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Did you see that Northern Ireland Secretary of State ShaunWhere’s my butler”? Woodward has ruled out suspending the NI Assembly if the current problems cannot be sorted out by the New Year. Shock Horror!!!

He said after the St Andrews Agreement, he did not have the power to do so and was not considering creating the power. The DUP and Sinn Fein have been arguing for months over the transfer of justice powers from London to Belfast.

Actually, this misses the point. The reason that DUP/IRA are struggling to get the sordid deal on Policing and Justice is because the DUP is running scared of the electoral consequences.

Let’s be honest – Robinson and the gang would do a deal with their pal Marty tomorrow morning were it not for the shadow cast by Jim Allister’s TUV. The DUP has abandoned any pretence of principled politics and prefers to collude with IRA/Sinn Fein to corrupt the rule of law by having a Policing and Justice Ministry dominated by the will of the IRA.

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3 thoughts on “THE OTHER SHOW MUST GO!

  1. The SDLP have nominated Margaret Ritchie as their Policing and Justice Minister, for when the devolution of Policing and Justice is transferred to Stormont. The UUP have failed to nominate anyone. So we have a choice between either Sinn Fein Lite and the Alliance Party who will take up the Ministry as both Sinn Fein/IRA and the Dup will not nominate someone anyway for the post, well until 2012, or whenever.


  2. I am, always have been, and always will be a unionist, but give me Margaret Ritchie over David Ford or any of his fellow fence sitters any day!

  3. IS

    I agree. Ford is such an obvious poodle. Ritchie may be far from a stellar talent but she is miles better than the Alliance placeman. That’s why she has no chance of getting it!!!

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