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Live from New York – It’s ATW Night – Well not exactly, but I will be meeting up with David in a Manhattan Pub this evening.  Imagine if Goliath had the sense to suggest a Pub in Hebron instead of meeting his David in the Valley of Elah, things might have gone much better for him. 

Local Hero and ATW regular Phantom will be joining this historical gathering, which promises to be the most important Anglo-American Summit since Yalta, or at least since Jimi Hendrix joined forces with Noel Redding.   Do Vegans drink alcohol?  I hope so, because I intend on buying the man a drink for his fine work in creating and maintaining the daily political playground of ATW.

Since the Media will not be covering this event, focusing on the rather less interesting topics of war, nuclear weapons, famine, piracy, global economic meltdown, and disease, I will report back on the encounter for the vicarious living inclined readership.   Cheers, Slainte and Bottoms Up!   

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12 thoughts on “OVER HERE – D-DAY

  1. Mahons-

    I know pubs are closing down here at about 50 a week but I didn’t think the esteemed Vance would have to go all the way to the US for a pint.
    Things ARE getting bad…..

  2. Well perhaps the media will cover it. Unless you guys are camera shy, I will take a photo!

  3. Anglo-American summit/Slainte! I can’t drink to that, DV is visiting from his home in Ireland.

    Anyway regards to all and have fun. I’m looking forward to my next trip to NY in early December.

  4. You guys have a great time! I wish that Troll and I could have joined you – even if we could have gotten the time off of work, the girlies and I are down with H1N1. ๐Ÿ™

    Yankees/Angels game cancelled?! Looks like you’re dealing with some heavy rain up there in NYC. Perfect night to spend at a pub. Say ‘hi’ to David and his beautiful wife from us.

  5. It’s nine eastern time now, I don’t see any pictures or quick quips from the brotherhood so I expect y’all are getting thoroughly trashed in a fabulous New York state of mind.

    You men better take of our fearless leader. Don’t put him in a cab with a hot tranny, okay?

  6. We want photos!!

    Take it that you three are feeling a little "delicate" today? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Cheers, y’all. If David wants to come to Texas and visit America, he’s welcome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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