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12 thoughts on “Elevator

  1. We can always count on the Left to make inappropriate sexual innuendos. ("Tea baggers" anyone?) Especially when politically threatened. The Left simply cannot argue issues.

  2. Sexual innnuendos are never inappropriate. The world needs more of them and I aim to get them out there 😉

  3. Little things please little minds! – as the saying goes , and Colm and Noel keep on proving…:-)

  4. Well, in fairness to Patty in my rush to sexual innuendo and double entendre I thought it was David’s post and probably would have stayed my quip-typing hand if I had recognized it as Patty’s post. Or perhaps I would have mentioned a fascination with Obama’s poll.

    Thank you and don’t forgert to tip the bar staff!

  5. Mahons

    I guessed you thought it was David’s post, when I read your jokey comment although of course in these politically correct times it could be said that making the same joke to Patty demonstrated a sexual equality agenda in the field of humour .Another ‘lefty’ trait for Patty to bash you with 😉

  6. Oh..ok….I take back my umbrage….Mahon’s innuendo was not sooo bad..or at least not unexpectedly bad.

    (I guess Phantom was talking about me getting up on the wrong side of the bed.)

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