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LIFTED from a thread below. Don’t blame me, blame the New York Times, whose book reviewer declares that Karl Marx is “back in vogue”.


The book in question, written by a Guardian columnist (well you could knock me down) intends “first to show us the human Engel, portraying him as gregarious and bighearted.” No better time to discover, therefore, the evil reality of those who are back in vogue and their gregarious, bighearted friends.

Below is an extract from a film with which you may not be familiar. It is “The Soviet Story”, a magnificent and compelling documentary which details the common Marxist roots of the NAZI and Soviet regimes and their close alliance prior to 1941 –


Neo-NAZI and fascist sympathisers tend (righty) to be treated with contempt and abuse. The meta-context in which this happens is one which Marxists, both cultural and actual, have done much to foment. History and justice demands this contempt and abuse to be turned also on those who put themselves shamelessly in the Marxist tradition.

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7 thoughts on “Karl Marx: The Ancestor Of Modern Political Genocide

  1. This is your "don’t take my word for it, Goebbels agrees with me as well" argument from yesterday?

    Do you think it becomes more convincing if you keep posting it?

  2. The Phantom

    But state criminality was the inevitable outcome of a Marxist society. In order to suppress normal economic relations you had to have a coercive government and such a government will always kill its enemies (real or imagined)

  3. It was, but it was at the time plausible that you could have had a democratically elected " dicatorship of the proletariat ". The complete supression of political rights that runs in a straight line from Lenin to Castro was not necessarily an inevitable thing, certainly not as seen at the time ( mid 19th Century )

    And the intentional starvations, of Ukrainians and kulaks, and Chinese by Stalin and Mao, those could not reasonably have been foreseen in the 19th Century.

  4. Aaawww, come on, let’s be fair. Communism only killed 100 million people in the 20th Century, so let’s give it another chance.

  5. Phantom –

    What do you mean, they could not be foreseen? It’s precisely what Marx called for. He said the inferior races – "racial trash" – must perish in revolutionary holocaust.

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