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Another virtual ‘pub’, across the way, in the Old Smoke, has been keeping on top of the Clare College Cambridge Motoon situation.  It isn’t very encouraging. As Steve reports: Varsity, the Cambridge Students’ newspaper, reports that representatives from Clare College made face to face apologies for the publication of the cartoon, at the Cambridge Islamic Centre. 

Hicham Kwieder, the chairman of the Abu Bakr Jamia Mosque in Cambridge, issued this press release, noting the college’s condemnation of the students’ actions and demanding a full and unconditional apology from those who printed the cartoon. He goes on:

[I]t is clear that incitement to religious and ethnic hatred is at all times immoral, and that its consequences for harmony between communities and nations can be grave.

‘Notice how he wraps up criticism of Islam with racism, implying that one must lead to the other, and then makes the subtle suggestion that such criticism could have grave consequences.  This sentence encapsulates an all too familiar strategy from those trying to close down any discussion of Islam’. 

‘If someone criticises your religion, first accuse them of racism. This will scare off most of the politically correct types. If this doesn’t work, threaten violence. You don’t have to do this directly, you can simply imply that there are other more extreme people out there who might do something nasty. That should be enough to scare off the rest, especially the management of organisations anxious to protect their property and employees from attack’.  Quite. And as he concludes: ‘This strategy seems to have paid off at Clare College’. 

They may well have been inclined to pour water on the fire for a number of reasons but all this does is embolden those who threaten. ‘Whether the staff and students at Clare College like it or not, this is now everyone else’s business too’.

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  1. Good post Alison. The statement reads like a veiled (ahem) threat. It’s a shame the MSM in this country are so gutless, unlike in France where the press are prepared to stand up for each other.

  2. Sad and depressing that the college authorities can be so spineless about defending the importance of the right to mock and offend, and yes I do mean the right to mock and offend, it is the essence of liberty.

  3. If the authorities had stood up when "the satanic verses" was being burned, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess now

  4. The Clare College newspaper I suspect is under the control/ownership and supervision of the College. Free speech rights often conflict with an institution’s right to regulate speech to a certain degree. It seems like in this instance the student(s) went further than just publishing the cartoons. I’ll try to figure the whole story. But an College administration has the right to regulate some behavior of the things it sponsors or else it could be said to be sanctioning it.

  5. This is a tough one. It is certainly important to be able to mock and criticise beliefs, but freedom of speech doesnt mean you can have your message wherever you choose.

    On the flip side, if the college has withdrawn funding then that point no longer applies. The students should tell them to go screw and I bet they could raise funds to print the magazine without the college help.

    As far as the racism/religion thing goes, it is all very convenient for some to say Islam is not a race when some of the smarter racists are using Islam as a proxy to attack Arabs. And of course the dumber racists can’t tell the difference, and will hospitalise a Sikh for something they think "Islam" did.

  6. hi charles – yes i did. i hope musharraf makes a big deal out of this. he should do. things like this should get bigger publicity here also to make a point.

    from what i can gather guys all religions were ridiclued in the issue but only islam got special treatment. we cannot keep giving into this

  7. charles that is truly an awful story, reminds me of the iraqis killed in iraq for wearing tennis shorts.
    WFT is going on?
    Meself I think its a Cult, and these jihadis are recruited; and its very important for us to understand that no-one really joins a cult, you are preyed on and recruited,
    see Waco as an example of how not to resolve it… hope that raises a good question, and not a gutteral response… there are parallels.

  8. sorry that came across all wrong.
    My point is you can whack Jihadis all you like, and more and more will be produced, like a virus, because the Mullahs recruit young muslims.
    Be good to try to develop a serum/ program as an anti-virus… is that any clearer ? 😉

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