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Just when the MSM thought the IRA were about to give genuine support to the Police Service of Northern Ireland, out come the traditional republican crowds with their banners and cries of agitation.  Just think if the IRA put these omnipresent gaggles of Paddywhack ‘rent-a-whinge’ pillocks on the payroll, they could do wonders in cutting down the disparity in the unemployment levels they’re always moaning about.

This time they were campaigning with their silly posters (from the look of the photograph it looks as if the protestors came from the Provo Chav Chapter) outside Strand Road police station in Londonderry.  Local Provo representative Raymond McCartney (no relation to Robert who, as you will remember unless you are a Provo voter, was butchered by the IRA just over two years ago) said the protest was to highlight the ongoing issue of ‘collusion’.  In the real world collusion was practiced by a small number of renegade officers in a, otherwise, police regime of impeccable credentials – and there is not one shred of evidence to suggest anything to the contrary.  On Planet Provo, collusion was happening all over the place and is a chestnut conjured up to make republican consciences less prickly when they think about the hundreds and hundreds of people they DID murder.

We all see where this is going.  Having failed to subdue the only legitimate force of law and order in British Northern Ireland by random and endorsed slaying, the retrospective reputation of the RUC is now coming under systematic assault as a means of making the PSNI less of a seamless transition with much of the experienced personnel still in place, and more of a Provo-friendly outfit stuffed with low-life insurrectionists.  Republicans don’t yet realise that this methodology is as doomed to fail as the previous one.

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105 thoughts on “Scum on the Strand

  1. Andrew what’s the best part for you about the ritual humiliation of one tribe?
    clearly it makes you feel better.
    Its just that why I do it to unionists I always feel guilty afterwards, and wish I hadn’t opened my big mouth; cursing my impatience.
    What’s your secret?

  2. What’s your secret?

    A deep detestation of people who not only want to destroy my country, but give a retrospective blessing to evil terrorists in order to try to achieve it.

    That’s no secret.

  3. but isn’t it as much their country as yours?
    as to the IRA volunteers, they thought they were doing the right thing, so what’s your problem?

  4. ‘so what’s your problem?’

    How about hundreds of innocent corpses…..and idiots who use terms like ‘volunteers’ instead of ‘murdering scum’.

  5. <em>but isn’t it as much their country as yours?</em>

    It has nothing to do with Andrew’s country as Irish Republicans are only concerned with Ireland, a country he has nothing to do with(despite having an Irish name)

  6. I see the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, yesterday referred to the RUC as "a paramilitary, an almost completely paramilitary organisation"!

  7. ‘It has nothing to do with Andrew’s country as Irish Republicans are only concerned with Ireland.’

    Let me state a legal and constitutional fact to the putative lawyer: Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. I am part of that same United Kingdom by virtue of my birth and nationality. I am entitled to take an interest and concern in what goes on in my country.

    Ireland (as in the Republic) begins at Ravensdale. What goes on down there is of little interest.

  8. <Q>the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair

    It’ll be interesting to see how many of the people who said what a swine he was over the Menenes shooting will go on about this …. probably the same numbers as those who climbed on the O’Loan bandwagon over alleged collusion while at the same time refusing to accept her verdict that Jean McConville was no informer.

  9. Andrew,
    Ireland has a long and noble tradition of fighting the Brits, not just in the Northern Ireland, which we regard as "the North."
    The brave patriots didn’t get paid, so fund-raising is also part of that unselfish glorious tradition.

    Chukie ar la

  10. I tell of two noble traditions.

    The first is the bravery of the Army and the RUC in preventing raw terrorist savagery (orchestrated principally by republicans) from descending into outright civil war.

    The second concerns my editing of posts sent by people who are too thick, arrogant, or both in not adhering to my ban on the use of the term ‘six counties.’

    Chuck it up ya!!

  11. Andrew

    You are wrong to amend posts by changing words for any reason whatsoever. It is dishonest and a fraud. If you don’t want people to use a particular term you should delete the comment not amend it to make it appear as if someone has used words they haven’t written. I say this not in any way to defend the use of the term ‘six counties’ . The reasons why you have done so are irrelevent i think it is important to respect the principle that the comment we see written should only ever be be what the commenter himself wrote.

  12. chris, correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the troubles a punch-up between IRA and the British Army, which then got dragged into a sectarian conflict, much like in Iraq today; and wasn’t it the loyalists that started killing catholics almost for sport which started that.

  13. Percy

    I’ve been through South Armagh on more than one occasion. Lovely countryside, shame about the people.


    Percy is quite aware of what my stance is regarding the titular correctitude of Northern Ireland. Each republican should be lashed to a post and sprayed with a fire hose until they learn the correct name of the province by ROTE!

  14. Andrew I’m sure there’s a few XXX sites out their where you can fulfill your fantasies.
    Do you want me to have a look for you?

  15. Ok Andrew we all know your attitudes to Republicans and the whole business of the politics of Northern Ireland , but shouldn’t you be big enough to respect freedom of speech and accept that however offensive you find the term ‘six counties’ , you should allow those who want to use it to do so. Do you want to be the equivalent of the Muslim who proclaims a belief in freedom of speech but draws the line at ‘Danish cartoons’

  16. Colm

    I admit it, you’re a more tolerant person than I. As Tommy Lee Jones said in ‘The Fugitive’: ‘I don’t bargain.’

  17. Imagine all the gaps we’d have if every incorrect use of English, Britain, Ulster, America, etc. were to be deleted.
    (see, I’m xtra careful of using normal terms in every sentence)

    Like it, Mahons?

  18. Alright Andrew, but I will remind you of that the next time you post a thread attacking Muslims demanding censorship of some kind and insisting they should accept ‘British tolerance and freedoms’.

  19. Colm

    Go ahead! My respect for you as a contributor here will outweight any annoyance I may have for your viewpoint.

    My basic stance is you hit your enemies harder than they hit you. It applies across the board.

  20. Percy

    Do you need to have experience of visiting the North Pole in order to comment on the thinning ice caps?

  21. And I think my significant personal experience of Northern Ireland, coupled with the innumerable texts I’ve read, the everyday lives of my friends in the Province and the availability of news gives me all the ‘evidence’ I need.


  22. you know what Andrew, you and I should have a debate on air on BlogRadio, we’re both based in the UK and have diametrically opposed views on norn iron.

    I mentioned it to Mick at Sluggers
    he replied:
    "just the thought of percy and mcann on air brings on a trauma."

  23. Cunningham,

    "Imagine all the gaps we’d have if every incorrect use of English, Britain, Ulster, America, etc. were to be deleted.
    (see, I’m xtra careful of using normal terms in every sentence)"

    I agree. Such intolerant xenophobic censorship only undermines normal threads. It’s entirely senseless.

  24. Christ, Frank, gimmie a chance! After just half an hour in my hand I already have to surrender the torch.

    (but excellent!)

  25. Frank: Good Lord. You too! Since I xeroxed copies of unruly nationalist texts I encourage scum. However, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

  26. True, mahons, but Andrew may as well be speaking in Xhosa ’cause our unruly Nationalists tease in every sense.

  27. mahons – do I need to spell it out for you? Where will it end? Scandals in xxx-rated cinemas, outsiders underwriting nationalist theatres, insurrection, entropy & sedition.

  28. Yet again "that which must not be mentioned" is raised.

    Sad ignorant xenophobia, could our Ulster (nine) types indicate exactly, so that I get my head around it, what is inaccurate with my term Northern Ireland?

    Cunningham, how naughty! 😉

  29. lol gee andrew i seemed to have started a trend here i guess you are just lucky xena warrior princess and xaviere dont post on here

    Oh and by the way your bitter xenophobic(couldnt resist it) revisionist obfuscationist postings are always a good for a laugh

    especially that lie about Mccartney, whats your plan, if you say it loud enough and often enough the lie will become the truth? lmao

  30. Amazing how republican trolls get all hot under the collar about a simple ruling: a ruling which will NOT change.

    On the contrary, murdering policemen, Friday shoppers and Army personnel just gives them a warm glow inside.


    The IRA was identified in the murder of Robert McCartney by both the police and intelligence services. The British forces of law and order versus Sean the Prat. I’ll take the word of the former.


    Spot on! Republican minds are diseased so there’s no point in trying to change them. What they will do, however, is refer to Northern Ireland without using standard Provo terminology. If you and anybody else can’t handle that then sod off elsewhere.

  31. On the contrary, murdering policemen, and Army personnel just gives them a warm glow inside.

    Andrew that’s true of all combatants, witness how delighted Americans get when they do a good job.
    There’s a ye ha, which most Brits find a little embarrasing.

  32. I know Mahons 😉

    To All: McCann changed my post to incorporate that vile term, I didn’t write it.

    What McCann has done though is to leave ATW open to legal action. In mean this in respect of someone being libeled by a comment of a contributer.

    All the poster of the comment has to say is that McCann has a history of editing comments without putting a message up underneath and claim it was him trying to cause trouble.

  33. Andrew: If you find a term offensive I’d respectfuly suggest just deleting the comment rather than changing the word to imply a writer wrote something when in fact they did not. That way you get to maintain your position as to the offensive word and avoid the claim of misrepresentation.

  34. If you look at the disclaimer at the bottom underneath these comments it says comments may be deleted , which is fair enough, it says nothing about them being doctored and I think David should tell Andrew that inserting or replacing text is unacceptable.

  35. Colm: It needed repeating. I would have quoted it Colm’s Letter to The Andrewites, chapter and verse etc.

    Andrew: Please consider the suggestion as nonadversarial.

  36. Gaskin

    You want to examine something that’s vile, look at your own beliefs. You’ve enough to be going on with.


    The only time I would doctor a comment is if those writing it remain stubbornly foolish enough to disregard my rule. I am not asking people to become Unionists, I am asking them to afford Northern Ireland the titular legitimacy it commands as a factual and legitimate constitutional structure. If I had my way, Gaskin would have gone from this site years ago. However, that decision is down to David. What I will not tolerate is a flagrant disregard for my own rule. If people want to avoid using the name, let them keep their opinions to themselves when we are discussing the Province.

    Further suggestions or criticism from nationalists here won’t make one iota of difference.

    Northern Ireland it is and Northern Ireland it stays.

  37. This is the one occasion where I’ll keep my powder dry, and let the others mercilessly tease you for your arrogance.
    permit me to send you a vanity mirror

  38. ‘permit me to send you a vanity mirror.’

    Mirrors have a tendency to crack when I look at them (LOL).

    Indeed. But the decision to amend posts by those who cannot stick to simple rules is mine. Indeed.

  39. Andrew: I don’t mind referring to NI as NI. There are enough problems in the world without worrying over the name of a location. The suggestion was offered in good faith since you are claiming you wish to be factual it is difficult to see why you would need to "doctor" an opinion.

    In any event, an idea doesn’t go away because it is banned. You might find it in the most unlikely of places. Wouldn’t your positions be better served in a free debate?

  40. "Mirrors have a tendency to crack when I look at them"

    Andrew don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Learn to like yourself – you will find it makes you feel a whole lot better.

  41. Mahons

    You have no difficulty sticking to my rules. We have our disagreements but, as with Colm, I respect your ability to abide by the rules I and others lay down. Islamists and Irish republicans get no concessions from me whatsoever. Other topics are ideologically malleable.


    I like what I am and I love the life I lead.

  42. There is no point in flogging a dead horse. Andrew isn’t going to budge on this one, but I would just say , from my own viewpoint my complaint about it was not a ‘nationalist’ one, the terminolgy issue is irrelevant to me, it was purely the issue of doctoring a comment. In fairness though if Andrew mentions each time he has doctored a comment (which he should do) then at least that mitigates the problem of misrepresentation.

  43. Andrew do you ever get the feeling your facing a flying column and not just from republicans.?
    Its you versus the world; whose gonna win I wonder?

  44. The kid in the play-ground that says
    "you play by my rules or you don’t play at all"
    ends up on his own with no friends.

  45. McCann say:

    ‘Those who face rules they cannot bear,
    should pack up and piss off elsewhere!’

  46. andrew perhaps we could invite you to explain why you feel so threatened by the term "six counties"?

  47. Gaskin

    It’s funny already. BTW, it’s still NORTHERN IRELAND!


    I don’t feel ‘threatened’. I have every confidence the Union will still be here in all its glory long after you and I are gone.

    My refusal to countenance the term stems from the fact that I will not accommodate republicanism in any way, shape or form.

  48. I think Andrew SHOULD allow Sé Countae in all it’s glory. It’s as wonderful in it’s own way as the "Bigu Maku".

  49. that must be very stressful having to keep patrolling the garrison fort’s walls, on the look out for republicans talking amongst themselves.
    That is now a crime according to you.
    My word , hey if you’re that confident of the Union why not take off some of that heavy armour.

  50. eternal vigilance eh Andrew
    You know what, it was Hitler who said
    "I want Germany to be in a constant state of alertness"
    maybe you prefer to model yourself on Julius Streicher, a terrible sadist who always walked around with a whip, ready to proclaim words like:

    "Each republican should be lashed to a post and sprayed with a fire hose until they learn the correct name of the province by ROTE!"

    Is that how you like to see yourself Andrew?

  51. Was that the same Hitler who led a regime so beloved of the IRA.

    I model myself on someone who doesn’t bend the knee to scumbags. The name(s) matters little.

  52. well all I can say andrew is when we achieve our dream, we’ll give you the honour of sounding the last post when the Union Flag is lowered.

    So get your bugle out man and start learning it, you wouldn’t want to sound like an old fart, through lack of pratice, on that very special day.

  53. ‘That is now a crime according to you.’

    Irish republicanism is a crime: full-stop!
    Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 06:54PM | Andrew McCann

    DAMN I hope my criminal record doesnt keep me out the next time I try to visit

  54. >>I am asking them to afford Northern Ireland the titular legitimacy it commands as a factual and legitimate constitutional structure<<

    Andrew, if you’ve ever spoken to NI people, or people in RoI, you’ll know that both almost always casually refer to NI and RoI as "the North" and "the South" respectively.

  55. The debate about Andrew’s doctoring of other people’s written comments should not have got bogged down into an argument about the semantics of province naming terminology. That is irrelevent. It should have been about the principle of doing it at all, for whatever reason. Disputed wording should only be dealt with by counter argument and debate not by using editorial powers to alter another person’s text.

  56. achh aye chris

    I am Canadian but if my aspirations to become a northern Irishman had come through i would have been a proud republican and maybe even a voter


    I hate the monarchy including elizabeth and the brats she squirted out

  57. Percy

    Republicans have been predicting that rubbish since 1921. Wake up!


    ‘…proud to be a criminal.’ A man who loves ‘Ireland’; who cheers those who killed in the name of ‘Ireland’; who lives, breathes and drinks ‘Ireland’; and who chooses to further his career in………………England!

  58. “Everything’s ‘hearsay’ to republicans. They’re like Doubting Thomases who need to metaphorically see the nail holes in hands”

    Andrew McCann 12/02/07 @ 2.41pm

    “In the real world collusion was practiced by a small number of renegade officers in a, otherwise, police regime of impeccable credentials – and there is not one shred of evidence to suggest anything to the contrary”

    AmcC 21/02/07 @ 4.56pm

    So looking for those metaphoric holes in the hands as evidence eh Andrew? Hardly a consistent approach.

    “Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. I am part of that same United Kingdom by virtue of my birth and nationality”

    What is your nationality Andrew. Do you consider yourself to be British?, perhaps English ? .

    You like to use alleged constitutional imperatives so surely in your world of super-duper, phenomenal constitutional protocol you’ll know that the state of NI isn’t considered part of Britain but part of the UK so unless there’s a nationality specified as Northern Irelander ala George Dubya or United Kingdomer strictly speaking you can’t really consider yorself to be part of the same “nation” as that of the state of NI can you?

    One last point Andrew, if you admire the RUC so much and feel so strongly about their part in the war against the IRA how come you never took the plunge and joined up to help them in their fight against an enemy that you detest so much?.

  59. Paul

    If you look closely you’ll see the analogy between the two suggests consistency, not divergence. Northern Ireland is not considered part of Great Britain – period! It is part of the United Kingdom of which ‘Britain’ is a generic term and I, as a British subject, am entitled to take a keen interest.

    As to why I didn’t join the RUC, I would consider my policing skills significantly inferior to the fine body of officers who held the line against Provisional fascism.

  60. Sorry but I don’t understand why six counties is not acceptable but the terrorists war cry c-a-l is!!

  61. I think Aileen might have meant T A L – Tiocfaidh ar Lá.

    Which apparently the sinners used to use as their mantra.

  62. Folks – Parcifal, 9.14PM Wednesday, "Chukie ar la"

    His Irish is almost as bad as Gerry Adams 😉

  63. "Thanks, you’re right. It’s not something I often see written down"

    Thats a good thing Aileen, i’m sorry something in my language has been so debased and turned into something hateful.

    They have debased our language just as they have debased our flag and our anthem.

    It’s actually a very nice language really and belongs to Ireland – all of Ireland. Shame it has been hijacked by one particular group.

    Hopefully that will change.

  64. Armaghlite,

    I understand where you’re coming from and I have no problem with the languange or culture per se, (Except when it is used as a weapon – but I don not assume that everyone who is into it has that motivation). I just don’t share it. If I did I would share your view.


  65. Good to see celtic fans stand up against fascism, whereas rangers supporters are in deep trouble over nazi salutes ( sorry red hand ) at the Israli game.
    Feels good to be a celtic fan

  66. Oh and for the record I am with Colm [Nothing new there :o)]. in the issue of changing as opposed to deleting text, unless there is something that tells us what the change is. We all know that that can be changed but passing vistiors may not.

  67. Parcifal – Celtic are horribly embarrassed by SF and it’s supporters hijacking their club for their squalid ends.

  68. "Oh and for the record I am with Colm "


    You know how jealous Mad gets when he hears you say that 🙂

  69. <Q>Oh and for the record I am with Colm</Q>

    I’m having a lot of trouble identifying you in LOTR Aileen – Colm the down and out Hobbit fallen on hard times ( I’m still puzzled as to how you know about his hairy feet!), the Shinners have to be orcs, Parcifal obviously gollum, David makes a fine Aragorn, Andrew is a splendid Gimli and of course Legolas is me down to a T. Frank O’D – perfect for Saruman. Mahons and Kloot – decidely entish.

    Arwen ? Or Goldberry ?

  70. *looks up as the cultural reference whooshes past overhead*

    Am I the only person in the world who knows nothing about LOTR?

  71. I’m aragorn too. If you are saying that that is David, I guess he is one of the good guys 🙂

  72. aragorn is indeed a good guy. gollum has a schizophrenic character. One good, and one bad….the orcs are very bad and the hobbits are very good

    very very small summary there

  73. MR,

    "Frank O’D – perfect for Saruman"

    I would say that you are mixing me up with Gandalf (an easy mistake to make), but that would be blasphemy. We all know Jesus is Gandalf.

  74. <em>A man who loves ‘Ireland’; who cheers those who killed in the name of ‘Ireland’; who lives, breathes and drinks ‘Ireland’; and who chooses to further his career in………………England</em>

    A love of Ireland does not equal a hatred of England.

    Perhaps in your warped mind but not in mine.

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