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I have not been posting much on either ATW or my own small effort in the past long days as I have been working almost full-time on my book, and can now claim a day’s rest as it is Finished…Ended…..Completo, or whatever the words are in Serbo-Croat!

I commenced this novel some seven-odd years ago, and wrote steadily for some 130,000 words, but then had a really bad attack of ‘the Block’, due primarily to problems in my private family life. The uproar which was created put the ‘mockers’ on any creative task I set myself, and my novel languished on a hard-drive back-up for almost five years. But the spark lit once more, I am pleased to relate, and I hammered ever onwards until, with a word count of 217,000, I brought my hero to the first of his goals in his mythical world.

So rejoice, and raise a cup of coffee, or even a (small) glass of wine in honour of my bringing to fruition another book!

Now all I have to do is find an Agent, or a Publisher, and get the damn thing printed and on the shelves! 

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11 thoughts on “Update…the search begins.

  1. Synopsis bit difficult, what I shovelled out by e-mail covered five pages.

    Plot convoluted, but believable if you accept that a voice from the grave can alter history!

  2. Together with "Unionism Decayed" it should have an honored place in the fiction section of any bookstore (I kid, I kid). Good luck.

  3. congrats Mike, but you must do a post of what the basic story line is, the books working titlt, genre, etc etc. A lounching post if you will please sir.

  4. Well done, Mike.
    That is really fantastic actually. I’ve always marvelled at people who can write books. I wish I could do it, but I wouldn’t know how to create a story, nor the technical side of how to make it all fit together so it "reads right".
    All the best with it, I hope you find a publisher. Keep us posted.

  5. Bernard,

    I placed my short novel American Cemetery on free download on my own blog, and it’s been downloaded over seven hundred times.

    Unfortunately, not many placed comments, so I didn’t get a great feedback.

    As with my latest effort, the truth is I enjoyed writing it, but every author craves acceptance and readers; it’s probably very good for the ‘inner man’!

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