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This weekend, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (California Democrat) is trying to ram socialized medicine down the throats of the American people . She states that she will soon call for a vote in the House of Representatives which should be an easy victory for her and President Obama – afterall, the Democrats have a solid majority in both the House and the Senate.  Recent  polls, however,  show that 54% of the American people do not want ObamaCare,  and Nancy Pelosi, and the Obama Administration have run into quite a bit of trouble rounding up their needed votes.

The problem is that the bill stinks. ObamaCare raises the debt and the budget deficit. It reduces coverage to seniors, It raises premiums for seniors and families and it decreases health care innovation.  It raises taxes on small business and on workers. 

And… most importantly, as Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) states in the video clip below:

“…this bill replaces the American idea with a European-style social welfare state. This bill….will do more to put millions of Americans as dependents of a State, rather than being dependent upon themselves….”


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