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I note with some amusement that Naomi Campbell, the so-called ‘super-model’ is complaining bitterly because, as she asserts, companies are not choosing black models for their promotions and campaigns.

She also states that, because of the recession, advertisers don’t dare to place a black girl, or of any other colour than white, to front their offerings to the public!

Now broadly speaking, although not any economist myself, I would have thought that advertisers tend to go with the bodies, faces, and to a certain extent, minds; which they associate with the successful selling of their particular product. Since they obviously have target markets, they would go with the models who have produced success in the past, and because of the models’ positive attitude towards their behaviour, and their chosen profession, which is to act as a mobile clothes-horse.

Could the lack of work heading Miss Campbell’s way have anything to do with her proclivity for throwing mobile phones, or for inappropriate comments, or the manner in which she treats, say, airline staff? 

Why, I do believe the lady doth protest too much!

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6 thoughts on “…… is the new beautiful?

  1. Didn’t the spoilt brat take a violent swing with her handbag at someone on the Parkinson Show a few years back?
    All subsequent tantrums have made her a less and less marketable as any sort of role model, and she will probably end up advertising tinned soups.

  2. it’s the same ole song, the governor of NY is having problems because he’s black, Gov Patterson is a git that even other democrats want out of office, As he was Quoted in NY Slimes

    Mr. Paterson — whose approval ratings and support even among fellow Democrats have dipped this year — also mentioned Deval L. Patrick, the Massachusetts governor and the country’s only other current black governor, and suggested that criticisms leveled against him are based on race.

    “The reality is the next victim on the list, and you can see it coming, is President Obama, who did nothing more than trying to reform a health care system,” Mr. Paterson said.

    Of course the fact that the Gov is an ass, the model is a b**ch, and the President has seized control of the auto industry, the financial industry, and is now going for 1/6th of the nations economy with health care has nothing to do with anything.

    They are persicuted all because their black…..

  3. She looks like she caught fire and someone put it out with an axe. That’s another reason she has problems finding work

  4. Bernard: Agree. She’s probably now considered a huge employment risk. Anger management issues don’t exactly attract business deals. I wouldn’t be surprised if event insurance costs increase when/if she’s employed because of her instability.

    Troll: You’re correct, of course, identity politics are divisive and racist by their very nature.

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