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795151-605926-thumbnail.jpgJust a gentle reminder that we go live on-air tomorrow night at 8pm GMT on Tangled Talk Radio. This will be programme number two! Three topics, 20 mins each.

First, Global warming – so much hot air?

Second, Iran – how do we deal with a problem with Ahmadinejad?

Finally – Britain after Blair?

It’s gonna be a LOOOONG time for me if you don’t call in so c’mon pick your topic and phone in. If you prefer to leave a comment for me to read out for you, there will be specific open thread startingd 30 mins before showtime.

Remember the phone-in number is 001 646 652 2582!

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  1. Ben,

    Yes – I thought I had a 45min option but not so. So, it’s gonna be a challenge. If no-one phones, then I might just play my favourite songs – the nation has been warned! 30 mins flew by last week – we can make 60 mins do the same tomorrow.

  2. I’ll chime in at around 8.20 then…I just hope I can listen in without actually being on the line this time. Bloody technology.

  3. DSD,

    You’re very welcome. I think Iran is a huge issue but it’s one that the MSM plays redux on – after all. we’ve got Jade to worry about…

  4. David

    Jade is so last month. The biggest international crisis of the moment is the fate of Britney’s hair !

  5. Colm,

    Whoops, I did it again. Poor Britney – I’m a fan of her earlier music, though we won’t be discussing her 2morrow night!

  6. David,

    I will be at work, so I won’t be able to call in. I’ll leave it to Monica to represent the US of A.

    I gave you my one thought on UK after Blair (and Brown) which is to imagine PM Cameron meets President Obama.

    BTW, how come ATW is not linked on the NI Election 2007 website?
    Shouldn’t they give you equal time with Slugger O’Toole?

  7. Good Luck David, I’ll be in a mediation and unable to participate. Monica will have to be the ambassador of our goodwill (if not our political views).

  8. Alan/Mahons,

    I am always happy to hear your dulcet tones so hope you can catch another show. I’m guessing Monica will be a fine Ambassador for the USA. (No pressure, Monica!)


    I didn’t notice that lack of link. Slugger seems to be the acceptable face of NI blogging and ATW the black sheep. I fail to see why this and I will follow up as appropriate.

  9. mahons at first glance I read " I’ll be on medication"
    but can breathe more easily now. phew 🙂

  10. David,
    Sluggers got a mention in the House of Lords, ATW needs to go on the offense, as they say in American Football.

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