’ and they start getting time off. Eight days I see they’ll be excused duty for Halloween and the like. Well, sorry, no. Until recently, a copper accepted that he could be called in for duty at any time. Coppers were coppers, there was none of this divisive rubbish.

    If you want to go skipping through Stonehenge, take something called ‘leave’. And if leave is cancelled, tough.

    We’ll know again when we have a sensible government. It’ll be the one sweeps away the black and muslim and pagan self-seperatist groups. And yes, it will tell Chistian coppers too they’ll go without any special recognition.

  5. Am I missing something here? Why is it a problem that they get different time off. Surely that is a good thing. They aren’t getting extra days, just taking them at different times.

  6. "Hertfordshire Police lets Pagan staff re-allocate the traditional bank holidays to meet their beliefs – it has also appointed two Pagan chaplains. "

    I can’t see how they’d get away with giving them extra. That would be discrimination and the only UK force that allows (and indeed is forced to practice) religous discrimination is the PSNI.

    As well as those of other religions sueing for discrimination, there would be a lot of officers declaring their Paganism. Wouldn’t you?

  7. Aileen –

    The point of being a copper is, well was, to nick criminals. If you were needed, you were needed.

    When some slag needs his door kicked in and told to get his trousers on ‘cos you’re the sweeney and you haven’t had your dinner yet, then you knock back your double Scotch and jump into the Granada.

    But we don’t have decent, upright coppers like that anymore. It seems if you wear Her Majesty’s uniform today you have the grievance form ready tucked inside just in case.

  8. Pete

    How is that relevant. We are all, cops included entitled to have time off. If officers were getting extra time off on religious grounds then the others would be entitled to be agreived and would be right to fill in a "grievance form".

    If they are needed leave etc is cancelled. If they aren’t, I see no good reson why they can’t take different holidays.

  9. aileen –

    Leave from work isn’t the issue, it is professional and social division that is in question, i.e. you’re a lesbian copper, I’m a straight Christian copper, him over there is a muslim copper and the bloke who just spilt his coffee is a black copper.

    Well no, in uniform you’re a copper sworn to uphold Crown Law. All else is irrelevent. From the moment you derivate from this and recognise different categories of copper you’re on that slippery slope that ends inevitably in Crown Law not being upheld equally for all (muslim coppers excused duty at the Israeli Embassy?)

    The only way to avoid that outcome is to not embark on the journey in the first place.

  10. Pete
    It depends what you mean by "recognising different categories of copper". Staff associations within organisations provide support for their members and can help to irradicate unecessary discrimination and ehlp to ensure that their difference is not a barrier to progression.

    One of the associations in the Police is for disabled coppers (and non police officers). It has a much needed role to play.

  11. You both have good points. I fully understand Pete’s point about the potentially divisive nature in giving official recognition to aspects of an officer’s life that should have no relevency to the job, but also Aileen’s points about recognising genuine issues that can arise which may be best dealt with by voluntary associations and flexibilities which can make the working life easier for each individual in any profession. If it is the case that this ‘special leave’ for pagans is simply one of switiching existing leave and public holiday allowances , then I see nothing wrong with it as long as the principle of ‘all leave cancelled’ in emergencies applies equally to all officers regardless of belief.

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