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SOMEONE in the Anglosphere still has a pair:

Australia and Indonesia are locked in a stand-off over 78 Sri Lankan asylum seekers who are refusing to leave an Australian customs vessel that rescued them last week.

The ethnic Tamil migrants were drifting on a wooden boat off the coast of Sumatra when they were picked up and taken to the Indonesian island of Bintan, where it has remained.

However, the refugees have insisted on being taken to Australia to have their claims for asylum heard, and are not co-operating with Indonesian immigration and health officers. There are also reports that they are on hunger strike […..]

Australia says that the 78 Sri Lankans, who include five women and five children, are Indonesia’s responsibility. Kevin Rudd, the prime minister has not ruled out using force to remove them.

Well done (again) Australia. It isn’t the first time Canberra has demonstrated their land is theirs, not open to anyone who just fancies coming in  Contrast with the Trotskyite filth over here who can’t open the floodgates wide enough.

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  1. Pete, I would not be surprised if they evenutally end up being offered asylum in the UK, given that the UK appears to be be entire world’s dumping ground for anyone and everyone nowadays.

  2. Australia is dealing with a well organised people smuggling exercise by the worldwide Tamil Tiger movement, with millions of Dollars of idle funds at their disposal. The leaders negotiating with the Australian Government know all the tricks of the trade. The Governments of all the concerned countries need to work together to tackle this menace and stop it.

  3. Peter, `socialists like me who were brought up on council estates and worked down the mines..etc. Do not consider `any labour goverment to be left…. They are all just a mixed bunch of loony fanatics with their own agenda. Lots of them are champagne socialists. Who are fanatical communists in politics and in society they are all upper class true blue. Then there is the dikheads who came up via the unions. The thickest and most stupid of them all. The yes men. Then you have the labourites whose family has a long political history. These are the most fucking trouble causing shitheads of the lot. As they consider themselves to be the royalty of the labour party…

    And I have meet them all……………..

    ….Lots of working class people just vote labour because they get pissed off of being treated like brainless idiots by society, Pete Moore types, newspapers…etc.

    Pete Moore does write a lot of sense which I agree with but he allways puts down poor people and `working class labour voters’.

    Constantly putting them down will not get them to change their voting habits………..

  4. Lots of working class people just vote labour because they get pissed off of being treated like brainless idiots by society, Pete Moore types, newspapers…etc.

    Well they are brainless idiots if that’s why they vote Labour, but I hardly think I always put down the poor and working class Labour voters. I’ve long droned on about the betrayal of the British working class by Labour. I’m even one of the few to recognise how socially conservative and patriotic old Labour was. That’s the party that much of the working class still imagines it’s voting for.

    However no-one with any insight into Labour today can possibly make the case for it. A vote for Labour now is an insane act.

  5. Well Pete I stand corrected. Now that it is in writing what you think, I will see you in a different light.
    And your last sentance is perfectly true…But a vote for labour since the early 1960’s was allways an insane act.

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