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THE rabble’s out (sorry, the anti-fascist rabble’s out), storming BBC HQ and causing a rumpus ahead of Nasty Nick’s (boo hiss) appearance on Question Time tonight.

Say’s the BBC:

Anti-fascist protesters broke into BBC Television centre ahead of British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time.

Reports the Telegraph:

Anti-fascist protesters demonstrating against BNP leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time have broken through a police cordon outside BBC Television Centre. 

Well, since the rabble may not agree with what you say and will resort to threats, intimidation, violence and storming the national broadcaster to prevent you saying it, one thing they most aren’t is anti-fascist

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30 thoughts on “WHO’S THE EXTREMIST?

  1. It’s a great evening’s entertainment though isn’t it. SKY NEWS constantly updating us everytime someone so much as rattles the railings. It’s a bit deflating though when they report that "things are quiet at the moment"

  2. On Saturday a policeman was injured by climate change protester, today another policeman was injured by those good hearted ‘anti fascist’ fascists. Why aren’t these violent fascist thugs criticised in the same terms by our media as the EDL and BNP are?

  3. The climate change law-breakers were reported on BBC news.

    These guys are indeed a rabble. They do not believe in free speech and some of them are quite open about it. They will be nowhere to be seen at the Islamist rally next weekend in support of sharia, unless some of them join it as supporters.

  4. It’s not an either-or question, both the BNP and their rival fascists who are trying to stop Griffin speaking are both extremists.

  5. Well, I think it’s about time for me to switch on the telly and make my mind up about which of the panel are the real fascists. Although I suppose I’m already biased: After 12 years of Nu-Lab, I already view Straw as a fascist, so my mind’s made up on that one. OK, come on, Griffin, tell me what you’re all about then….

  6. Well, after watching the prog I would say that Nick the Griff was totally exposed. He tried to wriggle out of things he had said, but it was painful and almost embarrassing to watch. He’s had it!!
    Having said that Auntie did what we thought she would, and made sure that we had a fine old multicultural, audience. Plenty of Diversity and Inclusivity on show. I think I might have seen even a traveller and his horse standing near the back of the studio..
    Nick was stitched up!!
    Not only that, they managed to completely avoid discussing any of the issues which still require debate!
    When will they curb immigration? How do they know who is actually in the country, and what their agendas might be? Why should we lose our own cultural history so as not to offend minority groups? Etc. etc.
    The BBC won and Democracy lost.

  7. Well, Griffin seemed a tad nervous and on the defensive, but he just about held his ground.
    The real issue to me was the make-up of the audience. I know the BBC is all multi-culti shit, but fookin’ ell, I thought that my TV aerial was receiving "ghost signals" from Umbongo-Ubewqi-Unq-q-q-Mbeqininki-Zulu land, tonight! They really had ’em all hand-picked and lined up tonight. That audience might be representative of Islington, but of nowhere else. Darn it, Cameron, you’re skating on very thin ice with my vote, mate.

  8. "Well, after watching the prog I would say that Nick the Griff was totally exposed. He tried to wriggle out of things he had said, but it was painful and almost embarrassing to watch. He’s had it!!"

    Clearly I watched a very different version to you.

    I reckon Nick Griffin has picked up a huge number of extra votes off the back of this.

  9. The bit when Jack Straw said that the British people won’t support the BNP and the camera panned over the audience was a massive vote winner for the BNP because there were few British people in the audience. The few whites there seemed to be mainly women with black partners.
    BTW, does anybody NOT understand the meaning of the term ‘indigenous’ when applied to the population of a land and/or country? I’m sure that aborignies in Australia would understand themselves to be indigenous just as black Africans are the indigenous people of Nigeria, Botswana, Mali, Senegal etc. Are whites indigenous to anywhere, anywhere at all?

  10. Griffin managed to look the lynched victim at times, in between looking awkward about his party’s past**, but he also got some good points in re the liberal elite, immigration and Islam which will resonate with many. And Jack Straw’s father – wtf, what a shite!?

    It went exactly as I imagined it would. But the fascist mob turn-out before hand will be all that the BNP voters take away from this and will no doubt entrench their views. The panel and audience were there with the expected and useless abstract fury and apparent refusal to concede this country even existed before multi culturalism.

    He even scored some applause. On Question Time in London ffs!

    BNP are going the way of Le Pen’s FN. Onwards and upwards. Le Pen polished up his act over time and in the media glare. When the liberal elite extract their heads from up inside their own arses they might be able to "fight" the BNP. I think there was some concession to that point on the follow up programme This Week. I would like to think so else I and my family might find ourselves considered a non-pure-Brit in a few years time and kicked out. Better get that citizenship sorted out real quick fwiw.

    What I saw tonight was a whole bunch of oily lying politicians. But more importantly the awkward start to an unravelling of PC and Rightspeak culture. He may have awkwardly sweated his way through it but it will have resonated.

    ** Warsi also did some political backflips tonight but noone commented on those. She is a ‘homophobe’ (eg she is on record not supporting gay partnerships in front of her muslim supporters) – but it was fine for her to ignore and deny that when pressed in comparison to it not being fine for Griffin to deny his party’s racist background. Interesting times.

  11. If Twitter is a good way to measure public opinion or take it’s temperature it was Jack Straw who came out worst from that panel. LOL!

  12. If I was a PR consultant, I would probably have advised Griffin not to smile or chuckle so much. I cringed whenever his face broke out in a grin, as if to say that he thought most people were already "on his side". I don’t think people are that much "on his side" yet, he’s got to work a lot harder than that. I like SOME of what he stands for, but I still wouldn’t vote BNP. That’s not to say that I believe all the usual charges laid against his party, I think he’s fairly honest (as far as MPs go, which isn’t very far), but the BNP have a long way to go before I would vote for them. I wouldn’t vote for them just in order to get Labour out, put it that way. And I would run naked through my town centre in order to get Labour out, if I thought such a horrific spectacle might have a chance of succeeding.
    So, all in all, I thought Griffin did…OK. But that’s all he had to do. His party cannot possibly lose any support from his QT appearance, and will probably gain some.

  13. Coming from Northern Ireland i neither support or don’t support the BNP. As they don’t field any candidates here they deny me that choice.
    However, i must admit that i thought Nick Griffin was poor tonight. He looked to me to be very very nervous (his hands were visibly shaking). His constant ‘giggling’ was perhaps another sign of that.
    There was several times when i wanted to hear what he had to say and he let me down.
    He didn’t do himself or his party any favours tonight and looked totally out of his depth throughout. He had some glorious opportunities to counter the allegations made against him and the BNP and he blew it.
    It won’t have done the party any significant damage and the fascist protests outside will actually have helped them but he really needs to learn (and learn quickly) how to project himself in a public forum.

    ‘because there were few British people in the audience’ – No offence Alan but that is an incredibly stupid thing to say. Firstly, there are no figures available to show the nationality make up of the audience and Black people are British to (just like you and me). Skin colour and nationality are 2 entirely different things.

  14. <<‘because there were few British people in the audience’ – No offence Alan but that is an incredibly stupid thing to say>>

    I beg to differ. Black people are not Britsh just like you and me. They are not of these islands and they have their own lands to which they are indigenous so the BNP’s position that non-whites can be civically British but are not ethnically British is absolutely correct. I can’t ever be ethnically Nigerian even though I could acquire a Nigerian passport and citizenship – but I wouldn’t want to.

    As for the point made by a man of pakistani(?) appearance that he was born here and this is his country, the 7/7 bombers were born here too as were so many of the wannabee terrorists being monitored by secrity services. The demographics now show that white births are now a minority in the UK and that whites are destined to lose this country unless action is taken now to return the colonisers to their homelands.

  15. ‘The few whites there seemed to be mainly women with black partners.’

    Really? where they holding hands or something? Was there alot of heavy petting going on in the audience, or do you just write horshite for a hobby?

  16. RS, the white women with black partners were wheeled in to show the BBC’s ideal and their intentions for the UK’s future. Don’t you reckon that the BBC rigged the audience or is Nick Griffin right when he said today that the audience reflects the white minority of London? Now do you have any comments of substance or have you nothing real to say?

  17. Alan,

    I really can’t comprehend that you actually believe that?
    How can someone who has been here, for perhaps generations, not be British just because of their skin colour?
    I would consider a coloured person who works, obeys the law and takes a full roll in our society to be far more valuable that some non working chav from Bristol who has 4 children to 4 different fathers and who has never contributed anything at all to society?
    What about coloured troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are they not British?
    My great, great, great Grandparents were from Croatia, moved to Scotland in the 16th Century, to ‘Ireland’ in the 19th Century to eventually become what is now Northern Ireland. But i am ethnically British because i am white?
    Not a personal attack, Alan, i really just don’t understand??? I would value your comments.

  18. My view is to agree with Justice OW Holmes on the "free market of ideas". I have no problem with Griffin appearing on Question Time so that everyone can see what a mendacious, racist bullshiter he is. (I have the same view on David Irving.)

    I didn’t watch the programme as I suspected (rightly, going by news reports) it would turn into a freak show with Griffin as the prime attraction.

    It’s interesting that the BNP have members in Ireland. Are they "indigenous" as per the BNP’s criteria? Shouldn’t they be sent home on a boat to the Lowlands?

  19. Yes JM, whites are ethnically British because that is the race which settled this land and developed it into a country as accords with the abilities, cultures and competences of this "island race". If I go to Norway, or Ireland etc, I am indigenous to those lands because their gene pool is similar to mine. Whites are even indigenous to Cape Verde, just off Africa because whites discovered the islands, settled them and developed them.
    Looking elsewhere, and as a demonstration of consistency, blacks are indigenous to Africa and so a citizen of Nigeria (not much multi-racial stuff there, eh?) is not only indigenous to Nigeria but is also indigenous to the neighbouring countries too because they share the same gene pool.
    Now, JM, I’m sure that you’ll agree that blacks are indigenous to most of sub-Saharan Africa and that aborigines are indigenous to Australia. (Did the abos ever reach Tasmania?). Is whitey indigenous to anywhere and, if so, where? If not, why not?

  20. Nick Griffin looked nervous at times, of course he did. Wouldn’t anyone else faced with that baying mob both on and off the platform?

    He held his ground nevertheless and has most definitely gained a great deal of support from ORDINARY British people. Notice I use an adjective that surely no-one can quarrel with. The audience – well it was a joke wasn’t it. The programme makers must have put a great deal of effort into finding that lot. And all to humiliate a man whose party has gained 1 million votes recently in the Euro elections. Disgraceful!

    He spoke the truth – a truth most of us want to hear and he was vilified for it. I know where my vote will go next time as will the votes of most of the people I came into contact with today. The Government and the Opposition for that matter are totally out of touch with the feelings of we ORDINARY British people and to my mind the use of Churchill and the Spitfire is merely symbolism used to portray the Britain that once was – a free country and a proud country. We who can remember yearn for those days.

  21. Why are the comments here so fundamentally and overwhelmingly at odds with the comments of the audience on last night’s QT?
    Which of the two groups of commenters is really more ‘representative’ of the population at large? Or does the BBC have a policy of hand-picking one group for TV audiences, and (via comment moderation) effectively hand-picking the opposite group for comments on the website?

  22. I just don’t get it, Jack Straw and his cronies are responsible for the murder and destruction of probably a million lives and their families in Iraq, Afghan, British / American soldiers etc. And this guy has the nerve to take the moral high ground on Griffin over his views on race. It’s totally fine to have a black police officers association and an Asian surgeons association, but it’s disgusting to have a white political party.

    Who cares if he denys the holocaust, it’s got nothing to do with the issues of today. It won’t put bread on the table or reduce crime. I wonder does Jack Straw deny the Gulf ‘holocaust’?

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